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Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

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Strawberry Smoothie Recipe: The best smoothie because it is SO simple. It requires only 3 ingredients and a minute to make!

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Complicating Simple Things

Let’s talk about this Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe…

Sometimes we complicate things on purpose. In an effort to seem more sophisticated or elegant, we make life harder than it has to be.

High heels are a perfect example of this.

Yes, they make your calves look great and are cute-as-heck. But they are also extremely bad for your back, uncomfortable, slightly dangerous, and make climbing stairs nearly impossible. We wear them anyway, praying we won’t fall over or twist our ankles.

This sort of thing happens in the culinary world as well.

Take Beef Wellington. It is completely delightful, but is it really worth all the time and preparation that goes into a good Beef Wellington? Is it more delicious than a great seared steak with sauteed mushrooms? Is the “glitz” factor really worth all the extra work?

Not in my opinion.

Best Strawberry Smoothies

A Simple Strawberry Smoothie

The other day I was flipping through one of my favorite cooking magazines and noticed a strawberry smoothie recipe. It immediately caught my attention because of the vast array of ingredients, 15 grocery items to be exact.

I stopped in wonder. “Who in their right mind is going to go to the store and buy 15 items just to make smoothies?”

Some smoothie-makers like to add protein powder, flax, or minerals to their smoothies to up the health benefits, but I wasn’t fooled. My beloved magazine was putting on airs to dress up a simple strawberry smoothie.

Like wearing heels with your gym shorts, this just doesn’t make sense.

3-Ingredient Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

How to Make a Strawberry Smoothie

So today I want to share Simple Strawberry Smoothie Instructions that have nothing to prove. I believe this to be the best strawberry smoothie recipe because:

  1. It requires only 3 ingredients.
  2. The ingredients can be changed to suit your taste or diet.
  3. It’s thick and creamy.
  4. And it has DOUBLE the flavor of regular smoothies.

All you need is:

  • Milk (dairy milk, soy milk, cashew milk…)
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Strawberry jam

Simply throw them all into a good blender and whirr away! Blend to Perfection.

How To Make Smoothies

Strawberry Jam in Smoothies

The strawberry jam is the secret weapon in this simple strawberry smoothie recipe. It not only sweetens the smoothie but intensifies the strawberry-ness, without any fake flavoring syrups of extracts.

Frozen strawberries are preferred to fresh strawberries because they thicken and chill the smoothie without any added ice to water it down. Plus frozen berries allow you to make smoothies any time of year.

The cow’s milk can be interchanged with kefir or any sort of non-dairy milk that you like. You could also use sugar-free jam or “spreadable fruit” to decrease sugar levels.

And of course, use ANY sort of frozen fruit and jam to make this “best” smoothie recipe your flavor of choice… Raspberry, blackberry, mango, and the sky is the limit.

This simple strawberry smoothie recipe is proof that glitz and glamor can take you only so far. Sometimes the simple choice provides the greatest pleasure.

Easy Fruit Smoothies

See The Recipe Card Below For How To Make A Strawberry Smoothie Recipe. Enjoy!

Simple Strawberry Smoothies

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use yogurt instead of milk, and if so, how much?

You can! Add 1 cup of yogurt (or greek yogurt) and 1/2 cup of water to thin it out. You can even use strawberry yogurt to add even more berry flavor!

What other flavor variations can I add?

Extra ingredients you could add to this smoothie are:  banana, almond milk or coconut milk, orange juice, chocolate or cocoa powder, almond butter, other nut butter variations, handfuls of spinach or kale, chia seeds, or protein powder. 

Can I store this in the Freezer?

You can keep the smoothies in the freezer for just a few hours, but this is not a good recipe to make ahead and freeze. It takes quite a while for them to thaw, so they are not as convenient as a quick breakfast or snack once they are frozen hard.

Best Smoothie Recipe

More Strawberry Recipes You Need to Taste: 

Check the printable recipe below for the nutritional information including calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, fiber, vitamin c, and calcium percentages.

Best Smoothie Recipe
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Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
The BEST Simple Strawberry Smoothies Recipe that has nothing to prove. It requires only 3 ingredients and a minute to make!
Servings: 4 cups



  • Place the frozen strawberries, strawberry jam and milk in the blender.
  • Place the lid over the top.
  • Puree until smooth.



Mix it up! Try using blackberry preserves and frozen blackberries or mango jelly with frozen chunks of mango. 


