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The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe

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The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe: This easy homemade steak rub recipe combines the best herbs and spices for beef steak for that perfect steakhouse finish!

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Steak Seasoning

Over the years we have used different steak seasonings with an endless list of herbs, marinades, dry rub blends, and seasoning mixes. Some store-bought and some homemade.

Although there is a time and place for beef marinades, I firmly believe that dry steak rubs are best for providing flavor and that perfect steakhouse taste and texture.

My husband Lt. Dan is a huge carnivore. He would eat a big juicy steak several times a week… Although he usually has to settle for once a week.

If you average 52 steaks a year, over 20 years, we’re talking about a lot of beef. Therefore, I can say with some authority, we know our way around making the best-tasting steaks.

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On social media, we often get questions like… What do you use to season steak? Or what spices are good for steak?

Honestly, you can use any combination of herbs and spices to season beef.

However, our Best Steak Seasoning Recipe is a family favorite, with bold spicy notes, and a touch of tangy sweetness. It’s the perfect blend of salt, sweetness, robust herbs, smokey essence, spicy heat, and acidity.

So what’s in it?

Steak Seasoning Recipe Ingredients

Together these pantry staples make the most amazing steak rub you will ever try!

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Best Steak Seasoning Magic

If you rub the spices into the surface of the meat a few minutes before grilling, the seasoning has time to sneakily work its magic.

This steak seasoning is the best because it gently infuses the interior of the beef with a mild level of flavor, so the rich beefy essence shines through.

However, the exterior is left with a bold crusty texture that provides the perfect contrast to the luxurious center.

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How To Season Steak

  1. Mix all of the herb and spice ingredients in a small bowl.
  2. Either use the seasoning immediately or store in a small airtight container until ready to use. (This recipe makes enough to season 4 large steaks.)
  3. When ready to use, rub the seasoning over all sides of the steaks, and allow them to rest for at least 20 minutes before grilling or searing.
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Make Ahead Steak Seasoning

Another plus about this recipe is that it can be made ahead or made in large batches and saved for later. That way you’ll always have the tastiest seasoning ready for any BBQ or steak night.

Or in my case, once a week for Lt. Dan.

In fact, it’s a great edible gift to share with friends. (Think summer party takeaways, Father’s Day or even holiday gifts!) It’s a thoughtful and flavorful gift that keeps on giving.

Store the homemade spice blend in a jar or airtight container and place it in a cool dry place for up to 3 months.

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Side Dishes

Here are my favorite side dishes that go along with a fabulous steak!

The Best Potato Salad Recipe – Potatoes are a staple with any steak dinner. This is a fan favorite recipe that is sure to please a crowd.

Roasted Cauliflower Rice – For a grain free and healthier side dish, try this Roasted Cauliflower Rice!

Oven Roasted Broccoli Recipe – Balance this hearty meal out with some broccoli. This recipe makes perfectly oven roasted broccoli every time!

Grilled Mexican Street Corn Salad – For a Mexican twist, make this super yummy Street Corn Salad! Perfect for summer barbeques.

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Great On Other Proteins Too

Bonus, The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe is great on chicken wings, pork, even fish. Use it for all your grilled proteins this season!

Feel free to experiment with this and let me know how it turns out in the comments below! I’d love to hear how this recipe is being used.

Need help grilling your steaks? Check out our post on How To Judge Meat Temperature and 10 Perfect Steak Toppings.

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See The Recipe Card Below For How To Make The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe. Enjoy!

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Best Homemade Steak Seasoning Recipe (Simple Steak Rub!)
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The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes
The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe: This easy, homemade steak rub recipe combines the best herbs and spices for beef steak for that perfect steakhouse finish!
Servings: 4



  • Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl.
  • Either use immediately, or store in a small airtight container until ready to use. Makes enough to season 4 large steaks.
  • When ready to use, rub the seasoning over all sides of the steaks, and allow them to rest at least 20 minutes before grilling or searing.



Nutritional Information is for the steak seasoning itself, not including the steak or other protein.


