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Garden Harvest Tools

Amy’s here today to share a collection of our favorite garden harvesting tools… must-haves for every gardener.

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Amy Jacko

Here in North Carolina our gardens are beginning to burst forth with lots of yummy fruits and veggies! This is my favorite time of the year. I have to stop myself from picking items in my garden before they are ready. I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas morning when it comes to my garden.

One of my favorite times of the year, is when I can pick a tomato and eat it straight from the garden. What is your favorite item to eat straight out of the garden?

And no, the glass of White Sangria that you brought into the garden does not count, but maybe I should add it to needed garden tools.

I have listed a few of my favorite items to help with your garden harvesting.

Radius Ergonomic Hand Tools. I love this complete set of Radius Ergonomic Hand Garden Tools that includes a trowel, transplanter, weeder, and cultivator. The design of the handles reduces wrist stress and fits comfortably in your hand. I use the the trowel and the cultivator for pulling out stubborn root veggies as I have more control over moving and loosening the soil without damaging.

Garden Multi-Snip with Sheath by Fishars. This little garden tool has four tools in one! You can use it for light pruning or to snip small stubborn vines when harvesting. It has a fine-edged knife, serrated knife and wire-cutting notch worked into the design.

Twine Clips Mega 25mm. These clips are great and safe way of supporting your tomato or cucumber vines throughout their growth or when you notice that a tomato or cucumber is stressing a vine. It is a locking clip and insures that it will not open due to the weight of the plant when used with twine, stacks or metal cages

Youngstown Garden Gloves. Gloves for gardens are like golf clubs for a golfer. You can not garden or harvest without an amazing comfortable pair of gloves! These are the most comfortable gloves you have ever worn. They are machine washable … that makes them a winner in my book. I love the velcro strap closure for tucking sleeves into your gloves to avoid bug bites/stings and in case you come in contact with poison ivy or oak.

Plastec Green Versa Tub. When harvesting your fruit and veggies you will need something to place all your bounty for transport to you kitchen. These versa tubs are very useful in your garden. They are flexible, light weight and easy to clean.

Tomita Japanese Garden Landscaping Digging Tool. This tool is for those difficult vines. It is serrated and slices easily through thick vines and heavy roots making it perfect for root pruning. I use it for stubborn melon vines and then when removing roots in fall garden clean up.

Angela’s Garden Hemp/Organic Cotton Garden Apron with Pockets. Every gardener needs a garden apron with pockets and this apron has 5 pockets to hold your water bottle, various garden tools and if you stumble across a perfectly ripened veggie as you stroll through the garden and have your hands full with your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Harvest Premium Harvest Garden Tools Combo Set from Brook & Hunter. These harvest tools are world class garden tools. They can stand the test of time and use. They require very little care. Each handle is made of extremely well crafted wood.

I hope this list of harvesting tool suggestions help you make this the best harvest ever! Also, don’t forget the sunscreen and a fashionable sun hat!

Happy Harvesting!

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One comment on “Garden Harvest Tools”

  1. I love fresh maters too! There is nothing like them. My garden has just started to go nuts too. I’m in search of 1,001 ways to cook squash and peppers!
    Great ideas on some nice gardening tools. I want to add some nicer tools to my collection!