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Easy Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta

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Bold and spicy Easy Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta, an easy pressure cooker dinner you can make in minutes!

Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta Recipe

I caved… After months, no, at least a couple of years of resisting the Instant Pot, I finally broke down and bought one.

For the longest time, I told myself the last thing I needed was another countertop appliance. After all, we own several slow cookers, a multi-cooker, and every other kitchen gadget imaginable.

How great could the Instant Pot be?!

Well, if like me, you have been on the fence about getting an Instant Pot, I’m here to tell you I only wish I had bought one sooner.

It is so fast and efficient, it makes one-pot cooking even more appealing.

Today’s Easy Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta is our first recipe designed specifically for the Instant Pot. For those without, I’ve provided traditional stovetop instruction as well.

How many Instant Pot recipes are we going to create? Well, that depends entirely on you. If you are an Instant Pot fangirl (or boy) and want more recipes like this pressure cooker shrimp pasta, please let us know in the comments below.

For the time being, let’s talk about this Easy Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta.

Perfect Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta Recipe

Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta

You may have heard of, or better yet tried, Bang Bang Shrimp from the popular seafood restaurant Bonefish Grill. Although we don’t visit Bonefish often, the few times I have been I can’t get over their signature appetizer of deep-fried shrimp coated in a spicy mayo and sweet chili sauce.

We’ve played with ways to make Bang Bang Shrimp at home, along with lighter variations that don’t require batter and fry oil.

However, my favorite Bang Bang spin-off is turning it into a quick Instant Pot seafood pasta dish. That way, you get the comfort of noodles with the spicy sweet wow factor of the Asian spiced shrimp!

Since my recent Instant Pot purchase, I’ve been IPing many new recipes in it, in order to see how it affects cook time, taste, and texture.

What a shock to discover pasta is perfectly pressure cooked in 4 minutes in the Instant Pot! Preparing pasta this way removes several steps, like draining off hot boiling water, so you don’t waste time and energy in the kitchen. This also reduces pasta safety hazards.

Plus, Easy Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta tastes amazing.

It’s the perfect way to create a little excitement at the dinner table on a cold winter’s night!

Making Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta Recipe

What Ingredients You Will Need

  • 1 pound dried spaghetti
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 4 1/4 cup water
  • 1 pound raw jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise – I used light mayo
  • 3/4 cup Thai sweet chili sauce
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon Sriracha sauce, more as needed
  • 1/2 cup chopped scallions
  • Salt and black pepper
Easy to Make Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta Recipe

How To Make This Shrimp Pasta Recipe

Break the spaghetti noodles in half and place in the Instant Pot. Add the garlic, coconut oil, 1 teaspoon salt, and water. Cover and lock the lid into place.

Set the Instant Pot on “Pressure Cook High” for 4 minutes. Once it is finished cooking, turn the Instant Pot “Off”, then press the button to “Quick Release” the steam, until the valve button drops.

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl mix the mayonnaise, Thai sweet chili sauce, lime juice, and Sriracha together.

Unlock the lid and stir the sauce mixture into the pasta. Let the sauce simmer and thicken 2-3 minutes if needed. Pour in the shrimp and scallions, then mix to combine. Set the Instant Pot on “Sauté” and cook for 2-3 minutes, toss and simmer until the shrimp are pink. Taste, then salt and pepper as needed. Add more Sriracha if desired as a garnish and for deeper flavor. Serve warm.

How to Make Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta Recipe

Check out the Printable Recipe Card below for this Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta Recipe. Enjoy!

Best Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta Recipe

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do leftovers last?

You can store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for 3 to 5 days. 

I can make multiple batches and place them in the freezer?

Yes, you can make more than one batch and store the extra in an airtight container. Freeze for up to 6 months. 

Can I make this bang bang shrimp recipe on the stove?