Serving: 1g, Calories: 27kcal, Carbohydrates: 6g, Protein: 0g, Fat: 0g, Saturated Fat: 0g, Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 1748mg, Potassium: 68mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 4g, Vitamin A: 1145IU, Vitamin C: 0.7mg, Calcium: 5mg, Iron: 0.9mg
Course: Seasoning
Cuisine: American
Author: Sommer Collier

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80 comments on “The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe”

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  2. This is the BEST rub, but not only for steak. I’ve used it for chicken, pork and salmon. One recipe will just about fill the small size Kerr jar so I am making this as a small Christmas gift for some of my friends.

  3. This is packed with great flavors! This is now my go to seasoning.

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  6. Wow this sounds so delicious. I love pepper and garlic combo. I must give these Steak Seasoning a try!

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  12. One of the best if not THE BEST seasonings  my wife and I have ever tasted! I grill over charcoal all year long. I made this for some t-bone steaks the night before. We decided we will be making and using this probably from now on with all our steaks. Will try on chicken and fish too. Thank you for sharing!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  14. It was amazing!! 

  15. I made this recipe in bulk and gave it out as Christmas gifts.  I had never used it before….just kind of hoped it was good!
    Our bottle sat in our spice cupboard for a good long while without being used(the story gets better! I promise!).  Months and months later, my husband was grilling Salmon and pulled out the bottle I had made and said he was going to try it.  I’m not a huge Salmon fan so my expectations were very low!
    Fast forward to dinner….this recipe made me love Salmon!  We have since used it for it’s intended purpose and it is so Good!  But we always use it on Salmon….the only way I’ll eat it!
    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!!  It’s Awesome!

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  19. This was the most amazing steak rub I have ever had !!! Wish I’d taken photos.
    This will be the only steak rub I will use from now on . The A-1 sauce sat untouched on the table .
       It’s delicious and addicting and complemented the steak perfectly.
    without overpowering the steak .
    Beautiful balance of flavors .
    Put it on an hour before broiling and the only adjustment was a pinch of crushed red .

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  33. My husband is also a huge meat eater. We’ve been buying premade steak seasoning for years. I didn’t realize the difference that freshly made seasoning could make. 

  34. What a surprise! Been using homemade Montreal seasoning, and wanted to try something different. Glad I found this. Put it on a thick porterhouse, made one of the best steaks ever. Thanks for the recipe!

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  36. Omg I was sceptical doing this but gave it a go and I can honest say I agree this dry rub is best I have ever tasted I used on steak but defo will using on other meats too so thank you for this paul

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  43. Was wondering if after cooking the steak if a pat of garlic butter would go well with the rub?

  44. I normally stick with strictly a Dalmatian rub for steak, but this was surprisingly outstanding on a ribeye. I made no changes at all to the ingredients, save I left out the salt, and used it separately, as I like to control exactly how much salt goes on the meat (I leave salt out of all rub recipes for that reason). 

  45. I’ve never been a fan of dry rubs, but with so many 5 star ⭐️ reviews I just HAD TO TRY THIS!
    I didn’t have the ancho chili so used chili powder and no thyme but substituted an Italian seasoning mix.  Now  I will never make a steak any other way!  I didn’t need to add anything to it once it was on my plate; it was PERFECT AND DELICIOUS!!
    I even put some on my turkey burger (which are usually pretty boring) last night and scarfed it down so fast I’m not sure if I took any breaths between bites.
    THANK YOU!  You’ve rocked my world!

  46. I had a really nice 10 oz Filet Mignon last night and was a little leery about using anything but my usual salt and pepper but I went for with this rub and I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait to try it on a porterhouse I have in the freezer right now. Next week! I did substitute New Mexican Chili Powder for the Ancho but it was still awesome. Thank you! I’m sure I’ll be using this for years to come!

