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Fresh Strawberry Bundt Cake Recipe

Fresh Strawberry Cake Recipe: made with fresh lemon zest and a yogurt cake batter, this moist and tender strawberry cake will make your day. Guaranteed!

Easy Strawberry Bundt Cake Recipe

Farm Life and Yogurt Cake

This Strawberry Cake is inspired by farm-fresh, hand-picked strawberries. Every time I take the kid’s berry picking, I think to myself, “I could totally do this. I could farm… It’s hard work, but peaceful and gratifying.”

Then I imagine buying a large piece of land and reinventing our life. I envision myself in overalls and work boots, driving a tractor. That thought always makes me chuckle!

Of course, I know nothing of farming. I’ve never even had my own garden!

This year is the first year we are going to give it a whirl, that is, be involved in a communal garden. I’m hoping to learn a thing or two. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I still like to pretend, as we’re picking berries, that I somehow had a part in cultivating them. I also like to believe that I’m honoring the berries by putting them in such lovely treats! (If that makes me slightly crazy, I can live with that.)

Strawberry Yogurt Cake Recipe

Strawberry Cake

This super moist Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake is the perfect way to celebrate juicy berries! It’s thick, soft, and packed full of fresh strawberries that weep pink tears down each tender slice. The yogurt and lemon create a wonderful tangy balance to its sweetness. This cake slices well and doesn’t dry out quickly.

It is wonderfully delicious on its own–but is also marvelous with a scoop of homemade ice cream! A perfect dessert to take to picnics and BBQs this spring and summer!

Fresh Strawberry Bundt Cake Recipe

How To Make Fresh Strawberry Cake

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Grease and flour a 10 inch Bundt pan. Sift together the 2 ¼ cups of flour, baking soda, and salt. Mix in the lemon zest and set aside.

Adding Fresh Strawberries

With an electric mixer, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs one at a time, then stir in 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Alternate beating in the flour mixture and the yogurt, mixing just until incorporated.

Toss the strawberries with the remaining ¼ cup of flour. Gently mix them into the batter.

Baking a Strawberry Cake

Pour the yogurt cake batter into the Bundt pan. Lower the oven temperature to 325 degrees F and bake for 60 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.

Strawberry Cake in Bundt Pan

Topped with Glaze

Allow to cool at least 20 minutes in the pan, then turn out onto a wire rack and cool completely. Once cooled whisk together the remaining 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and the powdered sugar. Drizzle over the top of the cake.

Easy Strawberry Bundt Cake

See The Recipe Card Below For How To Make Fresh Strawberry Bundt Cake. Enjoy!

Cake with Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake Q&A

Can I freeze this cake?

Absolutely! Just be sure to wrap the cake well to protect it from freezer burn. Then thaw slowly at room temperature when you are ready to serve it.

My strawberries all sunk to the bottom of the pan. How can I fix this?

I’ve had a few questions on the texture of the batter. The consistency of the yogurt and the juiciness of the berries greatly determines the consistency of the batter.

Thick yogurt with less moisture in it will produce a thicker batter, in which the berries won’t sink to the bottom (top) of the cake as seen in the photos. Instead, the berries will be evenly suspended throughout the cake.

However, I personally like the layer of berries on the top of the cake, so I use traditional yogurt instead of Greek-style yogurt.

Strawberry Lemon Bundt Cake Recipe

How do I keep the cake from sticking to the pan?

A good bunt pan should have a nonstick coating. Even so, it’s best to grease and flour the pan thoroughly, making sure to cover all the nooks and crannies.

If your bundt cakes continue to stick to the pan, it’s probably time to invest in a new bundt pan.

Homemade Strawberry Cake

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Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake - Our Most Shared Recipe!
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Fresh Strawberry Bundt Cake Recipe

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Cooling Time: 20 minutes
Fresh Strawberry Bundt Cake Recipe – made with a yogurt cake batter, this moist and tender strawberry cake will make your day. Guaranteed!
Servings: 16 slices



  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Grease and flour a 10-inch Bundt pan (10-15 cup pan). In a large bowl, sift together 2 1/4 cups of flour, baking soda, and salt. Mix in the lemon zest and set aside.
  • In a separate bowl, use an electric mixer to cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, 3-5 minutes. Beat in the eggs one at a time, then stir in 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Alternate beating in the flour mixture and the yogurt, mixing just until incorporated.
  • Toss the strawberries with the remaining 1/4 cup of flour. Gently mix them into the batter.
  • Pour the batter into the Bundt pan. Place in the oven and reduce the temperature to 325 degrees F. Bake for 60 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.
  • Allow to cool at least 20 minutes in the pan, then turn out onto a wire rack and cool completely. Once cooled whisk together the remaining 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and the powdered sugar. Drizzle over the top of the cake.



I’ve had a few questions on the texture of the batter. The consistency of the yogurt and the juiciness of the berries, greatly determines the consistency of the batter. Thick (dryer) yogurt will produce a thicker batter, in which the berries won’t sink to the bottom (top) of the cake as seen in the photos. Either way, it is a great cake. Don’t worry about the thickness of the batter.
Product used: 10-inch bundt pan


Serving: 1slice, Calories: 326kcal, Carbohydrates: 49g, Protein: 4g, Fat: 12g, Saturated Fat: 7g, Cholesterol: 61mg, Sodium: 126mg, Potassium: 91mg, Fiber: 0g, Sugar: 33g, Vitamin A: 400IU, Vitamin C: 13.6mg, Calcium: 30mg, Iron: 1.2mg
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Author: Sommer Collier

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730 comments on “Fresh Strawberry Bundt Cake Recipe”

  1. Hey I really would love to try this recipe. If it’s alright, I’m going to print it off. Thank you so much!

  2. Hey I really would love to try this recipe. If it’s alright, I’m going to print it off. Thank you so much!

  3. This cake is delicious! No frosting needed!
    It used one 9in round pan. I omitted 1/4 cup of the flour.
    used 1 cup almond flour with 1 1/4 cup all purpose flour
    sprinkled in pumpkin pie spice and add a teaspoon of vanilla.
    Next time I will try strawberry yogurt to see if it gives the cake more strawberry flavor.

  4. So Yummy cake, the perfect cake for Sunday brunch. I must try it.
    Thanks for the share.

  5. I made this and followed the recipe to the letter. It tasted ok, but had a heavy pound cake like texture. Just was way to heavy. Heavy to the point of being doughy. Will not make again

  6. Can you use frozen berries in this recipe?

  7. 10/10 the best cake ever! This recipe has been loved by everyone I’ve made it for. I’ve tried it with 1 to 1 gluten free flour, blueberry flavored yogurt, dairy free yogurt, and added various berries. Every time it has been perfect! It also freezes wonderfully. Can’t recommend this recipe enough!

  8. I made this in May with freshly picked strawberries. I baked it in 2 half bundt cakes. I gave one away and froze the other. On Sept 3 I defrosted it for dinner. Wow. I loved it. But I forgot what recipe I used. So I opened my recipe book and remembered it was this cake. This is now my favorite strawberry cake. I am sure it tastes great freshly cooked, but it tasted great last night months later.

  9. Hello! Can you use frozen berries instead of fresh in this recipe? So excited to try it!

  10. Yummy……looks so delicious and moist. I can’t wait to give it a try. Perfect cake for Sunday brunch. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe with us.

  11. So my cake turned out flat instead of a beautiful tall Bundt cake.  I believe the baking soda is a mistake and should have been baking powder 

  12. I baked this today and it turned out amazing!  So freakin’ good!

  13. Hi,

    This recipe looks great! Do you think it will work out well if I cut the sugar in half by using 1/2 cup of white and 1/2 cup of brown sugar?

    • Hi Abi,

      Yes, you can definitely reduce the sugar and/or add in some brown sugar. The only thing I might note is that reducing sugar will change the texture a bit… The cake will be slightly less soft on the inside and crisp around the edges. Some people add in apple sauce or additional yogurt when reducing sugar to compensate.

  14. Hi. I’ve made this cake several times and have gotten rave reviews! It’s so good! Can I freeze it? If so, would I freeze it with the glaze on or add the glaze once thawed? Thank you!

  15. I haven’t made this cake, but will be very shortly!!  I will post a pic and review of it!! What about using raspberries, blackberries or blueberries?? Sounds really good to me😀

  16. This cake was so moist and perfectly flavored!!! Thank you so much!!

  17. Made this cake and it turned out beautifully. So light and perfect crumb. Very good! Exactly what I want out of a cake. But there was a weird issue and wondered if anyone had ideas about it. When you taste the cake without the strawberries, it was wonderful. If you pull out a strawberry from the cake and eat it alone-good. But when you eat the cake & the strawberry in one bite, it was weird. I cant describe the flavor-not chemical or floury-just weird. All of us who tried it had the same experience. I don’t think it’s the recipe. But does anyone have ideas of how to fix this issue? The cake is too good to abandon this recipe.

    • Just an update – after the cake cooled overnight we no longer tasted the strange flavor from the strawberries. In fact, it was delightful & still moist the second day. 😁.  

  18. Can you use Splenda instead of sugar

  19. The best bunt I’ve ever had. I even subed the strawberries for blueberries and both variations are amazing.

  20. I made this cake for Easter this year as the cake for strawberry shortcake. I did not make the glaze, and just dusted the top with powdered sugar. It was a hit!! I used honey vanilla flavored greek yogurt.

  21. I made a half recipe of this cake in a 7×2 cake pan, batter was very thick…I put parchment paper on pan bottom… sprayed paper and sides of pan with baking spray…pan was quite full, probably lacked 1/4 inch to be totally full. At 325 after 50 minutes, the cake had risen a little over top of pan and was browning well…i had read another commenter used a 6″ pan and cooked 40 min…so, I tested it…center was wet and mushy..far from done…so I turned the heat up to 350 and tented with foil so it wouldn’t burn…5 min went by…decided it would be better to turn heat to 300 and cook longer like I do my pound cakes…the foil had stuck to cake already…ugh. Anyway, tented foil over cake and cooked a total of 83 minutes. It was done! I used a Yoplait strawberry yogurt 6 oz as I had no Greek yogurt…no problem with releasing cake from pan after cooling…it was beautiful…took it to a potluck…served with whip cream on side. I found this to be a good cake, not sweet at all…many compliments on the texture of the strawberries in the cake…tasty and evenly distributed…most ate it without whipped cream. I will make this again. Want to try with other fruits.

