Monte Carlo, Monaco

Exploring Monte Carlo, Monaco on - #Travel Tips and Photography in #MonteCarloIf you’re planning a trip to France’s illustrious and chic Côte d’Azur, there are a few places you must stop… Monte Carlo, Monaco is at the very top of the list.

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Recently I had the opportunity to visit the French Riviera, known in french as the Côte d’Azur. Today I’m sharing a recap of my experience with tips on where to stay and what to do if you ever find yourself in the Principality of Monaco.

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Before leaving the US, I didn’t really know what to expect to find in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Vague recollections of Grace Kelly footage and old James Bond movies crossed my mind.

I knew it was a sovereign state, separate from France. I knew it was governed by Prince Albert II. I knew it was a very small and wealthy nation… But that’s about all I knew.

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What I found was a pleasant surprise. Old world charm, pristine beaches, gorgeous mountains in the back ground, and luxury at every turn.

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world (approximately 2 squares miles) yet one of the most wealthy and safe. It is bordered by France on all sides, with the exception of its long beachfront. From Monte Carlo, Monaco you can see Italy only 5 kilometers away. It was the perfect place to start a French Riviera Girls Getaway with my friend Amanda.

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We flew into Nice, France then promptly climbed into a helicopter for a 7 minute ride down the coastline to Monte Carlo. This experience alone was worth the 8 hour flight from New York to Nice.

Here are a couple photos from the air…

A Helicopter Ride To Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Flying Into Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Towering peaks in the distance, sprawling beaches, lush greenery peppered with villages, century-old fortresses, and then BOOM… Monte Carol Monaco, a heavily populated yet extremely beautiful city right ahead.

We landed on the edge of the water, then headed off to our first stop, the renowned Hôtel Hermitage.

Hotel Hermitage - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Hôtel Hermitage is the essence of luxury. Known for providing the highest level of service and opulent accommodations, Hôtel Hermitage is a hotspot for the rich and famous, including many American celebrities. 

Our room overlooked the port full of lavish yachts with a view of the royal palace in the background.

Hôtel Hermitage in Monte Carlo Monaco

View From Hôtel Hermitage in Monte Carlo Monaco

We were able to see several of the suites, visit the Thermes Marins Monte Carlo Spa in the hotel, and dine in several of its Michelin Star Restaurants.

Suites of Hotel Hermitage - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Actually walking through historic hotel alone, is a treat. Its winding corridors hold elegant treasures of every variety. Just make sure to look up!

Hotel Hermitage Winter Garden - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Hotel Hermitage Dining - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

We had relaxing signature massage treatments at the Thermes Marins Monte Carlo Spa, then floated in the pool overlooking the sea.

Thermes Marins Spa

After our stay at Hôtel Hermitage, we moved onto the Hôtel de Paris just a block away. Located right on the main square next to the famed Monte Carlo Casino, Hôtel de Paris combines luxury and excitement!

Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Our room overlooked the lovely casino and cityscape all the way down to the sea.

Just take a look at our balcony…

Sommer Collier at Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

And the balcony view of hoppin’ Monte Carlo after dark.

View from Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Our room at Hôtel de Paris was a mixture of old world style and modern comfort. Perfect to come back to at the end of a long day (or night) of living it up on the French Riviera.

These two luxurious hotels are attached by an underground tunnel so you can reach the spa from both locations without ever having to go outside. Pretty swanky!

Rooms at Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

So, what do you do for fun in Monte Carlo, Monaco… Besides relaxing in world-class hotels and spas??

You shop. Eat. Go to one of the 300+ annual event or shows. Gamble. Boat. Lay on the beach. Watch fireworks. Go celebrity spotting. Visit the palace. Experience riviera night life. Site-see. And eat some more.

Dessert at Le Vistamar - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Monte Carlo is known for its haute culinary scene. We dined at three… THREE Michelin Star restaurants while we were there.

