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Hungarian Haluski (Cabbage and Noodles Recipe)

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Hungarian Haluski (Cabbage and Noodles Recipe)- A traditional Polish and Hungarian dish made of sautéed Cabbage with Noodles with Bacon. Haluski (also called Kaposztas Kocka) is just the kind of comfort food I crave around the holidays.

Haluski: Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles with Bacon!

Traditional Haluski Recipe

The holiday season is often a time we want to celebrate heritage and family traditions. This proves to be a little difficult for me, because I’m most certainly a mutt.

As far as I know, I’m a loose cocktail of Native American, English, French and who knows what else. So no distinct cultural traditions stand out.

Growing up in my house, we made up our own traditions around the holidays, instead of relying on those that came before us. I guess that is the American way…

However Lt. Dan has a strong Hungarian heritage, and I love to hear the stories his grandmother tells of their old country customs and special holiday dishes.

Being married to a Hungarian, I’ve casually adopted Hungarian as my cultural tie of choice, so many of the holiday dishes we make stem from Lt. Dan’s great-grandmother’s recipes.

Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles with Bacon!

Cabbage and Noodles

In years past we’ve made Hungarian Chicken Paprikas on Christmas Eve as our cozy meal to ring in the Christmas spirit.

Yet another Hungarian dish I’m very fond of, Haluski, is much simpler to make and oh so comforting. This traditional cabbage and noodle dish (also called Kaposztas Kocka) is so easy to prepare, takes no time at all, and requires just 5 ingredients… 6 if you want to garnish it.

With only egg noodles, cabbage, onions, garlic, and bacon you’ve got Haluski Cabbage and Noodles, a traditional Hungarian peasant dish, that is fit for a king.

It should be noted, although I think of this as a Hungarian recipe, because of who shared it with me, Cabbage and Noodles is a VERY popular dish in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and most of Eastern Europe. The are many variations with various names as well.

ingredients needed for this recipe

Best Haluski Recipe

Haluski Cabbage and Noodles is a simple main dish you can serve on its own this holiday season, or as a hearty side dish to a meaty main course. This no-frills Haluski Cabbage and Noodles is richly bathed in bacon grease, so it is the perfect companion to a roasted bird, braised pork, or even a thick juicy steak.

Do you know who else is passionate about their heritage?

The DeLallo family of DeLallo Foods!

This holiday season, DeLallo encourages you to get into the #SpiritofNatale with cozy family dishes and memorable meals! (Natale means Christmas in Italian.)

What Ingredients You Will Need

  • Thick Cut Bacon – chopped
  • Sliced Green Cabbage – only need about half a cabbage
  • Medium Onion – sliced
  • Minced Garlic Cloves
  • Package DeLallo Egg Noodles – I used Pappardelle
  • Chopped Parsley for Garnish
Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles with Bacon!

How To Make Hungarian Haluski 

Place a large pot of salted water over high heat and bring to a boil. Cook the pasta according to package directions. 

Drain and set aside, reserving 1 cup of the pasta water for later use.

Meanwhile, cut the cabbage and onion into quarters. Sliced into strips. Remove the thickest white sections of the cabbage and keep the thinner white and green layers. 

Place a large skillet over medium heat. Add the bacon and saute until crisp. Then add the cabbage and onions. 

Saute for 5 minutes, then salt and pepper to taste. Toss in the garlic and saute for another 5 minutes.

Once the cabbage is tender, toss the pasta in the skillet. Stir to mix and add a little of the reserved pasta water to help blend the flavors. 

Taste for salt and pepper, then garnish with fresh chopped parsley. 

Serve warm.

5 Ingredient Haluski

Get The Full (Printable) Hungarian Haluski Cabbage and Noodles Recipe Below. Enjoy!

 Cabbage and Noodles with Bacon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will Leftovers Last In The Fridge?

This cabbage mixture can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for 3 to 5 days. 

Can I Store Leftovers In The Freezer?

If you store it properly, you can freeze this recipe for 2 to 3 months. If possible, suction the air out of the container to prevent freezer burn inside the airtight container. 

Can I Add Other Meats?

Of course, you can! Chicken, Kielbasa Sausage, Beef, or even meaty dumplings would all be great additions to this recipe.

5 Ingredient Haluski

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DeLallo Foods. All opinions are my own.