  22. Halved the recipe (with 2 eggs) to make in my 6 cup bundt pan for 40 minutes at 325 and it is the most moist cake I’ve ever tasted and trust me i have taste tested many!!
    Thank you for this recipe; it’s definitely going in my midnight-cake-baking-recipes stash. 

  23. I made this recipe last year and loooooved it! Hubby already requested it again for his bday.
    Wondered if you’ve ever tried it in mini bundt pans? Any thoughts on the bake time or anything else to change?

  24. Made as a gift for family. They loved it!  Moist and hint of lemon was a hit!  Had enough batter to make myself a small sample cake!  Yum!  Will make again!

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  26. I would love to make this recipe. It looks delightful! Have you ever tried puréeing the strawberries first? My daughter will not eat desserts with chunks of fruit, so I was wondering if that might work. 

  27. This recipe is so good! I’ve never made a bundt cake and I followed the recipe exactly. It turned out awesome! I’m super impressed with myself and this delish cake! Thanks for the great recipe!! I couldn’t fit all the batter in the pan, so I made a few cupcakes! Amazing!!

  28. This cake is AMAZING! Even just the cake alone no glaze is perfect.,

  29. I’m going to bake this bundt cake later today. It looks super duper yummy! I cant wait to bake it later!

  30. The glaze is coming out really thick, is there anything we should do?
    Otherwise it’s amazing!!!

  31. Beautiful and so delish! Thanks for sharing, I cannot wait for strawberries to be in season here so I can bust this out. Love it!

  32. Thank you for this recipe. I will probably have to refrigerate leftovers, correct?

  33. Very delicious and moist cake. Thanks for the recipe! It’s perfect and I’ll definitely be making this again!

  34. You could try coating the strawberries in corn starch or flour before mixing them into the batter, it usually helps them not sink to the bottom.

  35. Hi! It’s was my first bundt cake, I made it with my three year olds using a sweetener instead of sugar.
    It turned out delicious, it slid out of the pan very easily and it was super fun to bake. Thank you!

  36. Made a tester cake today. Will be making for my husband birthday. Cake came out delicious! Thank you!!

  37. Did you reduce the temperature when you put the cake in the oven? I’ve been caught out with that before and luckily have picked up halfway through and popped foil over the top to stop it crisping up

  38. This Cake Was A Hit With My Family!!! I’m Making Another One Tomorrow!!! Thank You!!!

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  40. One of the BEST cakes I have ever made!!  So moist with a touch of crunchy on the outer crust of the cake. I only had low-fat strawberry Greek yogurt so that is what I used and it was PERFECTION!!  The lemon drizzle takes it over the top and hubby and kids already asking me to make it again. Worthy of 10 stars ⭐️ 

  41. I have two questions: can salted butter be used?
    Can the Greek yogurt be low fat?

  42. Amazing, I love the addition of the Greek yogurt…it makes the creamiest, moistest, and most delicious cake I’ve ever eaten. Fantastic!!

  43. I have a question about the temperature, you preheat the oven to 375 then after you put the cake in the oven you reduce the oven to 325.

    • Hi Richard,

      Yes, doing this helps create a good crust on the exterior while the oven is very hot the first few minutes of baking. Then the lower temperature provides a nice even bake. :)

  44. Could you make this in muffin tins?

  45. I love this cake. I wonder if I could make it as muffins. 

  46. Hello, this recipe sounds like it’ll be amazing but I was wondering if I could use cooking oil to replace butter in this recipe? Thanks

  47. I made this cake after strawberry picking with my kids and it was delicious! Served it to guests and they loved it as well! I had to make it with gluten-free flour bc I can’t eat gluten…but kept everything else the same and it was perfect! I’m planning on making it again with blueberries instead of strawberries! Thanks for the great recipe!

  48. LOVE LOVE LOVE this cake! Easy and so very delicious! Just added to my recipe book. Will be making it for years to come! Can it be made using any other fruits? Just wondering incase i wanted to make when strawberries are out of season

  49. I used greek yogurt and finely diced (some of them going soft) strawberries. I did not have a lemon to zest so I added 1/2 tsp of lemon extract to the batter. The cake came out light and beautiful. For the icing, I mixed together some more of the yogurt, lemon juice, and powdered sugar – yum!

  50. Can I make this is a 13×9 pan?

    • Hi there,

      Sure! Just be sure to leave about 1/2 inch room at the top of the pan, for expansion. The cake will also bake much faster. After 20 minutes, check the cake every 10 minutes until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

    • What if I want to use a mini Bundts Pan how would I modify recipe? Thanks 

  51. Really really good! One of our new favorites! I buttered the bundt pan and then coated with sugar, gave it a delicious texture.

  52. This cake is so delicious!! I quadrupled the icing and poured it in the center after covering the cake. When I sliced a piece I put more icing on it. It was so yummy with 2 scoops of Blue bell vanilla ice cream.

  53. I made this for my sister’s birthday and it was PHENOMENAL!!! We all loved it and within 2 days it was gone!
    I used strawberry flavoured yogurt instead of plain or vanilla and it really elevated that strawberry flabour to new heights! Simply amazing, I will definately come back to this soon!

    5/5 stars and I just wish I could put more

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  55. This was delicious! Mine turned out nice and moist! My husband said it was the best Bundt cake he had ever had! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  56. Thank you for the recipe!! I was wondering if I could use lemon extract instead of the lemon zest?

  57. I’ve made this cake twice, once with fresh strawberries and once with fresh strawberries and frozen blueberries. My husband loves it and my sister in law said it was the best cake she’d had in a long time. I don’t thaw the frozen fruit, just toss it in a little flour and gently fold it into the batter. I also put some right on top of the batter. Next time I’m trying it with frozen blackberries. Excellent cake.   

  58. Made this and it worked really well. I saved some strawberries to decorate and it looked amazing (wish I could upload a foto to show off a little :) ). Even two days after baking it was still juicy and delicious!

    Just fyi the conversion into the metric system is not correct. This is probably not your fault, but the website’s. Would be great if that was to change as it would make baking outside of the US so much easier.

  59. Would it be possible to use 1/2 strawberry and 1/2 blueberry?

  60. I made this cake twice, once for us and once for a party. I didn’t put the glaze on my cake but I did put it on the party cake. The cake had completely cooled but when I poured the glaze on it just sort of melted into the cake. Still tasted great but just didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to look. Why did this happen? I followed the recipe exactly.

  61. I substituted the Greek yogurt for strawberry yogurt and substituted the lemon juice for vanilla flavoring. This is amazing!!!!!

  62. I used 1/2 plain greek yogurt and 1/2 strawberry greek yogurt and doubled the lemon juice in the batter.  I had zero problems with my strawberries sinking. Absolutely delicious and a big hit! 

  63. this looks delicious! I wonder, can sour cream be substituted for the yogurt?

  64. I made this cake and it did not cook all the way. i even put the temp higher and cooked it longer but it was still not done. Help please ?

    • Hi Jamara,

      I would guess your oven needs to be calibrated. Hang a new oven thermometer in your oven to check how far off the temperature is. Then pull up a calibration video (on youtube) for your oven model. It’s usually pretty easy to adjust.

  65. Impressive!! Great way to use the locally fresh picked strawberries from our area. Will make again! Thank you 😊

  66. Novice bakers here…My son and I made this cake last night and iced it this AM…after icing it we placed the cake dome over it and walked away…came back to the kitchen a bit later and it has all melted off the cake and pooled in the center or off the edges of the cake stand! What did we do wrong?! LOL

    • Hi Kristi,

      It sounds like your cake was still warm, but you mentioned you iced it hours later. Do you live is a very warm climate?

    • Hello Kristi,
      The reason the icing melted off is because you put the dome back on top of the cake. The dome will trap the moisture that is normally released from the cake and this moisture will melt the icing. If you leave the dome off the icing will remain firm. Once you pour the icing on the cake, it will take about 20 minutes to set. Once icing is set, if the cake is closed in a air tight container, the traped moisture will melt the sugar icing. Hope this was helpful.

  67. I followed the recipe, except that I cut down sugar to 1.5 cup from 2 cups. The cake turned out very very dense on the side. I searched online and various mistakes I could have made including the butter wasn’t in room temperature, over creaming, to even baking soda quality. I loved the flavor of this cake, I’m just wondering if the recipe will yield a light and fluffy cake after I adjust everything on my side, or the recipe is actually going for a more dense texture??

  68. It tasted wonderful!!!! It looked pitiful. It fell all apart. I followed instructions by flouring etc…including changing temp from 375 to 325.

  69. HI! Does it have to be greek yogurt? Would plain nonfat yogurt work?

  70. I am planning on turning this into a mini birthday cake. I’ve baked it as a bundt cake many times before and have absolutely loved it. Do you know if I can bake it in small cake pans (6 inch and 4 inch) and what temperature and time it would take?

    • Hi Ashley,

      Great idea! Use the same oven temperature. Although I haven’t made this recipe in mini pans, I would guess the baking time would be around 20 minutes. I would check them at 18 minutes, then bake longer if needed.

  71. This recipe is wonderful – perfect balance of sweetness to tart. I am not a dessert person but absolutely love this and will make again. My kids – who LOVE dessert – want again as well. Also – I used thick Greek yogurt, plain – feel like the strawberries were balanced evenly thru the cake. I also added 1 tspn of vanilla extract as wish I had vanilla yogurt.  Very moist. Highly suggest you give it a go. 

  72. Amazing, I loved it. Was unsure of how it would taste but I had a whole lotta strawberries and went with it. I’m glad I did! It’s like a cousin of angel food cake, but I felt like there was something missing to give it that extra pop. I’m gonna mess around with the recipe a bit More but it was superb nonetheless. Easy recipe

  73. QUESTION: I’m gluten and sugar-free. Planning on substituting coconut flour, then for sugar…substituting about 70% Swerve, 20% honey or maple syrup and 10% sugar. (I’m not diabetic, I can tolerate a little sugar, but not much.)

    Anyone have experience with these substitutions on this recipe? Suggestions? Other substitutions? I have other flours on hand…cassava and I think Amaranth flour, and I have plenty of raw almonds to make almond flour (but I’ve heard almond FLOUR is a good bit harder and more time-consuming to make than almond meal, which I can’t imagine would be good in any cake.). I also have Swerve confectioner’s sugar on hand to use about 80% for the icing.

    Thanks. looking forward to enjoying this cake.