Serving: 8ounces, Calories: 169kcal, Carbohydrates: 32g, Protein: 3g, Fat: 3g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 9mg, Sodium: 49mg, Potassium: 307mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 23g, Vitamin A: 160IU, Vitamin C: 66mg, Calcium: 126mg, Iron: 0.6mg
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Author: Sommer Collier

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236 comments on “Strawberry Smoothie Recipe”

  1. Thanks for sharing this delicious looking strawberry smoothie recipe, I was actually looking for same. Super excited to try this strawberry smoothie.

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  7. I wouldn’t. But you can use any type of milk for flavor and texture… Dairy, almond, cashew, oat milk.

  8. Can I use water instead of milk?

  9. Thank you for consistently delivering high-quality and engaging work.

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  12. I made it just now. I couldn’t be more thankful finding this recipe for a simple but very delicious strawberry smoothie! Other recipes require at least 7 ingredients. This recipe has no required measurements. I just added greek yogurt, and we loved the result! I usually don’t leave reviews but this one deserves 5 star, it’s like a smoothie ordered straight from a good restaurant! 

  13. Your site was very informative and interesting as well. Thanks a lot and good luck. best web hosting for wordpress

  14. I’m a diabetic so I used strawberries I froze myself and Smuckers sugar free jam. It turned out great. 

  15. Delicious! I had a bunch of fresh overripe strawberries and didn’t know what to do with them. This turned out great! Thank you

  16. What if instead of jam you used yogurt? Do you think it would have the same consistency?

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  18. We make smoothies all the time & this is a favorite of ours!! We love strawberry flavor!! It’s the perfect breakfast smoothie!!

  19. lol, a strawberry smoothie when it’s snowing is really enjoyable~

  20. I agree, simple is best! Any barriers to making something, like extra ingredients or equipment, will prevent me from making it I always have half and half around for my coffee, so I just use that and frozen berries. I actually prefer fruit smoothies unsweetened, so I don’t use any jam. This makes it a bit more diet friendly for regular use, too.

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  27. Would be perfect to have this smoothie every day! Thanks for sharing

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  29. yummy drinking right now

  30. Thanks for sharing this Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe, I have tried it at my home and everyone loved it.

  31. I made this recipe with one third of the ingredients to make one smoothie. I used fresh local strawberries, 1% milk and good quality strawberry jam. The consistency was perfect and it was delicious! Love how this recipe is so simple and quick to make.

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  33. Using for school project amazing

  34. Love this Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe, this one seems super delicious . My kids gonna love this one . Super excited to try this one

  35. Thanks for sharing these Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe, this recipe seems so delicious and amazing . I love smoothies and shakes , super excited to try these smoothies

  36. Thanks for sharing this Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe, this one seems so amazing , will love to try this one .

  37. This is so good only took me 2hrs to make one cup!

  38. Thanks for sharing this Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe, love this one. Never tried this kind of smoothie, will love to try this one .

  39. I’m not a strawberry guy, but my wife and son love them.  I tried it and they both loved it.  So simple and easy.  Thank you.

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  45. My favorite flavor strawberry, it actually looks so delicious , thanks for sharing this recipe will surely gonna try this one.

  46. Perfect combination of best sweet drinks and favorite flavor, truly looks delicious. Thanks for sharing this one.

  47. I was very pleased by these recipes I’ve tried a lot of them they are very expressive

  48. Its like mouth watering situation for me and I love strawberries, thanks for sharing . I will definitely gonna try this one .

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  51. Hands down the BEST strawberry smoothie ever!!! 100% kid approved. They ask for this over a milk shake. Score! I use almond milk and natural, low sugar strawberry jam. 

  52. Delicious! I had a bunch of fresh overripe strawberries and didn’t know what to do with them. This turned out great! Thank you

  53. It is simple to make and delicious.

  54. I seen the rest of the recipes this is amazing !!! And simple


  56. a little watery but otherwise A-MAZ-ING!!!!!
    Thank you!
    Brenna, age 19

  57. it was great! only complaint there was not enough liquid. Tahnks for such a great recipe!!

  58. Was looking for something sweet at my house (which is very low on groceries right now😂) and I saw we had frozen strawberries. I looked up some smoothie recipes but didn’t have a lot of the ingredients some asked for, like vanilla extract, juice, yogurt, etc etc. I saw this one and was interested because I’ve never put jam in a smoothie but it’s something I had in my fridge so I tried it and omg this is actually very tasty!!😋 Very strawberry-y😂 Love it!

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  60. Thank you for this recipe! My kids asked for seconds and they usually don’t like smoothies.

  61. Best smoothie I ever made. Thank u for recipe.

  62. I love it! If your strawberries aren’t too ripe, just add a teaspoon of sugar! :)

  63. Just made some tonight for a snack. It is so good! Can’t wait to make some for my kids tomorrow.

  64. I loveeee this recipe I make it all the time and everyone finishes it right away! And it’s so quick and easy to make! Definitely my favorite smoothie recipe!