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Haluski: Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles with Bacon! #holidays #pasta #bacon #spiritofnatale
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Hungarian Haluski (Cabbage and Noodles Recipe)

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
A traditional Hungarian (and Polish) dish made of sautéed Haluski Cabbage and Noodles
Servings: 4


  • 5 ounces thick cut bacon chopped
  • 5 cups sliced green cabbage about half a cabbage
  • 1 medium onion sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 8.8 ounces package DeLallo Egg Noodles I used Pappardelle
  • Chopped parsley for garnish


  • Place a large pot of salted water over high heat and bring to a boil. Cook the pasta according to package instructions. Drain and set aside, reserving 1 cup of the pasta water for later use.
  • Meanwhile, cut the cabbage and onion in quarters. Sliced into strips. Remove the thickest white sections of the cabbage and keep the thinner white and green layers. Place a large skillet over medium heat. Add the bacon and saute until crisp. Then add the cabbage and onions. Saute for 5 minutes, then salt and pepper to taste. Toss in the garlic and saute another 5 minutes.
  • Once the cabbage is tender, toss the pasta in the skillet.  Stir to mix and add a little of the reserved pasta water to help blend the flavors. Taste for salt and pepper, then garnish with fresh chopped parsley. Serve warm.



Serving: 1serving, Calories: 422kcal, Carbohydrates: 53g, Protein: 15g, Fat: 17g, Saturated Fat: 5g, Cholesterol: 76mg, Sodium: 265mg, Potassium: 411mg, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 5g, Vitamin A: 140IU, Vitamin C: 34.6mg, Calcium: 66mg, Iron: 1.8mg
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Hungarian
Author: Sommer Collier

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DeLallo Foods. All opinions are my own.

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256 comments on “Hungarian Haluski (Cabbage and Noodles Recipe)”

  1. My mom was Hungarian and when she made Haluski ( she said in English it’s Cabbage noodle mix) my heart sang!  She added little boiled red potatoes too and also used Kluski noodles.  I made it a few times after getting married although my mom didn’t give my the recipe I improvised by my memory.  I use a whole pound of bacon (fried crisp) boiled Kluski noodles, boiled little potatoes as well as the cabbage which I fry in bacon grease.  I put the noodles, potatoes, and crumbled bacon (mix gently) then dump the whole pan of cabbage-grease and all over the noodles and potatoes. Mix up so all is incorporated.  Not a healthy meal but yum!! 

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  4. Hello there!
    I can only tell you that my Mom’s family came from Poland and sadly, I never got to meet them . My mom was a working woman and rarely made Polish dishes and never made Haluski but I found a recipe a few years ago and just love this! I use the Penn. Dutch wide noodles but you can use Pappardalle as well. I add some paprika and tiny bit of oregano. Great comfort food! I know the Eastern Europeans all have similar versions. Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

  5. This recipe was wonderful.I did slice up some smoked sausage and browned it first.I added about a half a cup of the liquid at the end and simmered it all together.

  6. Love this! I was just reading all the comments about favorite Holiday foods. They all sound so good, I want the recipes.

  7. This is the recipe I’ve used my whole life as shown by my mother. There are many variables but rendering the bacon first to us makes this recipe the BEST! The only adjustment i made is once the bacon is crispy, set aside uncovered to remain that way! Try it once that way, you won’t be disappointed.

  8. I am 82 years old & have loved Haluski since my grandmother from (then) Czechoslovakia made it when I was very young. Then my mom made it for us kids, & then I made it for my kids, & now my sons make it in their own homes! None of us use bacon. We use butter….mmmsooo good!😋

  9. Every Christmas Eve, my family insists on Szekely Gulyas. This evening I am making haluski :)

  10. Actually to make this authentic you need to add BROWNED butter at the end. There is also a potato halushki recipe where you use raw grated potatoes with egg and flour to make a very thick dough. Spoon this in small chunks into boiling water to cook about 5 minutes. Toss with the cabbage and brown butter! the best! 

  11. In a small bowl, combine the sugar, cinnamon, vegetable
    shortening, and salt. 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes until baked thru-out.
    You probably have fond childhood memories,
    where you enjoyed having snacks with your friends.