  74. Easy, gorgeous, and totally delicious — you can’t go wrong with this cake!

  75. I am all about the strawberries these days. Was just looking for a way to use up a bunch of fresh strawberries I bought, and I think this is perfect!

  76. This cake is one of the most fresh cakes I have tasted in a while! The bits of strawberry inside the bake is so good! 

  77. This cake is delicious!  It is light and very moist.  I used vanilla yogurt.  I wonder if Strawberry or lemon yogurt would be good.  

  78. This is my go to recipe for any function. It is fresh and delicious and super simple to make! Hands down one of my favorites!!

    *Note* I prefer the taste of Lime over Lemon so I always substitute Lime into the recipe.

  79. I just put this into the recipe builder on WW, it came out to 15 points per serving!! Although it looks amazing…it’s not what I would consider WW friendly.

  80. How many WW points is this?

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  82. Just made this cake. It is a dream!!!! Delicious! Super moist! Thanks for a great recipe….it is a keeper!

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  84. Can I use frozen strawberries??

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  87. This is one of my families FAVORITE cake. Even though I’m not supposed to eat it, I’ve f course tried it and it’s hard not to gobble up the whole cake🤦🏼‍♀️ . I make this several times a year during strawberry season. Thank you so much for this recipe.

    • Did you do anything special to get the bundt cake to release? Did you cook it exactly as directed or did you make some changes? I’m just trying to figure out why mine didn’t come out of the bundt pan. It is a coated pan and usually I don’t have any issue.

  88. I have made this for the past several years. It’s  a family favorite. My niece loves it so much that I made 18 bundt cakes for her wedding. One cake on each table!!!  I have recently turned it into a layer cake as well. It’s so moist and delicious!! 

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  90. Everyone one that tried this – including myself – went nuts over it! Awesome recipe!

  91. This cake was really ahhh-mazing!! Everyone at my house was impressed!

  92. This cake was so tender and soft, the taste was incredible!

  93. A fantastic recipe! Make it all the time.

  94. What a delicious cake for berry season! I’ll be making it again when we get local berries!

  95. I have made this cake for several years and I can 100% guarantee if it absolutely amazing.  It is my favorite cake!  

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  98. I soooo wanted to make this but was short/missing a few ingredients, so I winged it. No lemon zest so I substituted 1 tsp lemon extract in the wet ingredients. I only had 1 small package of low fat strawberry yougurt, so I used that & added 2 Tbsp sour cream. Finally I baked for 75 minutes total. It turned out great! Next time, I might add even more strawberries.

  99. Everyone loves when I fix this cake. And they all want the recipe! Good job girl this one is a winner!!!

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  101. Very nice cake and In-depth article. Next Sunday I will try.
    Thank you.

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  106. I really need help.
    I did this cake almost more than 20 times!!
    The first 2 times came out perfectly, but then each time when I try to get it out of the pan it sticks so I end up with a split cake, half comes out & the other half is sticking into the pan.
    What’s going wrong??

    • Hi Meril,

      Hmmm… That’s so strange. Especially since it came out of the pan the first couple times. I still think it’s a pan issue. If it’s old and you put it in the dishwasher on high heat, it may have effected the nonstick surface.

    • That is exactly what happened to me. I have not put my bundt pan in the dishwasher and it’s coating fully intact.

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  108. This is GORGEOUS and I bet it’s delicious too! What a clever recipe!

  109. What kind of pan can I use if I don’t have a bunt pan?

  110. I tried the cake several times but I always find it a challenge to get the cake out of the pan as 1 whole cake, either the top of the cake sticks to the pan n cuts in half of the whole cake comes out in pieces. Advices please

    • Hi Meril,

      Sorry you’re having issues here. Is your bundt pan old? It might be time to retire the pan and buy a new one with a better non-stick coating.

      • Sorry for reposting again but I just saw your comment.
        The pan is like 1 or 1.5 years old n I haven’t used it for any other recipes except this one so I consider it new somehow.
        I’ve used today even a non-stick spray from Wilston but yet it came out aweful :/
        I used around 13 tablespoon of Greek yoghurt & 2 cups of strawberries

  111. My boys love strawberries, I can’t wait to bake this cake for them!

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  113. Absolutely scrumptious! Thanks for the great recipe!

  114. I’ve made this cake three times now and it’s amazing EVERY SINGLE TIME!!  I’ve modified very slightly the recipe by adding blueberries and little more lemon zest and juice to the batter.  Probably one of the best cakes I’ve every made.  Always a crowd pleaser!

  115. This recipe caught my eye and so i tried it. The results were amazing and the strawberry yogurt cake has now become our favorite. We have lots of yogurt owing to the huge mil production and we might just make this commercial.

  116. I’ve never felt compelled to comment on a recipe I’ve tried before – but this recipe is exceptional! Since originally making it earlier this week, we’ve already made other variations (Blueberry, cinnamon, orange & cranberry) and each is as good as the first. The fruit didn’t sink, we had no problem with the bundt pan, and I’ve never had a richer lemon flavor in a cake – ever!
    We did feel the need to bake much longer than the recipe calls for – almost 2 hours each time. Maybe that’s because of the added moisture from the fruit? I’m not sure, but it’s not a problem, by any means. This cake is fantastic!

  117. I have probably made this thirty times. 
    I’ve served it to company and have given it for a gift. 
    I usually make two at a time and freeze one. 
    I have made it withstrawberries, blueberries and raspberries. 
    Comes out perfect every time and the fans go wild over it.
    Thank you for this recipe. It’s the best!😍 

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  119. This is soooo good! Very moist and delicious. The lemon flavor pairs well with the strawberries.  Definitely a keeper:)

  120. I love this cake and so does everyone else, I was wondering if I could use frozen berries in the cake?

  121. a great one for sure!

    could we substitute strawberries with frozen blueberries so we can have the same foolproof recipe in other versions?

    Thnx and warm summer greetings from Cyprus (42 Celsius)

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  123. I made this cake and hubby and i thought it was very good. Only change was I added 1 tsp.good Vanilla and 1 tsp. Cinnamon. Came out perfect. Need to eat by 2nd day as it gets too moist.

  124. I made this cake for our sunday dinner a couple of weeks ago. This week I am doing it with blueberries! Just so you know, a chocolate garnish is wonderful with it!

  125. Unique cake and awesome writing step by step. As a beginner, I can make it confidently. Thank you so much.

  126. Excellent cake. Very moist and not as heavy as I thought it would be. I’m a big fan of dense cakes, so this was perfect. Made as two 8-inch layers to use as a birthday cake. Honestly, you don’t really need any embellishments to this. It’s really good as is. Thank you for the great recipe.

  127. I absolutely love this recipe. I make it all the time and it’s a favorite at every gathering. Thank you for sharing!!

  128. We love this cake. I have made it several times to serve at different functions. It is so easy to put together and everyone loves it.

  129. Made this cake sunstuting eggbeaters and using coconut oil instead of butter. It fell flat..then I made another one using 2 eggs and 1 eggbeater. Used 1-1/2 stick ok so – the balance in oil. Added 2 tsp. baking powder. I’m looking in the oven and the cake is rising – a good sign.

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  132. Yumm I love the add of yogurt!

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  141. I been making this cake for about 4 years- it is my go-to dessert for parties, picnics, and potlucks. My kids ask for it for every get-together, and everyone always asks for the recipe. I’m not usually a fan of sweets and cakes, but this one is a winner for everyone! Just follow the instructions- it’s garaunteed to be a hit!

  142. I’m making this my go to summer time cake!!! The batter tastes amazing . The cake ( once it was done) was so moist and flavorful, great with ice cream.

  143. I made this for Easter and it’s very good. I tasted more lemon than strawberry. I think next time I’ll use a strawberry yogurt and a strawberry glaze. It’s very moist and I like the lemon, was just wanting more of the berry flavor. I will definitely add this to my dessert recipe book. 

  144. Awesome cake!!!!!! Followed the recipe and it turned out perfect. I did have to bake about 15 minutes longer and turned my oven up to 335 degrees because I noticed it wasn’t rising good at 325. Once I adjusted temp it started rising good. All ovens are different. The flavor and texture is wonderful. Just as I like my cakes!

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  146. I made mine in a 8×13 brownie pan, in a pizza oven and it. Was. FANTASTIC!!! And I am NOT a comment/rating type.

  147. This isn’t he second time I’ve made this cake…..it’s a favorite! This time I used regular strawberry yogurt because it’s what I had…..turned out great! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  148. I have made this cake numerous of times. And I can’t describe how delicious this cake really is. There are steps that you might want to skip, but please don’t. I’m making two today for my husband’s residents. And I know they will love these cake as much as we do. Please, please, please try this unforgettable cake.

  149. Hello, love the recipe!! but it’s funny how my grandma made the same cake for years using sour cream, but the calorie intake was too high, then switch it to yogurt. As time has past now we make it with greek yogurt but switch back once in awhile to use sour cream and also we add what ever berry is in season. The cake is delicious !!

  150. This cake is amazing. I made it 2 times this week, I wanted to test it for a dinner party. My husband just raved over it. I used Greek Gods HONEY greek yogurt, and reduced the sugar by 1/4 cup. Yummy !

  151. This cake is delicious! Made it tonight and it will be a new go to recipe for me. Realized I didn’t have powdered sugar at the last moment but was able to improvise with sugar and a bit of cornstarch blended in my ninja for a few. Worked perfectly.  I think the oven temp change when you put it in definitely helped get that perfect crisp on the bottom. Thanks for the great recipe! 

  152. I made this two different ways both time using strawberry and pureed cooked rhubarb.  With both ways, I needed to cook the cake almost twice as long.  Next time I will reduce the amount of yogurt by the amount of rhubarb puree.  
    1) Gluten free – came out wonderfully
    2) regula all purpose flour – also came out wonderfully

    If you don’t like a really moist cake – then you will need to reduce some of the yogurt to compensate for the rhubarb.

  153. Cake was moist and delicious! Thanks for the receive…this one is a keeper.

  154. Great cake, easy to make but one flaw in recipe.  List 8 ounces vanilla, I assumed it meant vanilla yogurt.  For a novice cook may not realize this.

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  156. Yes. I made it in a 9×13 pan. It required a bit more bake time than a regular sheet cake (I think this was due to the additional moistness of the strawberries). Still turned out well!

  157. Delicious cake recipe! The flavor of the strawberries really shine through. Thanks for the recipe!

  158. Hi. This cake looks amazing and I plan on making it very soon. My question is, does it need to be refrigerated? Thanks so much!

