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Outdoor Living Remodel + Giveaway

We have quite a few home remodeling projects in the works right now. So I thought it would be fun to share our newly finished outdoor living space with you today. Plus we have a fabulous giveaway to share!

Remodeling Your Outdoor Living Space #giveaway #diy #home

We live in an old house. Old, but charming.

The thing about living in an old house is that along with all the character and history, there are quite a few projects to undertake. And it seems the moment we finish one project, another always pops up.

This year, quite a few home projects we’ve been lolly-gagging around on, are finally up to bat, including a couple outdoor living areas.

So let me show you the “before” picture of my deck…

Sad, isn’t it?

Our deck hasn’t always looked this bad. We had a table out here and some wicker furniture at one point. Yet over the last few years, the furniture was either moved to a different location, or it died a slow and unfortunate death from exposure to the elements.

Now all that is left is a few stray seats, some empty ceramic pots, an old fire pit, and an old grill.

Since this deck is directly off our newly renovated kitchen, we decided it was time to give it a little love. So Lt. Dan and I decided to pool our gift fund for his birthday, Mother’s Day, and our anniversary to invest in a new outdoor living area.

I’ll admit, this project was a bit of a splurge. Yet we use our outdoor spaces so much, we felt it was worth the investment. (We’ve got another budget outdoor remodel to share very soon!)

#HOWTO Remodeling Your Outdoor Living Space #giveaway #diy #home

We shopped all over for sturdy outdoor furnishing that would stand the test of time. We looked at resin rattan seating, and wood furnishings, but honestly, it all started looking the same to us.

Then we found these retro enameled gliders, and it change our whole vision of what our deck could be.

Retro Remodel - Your Outdoor Living Space #giveaway #diy #home

We felt the vintage look worked well with our old house, and created a fun, not fussy, environment.

We also invested in a new grill. This one is much larger than our old grill (for bigger grilling parties) and offers more bells and whistles. Lt. Dan loves the rotisserie and the light up knobs.


Remodel Your Outdoor Living Space #giveaway #diy #home

We bought a couple new pots and a sun umbrella at Lowes, then let the kids plant succulent arrangements because they are had to kill.

Succulents #gardening #diy

The final item we needed was a new fire pit.

Planting Succulents #gardening #diy

We love to sit outside after the kids go to bed and relax by the fire. However, our old fire pit was too big to work with the new furnishings. I was worried my cushions would get ash-burn marks over time.

We needed somethings smaller. Something with visual appeal. Something to be the eye candy of our new outdoor living area.

Remodeling Outdoor Living Spaces #giveaway #diy #home

That’s when we discovered custom fire pits designed and built by the craftsmen at The Fire Pit Gallery.

The Fire Pit Gallery is a family owned business incorporating the skills of brilliant artist Melissa Crisp who hand draws the intriguing designs for these fire pits, and welders Jason Crisp and Tom Appel would carry out her visions.

Each fire pit is a hand-cut numbered work of art, so they make any outdoor living space unique and inviting. Just look at these!

The Fire Pit Gallery

We noticed The Fire Pit Gallery offers a small retro-modern fire pit that we felt would complement the look of our new outdoor living space.

Isn’t this cool?

The Fire Pit gallery

And here is it. What do you think?

The Fire Pit Gallery #outdoorliving

We love it so much, we wanted you to have one…

So today, The Fire Pit Gallery had graciously offered a custom-made Mini Dune Fire Pit (just like ours) as a giveaway, a $395 value. If your outdoor living space is lacking luster, here’s a chance to spruce it up!

To Enter

Follow the prompts in the automated entry form below. For US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: The giveaway prize is provided by The Fire Pit Gallery. All opinions are my own.

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236 comments on “Outdoor Living Remodel + Giveaway”

  1. That looks so cute! But it prob. would not work with our 2 story house. :(

  2. I would put it in my backyard.

  3. I’d put this on my patio.

  4. These are amazing!

  5. i would love to have this out on our back patio! its so awesome

  6. I would put a fire pit on our back patio.

  7. definitely in my background.