  12. My family has made this for years. We call it NBC noodles bacon cabbage.
    My grandmother was quite young when she married. 13! And my 14 year old grandfather worked in coal mines. They were not Hungarian but considering a Jewish miners wife taught her to make latkes maybe a Hungarian miners wife taught her this?

  13. i make this great dish, but, never thought of adding bacon to it !

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  16. I’ve never heard of putting bacon in haluski. I ate it very frequently as a kid, but neither my mom nor my grandma ever used bacon.

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  18. This prize is AMAZING. Thank you again!

  19. Just made this tonight and served as a side dish to baked pork chops. Super delicious and decadent! I ended up using the entire cup of reserved liquid and letting the whole dish simmer together while waiting for the pork chops to finish baking. We will definitely be eating this again!

  20. I love bar be q turkey

  21. We always have a venison roast for Christmas eve.

  22. Love those prizes and the recipe. I’ll have to try it sometime.

  23. Waldorf Salad with all of the fixings!

  24. this year i will be making corned beef & cabbage

  25. This cabbage dish sounds wonderful! In between bigger holiday dinners, we like the comfort of chicken and dumplings…maybe it’s a southern thing :)

  26. A great way to add some veggies to our pasta

  27. I love making soups during the cold weather and my favorite to make for the holidays is Tuscan Vegetable Soup.

  28. Sounds delicious, and looks amazing!

  29. Yum! and thanks for this giveaway… our tradition is as many Christmas desserts as possible and mint ice cream for dessert! (hahahaha) :)

  30. We make baked creamed corn for all the holiday gatherings

  31. My favorite family holiday dish is ham.

  32. I always try and make at least one childhood favorite cookie recipe, both of mine and hubbys. Thankfully, all our parents are willing to give me recipes each year, that I stick in a binder for the future.

  33. I love making a roasted turkey with all the fixings!

  34. On Christmas Eve I make an overnight pecan praline French toast that we put in the oven for a nice, hot breakfast after the kids open presents

  35. Love cabbage, what a great warm meal on a cold night!

  36. We always have homemade clam chowder on Christmas Eve in memory of my grandma who did that every year she was alive.

  37. My favorite dish for the Holiday is French Toast made from Panettone bread

  38. My favorite dish at the holidays is Sweet Potatoes Praline!

  39. love any cabbage recipes – what a fun give away!

  40. My favorite family dish for the holidays is homemade cinnamon rolls.

  41. My husband loves holuski,but I’ve never made it quite “right” for him…this recipe sounds what he is looking for…I have to try this one.

  42. My favorite would be homemade chicken spaghetti!

  43. We always do a big breakfast on Christmas morning. There’s frittata, bacon, biscuits, and coffee cake. My favorite is the coffee cake. It’s the only time I have homemade coffee cake all year.

  44. OMG, it is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for sharing. I love this, I have always liked cabbage but this is a fine recipe!

  45. I always have some type of Tex-Mex.

  46. We don’t really do traditional family dinners, but I do love any kind of casserole!

  47. This may get me to love cooked cabbage — sounds wonderful! And will go well with the Lithuanian dishes (beet soup and meat dumplings!) we serve at the holidays. Thanks!

  48. Italian Holiday Bread is a family tradition!

  49. I’m half Hungarian, but wholly embarrassed to say I have never heard of this dish! Still, I’m not surprised to see it, since cabbage and pasta are the key ingredients in just about every Hungarian dish. Adding this to the dinner rotation for this week!

    • I am 100 per cent Hungarian and have never heard of this dish. Maybe a variation or maybe the same that just looked different. The name Haluski sounds Polish. Nevertheless it sounds good and will try it. I like cut up cabbage, onion, polish sausage and a little tomato juice or sauce.

  50. Looks amazing!

  51. Wow this dish looks like it’s brimming with delicious flavor :)
    My dad always made a decadent ham for christmas time that is just irresistible, I can always smell it as I walk up the driveway!

  52. Got to try this, sounds delicious

  53. Rachel Ray’s Christmas Pasta. Also, peirogies

  54. My favorite dish for the holidays is my mothers coleslaw have never had better and could never make to tqste the same

  55. my grandma’s mashed potatoes…I don’t care what else is served as long as those are there

  56. My mom’s chicken alfrado lasagna is a holiday staple.

  57. Pasta is my go-to favorite for feeding my hungry husband & sons! I don’t think I’ve ever made the same pasta sauce twice, I’m always throwing in an extra chopped veggies that’ve been neglected in the refrigerator or the last bit of freshly grated parmesan or the last spoonful of sour cream or yogurt or even cream cheese.