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  160. A pretty and delicious cake!

  161. It’s wonderful.

  162. I’ve made this cake probably 6 times in the past few years. People absolutely love this cake!

  163. It’s toooo Awesome!!! thanks for sharing this wonderful article… very beneficiery tips, You are given in this article…

  164. I’ve made this more than once it’s delicious ?

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  167. Hi! Love the recipe and want to try it tomorrow. Just wanted to ask if we could use strawberry filling instead? Or frozen strawberries?

  168. Cake was EXCELLENT I Cut out a half cup of sugar
    And Realized that I Didn’t Need the Glaze 

  169. wife made this cake for my birthday. i loved it!

  170. Does this cake need to be refrigerated? Just made it and will serve in 2 days.

    • Hi Tulan!

      You can leave this cake out on the countertop for 2-3 days, well covered. However, if the air is very moist in your climate, I would refrigerate it just to be safe. :)

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  174. Thank you so much for this recipe.  Just made it and it is absolutely delicious and so moist.  I just had one 5oz tub of yogurt, so I completed it with sourcream.   Next time I will use rasberries instead.

  175. Would this cake work with vanilla Greek yogurt?

    • Hi Tami,

      Absolutely! :)

      • Hi Sommer,

        I was curious if dairy substitutes would work with this recipe? Such as coconut milk yogurt and vegan butter? Also, do you know of a gluten free flour that would work?

        I am wanting to make this for my SIL baby shower but I am dairy free and have a few guests that are gluten free.

        Thanks so much in advance!

  176. Hi! I have made this cake before and it is delicious but I’m wondering if you think using blueberries would work just as well as strawberries. 

  177. Hi,
    I’v made this cake twice & I must say holy mackerel this is the best cake, so good I couldn’t  stop eating it.  It turned out perfect . I used sour cream instead of yogurt just because I didn’t have any.
    I also used your magic release for cake pans.  Have tons of plums on our tree so going to try the plum cake on your site.  Thanks ever so much for great receipe ‘s.   

  178. I substituted regular sour cream for the yogurt and it turned out delicious. The batter was thick, but not overly so, and filled my 10 cup bundt nearly to the top, so I was worried, but it didn’t overflow. It took about 10 extra minutes in my convection oven before I got a clean toothpick. When I ate a slice, I thought it could even have gone an extra 5 for a total of 15. I also doubled the glaze, with another cup of powered sugar and some heavy cream. I may have used more strawberries too!

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  180. I was so looking forward to this cake since the batter was fluffy and downright delicious, but when I pulled it out of the oven it started sinking in the middle, and sinking, and sinking more. Then when I flipped it to cool, the top was a mushy mess that collapsed. It’s definitely cooked all the way through, but has far too much moisture to hold up in the end. I followed the author’s advice and didn’t worry about the moisture, but it needs some tweaking before it’s a reliable recipe. But boy oh boy, the flavor is fantastic. Despite the structural failure, I’m still looking forward to icing what’s there and trying a piece for dinner later. Work on the moisture bit and this cake is the bomb!

  181. Any thoughts on substituting blueberries. I have made this cake and it was wonderful! Was thinking of trying with blueberries for Father’s Day as hubby loves blueberries.

  182. I would like to use a different pan. Could I use this recipe for cupcakes or bread pan? Would I change temperature or time? Thanks!

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  185. Just put this cake in the oven….. The batter smells delicious and has a wonderful texture!   My first recipe of yours and guaranteed it won’t be my last! Thank you for sharing this beautiful  cake! 

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  187. I’ve made this a few times now, exactly as the recipe states, and it’s delicious! Could I use the same recipe to make them as cupcAkes? Any changes to time or temp?

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  189. I have made the strawberry yogurt cake twice, and made a third time with blueberries.  All I can say is YUM! It’s the next cake for our school bake sale I can’t wait to Make it again. Thank you for the recipe it comes out perfect every time!

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  192. I’ve made his cake before and it was amazing!! I’m wanting to try it again for a baby shower but will need to make it the day before…does it keep well overnight? Should I store it in the refrigerator? What are your tips! 

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  194. Can someone please tell me if this cake has to be refrigerated or can you leave it at room temperature?

  195. Pingback: Canning and Cooking - Iowa Style - Fresh Strawberry Cake and Honey Mustard Chicken Salad

  196. Absolutely delicious!
    Made exactly as written. I will definitely make again! 

  197. Just finished making this and it is delicious! I was really worried about the thick consistency of the batter even after reading that it would be ok, but you were right, it turned out fine! The cake is so moist and perfect! I added a tablespoon of butter to the icing because it was super thick and not pourable at all, but otherwise I didn’t change a thing about the recipe. I will definitely be making this again…now time to go get another piece ;)

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  199. Has anybody used 2% Greek Yogurt? That is the one I have at home right now and was wondering if it will make much of a difference.

  200. Can you use frozen strawberries for this recipe?

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  203. How many grams is 1 stick butter. My email was wrong spelled the first time.
    Charlotte Potgieter

  204. Hi it looks so nice. How many grams is 1stick of butter.
    Charlotte Potgieter

  205. Hi!! I LOVE THIS RECIPE!!! I’ve made it so many times I can’t even count. Thank you!!! Quick question– have you ever substituted cranberries for the strawberries? Wondering about making it into a Christmas dessert :)

  206. During study wear ideal safety apparel as well as gloves.

  207. I made this cake for the very first time yesterday,.  I did not deviate from the recipe one iota and the cake was absolutely delicious.  This will be added to my  list of favorite cakes to make.  It’s moist and has such a delicious flavor!!!  Everyone else in the house loved it as well.  

  208. Hi there mates, its fantastic article regarding educationand
    entirely defined, keep it up all the time.

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  210. I baked this yesterday as a thank you gift for a friend. As it was my first time baking it, I followed the recipe to the letter. It took 70 minutes but otherwise everything was fine. My friend’s verdict: “Make it again!”

  211. Hi, I just baked this accordingly as a bundt cake and it came out delicious! I was wondering if I baked this in 9 inch round cake pans, would it come out ok? I need a recipe for my sons birthday cake!

  212. Today was my first time baking bundt cake. I followed your recipe and the end result was amazing! I did have to increase baking time because the toothpick did not come out clean when I tested it at the 60 minute mark. That may have to do with the area I live or some other baking magic I don’t understand yet.
    Anyway, the cake is so delicious, my son said it was the best cake I have ever made. Everyone loved it!
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

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  214. This recipe is to die for. I love it. I made some changes I used no lemon juice or lemon zest and instead of the glaze u suggested in I did a rum creme glaze.

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  217. I made this cake over the weekend…..it is FABULOUS! I suggest that you absolutely make it as instructed and use REAL butter. I will be making it again next week when we have out of town company.

  218. The recipe is great. I hope you don’t mind if I adapted it for my blog. I just couldn’t resist :) I used raspberries instead of strawberries. It works just as well. Keep up the good work :)

  219. How could anyone look at this cake and not want to make it immediately.

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  223. Oh MY HEAVENS! This is cooling right now. OH MY! IT smells SOOoooooo GOoooood!!!  I used sour cream in lieu of yogurt and I think it turned out just fine.- of course that’s just trimming the bottom off level.. you know for quality control.  ;)  Excellent recipe!  Baking time was spot on- but I also use a secondary oven temperature gauge because I find my oven is about 10-15 minutes behind the beep that tells me it’s at temperature.  It’s alleviated a lot of frustration on under and over baking. 

  224. Hi
    A quick question  can it made in a normal cake tin instead of bundt as I don’t have bundt tin

    • Hi Sukaina, I believe so, but I never make it that way. If you look through the comments, it would appear other people have tried that.

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  226. I was wondering if anyone has tried to make muffins instead of the bundt cake. This would be a great snack at sports tournaments! I also thought about not mixing strawberries into batter, but rather placing them on top after batter is in pan. Maybe that will keep them from sinking so much. Any thoughts?

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  228. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about good clairvoyance. Regards

  229. Pingback: The most amazing Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake you will ever taste! - Dessert Recipes Easy

  230. I’m baking this cake as I write this. I thought this would be a great cake for a potluck but now I’m not sure. It’s already taken 10 min. longer than recipe called for and is still not done. I’m hoping it turns out because it looks great. But next time I will just preheat to 325 and bake a little longer.

  231. Have you ever made this in cupcake form? If so how much would you fill the liners and how long would you bake it? Would you still do the 375 then reduce to 325?

  232. I made this cake last night, and it was divine! Everyone raved about it. The batter is on the thick side, and I was worried that it wouldn’t bake properly- but it did, and it was delicious!

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  239. I made this today and I absolutely love it!!! I ran out of white sugar and had no strawberrys…so I used brown sugar cup for cup and used my homegrown frozen raspberries instead!! Goodness knows I have a full freezer of raspberries!!

    Turned out very very moist almost two wet to believe that after an hour it was cooked through… But afterwards it cooled and I iced it, the cake was delicious!! Seeing this was my first bundt cake I was surprised at the results!!!

    Thank you for your wonderful recipe, definitely will make it again!!!

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  241. Is it ok if I put the usual yogurt instead of Greek yogurt ? And how tsp of vanilla should I put ?

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  244. hi! Looks like i’m a few years late on trying this recipe! :) I got some strawberries and greek yogurt from Costco because for some reason I thought I could ingest 32 oz of greek yogurt??? the costco disease – i have it. Buying random stuff in bulk. anyway, i digress. I made this recipe using FAGE greek yogurt 0% from costco. I also pulsed the strawberries in a food processor so they were tiny pcs…this yielded a pink color through the cake. The batter was thick but the cake baked perfectly after 1 hr and 10 mins.
    I learned a trick – instead of greasing and flouring a pan, i use a mix of cinnamon and sugar instead of the flour. (cinnamon doesn’t necessarily go with strawberry but i did it anyway)…
    then i took the cake out of the oven…let it sit for a few mins, then emptied it. The cinnamon sugar gives a nice sweet crisp crust on top.
    then after cooling i added the icing.
    Thanks – perfect recipe.