Yes, you can! Boil the pasta as directed on the package and drain in a colander, reserving 1 cup of pasta water. Place the coconut oil, garlic, bang bang sauce (step 2,) and shrimp in the empty pot. Set over medium heat. Pour the pasta into the sauce and toss to coat. Cook until the shrimp are pink. If needed, add some of the reserved pasta water to loosen the sauce.

Steamy Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta Recipe

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Check the printable recipe card below for the prep time, total time, and nutrition facts including calories, carbohydrates, protein, and sodium percentages.

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Easy Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 6 minutes
Total Time: 11 minutes
Easy Instant Pot Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta Recipe – A simple pressure cooker recipe made in 8 minutes! So comforting and packed with flavor.
Servings: 6


  • 1 pound dried spaghetti
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 4 1/4 cup water
  • 1 pound raw jumbo shrimp, peeled and deviened
  • 3/4 cup light mayonnaise
  • 3/4 cup Thai sweet chili sauce
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon Sriracha sauce, more as needed
  • 1/2 cup chopped scallions
  • Salt and pepper


  • Break the spaghetti noodles in half and place in the Instant Pot. Add the garlic, coconut oil, 1 teaspoon salt, and water. Cover and lock the lid into place. 
  • Set the Instant Pot on “Pressure Cook High” for 4 minutes. Once it is finished cooking, turn the Instant Pot “Off”, then press the button to “Quick Release” the steam, until the valve button drops.
  • Meanwhile, in a medium bowl mix the mayonnaise, Thai sweet chili sauce, lime juice, and Sriracha together.
  • Unlock the lid and stir the sauce into the pasta. Let the sauce simmer and thicken 2-3 minutes if needed. Pour in the shrimp and scallions, then mix to combine. Set the Instant Pot on "Sauté" and cook for 2-3 minutes, toss and simmer until the shrimp are pink. Taste, then salt and pepper as needed. Add more Sriracha if desired. Serve warm.



STOVETOP INSTRUCTIONS: Boil the pasta as directed on the package and drain in a colander, reserving 1 cup pasta water. Place the coconut oil, garlic, bang bang sauce (step 2,) and shrimp in the empty pot. Set over medium heat. Pour the pasta into the sauce and toss to coat. Cook until the shrimp are pink. If needed, add some of the reserved pasta water to loosen the sauce.


Serving: 1cup, Calories: 501kcal, Carbohydrates: 76g, Protein: 25g, Fat: 9g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 194mg, Sodium: 1187mg, Potassium: 278mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 18g, Vitamin A: 105IU, Vitamin C: 9.8mg, Calcium: 141mg, Iron: 2.8mg
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Author: Sommer Collier

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  3. This has become a frequent meal at our house. I add edamame too it but I’m sure other veggies might go well well.

  4. So easy and delicious  .  Gets better even the next day.

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  6. absolutely delish! followed the stovetop recipe and used 1 3/4 lbs of shrimp because, well, we love shrimp… will be making this again and again for sure. I don’t have an instant pot, just a big pressure cooker…some of the reviewers had some pasta related issues so this was a perfect work around…make this, you won’t be sorry

  7. Making this tonight but I was thinking of using half mayo and half sour cream? All mayo sounds very rich. Thoughts? Also maybe throwing in some broccoli or other green veg towards the end?

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  9. This is a keeper. I decided to halve the recipe since it was just for two of us. There was so much water left in the pasta I had to drain it, so maybe next time, I’ll use even less. But the sauce was intoxicating, silky, and left me craving more. So fast, so easy. Winner, winner, bang bang dinner!

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  11. Was delicious! Watery though, not sure why. I dumped out excess water. 

  12. This is a hit. Loved it

  13. I have made this several times now and I love it. Plus, anyone I’ve shared some with has loved it. I grab the frozen shrimp when it’s on sale and always have the other ingredients in my cupboards. DELICIOUS! -Patricia from Toronto

  14. Thanks for a great recipe!! I decided to sauté the shrimp with the coconut oil and minced garlic first, I removed the shrimp from the Instant Pot, poured in half the water, added in my gluten free pasta (I was nervous about using that in the IP), then poured in the rest of the water. I had no reason to be nervous about the QF pasta. It turned out great!! I’ll definitely be making this again!! 

