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How to Make Herb Infused Honey

How to Make Herb Infused Honey | A Spicy Perspective #ediblegifts #holidayLooking for unique (and easy) holiday gift ideas? Today we’re showing How to Make Herb Infused Honey!

How to Make Herb Infused Honey | A Spicy Perspective #ediblegifts #holiday
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Have you ever opened different jars of honey and experienced a honey-tasting?

Honeys can vary in taste and appearance, just as much as wines. The specific flavor and color are derived from the type of nectar the bees use.

Bees collect nectar from flowers grown in specific parts of the world, sometimes a wide array of flowers, and sometimes one specific variety. Therefore honey tastes slightly different in every region.

How to Make Herb Infused Honey | A Spicy Perspective #ediblegifts #holiday

A few popular honeys in the United States are clover, tupelo, orange blossom, alfalfa, and buckwheat… Although there are many more varieties available.

What the bees do with the nectar to produce honey is nothing short of a miracle. Bees pass the nectar from one to another, chewing it. The enzymes in their tummies breaks down the nectar into simple sugars. Then they spread it out and fan it with their wings to thicken it.

What an amazing production from such unassuming little creatures!

How to Make Herb Infused Honey | A Spicy Perspective #ediblegifts #holiday

It’s marvelous to have numerous nature-made honeys at your fingertips. Certain honeys work wonders in flavoring baked goods and dishes.

Yet if you don’t have access to different kinds of honey, you can flavor your own.

This is a kitchen trick I learned a long time ago and have recently started practicing again. Give your honey the essence of any herb (or edible flower) you like.

The natural flavors of the honey and the herbs will come together for a delicate waltz of sweet floral and earthy tones. You can then use your herbed-honey for baking, dressings, sauces, beverages, or simply drizzled over warm bread.

Herd Infused Honey makes a wonderful edible gift to give to friends around the holidays!

How to Make Herb Infused Honey | A Spicy Perspective #ediblegifts #holiday

How to Make Herb Infused Honey

You will need:

  • 12-16 ounce jar of local honey
  • ¼ cup fresh chopped herbs, any variety (2 tablespoons dried herbs)

How to Make Herb Infused Honey | A Spicy Perspective #ediblegifts #holiday

Place an open jar of honey in a small sauce pan with 1-2 inches of water surrounding it. Heat the water until the honey is warm and very runny, but not boiling.

Carefully remove the jar and place the herbs in the top.

Screw the lid back on the jar and shake the honey. Place the jar in a sunny window and allow it to sit for 1-5 days.

How to Make Herb Infused Honey | A Spicy Perspective #ediblegifts #holiday

Reheat the jar, so the honey is very watery, then strain out the herbs. Keep the infused honey in a cool, dark place.

Try using sage, lavender, rosemary, thyme, basil, mint, hibiscus and rose petals!

How to Make Herb Infused Honey | A Spicy Perspective #ediblegifts #holiday

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56 comments on “How to Make Herb Infused Honey”

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  10. I wanted to commend you on your knowledge of honey bees and honey. Before becoming disabled, I was a beekeeper. You used almost the exact wording I used to explain honey and its qualities including tasting it as if you were tasting wine. Thank you for using such a factual and interesting description!

  11. Cute gift idea! Where do you find those great jars?

  12. I'm definitely going to have to try this! I love infused honey, especially drizzled over some strong cheeses! Great idea!

  13. Wow… what a great idea, my head is spinning with all the possibilities.
    Great picture. Loved the jar.

  14. What a cool idea to make sage infused honey yourself!! I was thinking about using otgher herbs too & now, you did a lovely post on this,..;so thanks a lot!!!

    This would also make a great foodgift for a honey lover!!

    MMMMMMMMMM,…excellent pictures too!

  15. Awesome idea. I can't wait to give this idea a try with the fresh lavender I have growing on the back porch. Very cool blog- glad I found you.

  16. What an interesting post about honey! I have only tried the normal honey and now I want to try the ones you talked about!

  17. Thank you so much for the important tip! I would have never thought of it. I will find a use for the abundant lavender that grows in our garden this summer.

  18. Hey Sommer, this is so neat! I never would have thought it was so easy. Next time I go to one of the apiaries around here, I might try this…
    Ooh, did you read recently about why they think bees are disappearing? It has to do with cell phone signals-it confuses them (yikes!).