  58. Boy id love to win this one.

  59. besides the candy/cookie baking fest, which is fun and involves the whole gang, I have for the past 5 years been getting a huge HoneyBaked Ham and then prepping a couple of salads to go with it… We eat as you like it for a couple of days after Christmas. It has been a nice immediate slow down after the madness….

  60. I’d be thrilled. I’m not usually one to enter a giveaway (i never win), but this one’s too good to pass up! love the apron and can’t wait to include this recipe in an upcoming #monthofmeals!

  61. Polish mistakes on Christmas morning!!

  62. My favorite holiday dish is my mother-in-law’s stuffing. It is simply the best I have ever had, and it was passed down to her from her Italian mother-in-law.

  63. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding; my mother made this as a special treat for us when we were kids.

  64. Sweet potato casserole!

  65. Hands down, red chile tamales are the Christmas staple in our family. My mom’s tamales are the best!

  66. Latkes at Hanukkah and my mother-in-law’s homemade tamales at Christmas!

  67. Love some black beans and rice with chorizo!

  68. It would have to be my mother’s fresh made pumpkin bread loaf.

  69. Haluski! Love the name. It’s the Hungarian cousin to the Chinese chow mein.
    Very tasty. Can’t wait to see how my family likes it.
    Thanks, Sommer!

  70. One of my favorites is a seafood chowder for the holidays…. Wholesome and fast for these busy days.. I hope to try this cabbage noodle dish very soon!! Love the giveaway gifts too!!

  71. For Christmas, I always make a big pan of baklava, and have since my children were young. And New Years Day requires Hoppin’ John with cabbage!

  72. I’m also married to a strong Hungarian family, (Podmanisky) we all love cabbage!

  73. Coconut chicken curry

  74. My favorite family dish is twice baked potatoes made with lots of bacon, greek yogurt and chives!

  75. my husband and i started a christmas tradition of our famous ribs!

  76. I love roast goose!

  77. My Mom’s bread and sausage stuffing. Heaven on the day and maybe even better the day after as part of a turkey/cranberry/stuffing sandwich.

  78. When I was growing up my mom made cabbage rolls and we called them Haluski. They are a lot of work. This recipe looks great. Can’t wait to try it. My favorite holiday recipe is sweet potato casserole.

  79. Mmm…I love Hungarian food!

  80. I live in Pittsburgh, and haluski is on about every restaurant menu around here. Yours looks much better than any I have seen around here, though! Will have to give this a try!

    • Laura, really? Another friend told me it was common in that area as well. But down here in the south it’s hard to come by.

  81. Great recipe!

  82. I also don’t have any strong tie to a certain heritage and there was never one thing that my family had to make every year. My grandma did have the tradition of always making a pancake breakfast every holiday morning and my mom loved to celebrate on Christmas Eve by making appetizers and trying out new recipes.

  83. this just got my stomach growling at a very early hour- It does look like wonderful comfort food!

  84. My favorite holiday dish is sweet potato casserole!

  85. I love potato salad.

  86. For Christmas day I make a late breakfast and then dinner and make all my family’s favorites. The one thing my kids look forward to above all are the king crab legs with warm butter. Ummmm, me too!

  87. Linguini with white clam sauce – it’s on the Christmas Eve menu every yeaf

  88. Mmm…tried this recipe last night. LOVE hungarian food!

  89. I love going to our Italian friends on Christmas Eve for a feast of seafood, pasta and Italian goodies at a wonderful buffet. So much love and laughter – and food, of course, that it gets you truly into the Holiday Spirit!

  90. We like to have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. YUM.

  91. We love spiral ham or lasagna for Christmas.

  92. Looks great Sommer!

  93. My favorite holiday dish is old fashion green bean casserole, made with the green beans from our garden that we have canned.