  8. I love your remodel! The color looks great! If I was the lucky winner I would put this beauty on our patio. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  9. We are putting in a new patio in our backyard and this would be perfect!

  10. On our new patio (not yet built)

  11. I would love to have outdoor living space, we don’t have anything that qualifies. My dream is to have a great outdoor living space.

  12. I’d put the fire pit in our back yard. We love to entertain and plan on having many BBQs this summer. This fire pit would be a great addition to our parties!

  13. It would be nice to have it sitting on my back patio for an evening relaxing on a great summer night

  14. We are building a new house and a fire pit would be great in our backyard.

  15. We have a deck adjacent to our screened in porch, it would fit perfectly.

  16. I would love this for our back yard

  17. Just moved into a new place with a HUGE back porch/deck – with nothing on it except the built-in benches. This would be a great item to kick-start our outdoor living area renovation :)

  18. We just bought a house and we have been concentrated on the inside so much, but our back yard is so bare! I’d love to place this fire pit on some patio blocks to add to our outdoor decor!

  19. I would love to have a firepit that gorgeous to put between my patio and my big tree! Under the stars. I have never seen any firepits that are so unique!

  20. After living in my house 20+ years, I am adding a “real” patio instead of my cement slab. This fire pit would look great with my remodel!

  21. I’d put it on the back patio.

  22. In my backyard

  23. In my new backyard!! Once they put the sod in…

  24. Something that fabulous I would gladly put on display in my backyard between my patio and tree. I’d even make it a focal point.

  25. If I won I would put it in my backyard.

  26. I will put it out on the inside the yard ‘walkway’ and enjoy it very, very often!!

  27. In my backyard!

  28. We have a concrete area in our back patio that would be perfect for the pit!

  29. I would put the pit on our back patio which looks out on the water. What a great addition it would be!

  30. That elegant firepit would sure upgrade my backyard deck!

  31. I have the perfect spot on our back patio for this fireplace! We love entertaining groups of friends and our tradition is to roast marshmallow & make s’mores at the end of our time together. We have an old, beat-up firepit that works just fine for this, but I would love the pizzazz of this firepit!!

  32. I would put in my front yard where we sit at the grill

  33. About 6 months ago, we purchased a new to us house. It had been vacant and a little neglected, especially the yard. The Mr. & I have been slowly working on cleaning it out and taking a good look at what is there. We would love to be able to put in such a beautiful fire pit! Actually, this whole post has been a inspiration for our outdoor areas. I love the gliders!

  34. We have a random concrete slab that I’d like to spif up!

  35. It would definitely be the centerpiece on my patio. I love it’s rustic look!

  36. We are buying a new home soon . This would be a lovely addition!

  37. Love the fire pit, will be great in the yard!

  38. This firepit will be great in my yard. Never had one before.

  39. I would put this out on my Nana’s patio wherever she would like it. She would love this so much! Your new look out there is beautiful!

  40. That fire pit would look perfect in the backyard of my new mother-in-law’s house!

  41. In my back yard

  42. Our old firepit has finally died and this would look absolutely lovely on our deck. My outdoor furniture consists of “vintage” finds such as a futon with weatherproof gym mats as the “cushions”, an old wine barrel with a glass topper as a bar and an old door on a wood frame as the table. All we need now is the firepit to complete the look.

  43. Oh my goodness your back yard looks BEAUTIFUL!

  44. First off, let me say Congrats on your remodel! it looks great and is very inspiring. If I won, it would go on our patio. Six months ago we moved into a 120+ yr old home that needed a lot of work, which we have been happily doing. We started working on the yard a few weeks ago. We have a great patio space with a brick floor that is original to the home. The first item we splurged on for the patio was a grill, and we just added 2 chairs. We have been looking at fire pits, it is the next item on our list.

  45. Would love one.

  46. Great fire pit

  47. In our backyard next to our seating area & cactus garden

  48. love it!