  19. Terrific idea. Thanks for explaining the process. I have lots of lavender in my garden, can't wait to try this!

  20. what a great idea!! Honey is so good for you too! thanks for sharing! Sometimes the simplest things are truly incredible!

  21. A wonderful idea! If only I had lavender growing outside! Or if I could at least buy it fresh! *sigh*

    Love the photography!

  22. Dearie this is simply marvelous! I think I will make these for the holidays – thanks to you! I can't think of a more healthful gift to share with friends.

    As always, you continue to inspire….and your pics are getting better by the minute!

  23. That is so cool! What a great idea to flavor your own honey. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I love this great idea…I would probably try to flavour it with hibiscus.

    We have a honey producer not too far from here where once per year I go have fun with some taste testings ;o)

    Very informational post…thank you,

  25. What a delicious idea and a way for me to use some of my sage which is taking over the herb garden, thanks!

  26. oh i love love this I am always buying local honey and have TONS of it, I would love to add lavender to mine, yummy but sage with savory treat hello mama… I am so glad you loved your treats, I wanted to send ya just a little bit of Texas…oh and thanks for adding me to you blogs I love..I just started mine, but you will surely be on mine, HUGS!!

  27. I heart honey. I get the BEST my honey from a family friend, where I grew up. I place an "order" through my dad when I get low, and picks it up. They don't charge me anything, even though I insist on paying. Small town life. You can't get it at a store.

  28. I already know I want to do this with lavender honey… and then with sage and thyme – and oh my – this is so sweet… love it!

  29. Kristin~

    This would work GREAT with citrus rinds! Good idea!

  30. I think I want to try lavender honey too!
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sommer!

  31. What a great idea!! Thank you so much for sharing this. Can't wait to do this with lavender. Wonder how Rosemary would taste?

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  35. This is a fabulous idea. Do you think it would work with orange or lemon rinds?

    Did you know that eating local honey is supposed to help allergies. The thinking behind it is that the pollen you are allergic to is in the honey, so your body gets used to it. Sounds good to me, even if it isn't totally true….It's just another reason to buy local.

  36. How perfect this is…I have infused almost everything, but never honey. I am so excited and will have to try this. Looks so beautiful:)

  37. Yummo! I love honey already, but adding an herb flavoring to it just takes it up a notch. Beautiful pictures as well!

  38. Most excellent. I just made honey syrup for cocktails the other night. With my vodka and sugar syrup infusions going on now this is a nice idea to queue up right behind it.


  39. Beautiful idea, Sommer – I will have to try this with cheese and wine and experiment with our extra garden herbs. ( :

  40. It amazes me how honey is made. Very cool…

  41. How simple and delicious! I love the cute little jar it's in as well :)

  42. Honey is one of my true loves! What a fantastic idea to infuse your own flavors into it. I have tons of fresh herbs right in my backyard – I know what I'm going to be doing this afternoon!

  43. I love this post!! I am mid-process of making Rosemary Honey and was planning on posting in the next couple of weeks (great minds…)!! I love the sage…and I adore it with lavender, too. Delicious post =) I'd love it if you'd link it up with Two for Tuesdays tomorrow…what a great fit!

  44. wos, never thought of doing this, amazing…love it…

  45. What a fabulous idea!! Brilliant. Great for gifts.

  46. What a beautiful photo… I am already thinking of the hostess gifts and stockings that I can use this for. I have an abundance of golden sage in my herb garden, so I think this might have to be one of the many attempts to use it.

  47. My "to do" list included looking for recipes using sage, because I have so much of it growing in a pot. This is a sweet idea, and it would be lovely to open a jar of sage honey in the middle of winter.

  48. Chocolate freckles~

    The herb flavor intensifies the longer you let it sit! For mildly flavored honey, just wait just a day or two. For heavily flavored honey wait about a week!

  49. Cool, this would really make a great gift too!

  50. I love honey!! Wonderful idea!

  51. Lovely! Can you really taste the herbs or is it just a mild flavour?

  52. Wow – I've been dreaming of lavender honey lately, can't find it anywhere and never would have thought to make it myself! I'm now going out to the garden, where the a small bunch of lavender has managed to survive my children, and try this out – thanks!

  53. I love this idea of flavouring your own honey. I'm aware of the huge variety of honey out there I just never thought of making my own variety. Lovely idea that I'll definitely try out.