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How to Pit Cherries

Today’s easy how-to, How To Pit Cherries, is a quick trick that is great for end-of-summer or beginning-of-fall baking. If you have a cherry pitter, life is truly just a bowl of cherries.

How to Pit Cherries (And Olives) ASpicyPerspective.com #howto #kitchentools #oxo #cherries

In my house, there are a few foods that once sat out on the counter, will disappear in a matter of minutes…

Watermelon slices, pistachios, cherries.

For snacking, I usually sit out a bowl of fresh rinsed cherries with a little “spit bowl” next to it for the pits. The kids will pop them one by one, until the whole bowl is empty and their mouths are dyed red.

Can you blame them? The tart, yet deep sweet undertones of ripe cherries make them hard to resist.

How to Pit Cherries (And Olives) ASpicyPerspective.com #howto #kitchentools #cherriesAwesome Anmut Bloom Bowl for Villeroy & Boch.

When baking or cooking with cherries, pitting is a necessary evil, to ensure no one in your family breaks a tooth in mid-bite.

There are a few ways to pit cherries but the easiest is to invest in a cherry pitter. (These are also great for pitting olives!)

Let me show you…

How to Pit Cherries (And Olives) ASpicyPerspective.com #howto #kitchentools #cherries

How to Pit Cherries

Place the cherry in the cherry pitter with the stem down and PRESS. Viola!

How to Pit Cherries (And Olives) ASpicyPerspective.com #howto #kitchentools #cherries

If you don’t have a cherry pitter, your other option is you use a pair of clean tweezers.

This works well if you are trying to keep the stem attached, but does take a bit more effort.

Simply poke the tweezers into the bottom of the cherry and surgically remove the pit. It may take you some practice to grab it–pits are slippery little suckers.

How to Pit Cherries (And Olives) ASpicyPerspective.com #howto #kitchentools #cherries

I’d go with the pitter. It’s so fun to use, the kids will be begging to help in the kitchen.

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28 comments on “How to Pit Cherries”

  1. I so need a cherry pitter.

  2. We have a cherry tree (used to have two until one of them died) and I always used a (cleaned off) needle nose plier. It worked well, but was hard on the hands. This little tool looks a lot better!

  3. I need a cherry pitter. The first time I baked a fresh cherry pie, I didn’t remove the pits! FAIL!

  4. Great tips! I do love my OXO single pitter, and also have another brand that pits FOUR at a time! You know, for pigs like me that want to eat four cherries at a time… ;) Beautiful photos!!

  5. Love this Sommer! Pretty pictures too!!

  6. I love my OXO cherry pitter, that thing is awesome!

  7. The minute we moved to California and noticed a cherry tree in our yard, I bought a cherry pitter. I love that thing!

  8. I pretty much adore my cherry pitter. Great tutorial, Sommer!

  9. Pinned! I actually hate my cherry pitter. It never works for me. Always misses the pit or just sprays juice everywhere..LOL I think I need to get a new one!

  10. That is what I need to buy…thanks for the info.

  11. Such a useful and informative post! Thank you!

  12. I love my oxo cherry pitter! I have been using a very old vintage one for years, but this oxo pitter is so much easier and neater! I love your tip for putting the cherry in stem down…I’ll need to try that!

  13. A great tool to have!

  14. Pitter is my go-to kitchen tool. Love it!

  15. I have a cherry pitter but do not use it very often. I am usually pitting them after picking tons and I use a straw. Same idea – just push the straw through pushing the pit out and can do a string of them without stopping.

  16. I once had one for a day and broke it on the first olive I pipped. This one looks a lot more sturdy and agree, it’s totally necessary.

  17. omg it’s totally a necessary evil! but they are worth every minute of pitting!

  18. You are definitely the “how-to” queen! Love it!

  19. I’d definitely recommend a cherry pitter. I got one a few years ago and use it often.

  20. Um, this is a life savor! Cherries and I don’t see eye to eye most days, but this cherry pitter could definitely help our friendship!

  21. I don’t have a cherry putter but I’ve used a chopstick to remove cherry pits. Love the tweezer idea.

  22. I’d be lost without my cherry pitter for baking up fresh cherry desserts in the summer! Our favorite is a fresh cherry pie with lattice crust.

  23. I have another cherry pitting technique that I learned from a Ukrainian friend: widen the loop of a bobby pin, then work it into the cherry from the stem indent. Feel around for the pit with the pin, then scoop/pop it out.

  24. fantastic tips Sommer- I love a pitter!!

  25. I LOVE LOVE my cherry pitter. I seriously don’t know where I’d be without it. Makes cherry recipes so easy!!

  26. I have to get one of those! It is really annoying doing it by hand with a knife! :)

  27. Very helpful post ~ LOVE cherries!