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  246. Thank you so much for this recipe, it’s one of my favorite desserts now! Thank you for all the time and energy you put into this blog for people you may never meet. Bless you!! – Allie :)

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  249. I stumbled upon this recipe about a week and a half ago through the I Heart Naptime blog (old post), and I used it for a cake bake-off contest with my friends. Though our cake had 2 other flavors along with this one, I have a sneaking suspicion that this strawberry cake is the reason we won the taste category by more than double the points. It was incredible! I’m typically a chocolate only type of girl-I don’t usually even waste my time eating any other flavors of cake, ice cream, desserts in general. However, I have been pretty much dreaming about this cake since I made it, and I am desperate for a reason to make it again (a reason other than ‘I just desperately want it,’ because that would result in my eating the entire thing all by myself which probably isn’t the best plan)!

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  251. Looks amazing. Has anyone tried it with frozen berries? Does it work with frozen strawberries just as well?


  252. Hello!
    First of all, thank you for this wonderful recipe, your cake looks amazing and its been on my mind for a while. I have some friends over tonight, so I decided it is a good occasion to try it.
    I am in Europe, and it took me some time to convert everything to grams, ml and Celsius… the only thing I could not measure was the strawberries. My cake turned out way too wet, and it took forever to bake through. I will have to introduce it as a ‘strawberry lemon pudding’ I guess, but it still tastes amazing.
    While making it, I couldn’t believe how little flour you use, but I decided to stick to the recipe. Next time will put less strawberries and more flour I guess.

    Thank you!!!!

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  254. Delicious. Made a few changes though. Used orange zest and freshly squeezed orange juice instead of lemon. used 3 strawberry GoGurts instead of plain or vanilla because that’s all I had on hand. And I don’t have a bundt pan so I used 9×13 instead. Same temp. Took 30mins in my oven.

  255. Made this today for my family. It came out way too lemony. It almost tasted like a lemon cake with some strawberries rather than a strawberry cake. It might be helpful to list what size lemon to use in the recipe and exactly how much zest (in Tbsp) Apparently a large lemon is not correct. Overall great cake, excellent consistency, but too much lemon.

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  258. This is cooling off as we speak! Smells great and looks fantastic. .mine is a bit darker and strawberries didn’t completely sink to bottom! Can’t wait to taste it at bunco today! !!!

  259. Could you use splenda in place of the sugar?

    • Hi Alicia, I don’t ever use Splenda, but you could certainly try it! If you do, let me know how it turns out. :)

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  261. After reading all the comments about the difficulty of this cake sticking to the pan, I did what I’ve found to really work. After greasing the Bundt pan with shortening, I use purchased, plain regular breadcrumbs instead of flour. Since I discovered this method, I’ve never had any problems. Thank you for this cake recipe! So delicious! Have used blueberries, too!

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  263. I’ve been waiting long enough for a good excuse to make this cake and what better excuse than a family barbecue! I will be baking it tomorrow!

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  266. Wow! Just made this cake and have yet to try it, but it came out beautifully. Just like the picture! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  267. How many cups is 12 oz. of diced strawberries? I buy strawberries from the farmer’s market and they are not in packages with oz. listed on the front. Thanks!

  268. I have made this cake 4 times and it is delicious but I can’t get it to stop sticking to the bottom of the pan so I have a mess!! I do grease and flower and my bundt pan is not very old. Any other suggestions?

    • Hmmm… my bundt pan is a Wilton and has a heavy non-stick seal. The main reason why a bundt cake might not come out of the pan (other than not greasing and flouring) is not letting it rest in the pan long enough. Make sure the cake rests AT LEAST 20 minutes before flipping. If you are doing that and are still having a problem, try letting it sit for 30 minutes or so. Also, some people really love Bakers Joy non-stick spray for pans. Hope this helps!!

  269. This is delicious! Mine got darker on the outside than yours which wasn’t as visually appealing. Any suggestions? I tried taking the next one out earlier but it wasn’t done.

  270. Delicious! Baked up perfectly and the whole family loved it. My son always wants strawberry cake for his birthday and I have yet to find one that I really like. This one has potential to be tried as birthday cake later this year!

  271. We had friends over for dinner yesterday and I made this for dessert. I used plain Greek yogurt and reduced the sugar by 1/3cup and it turned out amazing! I saw that some people had trouble with it sticking so I greased and floured the heck out of my pan and had no issue. Will definitely be making again, and experimenting with different fruits. Thank you for sharing!

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  273. Delicious! I used orange zest and freshly squeezed orange juice instead of lemon, blueberry yogurt instead of plain Greek yogurt, and baked in mini loaf pans for 40mins. I’ll be making this again. Thanks for the recipe!

  274. I didn’t read the part about turning down the oven until the cake was in for approx 40 minutes. What effect will this have on the end product? I will probably know by the time you can reply, but i put a lot of love into making this and am hoping it can be salvaged. I turned the oven down to 315 just to hopefully help the situation out.

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  276. Can I use a different pan, don’t have a bunt pan.

  277. Just wondering if this cake can be frozen for later eatin’? Thank you looks delicious!

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  279. Tasty – kids loved it! Took way longer than 60 minutes (maybe 75-80?) and stuck to the bottom of the bundt even though it was greased. Should I have kept at at 375 longer? I preheated it until it reached that temp – then changed it to 325 as directed) right as I put it in.

    Only changes: I used a 1/4 cup less of sugar and 10 (versus the 12) oz of fresh strawberries.

    Also glaze didn’t dry all professional looking like yours!

    Any suggestions?? Still delicious!

  280. Can you make this with blueberries instead of strawberries? I wanted to make it for a gathering but I have someone coming that is allergic to strawberries

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  282. I made this for a Dessert, for friends that were coming for Dinner, and it turned out just what the photo looked like. It was a hit, and I am going to make it again this next weekend for other friends.
    Thanks for sharing.

  283. Is there a way to make this with frozen strawberries?

  284. In the oven as I write! Do you think the cake will last 3 days before eating or do you think it is best to freeze? Any thoughts as to if I should keep it in the fridge or not if I don’t freeze? Thanks!

  285. Have made this recipe several times with raspberries. Love it even better.

  286. I just made this, this morning using blueberries instead… (hubs is allergic to strawberries) and it was AMAZING! I was testing this recipe out for our upcoming vacation to Colorado and it will be perfect! SO glad to have found this recipe! DELICIOUS and EASY for this I-love-to-cook-but-not-that-great-at-it chef. :)

  287. Have you ever made it as cupcakes or put frosting on it? My daughter wants strawberry cupcakes for her birthday.

  288. Can I use another type of cake pan on this ? I don’t have a bundt

  289. I’ve made this cake several times now and LOVE it. As does everyone who has tasted it. I recently made it into mini cupcakes, (without the fresh strawberries) with lemon cream cheese icing. YUMMY!!!!! Big hit. Thank you for my new go-to cake.

  290. I made the cake tonight…i think it came out a little to wet..maybe i use too many strawberrys…all n all…i do like the cake…very good flavor.

  291. Thank you from the bottom of my bundt pan!!! I love this recipe and have made is several times, always with the same results – everyone LOVES IT!!!!!!!! Trying it again today with peaches and blueberries mixed. I can’t wait to cut into it :)

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  294. Amazing recipe,thanks for sharing!
    I just have a question: i did not use the bundt pan,so I used a regular round pan (an aluminun one) and when i turned it out,a thin layer of the cake was left there…it didn’t destroy my cake,but the appearence could be prettier.
    Any thoughts on how to avoid this?

  295. Made this a few weeks ago for my beloved Pastor and wonderful wife…it was a hit.I am making it once again tonight for my hubby.

  296. Can i use strawberry greek yogurt? And do you think it would work with crushed pineapple added in the batter? Thanks! Sounds amazing!

  297. This recipe looks so tasty I can’t wait to try it, just one problem: I don’t have a Bundt pan! What size cake tin can i use instead for good results?

  298. Wow, I just made this, and I gotta say, this is an OUTSTANDING recipe. This cake turned out *super moist* with great flavor & with a lovely & subtle tang from the lemon – delicious! Thanks again!

  299. Great cake, made it before…this time the top of the cake collapsed….what do you think I did wrong?

  300. Absolutely Delicious. I cut the sugar down to 1cup and cooked for 45 minutes. The whole family loved it. Definitely a keeper.

  301. I tried this with peach instead of strawberries – perfection!

  302. Made this for a family event and everyone loved it! I used coconut oil in place of butter, reduced the sugar to 1 1/2 cups, and replaced half the flour with whole wheat. Even with the healthier changes it was moist and delicious!

  303. I just pulled this cake out of the oven and it smells awesome! It cooked beautifully in my new Bundt pan. Can’t wait to taste it!

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  307. I used store-bought strawberries and measured out the recommended 12oz. I would suggest just using the whole 1lb. package though because I found that my cake didn’t contain enough strawberries for my taste. Overall, I was pleased as this cake was very delicious and moist!

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  309. The batter was AMAZING!! I cannot wait to taste the cake…I used fresh blueberries instead of strawberries though.

  310. can’t wait to try the cake – meeting some friends at Marco Island in a couple of weeks and this will go with me. Also, my email and provider have changed, do I need to resubscribe for the newsletter?

  311. I just wanted to come and tell you how much we love this cake! I’ve made it at least half a dozen times and it always receives reviews. Thanks for sharing the deliciousness :)

  312. WOW! I am a beginning baker (at the ripe old 40 something age). I followed the recipe to the tee and my pictures matched yours each time!! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe and the pics! My family and I loved it! It turned out GREAT!

  313. I made this cake for 4th of July festivities and it was a huge success, everyone loved it! I did use sour cream and salted butter in lieu of yogurt and unsalted butter b/c that’s what I had on-hand but the cake still turned out wonderful. I already have requests to make this again. Thanks for this awesome recipe!

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  315. This cake was excellent! I used frozen blueberries and the cake was a huge hit! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  316. Made this for our Fourth of July Bar-be-Que…Fabulous! Rave reviews and seconds all the way around the table. Thank you for sharing.

  317. Does this call for unsalted butter sticks or salted :)

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  319. I made this cake today..it tastes delicious but didn’t rise at all?…not sure what I I’d wrong. Any thoughts?

    • Madeline, you may need to replace your leavening agents. Things like baking soda and baking powder lose their lift power over time.

  320. Made this for the second time. My wife just loves it! Is there an easy way to
    Freeze this cake? Great recipe!

  321. A friend of mine made this with strawberries and it was delicious. I made my first one using a pound (after seeding) of fresh apricots and it turned out great! I love the yogurt and lemon in it. I’ve been searching high and low for something to do with fresh apricots, so this is definitely a keeper.

