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About Sommer Collier

I’m Sommer Collier.

Wife of Prince William’s long lost twin.

Mother of two sweet and scrappy future food critics.

Professional Food Writer, Recipe Developer, Food Stylist and Photographer.

Resident Cookery Queen of ASpicyPerspective.com.

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I love cooking things that brings back happy memories, and foods from places I’ve traveled. I also love to give classic dishes a saucy makeover. Here on aspicyperspective.com you will find a mix of:

  • Global Fare
  • Easy-Gourmet Dishes
  • Healthy Options
  • And Good Ol’ American Comfort Food

“All Things In Moderation” is my mantra. I care greatly about health, but also believe that life is short and we should enjoy the little pleasures, guilt free. That would make my second mantra “Will work(out) for food.”

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For several years, I taught a local cooking class called Confidence In The Kitchen. The class focused on helping individuals get healthful, delicious meals on the table several nights a week, and to be at home in their kitchens. My goal was to provide easy-to-prepare recipes, with a little flair, and to teach the students to trust their instincts.

Although Confidence in the Kitchen has taken a sabbatical, the spirit lives on right here. A Spicy Perspective is an extension of our class, and a puree of my personal and kitchen journals. I truly hope it lends you a little extra confidence in your kitchen!


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