  49. It’s beautiful and practical. Love it!

  50. I love your fire pit! We are remodeling our backyard and patio as well and a fire pt is something I want soo bad. Your deck looks great!

  51. My husband has made us a white gravel patio area that looks like a beach and this would look so good in it. I could just picture us sitting around this.

  52. I would actually love to win this for my dad or father in law

  53. I’d love to have a fire pit on my patio. We spend a lot of time out there and a pit would be awesome!

  54. We’ve been wanting one for the backyard, so that’s where it would go.

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  56. Out by our pool! We are currently shopping for one and this one is beautiful!

  57. Sommer, your patio looks absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic place to relax during the summer. And that firepit is flippin’ incredible! We’ve been wanting to put a firepit on our patio for a long time…this one would look awfully nice. :)

  58. Your new patio is gorgeous! My grandparents had the same sofa glider on their front porch forever…only difference was their’s was Kelly Green…..sure wish I had it now! The fire pits are art! I would put one on our new stone patio…..right in front of the Adirondacks.

  59. We have a deck setting similar to yours. It would be the focal point of our seating area, as well.

  60. Right outside my bedroom. So I could enjoy a glass of wine with my hubby at night.

  61. I’d give it to my parents to put at their camper in Maine!

  62. would love this for my new house!!

  63. These are museum worthy! I would love to enjoy that in my yard.

  64. we just reclaimed a patio that was under an old shed on our property… perfect sanctuary waiting to happen!

  65. It would be perfect on our deck in our backyard.

  66. This would go in our backyard near the bench my husband and son made for me for Mothers Day. If they are portable, it’ll also go with us camping in the new (to us!) RV we bought last night!

  67. Beautiful!

  68. outside patio – so much fun!

  69. It will go down below in my RV…
    Then it will come out at some of the best places in the US and Canada!

  70. I’d love to see this on our patio!

  71. in our backyard! these look so cool, thanks for the chance!

  72. I absolutely love these fire pits! Would look great on my deck by the pool!

  73. i have been wanting one to put in my backyard!

  74. In our backyard for relaxing with a fire & margaritas.

  75. I would put my new fire pit on my back patio. Load of fun would be happening around it!!

  76. I would put it in my backyard to have for romantic evenings with my husband here in Maine

  77. IF I was to win that awesome fire pit, I would put it in my back yard. I am working on building an outside area, trying to update my yard this year. It would look perfect!

  78. this would be the cherry on top of my banana split, which is my beautiful new yard with our gorgeous new pool our family built last summer!!!

  79. I would put it in the back yard where we could enjoy it the most

  80. Just what i was looking for, to complete my patio!

  81. I would put it on our back patio!!

  82. Love your fire pit! We just had a new deck built and it would be perfect for us!

  83. I’d put it on my flagstone patio…surrounded by a circular bench.

  84. We are ready to add more beauty to our porch!

  85. I’d put it on the patio we are adding to our yard this year!

  86. Would love to have a few front porch. Mine is so dull.

  87. I wish I had a deck like this! I’m in the process of building a patio. This would be great there!

  88. I would put it in my back yard! Love it!

  89. Sommer I love following all your renovation projects! Those bright pieces are SO you! I would be delighted to win that fire pit! We had one at our last place and I miss it!

  90. I would put it right in the center of my patio, surrounded by chairs!

  91. I would love to put this on my back porch. It is beautiful!

  92. My backyard needs this!!!

  93. In my backyard.

  94. This would be great for our backyard patio. Just moved into our new “old” house and we have lots of sprucing up to do!

  95. That would look great on our back patio!

  96. I redid my patio last year, but it is sadly missing a fire pit… This would be perfect!!

  97. would love to have this for our backyard – so cute!!!!

  98. i would put it in the backyard.
    we are hoping to spruce it up.

  99. I would love to have it outside on my back patio !

  100. I’m thinking about creating a small paver patio just big enough for a fire pit and few chairs. This would be perfect!