    • I also want to mention the directions were good. I did mess up and only use 2 and 1/4 c of flour, but it didn’t make any difference. Maybe the apricots are not as juicy – they weren’t overripe. I used a bundt pan and followed the temperature directions as written.

  322. Hi i just wanna ask can i use frozen strawberries instead of frech strawberries?

  323. Conceived as a dream in 1979, today the availability of the VVM is the result of immense efforts and dedication to strengthening public health on the part of many organizations, institutions, companies and individuals.

  324. I’m looking to do a fresh strawberry cake for a layer on a wedding cake….do you think this recipe will work? It’s going to be the 16″ bottom layer of a 3 tiered wedding cake.

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  328. Absolutely amazing!!! Took it to a BBQ and everyone loved it! I received so many compliments and it was actually very easy to make. I plan on making it again this weekend but with Blueberries (dad’s fav) for Father’s day. Thanks for the great recipe!

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  330. Just made the recipe today! Very delicious! I think I will play around with different berries or fruit next time. The instructions were easy, although I did have to read them twice before starting. I was thrown off by the different temperatures at first. Start at 375 and then lower to 325 before putting in. This cake is super moist!

  331. Awesome! Just finished my first piece and getting ready to start on my second.

  332. this is confusing; one place you said to heat over to 325 then later it said 375. This is a huge difference. Please confirm heat temperature before I waste my money.

    Thank you

    • Phyllis – it says in the instructions to preheat your oven to 375 and to turn it down to 325 when you put the cake in.

    • Phyllis,

      Yes as KLEE said, in the instructions I have you preheat the oven to a higher temperature, then lower the heat to help form a good exterior crust without over-baking and drying out the cake. :)

  333. So i Just finishing making this cake but haven’t tried it yet, looks delicious though. However, when I let it cool for 20 minutes, it flattened. It has rounded and puffed up in the oven and as soon as i put it to cool, it flattened a little.
    I did not use a bundt pan so im not leaving it upside down…..maybe this cake is only good with bundt pans?

    Thanks for the recipe! My mom had really reccommended this one to me!

  334. do you have a carb count on this recipe?

  335. wondering if anyone used rhubarb for this recipe

  336. Just a question–can this cake be frozen for future use????

  337. not working. at all. batter was amazing but it’s not cooking in the oven. I”m using a 10′ Cake tin, it’s not cooking in the centre at all. A crust developed on the cake but the insides are all runny and liquified. I followed the instructions to a tee and i’m very upset about this


    • Not sure why this didn’t work for you! :( I made it a couple days ago for a family get-together and it turned out perfect! Try again, ok? If it turns out the 2nd time, you’ll be glad you tried again. It’s soooo worth it! Good stuff!

  338. Made this today for our Memorial Day meal and it was amazing! It’s a keeper! Thank you for sharing.

  339. Making this now; the batter is thick and delicious. The recipe is easy to follow and fun to make. Thanks for the recipe!

  340. I have this in the oven now. The batter was thick and oh so yummy. It will be out of the oven in half an hour and I am so excited. Having a group of friends over for music and dessert later this evening. I didn’t notice till clean-up that my greek yogurt was fat free :( hope it is not a real problem.

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  343. I also made this for Mother’s Day…Easy, wonderful blend of flavors. My big mistake .. thought it said cool 10 minutes and tried to take it out. Needs the full 20 minutes. I took the leftovers to work and they all loved it!!!

  344. Loved this cake! I cut the butter in half and subbed half a cup of applesauce. I also cut the sugar in half, because 2 cups seems a lot! I did not make the glaze topping. It was delicious even with my ‘healthier’ changes. It was a big hit at my Mother’s Day dinner. And got lots of compliments. i will be making this again.

  345. Maybe is my dyxlexia kicking but this instructions are very confusing

  346. Made this today for Mother’s Day…it was a big hit! It’ll be gone before the end of the day! I really enjoy baking, but I find that a lot of recipes are a huge waste of time and ingredients…this was a wonderful surprise. One question, my mom asked if I could make it with peaches next time, has anyone tried that? Thanks for the fantastic recipe!

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  348. Wow, looks SO GOOD! But how did you get the bottom of you cake so flat?? Mine always puffs up during baking and never looks as pretty when served! :)

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  350. I made this cake last evening, it is superb!

  351. Just wanting to know is ‘all purpose flour’ plain or self raising flour and also is ‘powdered sugar’ normal or castor sugar…….thanks.

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  353. I am wanting to make this cake for mothers day. Would it be ok If i made the batter, went to church for two hours, and came back and put it in the oven? Would that effect anything having the batter sit that long?

    • Carla, I wouldn’t do that because the baking soda may go flat in the time you are gone. You could mix all your wet and dry ingredients in two separate bowls, then combine them when you get home…

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  356. I made this cake for my book club!!! It smelled wonderful and was very delicious. I think they next time I bake it I will try sour cream. The combination of strawberries and the lemon was tasty.

  357. Can’t wait to try this. Of course, the Fiesta Ware makes everything better :-)

  358. I am making this tonight as a donation for our school dessert auction tomorrow night. Sadly I won’t get a taste of it, but if the batter is even half as good as the cake…OMG, Delocious!!! I will definitely be making another to keep for my self very soon.

  359. I am making this for the second time now. I made it with raspberries both times and it is delicious – I haven’t tried strawberries yet. The batter is very thick as others have said, but the cake is SO moist when it is finished.

    I sprayed the pan with Baker”s Joy and it came out no problem, and I have a more intricate bundt pan.

    However, mine took WAY longer than an hour in the oven. Maybe 20 minutes longer – I have to keep checking it.

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  361. Sorry if someone has already asked this but I’m on my phone and unable to take all the time to read the comments. I don’t have one of those pans and I REALLY want to make this so can I use a regular cake pan? How long for the cook time and what temperature if I do. I was thinking about maybe making some extra strawberries with a tiny bit of sugar and let them sit over night so they get saucy and letting people pour some on the cake…okay idea? Or too sweet?

    • Hi Cassandra, It’s pretty sweet on its own so you may want to try it first before adding toppings. You can definitely make it in loaf pans or as cupcakes/muffins. The baking time will vary quite a bit, so your best bet is to start with 15-20 minutes and then watch it carefully from that point. Be sure to do the toothpick test in the middle so you’ll know for sure if its cooked through. Good Luck!

  362. Have you ever baked it and put it in the freezer for later? I have an event coming up and I have a lot to make. Trying to make lots of things that can be frozen to free up the day of the event.

    • Kelly,
      Did you ever try freezing this? I have the same question, I want to make it for an event in a few weeks and I want to prebake the desserts.

      • You can definitely freeze this cake. However, I would glaze it after it thaws for the best appearance. Happy Baking!

  363. Looks like a great recipe but when you get to the ingredients they put a Tempura add that just won’t move so sad .

  364. Just made this cake and it is delicious!!! It could be my favorite cake ever!

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  366. Any idea how this would work to make cupcakes instead if a bundt cake?

  367. I was wondering if this cake would be good for breakfast or is it more a dessert type cake? Thank you

  368. This cake is so delicious. It’s also very easy to get right! It’s become my go-to cake and every time I make it I get rave reviews! Thanks for this amazing recipe!

  369. The cake is in the oven. I had to use frozen strawberries and coconut sugar. I also just realized I used baking powder rather than baking soda! I’ll let you know what happens! I’m making it for a church board meeting my hubby is hosting tomorrow night. I have a feeling I will be baking another later on today! The batter tasted great ( I really enjoyed licking the beater!) even if it is not perfect I’m sure it will still taste good! I have to keep busy doing something as it is SNOWING OUTSIDE ! I think I had my flowers planted by this time last year!

  370. hi

    can i use regular whole milk plain yogurt instead of greek yogurt since thats all i have in hand right now.

  371. Made this last night. It was super delicious! I used both grease and flour and the sides still had some sticking going on.. am I no putting enough on?

  372. Made this cake last night and it turned out fabulous! I used the greek yogurt with the fruit in it, and just put the whole thing in (2 small individual containers). Also used 1 cups Splenda and 1 cup regular sugar. So good that I didn’t need any powdered sugar drizzle.
    Thanks for a great recipe!

  373. I finally got around to making this after being in my Pinterest feed for months, and I wish I wouldn’t have waited! It’s amazing :-D also, I made it with stevia so that the amount of sugar is cut in half and also about half the butter… Trust me there was no sacrificing flavor, only calories! I can’t wait to pass this on to my family. Thanks.

  374. This is such a great recipe. I’m on my firth round of it. This time, I left the lemon out and added apples, bacon and cheddar. The best cake recipe ever. Thank you so much.

  375. I just made this cake and when I turned it out, it stuck to the pan….any suggestions?

    • i had the same problem, it still tasted delicious, but any pointers would be great!

      • I’m going to be trying this recipe out tonight, but from previous experiences, I’m about positive it has to do with the overall thickness of greek yogurt. Mixing the yogurt with applesauce (or adding a little oil to the mix) has worked for me in the past so I’ll probably do the same thing with this

  376. I just made this cake..it turned out great but it stuck to the pan when I turned it over…any suggestions?

  377. I made this yesterday and it was delicious!!!
    My family loved it!! I will deff make again!

  378. I had some 2/$1 a pound strawberries that I didn’t want to go bad, so I whipped this up yesterday. Little did I know I was going to have company. My husband who wanted me to make some pumpkin pie bars (from a box) wasn’t to keen on me making this, but I told him to bad. He had three pieces. It was very good and went together smoothly. The greek yogurt made the batter VERY thick. I even had about 1/8 cup of regular vanilla yogurt.

  379. So there is no baking powder used in this recipe? just baking soda and plain all purpose flour? Looking forward to making this.

  380. Hi! I made this last night, but used orange juice/zest instead of lemon and loved it so much that I wrote about it on my blog! Thanks!


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  382. This looks like the perfect cake for me to make this weekend, and I have all the ingredients on hand. Yum ! Looking forward to this one ; )

    http://www.facebook.com/ptreasures (great jewelry.. excellent prices)

  383. would like emails sent to me of recipes

  384. Hi,

    Thank you for posting this recipe. I hadn’t baked in years and fancied making something, so I tried this, using blueberries instead of strawberries as the shop didn’t have any! It worked really well though and got a lot of compliments.
    I used golden caster sugar instead of regular sugar too, and it tasted lovely!