  94. I love my grandmother’s recipe for stuffing!

  95. Sweet potato casserole is a family favorite for us.

  96. My favorite holiday dish is french onion soup with roast beef for dipping!

  97. My family always eats crab legs on Christmas eve! thanks for the fun giveaway!

  98. I’m half Mexican and half Puerto Rican. So, on Dec. 24th. We have tamales and pozole. On the 25th. We have a Lechon (roast pork). My mom and Grandma (on my father’s side) agreed to have it like that. So, our family would have the best of both worlds. Now I make it every year, and my little girl helps me out now. Love our tradition! :)

  99. This looks like such a simple and filling dinner now for winter. I can’t wait to try it!

  100. My favorite holiday dish is my grandmother’s cornbread dressing. I look forward to it every year.

  101. I love chicken paprikas! I was introduced to it by an ex boyfriend. Yum!
    Dellalo makes the best whole wheat pasta ever in my opinion!

  102. This looks fabulous. I love that you’ve adopted some of his ethnicity as your own. It’s the same here. I want my kids to have a good idea of where both of their parents came from, so we blend my background with my husband’s.

  103. One of my favorite family dishes is lasagna. Might not seem like a holiday food, but it’s one of the few things we can all agree on and it makes enough to feed everyone!

  104. this dish looks so good I am out to shop for cabbage to make this tonight thank you

  105. My mom always makes a huge tray of lasagna! I’ve tried, but can never seem to get it just right :)

  106. This looks super yummy and easy. My favorite kinds of recipes. It’s also good to have some other cabbage ideas. Thanks!

  107. Mother’s Holiday cookies, not one day from Thanksgiving thru to the New Year is missed. We have fresh special cookies every day. YUM!

  108. My mom’s chestnut stuffing is a holiday staple. Thank goodness only for the holidays because it has a pound of butter in it. Yum!

  109. I love my moms stuffing!

  110. Our favorite holiday dish is PRIME RIB! It’s something we’ve done for years, ever since I was a kid. When my bf and I celebrated our first Christmas together, I asked him if we should make a turkey or prime rib. His eyes LIT UP and he said, “you can make prime rib?!” He’d only had it in a restaurant, so he was amazed that it could be Christmas dinner. We’ve been making it every year since! :)

  111. I’ve been married for 5 years, and since our marriage, we’ve always spent the holidays with extended family. This year, we’re staying home, so we don’t have a traditional meal yet, but my husband always wants cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, which I’m happy to make for him :)

  112. We don’t have a traditional dish. We have had Mexican, Chinese, seafood and prime rib in recent years.

  113. We always have chicken tortilla soup for Christmas Eve. Yummy!

  114. Yum! Those looks super yummy. Great way to use up some cabbage. Hubby will be excited!

  115. it all looks so good

  116. My mother-in-law’s lasagna recipe is a must for the holidays!

  117. OMG, I love this recipe! Hungarian Cabbage is right up my kitchen highway for sure and Awesome #SpiritofNatale Holiday Prize Package this is awesome too! WOW, thanks!

  118. Our favorite holiday dish is homemade potato sausage!

  119. I love DeLallo pasta!! It is delicious any way you fix it.

  120. Fave dish is the honey ham!

  121. A nice breakfast casserole for Christmas morning

  122. We love making caramels!

  123. Definitely cookies!

  124. My favorite Holiday family dish would have to be our homemade macaroni and cheese, now it’s a family recipe so I can’t reveal anything about it :)

  125. My favorite holiday dish is brisket.

  126. Our favorite is my mom’s wineberry salad – we’ve had it every Thanksgiving and Christmas since I was a kid!

  127. Mushroom and barley dish from my husbands family.

  128. My favorite recipe is Ambrosia Salad! My grandma makes it all the time during the holidays, so it brings me back over the years.

  129. We’re big fans of corn pudding!

  130. My favorite holiday meal is pot roast and ham on christmas!

  131. Aww yay! I’m Czech, so the food is similar to Hungarian. I can’t wait to make this.

    My favorite holiday meal is tamales on Christmas eve.

  132. We just love making Prime Rib

  133. Favorite family dish…at Christmas..a whipped cream fruit salad

  134. For Christmas it’s baked ham and potato salad with traditional sausage balls, cheese ball and molasses cookies for sure!

  135. I like making and eating sweet potato casserole with lots of pecans.

  136. My favorite holiday family dish is the chicken and dressing casserole!

  137. I’ll be away from home for the first time this Christmas and we are having an early family get-together on 12-14. We’re having homemade manicotti, salad and desserts!