  65. Good bye to paying $6.00 for a thin watery smoothie and hello to a thick tasty (and 1/3 cost) home made smoothie… any time day or night and no waiting!

  66. I love this recipe! I’m not real fond of the smell and taste of yogurt so this recipe worked out well. I made a third of the recipe for a single serving for myself and adde some raspberry jam to it. I will definitely make this again!

  67. It was great! I just added a fresh banana and it was the best strawberry smoothie I’ve ever had, I definitely will make this again and recommend this to everyone!

  68. Hello! If your wondering how this tastes, it’s DELISH!! I made it a little different then the recipe (by adding less milk and adding some Greek yogurt) and it was awesome. My sister and mom both loved it and I will def be making this a lot. Thanks!

  69. This smoothie is absolutely incredible. Easy, delicious and healthy. I did notice however that if you exchange the fruit, as OP suggested, raspberries plus raspberry jam really doesn’t work, it makes a very bland smoothie. I very much enjoyed the original strawberry version though, five stars!

  70. Thanks so much!! My 3 year old loves smoothies and they always seem so complicated to make. This is the perfect interchangeable recipe. ❤️

  71. Great! More like a Milkshake then a smoothie. 

  72. Best smoothie ever, add some lemon juice fore extra flavor!!!

  73. I was going to finally try to make my first smoothie, and ran across your recipe; however, my hubby bought about 3 gallons of nonfat vanilla yogurt for me when he last went to the store (thanks honey :0 ….) Can I use yogurt instead of milk, and if so, how much? Thank you!

  74. Simple and healthy 

  75. Really great 👍  used locally grown strawberries, vegan almond milk  and agave syrup. Very berry taste 😀

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  78. Made this, and it was really good!
    I used smuckers strawberry jam, great value strawberry and banana frozen fruit, and great value unsweetened almond milk. Used a beach Hamilton blender on high and smoothie setting. It came out amazing. :)

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  80. This was a very delicious drink! Thank you for sharing it💗

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  82. I made this using a mix of strawberry lemon and raspberry jam and it tastes great! Definitely recommend lmao

  83. Really liked the jam added! Most of the time my smoothie was bland in strawberry flavor but the jam mad it delicious! This is coming from a 12 year old in quarantine btw😂

    • Good thing i saw this comment i was about to leave out the the jam cuz it sounded weird, this is also coming from a 12 year old in quarantine more like summer but still😂

  84. This is sooooooooooo delicious!!! How is it just 3 ingredients?!?!

  85. Remarkable recipe, I love the this post. Thank you for sharing this recipe and video.

  86. Oh my goodness, the strawberry jam brings this to a new level! So good! 

  87. So easy and so delicious! Thank you!

  88. wowed, deliciousness ,10/10 ,magnificent i also recommend putting spinach leaves! 😋

  89. Amazing thought it would be terrible kids love it!

  90. Lol. I love how all these smoothie recipes masquerade as healthy by adding “strawberry” or some fruit to the title. It’s like…milk…CHECK…strawberries…CHECK…so far so good looking healthy….strawberry jam….WHAT?! Might as well just have cake with all the sugar instead of trying to make yourself feel better by calling it a smoothie.

  91. Can I use water instead of milk??

  92. Hey, I was wondering how many strawberries you had to add?
    Thanks xx

  93. It’s delicious! A great after-workout snack. I love it!

  94. Super simple and yummy.  I made 1/3 of the recipe for just a single smoothie and it was simple and delicious. I used almond milk and just added enough for the thickness I wanted. Will try with bananas in the future as well! 

  95. This is the best strawberry smoothie I have ever had. 

  96. I’ve read the views and everyone is saying how amazing it is so I’m going to try make this In a couple of minutes and I’ll update how it went when I come back

  97. So delicious!

  98. Delicious and quick. Planning on changing it up next time, bananas, etc.

  99. Will 1/2 & 1/2 work as a sub for milk?

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  102. made this this evening as my lazy dinner meal. it was superb! thick and very strawberry-ish.and lovethe simpliity of tbe ingredients used. a keeper for sure🍓👍🏻

  103. Omg this was unbelievable!!! So good!!! I added some ice chips to mine before blending. MUST try

  104. I was looking for a recipe that didn’t call for yogurt, as I didn’t have any on hand I thought I hit pay dirt as I was sure I would have what it did need. That wasn’t the case. No jam! On a whim I used about a half cup of blueberry pie filling and a 1/4 cup of lemon juice. I had a bag of frozen mixed berries and one bag of pineapple chunks. I am just amazed at how good this coconcoction worked.
    It was disapointing I lost the healthiness of this smoothie, obviously not enough stop me from sitting here enjoying it! Thanks for my new go to recipe. So easy, customizable and good!