    Thanks again

  385. Never mind….I re-read the recipe. :-)

  386. Can you verify the oven temperature? At the beginning it states to preheat the oven at 325 and then in the recipe itself it tells us to preheat the oven to 375.

    • Thanks to your comment I just realized why mine browned on the outside, I forgot to turn the temp down to 325! Agh. It was still pretty good… Will have to try again.

  387. I made it this morning for my daughter’s birthday party this afternoon… I somehow figured out how much to use since I’m French and we don’t use the same measures… It was soooooooo yummy !! Thank you so much for the reciepe !!

  388. We planted 2 lemon trees and a lime tree this year . Our first time. We don’t know a thing about it . We just are going for it. If they grow they grow and if they don’t well, we tried. We also got 6 chickens . Hens. This is our second set. Our first set that was supposed to be sexed for us ended up being 1 hen and 5 mean roosters. He was in breeding his own. So I learned a valuable lesson. Buy your chickens from a reputable dealer only. The hen got sick and we lost her and I’m trying to get up the nerve to butcher the roosters. We named them. Never name your food. The hens we have now are adorable and are giving us 5-6 eggs a day. We will incubate some of these eggs for chicks and raise for butchering. So what I’m tring to say is go for it . We had no idea what we are doing. We are winging it. We have 15 acres and live on less than 5 of them the rest is trees and shrub. lOL. We plow with a lawn tractor a small field and have started planting our own vegetables this year. We have plants coming & up we have lost track of what some of them are due to storms washing away our signs. We will have to wait until harvest becuz we can’t tell from the leaves. We are not that familiar yet! LOL!

  389. I just made this with raspberries and it was amazing!! Thanks for sharing with us!

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  391. I noticed that a few reviewers commented on cutting down on the sugar. I’m wondering if those people had opted to use the vanilla yogurt instead of the plain that is pictured here. Since vanilla yogurt is sweetened, maybe that’s what put it over the top in sweetness. Just a thought. Mine is in the oven as we speak. Can’t wait to try it!

  392. Oh. My. Goodness. I made this cake last night as a test run for my husband’s birthday cake and it is so delicious! So easy and yummy! I will be making it many more times!

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  395. Can I use sour cream instead ot yogurt

  396. Made this for Easter dessert and it was a hit! Thanks for the note about the thickness of the batter! Mine was the consistency of dough almost but it was super moist and yummy!

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  398. if im making this cake the night before does it need to be refridgerated??

  399. I don’t have a bunt pan but want to make cake. Couldn’t I use another type of pan? I have angel food size pan, and other pans for cakes.

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  401. Just made this today and it looks great! If I don’t glaze the whole thing, could I freeze some of it?

  402. Awesome cake, made my test one today. I want to take this to my family Easter dinner.
    I think this would be good with some rhubarb too!

  403. Hi, I am with Sage Magazine and we would love to feature this in our April issue. Just let us know if you are interested. Thank you! sagemagazineonline@gmail.com, sagemagazineonline.com

  404. I made this cake today and it was absolutely delicious! Definitely going to become a favorite. Thank you all the way from South Africa :)

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  406. would like to make cupcakes for daughter’s 13th bday , just need how long to bake and temp.
    Many thanks.

    • I would use the same temperature settings but start checking after twenty minutes, and then check again according to how done they are. (I personally would take a peek every 5 minutes or so until they get really close to being done.)

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  409. I am going to make this cake for a party tonight. It looks so delicious!! I was just wondering, though, do you bake at 325 or 375? It says both in the description. Also, what kind of butter did you use? Regular or unsalted? And do the ingredients need to be at room temperature?

    • hi sarah,

      this isnt my blog but i have made this cake and its delish!!!! you start with the oven at 375 then turn it down to 325 when you put the cake in. good luck!

    • sarah, i have been on a bundt making frenzt this month so in my experience i would say to let all ingredients (except eggs) sit at room temperature. it’s easier to cream the butter when it’s softer. happy baking!

  410. Do you know if this works with soy yogurt? I am lactose intolerant and often unable to fet lactose free yogur other than soy in our small town.

    • Hi Monna, You know, I’ve never tried that, but I bet it would. Have you baked with soy yogurt before? That would be your best indication.

    • I made this for Easter using coconut milk yogurt, vegan butter and egg substitute. It was great. A huge hit.

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  412. This recipe lends itself to so many options! Made it tonight with diced apples and 1 tsp of pie spice. Delicious!

  413. This recipe lends itself to so many options! Made it tonight with diced apples and 1 tsp of pie spice. Delicious!

  414. I made this tonight with 3 apples (diced) and a tsp of apple pie spice.. Delicious!. Great base recipe with so many possibilities! Thank you!

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  416. Might try this recipe this weekend! Also, love the Fiesta Ware colors!

  417. Does it have to be greek yogurt or could I use just Yoplait strawberry yogurt? Thanks

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  419. Do I have to add the lemon zest?

  420. I made this for potluck at work and it was quite delicious, although I found the consistency a little wet on top where the strawberries were. I think cutting down on the berries might help a little. I will definately make again! love the citrus kick!

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  422. this was a fantastic cake.
    I belong to a fruit and veggie co-op and I had bought 16 lbs of strawberries and was looking for a way to use up what I had left when I came across this on Pintrest.
    the only changes I made to the recipe is i used GF flour and xathum, other than that I stayed true to what you wrote and let me say this is a super moist and flavorful cake.
    I will be making this again, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing

  423. I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest about a year ago, and it has become a favorite in my household! Thanks for a great recipe!

  424. I am so excited to make this. I saw in the comments that many people made cupcakes instead of the bundt cake. What temperature and approximately how long did you bake for the cupcakes?

  425. I just made this cake and OMG!!! I could eat the whole thing! It is so good and moist; almost like a pudding cake. I only used 1 1/2 cups sugar instead of 2 cups and will probably reduce it to one cup next time. The strawberries add plenty of sweetness. I can’t wait to make this again for my family and friends!

  426. This looks amazing. I’m going to try it this weekend. Has anyone tried making it as muffins though instead of a bunt cake? I don’t have a bunt cake pan.

  427. Someone posted your recipe on my fb page. Walked directly to the kitchen ad started to mix,. So easy! Out of the oven now and so delicious! Cooked perfectly as per the recipe. Thank you so much!

  428. Looks delicious! Do you use real butter?

  429. I love to make this cake! I might make it again soon, considering the strawberries I’ve got in my fridge!

  430. I notice from your photos that you use 0% fat Greek yoghurt, rather than full-fat. Is there a baking reason for this? (I’m not sure what effect the extra fat would have on how the cake turns out.)

  431. Excellent cake! Made this for my daughter’s13th birthday. Will be making it again. I did read the reviews and choose to use lesss sugar. Also the recipe has 325 and 375* in two different areas so I went with 375 since others had left comments about baking at 325 and it taking 2hrs. It was perfect in 1hr at 375. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Johnette, So glad you liked it! For this cake, I like to preheat the oven higher than the baking temp. I think it gives the crust a head-start to crisp up, so it comes out of the pan easily. That’s why two temperatures are mentioned in the directions. :)

  432. This was ridiculously amazing. I made this (didn’t even try it first on my own family) for my Bunco group this weekend (1/12/13). Holy smokes! I probably should’ve made 2. BIG HIT. I didn’t change up anything in the recipe. I had 1 slice the next morning with my coffee and I thought it was even better the next day. Can’t wait to make it again!

  433. Love it. Will try to experiment with the reduction of sugar, perhaps. Would love for the fruit to be more dispersed, so I may try to experiment with that too because I find the cake is slightly less cooked where the fruit clumps up. Also, I make it now with raspberries and substitute orange zest and juice instead of lemon. Always delish!

  434. I’ve made this bread several times and it is absolutely wonderful! Whether you drizzle the top with the lemon glaze or leave it off, it’s delicious. Very easy to make. I have a hard time just eating one slice…

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  437. HELP PLEASE. On the strawberry yogurt cake, can I use frozen strawberries? Will it ruin the recipe? Also, can I use the baking soda that I keep to freshen the fridge to bake with? Finally, I have unbleached ap flour and cake flour, what is the accurate amount of cake flour, or should I use the unbleached?

    Sent using ShareThis

    Stephanie Williams

    • Hi Stephanie, You can use frozen berries, just be sure to thaw and drain them first. The baking soda in the fridge has probably absorbed a lot of odors you don’t want in your cake–so I’d buy a new box. And go with the unbleached ap flour. Happy Baking! :)

  438. On the fresh strawberry yogurt cake, can I use frozen strawberries since they are not in season here?

  439. I love this recipe! It has become a requested item at gatherings! Could you divide this batter and bake in the disposable loaf pans and have it turn out the same?

  440. This reminds me of a basic coffee cake recipe. If you don’t have yogurt, sour cream can be substituted. I made this and I decreased the sugar by 1/2 cup and it came out great. My kids liked it although one of them didn’t like the softness of the fruit. But it’s a fruit, ya know? Kids…..

  441. I’m going to try this. I will decrease the sugar a bit and some of the butter. I’m thawing out frozen berries for it. Let’s see how it goes…..

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  445. I have been looking forward to baking this cake for months now, and finally stumbled upon an abundance of strawberries. I really enjoyed making the cake, however thwart all change when it took 2k hours to fully cook! I’m not sure if it was because I used silicon bakeware or my strawberries were too juicy, but my cake is.sooooooo gushy and frankly discussing. I’ve only messed up one cake my entire baking career (an angel food I tested the doneness with a knife)! What did I do wrong? And I have aready decided to get rid of my silicone pan.

    • Hi Dominique, So sorry it didn’t turn out! It’s hard to say what happened without seeing it, but I’m not crazy about silicone bakeware either. The sides never develop a “crust” giving baked goods stability. That’s ok for small things like muffins, but I’d have to guess you are right about the pan being the culprit.

      • Same thing happened to me but I have a regular bundt pan. The base of the cake turned out beautiful but the top turned out like mush. I followed the recipe to the letter. Is there a way to fix it? Do I need to cook it longer? This is the first person who seems to have had the same problem. Suggestions??

  446. I would really like to make this for my friend’s birthday and since I dont have a bundt pan I was wondering how essential it is ?

  447. I have this cake in the oven now and an hour has gone by and it’s still a long way from being done. It seems maybe 325 degrees is a little low.?

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  449. I made this cake last week and it was amazing!! I want to make it for a work function soon, but one of my coworkers has a milk allergy. Any ideas how soy yogurt would work/taste as a substitute for greek yogurt?