    • I thought it was pretty great. The leftover water did thicken. I , like other commenters, doubled the shrimp. I think just 1 lbs would’ve been lack luster. I threw in some spinach at the end there to give it a bit of color. Overall i liked the recipe a lot.

  15. I made this for friends this evening –  YUMMY! After reading the comments, I doubled the amount of shrimp (2 lbs) and marinated them in McCormick Grill Mates Sriracha Honey Marinade Mix (because the recipe called for Sriracha Sauce) then air fried them (400 for 8 minutes) and stirred them in at the end when heating everything through (the shrimp may even be more tasty if marinated in the McCormick Grill Mates Baja Citrus Marinade Mix, because of the lime in the marinade & this recipe) My friends and I all thought is was REALLY, REALLY GOOD – an easy recipe and a keeper for sure – can chop/combine everything ahead of time and just cook the pasta, stir in the other ingredients (combined as directed in the recipe) – heat through & serve mmmmmmm 👍

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  18. I give it five stars; not sure this showed up correctly.

    It was easy to make, delicious to eat, and easy to clean. Loved it!!!

  19. Was considering Trying as my first attempt at using my new instant pot. Can u recommend a substitution for coconut oil due to allergies?

  20. Delicious, but I always double the Shrimp anount so it doesn’t get lost in the pasta. 

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  22. I would give it a 6 for taste – absolutely delicious! – but quite a lot of the spaghetti was stuck together after the cooking time was done. After I ate my serving I separated what I could of the stuck spaghetti, and then cut the remainder into very small pieces and lwft them to soak in that gorgeous sauce.

  23. More IP recipes would be lovely!!

  24. It never said to drain the water on the instant pot instructions, so I didn’t.  Should I have?

  25. Made this tonight and it was fantastic! Perfect as written. 

  26. making it tonight !
    thank you

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  28. Just made this dish and it was PERFECT!  No problems whatsoever and the taste was amazing!!  

  29. This was absolutely delicious. I added frozen peas with the shrimp and it turned out perfect. Will make again.

  30. Loved this recipe!! Easy and tasty! Used cooked shrimp and only 1/2 tsp Sriracha.

  31. Can I use a different pasta?

  32. This was my first attempt at anything pasta in the Instant Pot and it was a success, happy to say. There were a handful of spaghetti strands that were still crunchy, but overall, pasta was perfectly al debts. Minimal leftover water, as mentioned in previous reviews. The sauce needed something… not sure what, but it tasted flat, even with the addition of a lot of red pepper flakes and more sriracha. I will be experimenting next time with more flavors… perhaps adding basil and ginger. I also added snow peas at the same time as the shrimp and scallions, because you need a veggie, and it added a pop of color. What else can I use next time, beside all that mayo?? Thanks for getting me over the IP pasta hurdle.

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  34. The sauce didn’t really thicken up until it completely cooled down, I would’ve hoped it would have thickened sooner, but it still tasted good! It was a little spicier than I can tolerate but I still ate it, I liked the flavor of the Thai chili. I used Fettucine noodles instead of spaghetti and had no issues with the timing. I would definitely make it again & adjust the water and heat of the sauce so it’s perfect next time! Thanks for the recipe!

  35. Would I be able to substitute the shrimp for chicken? Would any changes need to be made for that?

    • I just did it with chicken last evening and it turned out great. I sauteed the chicken for just a bit until it was only slightly pink then put it in the IP at the end, as you would with the shrimp.

  36. Like another user mentioned…i had way too much water in the end and ended up with a watery soup instead of a sauce. If I would have manuly drained some water off I am sure this would have been absolutely amazing.

