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Chai Latte Cookies

Chai Latte Cookies

This last Saturday was my final baking day before Christmas. I spent eleven hours baking and baking, until I had enough cookies to fill a plate for many of our close friends–and then some! It was very tiring, but I always enjoy the process of creating homemade gifts. It feels like you’re offering your loved […]

Dulce de Leche Thumbprints

Dulce de Leche Thumbprint Cookies with Sea Salt

Easy Dulce de Leche Thumbprint Cookies with Sea Salt… and Nutella! I’m that girl. The one who can barely wait until after Thanksgiving dinner to crank UP the Christmas music. The one who pulls out the Christmas boxes the moment the Thanksgiving dishes are put away. The one who allows the kids to decorate the tree, […]

Broiled Pear and Prosciutto Toasts

We all have pet-peeves, right? Well, I have a real problem with elitist know-it-all attitudes. Of course, I used to think I could manage the whole world with one hand tied behind my back. But now? Marriage, parenthood…life, have humbled me. (Thankfully.) There’s a fine line between having confidence and “putting on airs”. Why do […]

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A Grand Party and 7 GIVEAWAYS!

Today, I present you with my FIRST giveaway and I’m SO EXCITED!!! Last weekend a couple good friends and I went to the Asheville Food and Wine Festival sponsored by WNC magazine. It was belly-bulging day of tasting! We sampled regional wines, dishes from local restaurants, and many specialty food made right here in Western […]

Grilled Tuna and Avocado Salad

As a child I was enamored by cooking shows. You might remember my favorites. Of course, Julia Child on The French Chef. How could you not love Julia? But I also eagerly watched Wok With Yan, mostly focused on Asian stir-fries and The Cajun Cook, Justin Wilson, who seemed to shove whole garlic cloves into […]

Chai Pani’s Malabar Chicken

Chai Pani, Asheville North Carolina If you had to reinvent yourself…if your family’s future, and your personal joy, depended on a new career choice, what would you do? In the last couple years, many have had to ask themselves this question and resolved that life can be different. No, life can be BETTER than it […]

Adobo Grilled Pork with Esquite Stuffed Onions

A Granted Birthday Wish~ People often ask me where I like to eat, as if I have some magical ability to find the best restaurants. Ok…maybe I do! You could call it my secret super-hero power. (Wink, wink!) Along with the galactic ability to pull a party together in moments, I have “flavor-sonar” for sniffing […]

Hibiscus Ginger Iced Tea…and Martini

An Inspiring Find! One day in the grocery store, I strolled past an enormous pile of crispy burgundy objects. They looked like little dried sea anemones…in the produce department?! I picked one up and smelled it. To my amazement, here in this small-town store, I had found a mountain of dried hibiscus flowers! Well, I […]

Dutch Babies with Mulberry-Rhubarb Compote

A Multi-Purpose Meal~ It’s nice to find things that serve more than one purpose. Dryer sheets, for instance, are perfect for softening laundry, freshening stinky shoes and gently scenting the clothes in a packed suitcase. Coffee grounds…not only for your daily cup, but also for flavoring meat rubs and desserts, boosting your potting soil and […]

Steak with Crispy Basil

Pasta Puttanesca with New York Strips and Crispy Basil

Here is a classic BIG-flavor dish that takes a short amount of time to prepare. Pasta Puttanesca, the word puttan means worthless, or throw-away (also slang for hooker) in Italian and several other languages. The dish was named puttanesca because the ingredients were all a chef had left in his pantry one night–just the leftover […]