Le Vistamar is located at Hôtel Hermitage overlooking the water, serving dish after dish of true culinary art. The kind of food you think can’t possibly taste as good as it looks. Then you take a bite and are awestruck by the array of flavors and texture squeezed into one spoonful.

Here are some of the courses from the lobster tasting menu at Le Vistamar.

Le Vistamar - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

We also ate at the highly acclaimed Restaurant L’Hirondelle located at the Thermes Marins Monte Carol Spa. L’Hirondelle is known for its thoughtful healthy dishes using regional ingredients.

We enjoyed lunch there before our spa treatment. Sitting out on the terrace we devoured elegant seafood dishes, and some the best desserts in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Sommer Collier - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

L'Hirondelle - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Last, but certainly not least on our Micheline Star binge… Blue Bay.

This was a truly special evening. After a day of site seeing, we dressed up and headed down the road to Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort. Sitting out on the terrace, we feasted on vibrant well-balanced creations from Chef Marcel Ravin.

Blue Bay - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Blue Bay Restaurant - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

At the end of this glorious meal, something happened that I will never forget… An extensive fireworks display. We sat and enjoyed our dessert with bold color bursting over our heads.  The excitement in the sky seemed to capture the essence of our culinary experience perfectly, as if it were meant to be.

It was a magical night in Monte Carlo!

Fireworks Over Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Fireworks in Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

What else did we do in Monte Carlo, Monaco?

We walked the city to take in the old-world charm and culture.

Old Town Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Oldtown Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

We climbed the steps up to the royal palace, the best place to view the city of Monte Carlo. (We learned when the flag is up, the prince is at home.)

Royal Palace - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Lovely Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

We visited a serene Japanese Tea Garden right in the middle of the city.

Japanese Tea Garden - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

We shopped at the main square in Monte Carlo.

Shopping in Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

We had our fill of Laduree Macarons.

Laduree Carousel Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Laduree - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

And we just so happened to be in town when Le Promenade Monte Carlo Shopping Event was taking place. An evening of small bites from various foods trucks and amazing wines right in the heart of Monte Carol’s shopping district.

Food Trucks - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Food Trucks in Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

We walked around town tasting local flavors from some of the cities’ best known restaurants, including Buddha Bar. Who knew I would taste some of the best sushi of my life in Monte Carlo?!

Buddha Bar - Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Buddha Bar Sushi in Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

All in all my days in Monte Carlo, Monaco exceeded all possible expectations.

It was beyond luxurious, undeniably delicious, and the absolute perfect way to kick off our girls trip. I felt spoiled at every moment… Just as you should in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Stay tuned for next week’s travel post on Nice, France.

Living it Up in Monte Carlo Monaco on #travel #frenchriviera #cotedazur

Laduree Macarons


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    This is so pretty. I love all the little figures and colors. Adorable Hugs.

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    Whoa! What a totally amazing trip! The hotels looks so classy and amazing. Now I want to jump on a plane and get my butt over to Monte Carlo :) 

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    Monte Carlo looks beautiful, but I have ALL the heart eyes for those hotels! Those rooms… the lobbies. I might check in and never leave, lol. ) What anamazing travel experience! :)

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    Wow! First of all you are an amazing photographer. That was the best armchair travel break I’ve had all month! I loved taking this trip with you to Monaco. The hotel looked incredible! Absolutely lovely. And the food looked divine. Yum!

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    It looks like you had one very incredible trip. What a beautiful place. The ceilings in that hotel!!

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    The food and the sights…all look amazing!

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    What an amazing trip – so beautiful and so much to do. Thanks so much for sharing all the pics and your experience. 

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    So funny that we were there at the same time, we must have passed each other a few times- glad you guys had such  great trip!

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    I want to go there the next time I travel. Beautiful report and amazing photos.

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    omg it looks like you had an incredible time!! 

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    What a fabulous trip. It’s now on my bucket list. 

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    Everything about this looks amazing! Wish I could’ve gone! This is definitely on my bucket list for next year :)

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    I truly enjoy your travel posts!  I just returned from Italy and I remembered your posts from there. I just might be inspired to go to Monaco next