  450. Just made this cake and it was a huge hit!!!! Thank goodness for pinterest who brought me to your website. For anyone reading comments, this is a definite must!

  451. This is the second time I will be making this cake. It is so delicious; even better when it has been refrigerated. Definitely a keeper in our house!

  452. This cake is my new all time favorite! I have made it quite a few times now and I am making it again next week for our Mommy morning coffee at my house on the first day of school. I have added other berries as well, my favorite is strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry. :) Might add peach this time since I just got some wonderful peaches.

  453. I was wondering how the cake would turn out if I use sour cream instead of greek yogurt? Any idea? I want to make this cake tomorrow.

    • I think that would work, Charlotte. Let me know how it turns out. :)

      • Sommer, baked this wonderful cake for our office luncheon yesterday and took a chance and used light sour cream in place of the greek yogurt (trying to use what I had on hand) and it was a hit-everyone loved it and turned out absolutely prefect. Next time I will cut down on the sugar as previous post did (Julia). Thank you for the recipe!

  454. Cut the sugar in half, and it was just perfect! Thank you for the recipe!

  455. This looks absolutely fabulous and I can hardly wait to make this soon!

  456. What is the best way to store/travel with this cake? Does it need to be refrigerated or can it be left out if covered?

    • I just carried one on a plane in one of those plastic cake carriers! This cake can be left out on at room temperature for a couple days before it needs to go in the fridge.

  457. What is the best way to store this cake? Does it need to be refrigerated or can it be left out if covered?

  458. Does anyone know if you HAVE to use greek yogurt? Or if you can just use regular?

    • Hey Kate,

      You don’t HAVE to use Greek yogurt, but drain the regular yogurt thoroughly to eliminate the extra moisture. :)

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  461. Well it’s pretty in theory. Mine came out in a hundred little pieces. But it’s still delicious! Next time I’ll spray a little more PAM in the pan.

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  463. I would love it, if you would share this, & any other recipes you may have, on my recipe link up. http://goodrecipesonline.com/organized-linkup-for-all-your-recipes-goodrecipesonline-com/.

  464. I made this cake to take to a 4th of July party. It was to die for. Sending out the link to everybody who asked me for the recipe. Some said it was the best cake they ever had. Most everybody came back for seconds and thirds! Followed your recipe exactly. Thank you!

  465. I have to comment….I’ve been baking this any excuse I get for the past 6 months. It’s my favorite!! I have made it for parties and even for a wedding. It never fails, people rave about it! Thanks for sharing!!

  466. Found this recipe via Pinterest, and it was amazing! Will definitely be making again and experimenting with different fruits and yogurt flavors. Thanks for sharing!!

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  468. Made this this week for my church group, they loved it! Posted it to my blog and linked back to you! Thanks for sharing!

  469. I made this cake and brought it in for my co-workers. They absolutely loved it…some even asked for the recipe. All in all it was a hit.

  470. I tried to make this cake last night. Thought I had read that regular yogurt was successful for someone in the reviews. Well my cake ended up falling flat :( Couldn’t get over how delicious the batter was so I tried it again tonight with blueberries and greek yogurt…..OMG!!! Amazing…I used vanilla and added some pure vanilla extract. I’m glad that last nights disaster didnt discourage me….this cake is AWESOME!!!!

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  472. I made this yesterday as written! It was fantastic….the whole family loved it! Thanks!

  473. i tried this recipe as a cupcake and they turned out great! so moist and delicious. perfect for a summer day picnic!

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  475. This cake looks and sounds wonderful. I am going to find my puring shield for my mixer. I am glad to see you have a Classic. Someone wanted to get rid of my old Kitchen Aid and buy a professional. My 20 year old mixer works just fine. Thank you for the recipe. I have all of the ingredients.

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  477. I made this recipe as cupcakes, they turned out wonderful. I also used this recipe to make white cake/chocolate cake swirled cupcake for my daughter’s fourth bday at school. This is a great alternative if you want cupcakes without icing. I used the Fage greek yogurt which made a really thick batter, so when I made the two batters I made half the recipe in one bowl (One stick butter, 3/4 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 1 1/4 c flour, 1/4 tsp each soda and salt, 4 oz yogurt) and the chocolate half in another bowl (One stick butter, 3/4 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 1 c flour, 1/4 c cocoa, 1/4 tsp each soda and salt, 4 oz yogurt). I’d even add more yogurt next time just to get a good consistancy to swirl the batters. Wonderful!

  478. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I just made it today & WOW it’s delicious and beautiful. I followed your directions to the T as you said. I also really appreciated the common mistakes article you posted this really helped out a lot. Especially since I consider myself more of cook then a baker, but after mastering this I think it’s safe to say I am good at Art and Chemistry, lol.

  479. I made this yesterday – didn’t have a bundt cake pan, so I made them into muffins. They were a huge hit – delicious, so moist and tasty! Thanks for sharing!

  480. Excellent recipe! I followed it to a tee, and it came out perfectly! I did use crisco to grease the pan and had no problems with it coming out! A big hit! Thanks

  481. What a wonderful cake for summer. It appears others agree with me as well. It appears that the batter only comes about halfway in your pan. My bundt pan is an 8″…should I not use all the batter so that it doesn’t go over the top.

  482. Hi, this cake looks incredible! Just a quick question? There really isn’t any baking powder in this recipe? It’s really baking soda being used here?

    Thanks! I think I’m making it this weekend with blackberries!

  483. Just made this and it is so moist and delicious! THANK YOU for sharing!

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  485. I made this cake exactly as the recipe says and it was DELICIOUS! My co-workers (who I bake for often) said “This is the best you have EVER made.” My husband rarely eats sweets and he ate several pieces after I forced him to try it. I think this recipe would also work great as a plain lemon cake, or raspberries instead of strawberries. Thanks for a great recipe!

  486. I hate to ask but I can have anything I want as long as I can break down carbohydrates,sodium fat etc. do you know what they are or where I can find it or I can add up all these ingredients . myself and divide by 12 lol Can’t wait to make it! Thanks for sharing on YOUR WALL

    • Hey Eunice,

      Here is a recipe nutritional fact calculator you can use: http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/recipe_analysis.php

      I usually cut this into more than 12 pieces–I just find that 12 is the standard # of servings for a bundt cake.

      If you cut it into 16 pieces it’s around 358 calories per serving. If you substitute one of the sticks of butter for apple sauce, it cuts out 50 calories and HALF the fat. …I like the buttery flavor though.

  487. I pinned this quite some time ago and finally made it today for a Memorial Day picnic…it was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  488. I have been looking for a strawberry bundt cake recipe for a long time. I’m so making this next time I get strawberries. Thanks so much!

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  491. This was AWESOME. The flavor was to so good think I could have eaten the entire thing myself. Thanks for sharing.

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  493. Made this and loved it, Sommer! Thanks so much for the wonderful recipe.

  494. I have made this cake twice since Wed! Wed I brought it into work for a birthday – and it was gone by 9 am. That was a record. Then I baked it for Mother’s day (along with 2 other cakes) and this didn’t have one crumb left over. It was a huge hit! Thanks for this!

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  496. This cake was divine…I just finished making it. I left out the lemon zest and added a splash of almond extract…delish. Thanks for sharing!!!

  497. I just finished making the cake and it is to die for. I highly recommend this recipe. Mine looked just like the picture and super moist. I will probably make it again next weekend for a few guest that will be visiting from out of town.

  498. Wonderful recipe! Used this for my daughter’s first birthday- as cupcakes! I substituted 1/2 of the butter for apple sauce and used slightly less sugar and they were delicious. Thank you.

    • About how many cupcakes did the batter make? I was going to attempt the same thing. Also, how long did you cook them for?

  499. I didn’t have any strawberries but had blueberries and blackberries. Turned out amazing! Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to try with strawberries next. :)

  500. I made this today (just pulled it out of the oven) substituting applesauce for 1/2 of the butter, and using cake flour & white wheat flour (I used just shy of half wheat flour). I tried some of the bits that stuck to the pan and it is delicious! Can’t wait to try it with the glaze! I did have to add about 10 min to the cooking time and some places still look very wet like it could’ve gone a little longer (might just be moisture from the strawberries or my oven). I’ve seen quite a few people ask about using applesauce so I just wanted to share my experience. Definitely recommend trying it!

  501. I made this cake and it turned out AMAZING, then making it again it turned out really bad?! So I was re reading to see what I had done different and the first time I had accidentally used baking powder and the second time followed the recipe and used soda and it turned out not very good. Since the powder made it rise…did anyone else have this?

    Anyways, it will forever be a staple in my house because it is one of the best cakes I’ve had (and Im normally a chocolate girl!) but I will stick to using baking powder! :)

  502. I made this on Sunday and it turned out GREAT! My whole family really liked it. It was deliciously dense and moist. I will definitely be making it again!

  503. I found this gorgeous cake on Pinterest and am featuring it today for a terrific Mother’s Day cake. Thanks for the inspiration!

  504. It’s baking in the oven right now!!! Can’t wait to taste it.

  505. I made this cake tonight. It was FANTASTIC! Thanks for posting the recipe!

  506. I made this cake today. It is fantastic! Sharing it at my Scentsy open house tomorrow. I know it will be a hit!!! It’s definitely doing in my recipe box! Thanks

  507. Made your cake last night and brought to work for administrative professional day-it was a huge hit! Gone by mid morning :) I didnt have enough strawberries so I subsituted frozen blueberry, rasberry, blackberry combo. Cooked extra 20 minutes and was perfection. Whipped it up so fast. I already have requests to bring again :)

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  509. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe! I made it this weekend and while it totally fell apart when I turned the pan over, it still tastes great! I posted the link for this post on my blog.

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  511. Hi I am just stopping in to let you know that I made this strawberry cake. It is wonderful. I saw it on pinterest and finally had a reason to make a cake. Thank you so much for this recipe. Your pictures are beautiful. If you can stop over to the wednesdaybaker.blogspot.com and see for yourself. Thank you andi This is a keeper for sure……………………………

  512. Does this cake have to be kept in the fridge….can’t wait to make it.

  513. I will definitely make this cake again. However, next time I will use fresh picked strawberries, vanilla (instead of plain) yogurt and skip the lemon glaze. I’m sure that’s what the recipe intended, but now I know to not to cut corners;) The cake was very tart and it took 1.5 hours to bake.

  514. Made this cake for my son’s birthday. It w