Mulled Wine (Wassail Recipe)

Vibrant Mulled Wine (Hot Wassail Recipe) on #christmas #holidayWe’re sharing a fragrant Mulled Wine (Wassail Recipe) just in time for the holidays!

Mulled Wine (Hot Wassail Recipe) on #christmas #holiday
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When’s the last time you had a hot steaming cup of homemade wassail?

If you’re answer is never, or even over a year ago, this is your moment. Don’t miss it!

How to Make Mulled Wine (Hot Wassail Recipe) on #christmas #holiday

Mulled wine, also known as wassail, is a hot holiday punch meant to warm the belly and spirit at the same time.

It’s rich and dark with layer upon layer of festive flavor, starting with red wine, apple cider, orange juice, fresh fruit, and aromatic spices.

Mulled Wine (Hot Wassail Recipe) on #christmas #holiday

I like to add a vanilla bean to my wassail recipe because I feel it mellows the wine, helping it to blend seamlessly with the spices.

Festive Mulled Wine (Hot Wassail Recipe) on #christmas #holiday

When making mulled wine you can pour all the ingredients for the wassail recipe in a large slow cooker and let it simmer and fill the house with a tantalizing aroma for hours. Or you can make it quickly on the stovetop. I’ve included both methods in today’s recipe.

Perfect Mulled Wine (Hot Wassail Recipe) on #christmas #holiday

Cooking the wine does eliminate some of the alcohol, but not all, making it a nice light boozy beverage for the grownups at your holiday gatherings.

Make sure to check out my non-alcoholic wassail recipe for the kids!

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