  37. This is a delicious recipe! I have only one suggestion. Before you lock the lid on, give the ingredients in the pot a stir. I didn’t do that (as the recipe doesn’t say to stir) and my minced garlic was laying on top of everything. When I did the quick release, the steam was white and milky. Normally, the steam doesn’t make a mess, but when it’s white and milky, it does. Looking under the lid, I found that the  steam vent was coated with the minced garlic. 

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  40. I made this last night in my Ninja Foodi and it was AMAZING!! So easy and so good. Will definitely be making this again. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. 

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  43. Made this twice now and is a hit in our house.

  44. Love my IP, and now have a great Bang Bang Shrimp recipe – thanks! Followed recipe exactly and it turned out perfectly cooked. My only question…My husband is a spicy guy (hah!) but my mom is not a fan of spicy – so, is there a way to turn down the sweet without making it extra spicy? (Tonite we added sriracha at the table)

  45. I sauted the shrimp first with garlic then lightly sauted red cabbage. Then I made 1/3 of the pasta. I added the shrimp & cabbage & combined well. I made a half recipe of sauce since there’s only 2 of us added the sauce & fresh diced tomato, stirring well. It was perfect & we loved it! Thank you!

  46. More insta pot recipies please!

  47. hi! can i double the recipe in an 8 quart? would cooking time be the same? thanks

  48. Would this work with chicken instead of shrimp? We’re not a big seafood fam, but this looks amazing and I’d like to substitute. Any idea on change to cook time if the chicken is chunked?

  49. Thank you for the recipe! Are we able to substitute the coconut oil with anything else? Can I just use regular vegetable or canola oil?

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  52. Thanks for sharing! Does it taste good re heated?

  53. Hello! I’ve yet to try my new 6qt IP, but this week is the WEEK! So after Pinteresting for a little while, I came across this. I’ve been making Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta for 3 years and we love it, of course! *look up Firecracker Orange Shrimp! It is AMAZING with some sweet chili sauce! Anyway, my issue is we only prefer Al Dente pasta. Does the IP make it that way? The noodles you have pictured seem to be depicting softer noodles. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  54. any experience using gluten free pasta (brown rice pasta, not corn)? Not an allergy but a preference.

    • Hi Hetaher,

      I have not used GF pasta in this recipe specifically, but I have used it in the instant pot. Generally speaking, 4 minutes on Pressure Cook High should do the trick!

    • I just made this with Banta brand GF penne pasta. I cooked for 4 minutes at high pressure and it turned out great!! 

  55. I am a brand new Instapot user and this was my second attempt. Followed your instructions perfectly ….. but for us newbes you forgot one very important item …. DRAIN THE WATER BEFORE YOU PUT THE SAUCE IN. I thought I should and I reread your instructions over and it was not listed. Since I don’t really know how to use the Instapot, I thought well, maybe you don’t drain the water. Needless to say, it certainly wasn’t the meal I’d hoped for.

    I will, however, try it again because even watered down with 4 and 1/4 cups of water, I could sort of taste the tang and know it will be great. So, remember, some of us follow the instructions to a T when we are first learning, and that was a very important step to be missing. Otherwise, I think next time will be awesome!

    • Hi Debi!

      Actually, you should not drain off the water. There should only be a little left and it mixes in with the sauce. Then when you set it on Sauté at the end, the sauce will thicken.

  56. My noodles cooked to the bottom of the liner before I added the the sauce. How do I prevent that?

  57. This recipe was delicious! Thank you

  58. Would a gluten free pasta have the same cook time?

  59. It turned out awesome…

  60. I’m a little confused, do we cook the shrimp and then add to the insta pot?

  61. Can you use any other kind of pasta, will cooking time be the same? 

  62. It came out a little watery. What did I do wrong. Still tasted fine. 

  63. Did you use peeled shrimp for this recipe, or did you peel them after cooking? I’m not sure it matters, but I thought I’d ask just in case. This sounds delicious, and I can’t wait to make it!

  64. I halved the recipe for a smaller pot and used thin spaghetti. This was the first time I tried pasta and I was very pleased. The only thing is that when I turned the knob for quick release, it spewed out a lot of steam, which got on stuff nearby. Maybe I used too much water? Well, I really liked the recipe and will certainly make it again!

