Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

Simply The Best Pumpkin Pie Milkshake | ASpicyPerspective.com #halloweenThis silky Pumpkin Pie Milkshake recipe is the perfect treat for fall!

The Best Pumpkin Pie Milkshake | ASpicyPerspective.com #halloween

October brings a whirl-wind of crisp cool air, leaves, and Halloween. Growing up, my family never really made a big deal over Halloween. Some years we trick-or-treated, some years not.

So you can imagine what a shock it was to buy a house in a neighborhood with Halloween Fever!

Creamy Pumpkin Pie Milkshake | ASpicyPerspective.com #halloween

Yes, we live in one of those neighborhoods… Every town has one.

A spooktacular neighborhood where houses are decked out in ghoulish garb, children and adult alike are adorned in ghastily get-ups, and candy flows like milk and honey one night a year!

It just so happens that we bought a house on the main drag, so our road actually gets closed off for hundreds thousands of people to stroll down Halloween night.

Making Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes | ASpicyPerspective.com #halloween

Year after year we watch our neighbors out-do each other with magic shows, man-powered floats, and Hitchcock movies blasted on the sides of houses. A former art professor down the street, carves masses of the most amazing pumpkins you’ve ever seen and hangs them in trees! It’s a full-moon affair, you could say.

The candy has become an issue. Last year we gave out 1500 treats! No, that’s not a typo. Can you imagine buying enough treasures for 1500 little goblins?

Simple Pumpkin Pie Milkshake | ASpicyPerspective.com #halloween

We have to buy bigger items so we can give each child one, in order to keep count for the next year. It’s part of the package deal, living in this neighborhood. We’ll just consider it an association fee.

Perfect Pumpkin Pie Milkshake | ASpicyPerspective.com #halloween

This Pumpkin Pie Milkshake recipe was a treat I served to our Halloween party guests several years back and it’s bit a seasonal favorite in my house ever since.

We tested multiple milkshakes that year, but the Pumpkin Pie Milkshake was the winner!

The Best Pumpkin Pie Milkshake | ASpicyPerspective.com #halloween
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Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

Prep Time
3 mins
Total Time
3 mins
Easy to make Pumpkin Pie Milkshake Recipe, with pumpkin, spices, and gingersnaps blended in! This silky pumpkin shake recipe is the perfect treat for fall!
Servings: 1 large shake
Nutrition Facts
Pumpkin Pie Milkshake
Amount Per Serving (1 shake)
Calories 678 Calories from Fat 295
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 32.8g 50%
Saturated Fat 18.5g 93%
Cholesterol 185mg 62%
Sodium 416mg 17%
Total Carbohydrates 83.4g 28%
Dietary Fiber 3.5g 14%
Sugars 54.2g
Protein 12.9g 26%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


  • 1/3 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 scoops vanilla ice cream (LARGE scoops)
  • 6-8 broken gingersnap cookies
  • 1/4-1/3 cup milk


  1.  Puree all ingredients in the blender until smooth. Garnish with extra cookies pieces or pepitas (pumpkin seeds).

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65 comments on “Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

  1. Emily @ Life on Foodposted October 19, 2016 at 10:49 am Reply

    What a great way to get some pumpkin! Healthy and delicious. I love the extra cookie crunch on top.

  2. Betty Lynneposted October 18, 2016 at 11:57 am Reply

    Sommer’s house is da bomb on Halloween! I would not have believed the madness if I had not been there. So much fun and so many people! Can’t wait to try this milkshake!

  3. Mariaposted October 18, 2016 at 9:55 am Reply

    What a  perfect Fall milkshake!

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  7. Hyosun Roposted October 14, 2011 at 10:22 pm Reply

    Pumpkin in milkshake sounds so good! Making Java-Squash this weekend.

  8. Sophiaposted October 19, 2010 at 3:27 pm Reply

    Wow, great job here. Awesome picture too! You should really consider submitting this to Recipe4Living's Ghoulishly Good Halloween Recipe Contest! It looks delicious!

  9. Miss Meat and Potatoesposted October 18, 2010 at 7:38 pm Reply

    Wow. I utterly adore the Halloween spirit in your neighborhood! I have no idea how you manage to cook/bake for 80 guests and hand out treats to 1200 AND get your own kids out the door for trick or treating. But I bet everyone appreciates it. Can't wait to see what you post next.

  10. Gitteposted October 16, 2010 at 9:03 am Reply

    Wow, sounds like your house is the place to be for Halloween. Love the milkshakes, how creative!

  11. Rickposted October 14, 2010 at 8:31 pm Reply

    Pumpkin snap wins.

  12. sweetlifeposted October 11, 2010 at 3:51 pm Reply

    How fun, to have such a motivated street, our is very boring….I love these milkshakes and the topping are fab, have fun creating new treats!!


  13. Joudie's Mood Foodposted October 10, 2010 at 6:14 pm Reply

    These shakes are perfect. I have never thought of using pumkin to make a shake and now im thinking how i lived all this time without this wonderful idea. Looks gorgeous!

  14. Sophieposted October 10, 2010 at 5:57 pm Reply

    Great pictures of your decorated house for Halloween!

    Those pumpkin smoothies look incredibly tasty!


  15. Sanjeeta kkposted October 10, 2010 at 11:41 am Reply

    Lovely smoothies and a great fun idea!