  138. Our family tradition is to make a ‘crockpot’ Christmas dinner. Turkey tenderloins go into one crock and mashed potatoes to warm up(made the night before) into another crock. A fresh vegetable rounds out the meal. That way we can all relax and enjoy the day.

  139. My Irish family will be having lamb, mashed potatoes and gravy for Christmas.

  140. My family always makes Sausage Balls for Christmas! They are perfect for that “snack” before Christmas lunch at my Mom’s house!

  141. I would LOVE to win this b/c I’m wanting to venture out and try new types of foods and recipes. I will become a stay at home mom in April…SOO EXCITED and looking forward to starting a new hobby of cooking…this would most DEF help me to get there :)

  142. Our family tradition is Spiral Ham, Tamales and Chile Colorado. We celebrate at my aunts home so she also makes Asian rice (that is what we all call it) with shrimp and lots of vegetables. Something for everyone.

  143. My favorite holiday food, oh my, so many, but homemade manicotti comes to mind.

  144. Homemade bread stuffing is our family favorite.

  145. We’ve started a mulled wine and standing rib roast tradition.

  146. We HAVE to have homemade Swedish Bologna on Christmas eve. This looks like it would be a great side dish for that family tradition!

  147. My mom is Mexican so we always have tamales for Xmas Eve and Christmas dinners.

  148. Great looking meal, love only 5 ingredients!

  149. Eggplant rolatini is a holiday family favorite for us.

  150. I love my mother’s cooking including the special holiday meals. For Christmas, it’s the prime rib roast, roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts. This is an awesome giveaway pack. I love this dish featured here—it could become my favorite comfort food.

  151. We always make pulled pork with au jus sauce for Christmas!

  152. It’s a hard call, but I think the fried dried apple pies my grandma always makes.

  153. My grandmothers crescent cookies

  154. My mother-in-law makes the best beef tenderloin on Christmas Day!

  155. This dish sounds so yummy, I want to make it as soon as I can get someone to get me the ingredients! I am confined to the couch after a bad fall on Thanksgiving. xo

  156. My husband loves haluski,but I’ve never found a recipe for it that he likes…This one is different,I can’t wait to try it!

  157. I love making stollen with my grandmother every Christmas.

  158. Have a different receipt for Hungarian Cabbage, but will definitely try this recipe!

  159. Broccoli Rice Casserole is so good, we make it every year and are going with better ingredients to eliminate GMO’s in our food and festivities.

  160. Prime Rib Roast

  161. Our Christmas dinner tradition is Roladin since my mother in law is German. But my husband lived in Hungary so I’m so excited to try your Hungarian recipes!

  162. Polish people eat this too. It’s one of my comfort foods and it’s so cheap & easy to make.

  163. I love my mom’s homemade au-gratin potatoes!

  164. Favorite family holiday recipe is probably the honey cookies my grandmother used to and now my sister and I make every year!

  165. this is so beautiful and looks like a very comforting dish!

  166. Cranberry jello salad. Strawberry jello, orange (food processor), apple & fresh cranberries (food processor), little sugar. Yummy. Probably not like most recipes because I was trying to make it after having it & not ask for recipe.

  167. This pasta dish looks absolutely amazing!! Definitely something I would want to try! One of our favorite family dishes for the holidays is green bean casserole.

  168. Homemade Ravioli’s and Sugar Cookies !!

  169. Baked french toast is our tradition for Christmas morning. i love that it’s prepared the night before and bakes while we open presents. It’s simply perfect!

  170. My favorite family dish during the holidays are my grandmother’s pierogies, served simply with caramelized onions and sour cream. My background is Ukrainian and I’ve made them with my grandmother a few times. She’s 91 and still makes them from scratch! Time to try them on my own :)

    • I remember pierogi when I was a little girl in Poland. My mom stuffed them also with strawberries. My favorite are stuffed with meant and mushrooms. I was introduced to the Ukrainian version when I’ve visited my cousins in the Galicia part of Poland where my dad was born :)

  171. Bread and butter pudding!

  172. My favorite holiday dish is definitely a new recipe I tried a couple days ago for Thanksgiving dinner. My family raved over the balsamic maple roasted red grapes and brussels sprouts I made.