  101. If I had a patio, I’d put it there. But my folks have a lovely wooded deck/patio area that this would look lovely on. (I hadn’t heard of the Fire Pit Gallery and now I want a lake cabin just so it can be the setting for one of those spheres!)

  102. On the patio in my backyard.

  103. It would replace the old rusted one on the back patio.

  104. In our backyard – we’ve been planning to rebuild the one we have!

  105. This fire pit would be amazing for our back patio in Japan where we will basically be living when we move there next year :)!!

  106. in our back yard

  107. I would love this in our new home patio! We’re settling on our new home on Monday!

  108. We’re in the process of moving so it will go in my new backyard!!

  109. Oh summer would never end! We would be on the patio until November heating up with that fire pit!

  110. Definitely on our back patio! Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  111. I’d either put it in the yard or it would motivate me to kick my butt into gear and put in patio stones near my garden, so I could put it there and have a pretty view out of my kitchen window!

  112. Would put it on our back patio area to overlook the garden. Love your space.

  113. my fiance and i just moved and this would be perfect for our new patio! thanks for the opportunity!

  114. I would put this on our new stone patio we will be putting in soon! :)

  115. Fun for cool evenings!

  116. On my back patio, it would look fabulous.

  117. I would have to get our patio done. I could use the push :)

  118. Would love to start getting our back yard ready, this is beautiful.

  119. We are in the planning process of building a new deck and patio area. A new firepit is in the plan. This one would be a great addition!

  120. We have the perfect spot for this in our backyard, we have chairs set out and so this would be great to put in the middle of the chairs!

  121. I would give it to a dear friend of mine that just finished cancer treatment. She loves to sit outside by the fire year round and uses a 55 gallon drum right now.

  122. In our recently purchased “wildlands”!

  123. We have a massive yard, and would make a special area with seating, just for this! :)

  124. Great looking mini-firepit. It would look great in our backyard outdoor area!

  125. On our balcony!

  126. In our backyard. It’s out in the country, but we need a pretty space to entertain

  127. Love your new outdoor look! Just beautiful.

  128. In my yard so my kids can enjoy roasting marshmallows :)

  129. I want this on my deck! This is awesome and roasting hot-dogs and marshmallows would be the bomb on this!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  130. Oh….my back yard would be perfect for this. I love the before and after picture of your outdoor area. looks so nice now. :) I love to hang out outside and this would be perfect for cool temperatures in the evening.

  131. On my flagstone patio.

  132. On my back, brick patio. It would be lovely there!

  133. I would use it on back patio. It looks really cool!

  134. Our backyard is on the to do list still. Hubby is still finishing a four car garage so that gets all the time and money now. I would love to put a fire pit in the backyard. The kids would certainly enjoy roasting marshmallows there! I myself would enjoy a nice glass of wine after a ling day.

  135. i would put on our patio to compliment out patio furniture! Thanks!

  136. Hoping to buy a new house before the summer is out and a fire pit would look smashing on the deck!

  137. Sommer! Absolutely love the enameled metal furniture…especially the color!! Looks awesome!

  138. We just refinished our picnic table and it would go great on the patio next to it!

  139. Definitely our patio that we’ve been trying to spruce up

  140. I’d put this in our backyard. We just got new chairs but we have just a regular fire pit with a few rocks around it


  141. That is gorgeous! I love what you did to your porch. My hubby has been wanting a firepit for a few months now, but we are still working on making our backyard beautiful (man it’s a lot of work!).

  142. We’ve been wanting to add a fire pit to our yard for years but can’t ever decide on the best one. We would love one like this!

  143. What a cool fire pit! That will be the inspiration we need to update our patio.

  144. I would love this on our patio

  145. It would fit perfectly on our patio.

  146. Our deck looks like your before pic ! A new fire pit may pushes to finally make a decision on remodeling! :-)

  147. It would go in our backyard and would be used so much! My family and I would LOVE to have this!

  148. I think the fire pit would have a home on our deck in the home we just moved to! It would be the first item out there as we had no outdoor space in our condo. It would be the centerpiece that we built around and we could move it to the front on halloween where the whole neighbourhood gathers to dole out treats!