    • Ok, this recipe called for-
      3.Strawberry Jam

      You used-
      1.Mixed berries (close)
      2.Pineapple chunks (not remotely close. Totally different qualities and adds much more moisture than berries would)
      4.Blueberry pie filling
      5.Lemon juice

      I’m glad you made a totally different recipe that you ended up liking, but this is not a review of THIS recipe.

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  106. Yummy! Looks Great. We reviewed some perfect smoothies blender and i think its help to make Strawberry Smoothies as well as others blending recipes. Good Job.

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  109. Just curious is there any type of fruit that doesn’t work well in a smoothie??

  110. Hi Sommer!

    Love this recipe!! Simple, easy and absolutely refreshing.



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  112. Smoothies are the best way to start the day and the bright colors make them even better. I love the pink!

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  114. This looks absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you for this recipe.

  115. I tried this smoothie recipe after trying  a disastrous one yesterday, and this one was GREAT! I love the jam in it, it does accentuate the strawberry flavor, and I love the texture! 
    One note: My sister and I used non-frozen strawberries so we added some crushed ice, which worked just fine. Just be sure to totally crush the ice or you’ll have tiny pieces throughout your drink!:)

  116. I used sugar free jam and unsweetened almond milk and added 1 banana plus cut recipe in half. It was perfect for one drink and sugar free! Great recipe! Thanks!

  117. Wow the smoothies look so creamy and delicious! Can’t wait to try this with yoghurt!!

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  121. Perfect strawberry smoothie recipe – as a busy wife and mom, this was easy AND delicious!

  122. Just made this and I’m hooked already! Can’t wait to make it in the summer time

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  125. This was good and tasty. Def will be making it again in the future. Fortunately I had some homemade strawberry jam that made it all the more spectacular. :)

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  128. What a great idea to use jam!! Beautiful Color!

  129. This smoothie looks so good! Must start adding jams to my smoothies!

    • One banana has 14g of sugar, and one cup of strawberries has 7g of sugar, so you still have 21g of sugar in your smoothie. Far from sugar free.

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  131. These are AMAZING!!!! I froze some in popsicle molds and they are sooooo delicious! We’ll be eating a LOT of these this summer. Thanks for the recipe!

  132. What size drinks does this make? i.e. 8oz, 6oz. etc.

  133. Sounds so good!! Cant wait to try the jam trick!

  134. Delicious! The jam idea was amazing I LOVE IT. I used a bag of frozen mixed fruit (mango pineapple strawberry) and used peach jam! It was a nice mix of flavors and sooo delicious!!!

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  136. This is so yummy. My 4 yr old declared it is the best smoothie ever and that I should sell them so others know I make the best smoothies.

  137. Ses, check out this smoothie recipe. Let me know if this email went thru?

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  139. Just made it and I LOVE it! Great job using the jam. I added 1 t. lemon juice to balance out the sweet and it’s perfect.

  140. Love the simplicity of this! Makes it something you can make on a whim!

  141. I was looking for a simple strawberry smoothie recipe, and I like your way of thinking =)

  142. This was delicious! I used Laura Lynn frozen strawberries in syrup 1 cup, 1/2 cup 2% milk and 1 TBSP. strawberry preserves. it made a cup and a half., that was all I needed to drink! since the strawberries were in syrup I believe you wouldn’t have to use preserves or jam.Thanks So Much!

  143. These smoothies are amazing! I added banana to mine and I am thrilled with how easy they are.

  144. Wonderful idea. Made it today. Tastes great!!!!

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  146. I make these for my girls all the time. I usually added a tablespoon of wheat germ to get in a little nutrition.

    Okay, like, this is the second reference in a post that you did to Beef Wellington. I got to tell you. I am not a foo foo foodie at all but I have made Beef Wellington (its on my blog, complete with referrals to some good resources). It is so worth it. I made it with my own puff pastry which is also much more simpler than you could ever dream. It is so tasty. Beef Wellington is so good that I have made it twice, since.

    I just read your fondant post and I have to say I really feel like I need to make it soon.

  147. I would have never known smoothies were so simple in the past i have tried to create a super delicious smoothies instead i get a super disgusting smoothie and i would have never put strawberry jam but nice touch and BTW loving the cool candy like straws i need to totally get some :D Thanks for the amazing tip !!