  65. This recipe is amazing!!  I’m having a group of people over this weekend… have you ever doubled this recipe in the IP?

  66. I substituted shrimp for Crawfish. Simmer time was 10 minutes. A dash of Slap Ya Mana, sprinkle of salt and pepper. If you like Crawfish (it adds a little fishy flavor) this is a great Cajun-Asian fusion dish. Great recipe as is or modified!

  67. it looks like it is making me drool, nice post

  68. Could you substitute the spaghetti for rice? 

  69. This was so good and easy, adding this to rotation. The husband and I, and our 3 yr old loved it!

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  71. Can sea scallops be used instead of shrimp?  If so, how long would you cook the scallops?  We love Bang Bang Shrimp too!

    • Hi Darlene!

      Cooking time would depend on the size of your scallops. For small to medium scallops, they should cook in just 2-4 minutes.

    • I made this for my husband & I tonight. I adjusted the ingredients down so it was a bit of a guessing game but WOW…!!
      It was absolutely DELISH…!!
      The only thing I omitted was the coconut oil because I didn’t have any but it didn’t spoil it for us. I love it when my cynical hubby compliments a meal and his verdict of this meal was ‘he’d order it in a restaurant’…. !

  72. Mine ended up being runny and most of the water was still left after cooking on high pressure for 4 minutes. Not quite sure which step I missed. 😣

  73. We loved it! I had to make so many substitutions and it still turned out delicious! Didn’t have mayo, so I used sour cream, a bit of ricotta and half and half…didn’t have sweet chili so I used spicy chili and agave nectar! I have a cuisinart pressure cooker and worked just as well as an IP…thanks so much for the quick and easy recipe!

  74. Great recipe!!  Thanks!  Would love to see more recipes made for the Instant Pot! 

  75. I just made this and WOW YUM-but one small problem. There was about 2c worth of water left in my IP once the noodles were done. It looked like a ton, so I ladled about 4 ladles out. Then I added the sauce mixture and the shrimp. Even though I let it simmer, the sauce was *still* so watery. Any thoughts on that? I used muellers pasta. I’m not sure what I did wrong. It’s so strange! But the flavor was AMAZING!! THANK you for this recipe!’ 

  76. I just bought my instant pot and this was the second recipe I made and it was fantastic. I will definitely add it to my repertoire. Thanks

  77. Scrumptious. Nice and easy for my 1st Insta Pot recipe.

  78. How much Thai sweet chili/Sriracha should I use if I only want the tiniest hint of spice? (want it to qualify as “mild”).
    Thanks in advance!

  79. Omg! The best shrimp dish we have EVER had! Loved it, delicious!

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  81. This recipes looks amazing. Getting some fresh shrimp this weekend. I love my instant pot. I haven’t experimented like you. I have been following in the footsteps of great cooks like you. Thanks so much, and keep up the great IP work!

  82. This is delicious! Thank you!

  83. A+ for simplicity and quick.  Unfortunately my family, 21 yr. old boys thought it was too sweet and I only used 2/3 cup sweet chili sauce.  May try again with maybe 1/3 cup.

  84. Could i substitute sour cream for the mayonnaise?  

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  86. Delicious recipe! Easy to make and the whole family enjoyed it. I recently just bought my instant pot and I absolutely love it!! 

  87. Hi, can I use chipotle instead of sriracha? Will the shrimp cook thoroughly during saute stage?

    • Hi Laura,

      Absolutely! Adjust the spices any way you like. :)

      Shrimp usually cook all the way through in 2-3 minutes, so throwing them in with the hot pasta gives them a head start. Don’t worry about them being raw. Actually, most of the time people overcook shrimp and they turn rubbery.

