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Best Ever Blackened Seasoning

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Best Ever Blackened Seasoning Recipe – Our all-time favorite blackening spice blend is made with thyme, oregano, garlic, cayenne, and a surprise ingredient!

blackened seasoning up close on spoon

What’s the Difference Between Blackening Seasoning, Cajun Seasoning, and Creole Spice?

All three spice blends fall under the same category with standard base ingredients, like paprika, pepper, garlic, and onion powder.

However, Cajun Seasoning tends to be the spiciest, while Creole seasoning often has a variety of herbs mixed in.

My rule of thumb: When in doubt, go with Blackened Seasoning, a spice blend that tends to fall directly in the middle.

blackening seasoning on fish

What Is Blackening Seasoning Made Of?

good Blackening Spice Blend offers a bit of heat, herbaceous notes, and a whole lot of zesty flavor and depth.

These tempting undertones come from paprika, garlic, onions, and salt. However, my “secret ingredient” so to speak, is smoked paprika. The smoky essence of smoked paprika takes our Best Ever Blackened Seasoning to the next level.

It makes everything you sprinkle it on taste like fireworks in your mouth.

blackening seasoning recipe for fish and chicken

What Can I Season With Homemade Blackened Seasoning?

Use our Best Ever Blackened Seasoning to create a spicy crust on chicken, fish, steaks, and grilled vegetables.

You can also use it to season soups, chilis, dips and spreadsparty mix, rice, and even scrambled eggs and bacon!

I can’t think of a single savory dish that wouldn’t be improved by this dazzling little concoction. My favorite foods to use this seasoning blend with are shrimp, salmon, potatoes, pork, and hamburger patties.

Blackened Seasoning Recipe Ingredients in jar

How To Make The Best Ever Blackened Seasoning Blend


  • Smoked Paprika
  • Onion Powder
  • Sea Salt
  • Garlic Powder
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Dried Thyme
  • Dried Oregano
  • Cayenne Pepper


  1. Simply dump smoked paprika, onion powder, sea salt, garlic powder, black pepper, dried thyme, oregano, and cayenne pepper in a small jar or bowl.
  2. Stir to blend.
  3. Store the spice blend in an airtight container (or spice jar) and keep it in a cool dry place. It will last just as long as all your other spices.

Get the Complete (Printable) Homemade Spice Blends – Blackening Seasoning Recipe Below. Enjoy!

Blackening Spice Blend in jar

Personalize it!

The beauty of making spice blends at home is the element of personalization. If you want a little more heat, add more cayenne pepper.

If you want a little more herby sweetness, add more thyme or a touch of dried basil.

What is Blackening Seasoning?

Make It Today

You can lower the sodium, make large batches, and you will most definitely save money this way.

Most likely, you have all these spices in your pantry right now! Your seafood (and family) will thank you!

Best cajun spice blend on fish

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Check the printable recipe card below for the nutrient information including calories, carbohydrates, protein, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, potassium, fiber, vitamin c, and calcium percentages based on daily values.

Best Ever Blackened Seasoning (Cajun Spice Blend)
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Best Ever Blackened Seasoning

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Best Ever Blackened Seasoning Recipe – Our all-time favorite blackening spice blend made with thyme, oregano, garlic, cayenne, and a surprise ingredient!
Servings: 8 (about 1/3 cup)



  • Measure and dump all the herbs and spices in a jar and stir to combine.
  • Use immediately, or cover and store in a dark dry place.



Serving: 1.5teaspoons, Calories: 12kcal, Carbohydrates: 2g, Protein: 0g, Fat: 0g, Saturated Fat: 0g, Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 438mg, Potassium: 69mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 0g, Vitamin A: 1345IU, Vitamin C: 0.1mg, Calcium: 14mg, Iron: 0.8mg
Course: Seasoning
Cuisine: American
Author: Sommer Collier

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50 comments on “Best Ever Blackened Seasoning”

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  3. I did equal parts and it was amazing with mahi for fish tacos

  4. This blackened seasoning is so good! Love the smoked paprika in this recipe. I’ve used this seasoning on all sorts of fish.