  148. lovely recipe i love it thanks :)

  149. It looks wonderful especially adding the strawberry jam. This is definitely one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moment. I found you from the foodie blog roll and I’d love to guide Foodista readers to your site. I hope you could add this strawberry widget at the end of this post so we could add you in our list of food bloggers who blogged about strawberry recipes,thanks!

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  151. I totally agree, fifteen ingredients in a smoothie is a little rediculous. And yours with only three ingredients sounds amazing. I’ll have to try the jam trick :)

  152. Finally i found stawberries!! And i’ve made your smoothie, i think i can it’s the best smoothie ever!

  153. I am desperatly looking for strawberries to make your delicious smoothie!

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  155. Love the looks of these smoothies. Can’t go wrong with 3 simple ingredients either. Cute straws – where did you get them?

  156. Jam is something I wouldn’t have thought of, definitely worth a try. I scraped a vanilla bean into a milkshake a few times and it was delicious.

  157. the spiral straws in these shots really add a lot of dimension to the photos. Im loving looking at the pictures of these smoothies. They sound delicious!

  158. I love the idea of using jam in a smoothie. Make a lot of sense!


  159. my fav is probably strawberry, tho’ I make more blueberry smoothies, with the idea that the blueberries have more anti-oxidants in them. (not sure if this is true! ;)

  160. My sentiments exactly! Simply sensational strawberry smoothies :)

  161. What a fantastic drink for June! I have some “all fruit” in the fridge that I can use to sweeten up the drink (it’s made with grape juice concentrate), I’d love to dive into this after my workout!

  162. I’m diggin the pink color of these smoothies. I’m really wanting to try these and interested in the difference the jam makes!

  163. I like simple, and I love delicious…this is both! YES!!

  164. this is just gorgeous!! thank you for sharing this. i love your photos:)

  165. I frequently make strawberries smoothies for breakfast, but it’s never occurred to me to add strawberry jam! I’ll have to try that sometime–I’m sure the flavor-boost is awesome. I LOVE your straws!

  166. A simple but delicious and healthy drink!

  167. I love simplicity; It seems some of the best things come from it.

    This looks divine and so refreshing for a hot day!

  168. I so have a mental picture of heels with gym shorts. Excellent smoothie recipe. The jam is brilliant.

  169. STUNNING!!!


  170. aha Strawberry jam .. that is a great idea. Looks so creamy and perfect!

  171. We are into smoothies these days and these look like they are right up our alley. LOVE the straws!! I have to get some of those!

  172. I totally agree with you; simple is best and three ingredients even better! Jam is a great idea! The possibilities are endless; I’m so glad you posted this! And I love your pics! The pink smoothie, red and white striped straws, like a summer party!

  173. Sounds so simple but must be so delicious! I can’t wait to get some strawberries and make this. I wish I could find gorgeous straws like that too!

  174. I admit it, I’m a smoothie maker that throws in a lot of add-ins. From protein powder to chia seeds and pretty much anything else that sounds remotely healthy that I have lying aorund the house, lol. Sometimes you just want a simple uncomplicated smoothie like this that reminds you of the ones you had when you were a kid.

  175. I love it! And i like the frozen strawberries! We don’t have to add ice, it’s much better i think.

  176. Simple ideas are often the best. This sounds like my kind of smoothie!

  177. My favorite smoothie is any smoothie with fresh ginger in it!

  178. How simple, yet delicious! Never would have added jam, but it is a great idea. I love your cute straws too!

  179. haven’t had with strawberry jam looks wonderful

  180. We’re big smoothie fans around here. This looks so great!

  181. Our family love smoothies! The strawberry smoothie has been on the top of our list for years but lately we are making lots of peanut butter smoothies in our house. Great protein! Your photos are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing you recipe with us.

  182. Putting jam in a smoothie is genius! I must try it!!

  183. I’m all for easy things! I don’t wear high heels and complicated tight dresses that would make me uncomfortable. And I rarely cook complicated dishes. Hurray for this wonderful smoothie!

  184. Now that is basically MY recipe, except I use yoghurt. Just plain, natural yoghurt and fruit, nothing else. HOWEVER, the jam is just the bomb. Wow.
    Thank you, GREAT idea!

    Kind regards, Kitty

  185. We will be trying this one. I love how simple it is…I always have these ingredients around. Thanks!

  186. such cute straws!

    i love strawberry milkshakes, but i would be willing to “be healthy” for this smoothie!
    I would have never thought to add jam… so easy and perfect for summer!

  187. Sounds wonderful. Refreshing. Love strawberry smoothie. Thanks for sharing.

  188. kudos to that simple *secret* ingredient! The strawberry jam is indeed a good touch

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