  149. You did a fabulous job on that deck remodel.

  150. On our deck- this would be a great to have in the evenings!

  151. I would love to have this fire pit to put on the patio of our new house when we move. Love the gliders too.

  152. My back yard needs this!

  153. What a great remodel!! Invites others to come outside and it looks so perfect for a summer in the mountains!

  154. I would love to put it on our patio.

  155. My husband and I are about to move to a duplex from an apartment complex – this will be the first time we haven’t lived an apartment building!!! We are so tired of sharing common areas and sharing walls, so we cannot wait to have our own space! If we won the fire pit we would put it out in our new backyard at our new apartment, a space that will finally be our own! It isn’t a huge space, but it would be fantastic to have.

  156. I love what you did–the orange and mix of accent colors is gorgeous! The firepit is a nice addition–not too big.

  157. You patio looks gorgeous! This firepit would be placed in our backyard patio and would look spectacular with my furniture set.

  158. This would look amazing in my patio. First time that I have a patio and in need of items. This would be FANTASTIC!

  159. I love the way you have re-done your deck. Orange makes is so much brighter and nicer!

    I would put the fir-pit on my deck. Just like you did.

  160. We have a small porch area in our yard with a picnic table. Would love to put it there to make the space more inviting!

  161. I love the color options available on the website where you purchased – lovely and fun!

  162. It would look great on my patio.

  163. I live in an apartment with a small backyard but we have frequent cookouts. This fire pit would really add to the fun for us!

  164. I have the perfect spot in the backyard near the patio.

  165. Wow! I’d love one! We are planning to buy a house this summer (god willing, if all goes well!) and a firepit would be amazing for our new backyard!

  166. We have a small backyard, so a fire pit this size would be perfect for our space!

  167. These are beautiful fire pits. I would love it my backyard.

  168. I’d put the fire pit on our back patio…living in the Pacific Northwest, it would get lots of use!

  169. We love to roast marshmallows over an open fire, so I would put the fire pit in the back of the yard for evening bonfires!

  170. This would go nicely in my yard with my Adirondack chairs. Thanks for the chance to win! =)

  171. This would be perfect on my patio with a few chairs around it and a table to set my s’more fixins on.


  173. On the deck when it’s finished

  174. I would put on my back deck. Yours looks great. I would love to do something like that. Going shopping for the furniture soon. Thanks.

  175. The fire pit is very cool – very different from any others around. I would love to win this for my outdoor area (and replace my old rusted one!).

  176. Wow, this is a really unique firepit. I don’t think I’ve seen anything similar anywhere. And I’m loving those gliders!

  177. I would <3 to win this giveaway for my outdoor living here on the Oregon Coast.. Have the perfect spot that needs some help for sure!!

  178. i’ve really wanted to get the backyard in shape so that we could start grilling and entertaining this summer! so that’s where i’d put the fire pit for sure!

  179. I love the orange!!! We spend a good portion of our time outdoors as well, since we have 3 kids and have recently invested some money in landscaping and some new outdoor lighting. A backyard patio set would fit well into our new space! Thanks for the opportunity!

  180. On our patio. We hand poured it with those concrete/stone forms and have a small pond with a waterfall nearby.

  181. I think I would place the fire pit Ina corner of our yard where we have a few chairs gathered in a semicircle.

  182. OH, BOY. This would be so cool on our patio. Our backyard becomes a farmer’s field with a big white barn. We love our country setting/sitting.

  183. This would look perfect on our backyard patio! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  184. I would put it on our deck in the backyard!

  185. I’ve got a small but wonderful backyard, perfect for this.

  186. Would be beautiful in our back yard

  187. I would put it out in the back yard…so I could sit by the fire and watch the stars at night… :D

  188. Just off the edge of my patio

  189. Beautiful remodeling job! I love the colors you chose. I could definitely use a fire pit to spruce up my backyard! Thank you for this giveaway!