  88. Great Flavors and the Instant Pot makes it so easy and a one pot dish. thanks for posting!

  89. Does it matter if the shrimp are frozen or thawed?

    • Hi Emma,

      They cook faster if they are thawed and don’t add as much extra liquid to the sauce. Yet, you really could just throw them in raw and turn the Instant Pot off when they are pink. :)

  90. Made this last night.  It was delicious.  I have left overs. Do you think this will freeze well?

  91. I have a question! After pressure cooking the noodles and such, there was still water in the pot! Should I have drained it? Or just mixed it all together?

  92. Can leftovers be frozen?

    • Hi Sonia,

      Pasta is always a little iffy when frozen. As long as you thaw it out at room temperature it should be ok, but it kind of depends on how long you keep it in the freezer. Hope this helps!

  93. Super yummy!  We are saving money by not eating out, but with recipes this good I don’t feel deprived at all.  I will definitely put this recipe in my regular rotation.  Thanks!

  94. Made this tonight! It was wonderful. I halved the pasta.

  95. Will gluten free pasta work in this recipe? 

    • Yes, however you need to pick a GF pasta brand that you know holds its shape. Some of them tend to bread down in the the sauce. I hear the Trader Joes GF pasta is pretty sturdy.

  96. I just gave my instant pot to my son last week because I knew he would get more use out of it than me. I am going to try your stove top directions and take it to our next potluck here in our park.

  97. Trying this week. Thanks!

  98. Can the maynaise be reduced? Or substituted with something else? Thanks!

  99. This dish came out perfectly! Just enough spice to throw in some heat and full of wonderful flavor. Super easy and quick using the Instant Pot. Delicious!

  100. I don’t have coconut oil, can I use another type of oil?  
    What kind of coconut oil do you use, I looked at several at the store and was unsure what to buy?
    My daughter bought me an instant pot and I thought this recipe looked like something easy for me to try. 😏
    Thank you.

  101. I love the recipe and would like to see more Instant Pot recipes.

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  103. Made this last night in my Instant Pot…let me start by saying my husband and I LOVE Bang Bang Shrimp. I had to make on substitution because I couldn’t find the Thai Chili Sauce so I substituted with a similar sauce. This was easy and delicious. My husband said it was one of the best things I’ve made and my two year old had two bowls of it.

  104. Instant Pot fan-girl here!  Yes, more receipes please. Loved the BangBang Shrimp!

  105. Yum! What would you suggest if I was to use chicken instead of shrimp? I’m just out of shrimp right now. Maybe saute chicken pieces in separate pan a little then add them when you would add the shrimp? Thanks!

    • Hi Allie!

      Good question. You could sauté chicken chunks in the Instant Pot first, then add them back in at the end. Let me know how it turns out if you give it a try. :)

  106. This is the BEST.. My son ate it up !!!!   I’m making a 2nd batch tonight in less than 1wk…. They love it… It has a kick if you like spicy. I think I’ll try it with chicken next !!!!

  107. Great! More insta pot recipes PLEASE! I love my insta pot.

  108. How would I double this recipe? Thank you!

  109. Easy adaptable recipe.  Halved it using linguine.  Added red bell pepper and bamboo shoots with the shrimp.  Was delish!

  110. Yay! We love your recipes. Please do more IP recipes! BTW mac-n-cheese is really easy too. 1lb elbow macaroni, 4cups water, 2tsp ground mustard, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 4tbl butter, 1tsp salt. High pressure 4 minutes and quick release. We then stir in 4 ounces cream cheese and couple cups of Mexican shredded cheese (it’s what we have in our frig). Add a cup of milk, stir and garnish with bacon bits. Yum. 

  111. Thank you for the IP recipe. I have owned and used an Instant Pot a year and a half, and it IS the neatest thing since..?? I would be delighted to see more recipes from you using it. Though I use it a lot, I am always looking for more ways to make delicious, quicker meals using my pot. I will make it in a few days after I get to grocery for an ingredient I am out of.

  112. Please do more Instant Pot Recipes! What a great kitchen tool! I love mine!

  113. loved how easy and fast so good