  173. we like roasted goose stuffed with apples

  174. This sounds wonderful!

  175. Gotta love the polish influence in Pittsburgh. Yum!

    • I’ve just moved from Pgh. and miss it a lot and I’m Polish. Actually a Polish translator now residing in Phoenix, AZ. People in Pgh. are more friendly than in Phoenix, AZ. Miss the people of Pittsburgh:(

  176. The best way to enjoy cooked cabbage a tradition at my house. –mm–

  177. DeLallo Whole Grain Pasta is my favorite!

  178. My favorite holiday dish is cheesy potatoes!

  179. Love the sound of this recipe. I’ve never used cabbage this way. My favorite family recipe for the holidays is my grandma’s hot chocolate, served with Cuban bread and butter. So rich and so good.

  180. My grandparents & mom also make haluski- love that dish! I’m going to try my hand at making it!

  181. I always look forward to making pea soup, using homemade ham stock, pieces of ham, and fresh/frozen peas (as opposed to dried split peas). Such a wonderful, cozy meal!

  182. I already subscribe

  183. We love roasted beef tenderloin! That is our Christmas Day dinner of choice!

  184. the noodle dish and the holiday pasta package sound wonderful

  185. I grew up with a Hungarian mother and every summer we went “home” to Alberta to see my grandma and Aunt and Uncles. Being at Grandma’s meant meals with wonderful Hungarian dishes. My grandma was a great cook (so was my mom) and Kaposztas Tasta is what she always called the dish you talk about. My grandma made her own noodles…from very fine soup noodles to funny twisted ones that she used her “cheega beega” to shape. We would always check the bedrooms when we arrived, looking to see if she had made noodles and had them drying on tea towels and table cloths stretched out over the bed. What wonderful memories this recipe brings back….we had this often and loved it. I haven’t made it since my mom passed away in 2001….I think tonight is a good night to make it for supper.

  186. Black eyed peas for new year’s day

  187. Bushas – buttery sugar cookies with apricot preserves in the middle. Drooooool!

  188. I love my mom’s chicken/beef and noodles.

  189. my favorite holiday meal is blackberry cobbler made with my great-grandma’s recipe

  190. My favorite holiday dish is my Aunt’s broccoli & cauliflower salad. Yum!

  191. My family’s favorite Holiday Dish is Grandma’s Mac N’ Cheese!

  192. My, oh my, I have never heard of this dish before. It sounds and reads and looks fabulous.
    My favorite holiday dish is a side dish of chestnuts balls, rolled in crunchy granola and slightly fried. It’s a family tradition of multiple generations (updated one generation ago by my aunt.) Spicy, crunchy, beautiful. Perfect compliment to turkeys and roasts.
    I will de-fi-ne-tly want to try an adaptation with some of the DeLallo pestos!!

  193. I always look forward to our sweet potato and apple bake at Thanksgiving.

  194. My favorite holiday dish is plain ol’ roasted turkey with gravy.

  195. This is so cool! I know nothing about Hungarian cooking, but love every ingredient in this dish. Beautiful, Sommer! :)

  196. We love to make chicken or turkey pot pies.

  197. DeLallo Whole Grain Pasta is the best! Love that pasta pot and those sauces!

  198. Haluski is popular with all of the Eastern European nationalities. My mom was Slovak and made this all the time.

  199. When my grandmother was still living she made the BEST creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and these amazing little yeast rolls that none of us, unfortunately ever learned to make. Those were my holiday favorites!

  200. fave family dish for the holidays: either something involving potatoes, like a gratin or casserole or Korean food! :) love this!!

  201. I love dressing at Thanksgiving and baking Christmas cookies with my kids.

  202. Turkey and Noodles!

  203. I love leftover turkey. There’s so many things you can do with it.

  204. my favorite holiday dish is the egg casserole my mom makes on Christmas morning

  205. One of my family’s traditional holiday dishes that I continue to make is my aunt’s tomato aspic salad. Even when my husband and I are hosting only my husbands’ side of the family I will make it. Sitting down and enjoying the aspic always makes me think of the many holidays I spent with my parents, my siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Happy Holidays!

  206. It never feels like the holidays to me without having my Grandma’s pumpkin bread!

  207. I love Christmas cookies!

  208. A comfort food for me is a turkey sandwich with left over roasted turkey, some stuffing and cranberry sauce on it. Simple and yummy.