  47. I’ve got say thanks for the wonderful recipe, this is the first rub I have ever tried and it is magnificent. I have never made good steak I actually enjoyed eating until trying this. The two items I did not have were the ancho chile powder, I subbed a dash of cayenne and the dried mustard powder- I subbed Italian seasoning again just a couple shakes into the mix. Everything else I had and included in my mix and it really does give steak a fabulous taste. The only thing I felt lacking was a delicious wine compound butter but that’s my next project to learn. This is top notch and I will try other recipes from this site. There are so many people doing recipe sites it is so good to find one that is actually good. A+

    • God tier steak rub 👌🏽. The onlytweak I recommend everyone try is to add a tablespoon of powdered butter . It will change your life

      • Thank you for that great tip. I will look for that next time. Do you add the powdered butter into the rub mixture? I have cut a thin tab of my Irish butter to rub on my finished steak before. This really is a first class rub and it’s only better since I now have all the proper ingredients. I recommend buying extra smoked paprika as I go through a lot of it at around 1-2 steaks per week. I don’t always want toppings, but one time I added a bit of butter and sauteed some mushrooms in the steak pan with all the drippings and that I will say is extra yummy.

  48. I never have brown sugar on hand since it tends to clump and harden. I just mixed this up with unrefined cane sugar instead. Here’s to hoping it still turns out well🤞🏼

    • hi kari! to keep the brown sugar from clumping, put  1-2 slices of bread or marshmallows(yeah weird, i know😂) in the container. just change it out periodically and your sugar will stay fresh!

  49. Absolute gasssss 🔥  do this on your next steak

  50. So far the best steak rub I’ve found.

  51. Will this work for a whole eye of round oven roast piece of meat??

  52. I make steak quite often too and usually only season with a gourmet salt and pepper, so this is a nice change, wouldn’t have thought to include brown sugar, thank you!

  53. Used this for my wife’s birthday steak dinner on a cast iron grill. It tasted like smoked perfection.

  54. Hands down the best steak I’ve ever made!

    I had to make a few adjustments to what I had available and it still came out amazing. 
    No Chile pepper-substitute red pepper flakes
    No thymes- substitute with Parsley
    Also didn’t have cumin and ground mustard.

    Sounds like a lot missing but I promise it still came out delicious 

    • Why are you giving this recipe 5 stars when you made something completely different? Literally my biggest pet peeve in life are substitute food reviews. Ugh!

      • I dissagree. Many times I have been short on ingrediants and I peruse the comments for substitutions and always find some helpful information. If they never left a review I wouldnt have their perspective.

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  56. I didn’t have onion powder but this is the best seasoning I have ever had ! We cooked out lobster tails in the leftover juice from the steak and spice and it was amazing!

    This is definitely going to be my go to spice for more than just steaks. Thank you for sharing this diamond!

  57. This is crazy good.  It’s our go-to steak rub this summer.  Thanks Sommer.  

  58. I did put only half the salt but its an amazing recipe. I absolutely loved it, so did the family and guests.

  59. This recipe is so delicious it is going to be difficult to use any other recipe! My husband and i thank you very, very much!

  60. I tend to not use the sale in a rub, opting to apply salt dierctly to the meat and adding the rub later on in the process.

  61. I would like to make this for xmas presents. My niece and I love to make homemade gifts for the guys and girls! If I wanted to make enough for 3 oz containers do you know how many servings it would take to make that much for each spice can? We are making this for 6 guys.

  62. This truly was the best steak seasoning. We didn’t want the steak eating to end! I didn’t have ground ancho chile pepper or thyme. I substituted it with cayenne pepper and Italian seasoning. It was magnificent! I will always have this seasoning on hand!

  63. I love how easy this was to put together and how good it made the steak taste! Dry rub for the win!

  64. This is perfect!! My husband really loved it!

  65. I used this to grill steak for Father’s day and it was AMAZING!!

  66. Perfect timing! Put this on our pork chops last night and it was so good!! Glad I have enough for steaks on the weekend.

  67. I even have each of these ingredients on hand, ya!, I’m always looking for new marinades, or dry rubs for steak, so thank you!

  68. Omg! This really is the BEST steak rub!! My entire family loved this, even my picky kids.
    Thank you for sharing.

  69. Dude!!!!   I made this steak rub tonight and it was awesome!  I put it on some ribeyes combined with a little Cabernet Sauvignon and it was on!!

  70. I tried this but did not have the ancho Pepper so I used cicc chilloppy  powder.  It was awesome going to try it on other meats! 

  71. I bet this is a tasty seasoning! Your steak is absolutely gorgeous and now I’m starving!

  72. So very useful for so many kinds of dishes ! Thank you so much !