  190. This is beautiful! I would put it on my deck!

  191. Love the fire pit!! Would look great on our patio. And love your deck…those gliders are awesome.

  192. This would be perfect down by the pool in our back yard.

  193. We have a brand new outdoor sitting area desperately in need of a fire out!

  194. OK, I LOVE those gliders in orange! How cool! They look like they would be easy to clean, too. We’re in the midst of a screen porch and pond makeover. I will be bookmarking these! I’d add the fire pit to one of the platforms of our backyard deck.

  195. That looks amazing! I just bought a house and this would be perfect for the backyard!

  196. I would put it in my somewhat of a back yard. When you live on a farm there is technically no front or back yard :)

  197. That would go on my back deck and look so good ! I love your retro gliders too!

  198. We have a section of our lower yard that we use for hosting cookouts and picnics. That would be a great place for a new fire pit.

    Thoughts in Progress

  199. We are currently re-doing our backyard and have the perfect spot for a new fire pit. We put in a new patio along the back of the pool especially for this, but haven’t found the right pit yet. This would be perfect.

  200. What a beautiful outdoor space!

  201. we just got a patio built last year, and I would love to put this out there!

  202. This fire pit is awesome! No too overstated, but the unique design really makes a statement; this could be the piece on our backyard deck that launches our much needed backyard renovation.

  203. Completely cute Sommer! Love, love, love the orange patio furnishings.

  204. That would be way prettier than my handmade rock one!

  205. I would put it in our back porch where we have a great outdoor kitchen.

  206. This would be perfect in our backyard! I love having a fire pit back there!! Perfect for cooler nights and S’mores!

  207. Love the updated look of these fire pits. I think one would look fantastic beside the lake at the end of our point. Fire and water together….perfect!

  208. In the backyard near the pool.

  209. I would put it in my back yard. I would have to create a whole new seating area around it. It’s wonderful!

  210. So pretty! Turned out great. LOVE the grill!

  211. Beautiful fire pit – would be great underneath the ancient live oaks in our backyard! And I LOVE the retro furniture – a great inspiration as we start our own backyard makeover for a 1924 bungalow.

  212. Great inspiration for my new house’s deck – and it definitely needs it! The fire pit would be the perfect touch!

  213. Very cool, my parents would love this!

  214. WOW!! Those are some incredible fire pits. We will be moving into our new house in the next couple weeks- then it will be time for designing our back yard. This would be just the thing we need to make our fire pit area fabulous!

  215. This fire pit would look great on the new patio we are designing!

  216. In the back yard by our patio!

  217. On our patio! Love the vintage & color!!

  218. Wow – your deck looks fabulous! Love the gliders!
    I would use the firepit on our patio. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  219. I would use it on our back patio! We have a rusting firepit there now, needs replacing this year.

  220. In my front yard garden next to my solar water fountain.

  221. Oh I’d love this for summer! I’d put it on our deck or possibly or garden!

  222. On our new patio I’m going to convince my husband we need :)

  223. I have a very small backyard that right now is mostly just crushed stone. In the desert, evenings are a wonderful time to sit outside and get some fresh air. I’d love to put a fire pit in the yard and set up some chairs around it. It would make this summer much more bearable!

  224. This fire pit is beautiful! I would put it out on our rooftop space to share with others in our building.

  225. we’re in the middle of redoing our back yard, so I would make a special place for this with gorgeous seating!

  226. In my garden – already reserving a space for, it to let it flame :) Beautiful design reminding me of Villeroy & Boch’ s old collection of Dune Crystal bowls :) I really like the rusty surface

  227. I would put it in the backyard. It is gorgeous.

  228. Backyard patio!

  229. On our little patio to spruce it up!

  230. Definitely in the back yard, with my super cute furniture!

  231. for sure in my backyard. We’ve been wanting a fire pit!

  232. In our backyard, on the patio.