  209. A family favorite is homemade chicken and noodles…. with mashed potatoes of course!

  210. i enjoy the standard holiday dishes. There’s comfort in the familiarity.

  211. cornbread dressing

  212. My favorite holiday dish is baked corn. Its cream style corn w/ breadcrumbs

  213. Our family dish is potato pancakes

  214. Great dish and I LOVE DeLallo! Great giveaway!

  215. Cookies!

  216. Pierogies!

  217. Every year on Christmas Eve – Hungarian sausage and sauerkraut soup. It is AMAZING. the sausage comes from a Slovenian butcher and imported hungarian mushrooms are used too. It’s so good. :)

  218. any and all pasta are my favorite!!!

  219. My favorite holiday family dish would have to be the mashed potatoes. Sure, you don’t think you can mash those wrong, but you can. Lots of heavy cream, butter and some fresh garlic really make these tatters.

  220. Everyone looks forward to our traditional Norwegian smorgasbord for Christmas breakfast. We look forward to it all year!

  221. My favorite dish to make for the holidays is green bean casserole.

  222. my fave holiday meal is perfect prime rib, b/c it is cooked encased in rock salt. delicious! thank you for this gr8 giveaway oppty!

  223. I love learning about different cultures and their traditions. I’ve never heard of Haluski, so thank you for introducing me to this simple, rustic dish. Sounds like comfort food!

  224. A favorite dish we always have Christmas morning is a mountain man breakfast casserole. Also love Monkey bread. We always have that Christmas morning too. Love the giveaway. Thanks for chance to win.

  225. This looks delicious!! I have some leftover cabbage into fridge that I need to use up. This seems perfect!

  226. Beef and noodles is a family favorite!

  227. I love cinnamon buns at the holidays!

  228. I LOVE sweet potato casserole around the holidays. I know it’s more of a dessert, but oh man, I could make that my meal!

  229. Eating borscht on Christmas before the main course will always be one of my favorite memories.

  230. My family’s favorite dish is spaghetti – nothing fancy about it, just plain on spaghetti.

  231. Christmas cookies! Everything else changes, year to year. The cookies say Christmas!

  232. This sounds delicious! Love the paprikas and can’t wait to try this!

  233. My favorite family dish for the holidays is my Grandma’s oyster stew and quiche that she used to serve every Christmas Eve!

  234. Thanks for the great post, Sommer! Recipe looks delicious! :)

  235. mmm this Haluski looks wonderful! I myself love pecan pie for the holidays!

  236. Nothing says Christmas to me like my grandmom’s “ice cream” cookies. It’s the only time of year I have them!

  237. Things get so busy during the holidays that quick and easy meals are my go-to. My very favorite, and usually our Christmas Eve meal, is a take on hunter’s cabbage. Cabbage, potatoes, onion, garlic and a sliced spicy smoked kielbasa or other sausage cooked in a huge pot on the stove top … sometimes we add kale or black-eyed peas … with a good drizzle of vinegar on mine at the table :)

  238. Bacon and cabbage is a great combo and it would be really nice in a pasta like this!

  239. my favorite family holiday dish is enchiladas, usually with chicken, cheese, and cabbage.

  240. Yum. I want this TODAY!

  241. This looks so Yummy I’m going to have to try this for sure. My favorite holiday dish is my Mom’s green rice which has rice, cheese, onions, broccoli & her secret ingredient (love).

  242. My favorite dish is actually a dessert. It is called icebox dessert. It is from my great grandmother. It is a vanilla pudding dessert with a homemade crust that contains pecans. It also has cream cheese and cool whip. What more is there to love. lol

  243. I hand cut homemade egg noodles. A family tradition that no one will let me give up

  244. This looks so great, I wish I could find that pasta locally, I have had to order mine online-none of the mainstream grocery stores seem to carry it. Love it. We’ll be adding this to our menu for next week. Thank you for sharing!!

  245. We’re from the South, so I always look forward to cornbread dressing.

  246. My parents lived in Hungary for several years and my oldest sister was born there. But they were born in Greece, so I make more Greek food. But this is Hungarian comfort food if you ask me! I should make this for my own family!

  247. My favorite dish is noodle kugel