  5. What is the secret ingredient that you spoke about?

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  10. One question…can I substitute Kosher salt or regular table salt for the sea salt?

  11. I really love the recipe thank you

  12. This is the 4th time making this blackened seasoning. I add a small pinch of cumin, white pepper and parsley (last for color). Enjoy!!

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  14. You had me at smoked paprika!!!!  This recipe is simple enough that you can tweak to your personal taste and health needs.

  15.  Very tasty!  Enjoyed this evening on our wild caught salmon.  I started with the half teaspoon of Cayenne…. but after tasting the mix, we upped it to 3/4 tsp.  So, I believe your recommendations are spot on!  Of course, we live in California, so we are used to a variety of cultural heat, be it South American, Asian, Mexican, Indian, Cajun, etc.

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  17. Will this seasoning taste just as good withOUT the sea salt?

    • Hi Kristi,

      In my personal opinion, no. Salt brings out the flavor of all the other spices. That’s why we salt everything we make, as a flavor enhancer. That being said, feel free to omit it, or reduce the salt as needed. We all have to do what we have to do to protect our health.

  18. I make a lot of blackened fish, and I love this particular seasoning recipe. Smoked paprika is my favorite spice, it really makes the dish sensational! I used 1/2 tsp cayenne, which was just right for me.

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  21. Too much cayenne pepper. Maybe 1/8 tsp.

  22. I make this all the time and use it on my salmon or boneless chicken breast. We LOVE it!! I keep it in an empty garlic powder bottle so I can shake it onto my food easily. The only thing is the cayenne pepper. I LOVE spicy food but one teaspoon of cayenne pepper is crazy spicy!! I used half a teaspoon and the family couldn’t eat in (I was fine.) So I just use a big pinch . I sprinkle a bit extra on my food. But we love this recipe and especially when it’s already prepared and stored in the cabinet, it’s an easy dinner. The recipe really makes a huge amount. Thank you for sharing your family recipe. 

  23. This is the best blackening spice I’ve ever used.  I made Chilean sea bass in a cast iron pan and it was absolutely unbelievable, best I’ve had anywhere!

  24. I’m going to try this this week but instead of cayenne I’m going to use some dried Thai chilies from my pepper plants.

  25. Was at Yorktown Pub in VA recently. Had the blackened cobia. Seasoning was so good, I asked if I could buy some but was told no. They did however give me a very small condiment container of it. Is this by any chance their recipe? Thanks

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  27. Visiting from IG. This sounds so yummy!  

  28. Simple and tasty! And made at home makes it special to add your own flavor touch to the base recipe – give it more or less to your liking.

  29. Hello Sommer:
    This recipe is awesome and yes, the smoked paprika is the game changer . I love it! I get mine at Trader Joe’s but mostly every market or food store would have this spice. I think most of my spices come from TJ’s or Big Lots. Thanks for a great recipe! Happy 4th to your and yours.

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  33. This seasons the BOMB!!! Tried it on some  mahi mahi and some grilled chicken. It is the best!!!

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  39. The recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of smoked paprika but all other ingredients are listed in teaspoons … is that accurate or did you mean 3 teaspoons?

  40. Thank you for the recipe! I used it with butter and olive oil pan fried rockfish fillets and finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon. My husband loved it and wanted to know how I made it. Next we’re going to try it on steak! 

  41. Thanks for the recipe. Looks great. Gonna try this on my seafood

  42. I was wondering where the carbohydrates are coming from in this recipe and is the sodium count correct? this seems pretty high to me.

    • Hi Brandy,

      We have an automated nutritional fact calculator for our site, but sometimes it is a little wonky. I calculated these facts in My Fitness Pal and have adjusted the recipe. Thanks for pointing this out!

  43. Now, send some blackened recipes, please.