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Indian Grilled Chicken

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Zesty Indian Grilled Chicken #healthy #paleo #glutenfreeBold and fragrant Indian Grilled Chicken. A low carb favorite to spice up your week!

Indian Grilled Chicken #healthy #paleo #glutenfree
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Why are we so taken by food?

Why do we think about certain dishes and immediately salivate? How is it that the smell of popcorn or sugar cookies instantly flood our minds with memories and our hearts with emotion?

It’s because humans are sensuous. No, I’m not calling you sexy. Although, I don’t want to offend anyone… For all I know, you might be extremely sexy. *wink*

Aromatic Indian Grilled Chicken #healthy #paleo #glutenfree

Sensuous meaning “of the senses” or “gratified through the senses.” We drink in every experience, every sensation, through our five senses. They effect how we respond and what we remember. So it’s no wonder that certain foods are associated with our memories.

If food is involved in a moment that is memorable, it actually elevates our emotional tie to that memory.

Making Indian Grilled Chicken #healthy #paleo #glutenfree

When I smell smoked meat, my mind drifts to happy memories of my dad, who often smelled of smokey hickory chips. The taste of butter cookies instantly transports me to childhood days of baking cookies with my mom and sisters. Seared duck breast, hot fudge sundaes with peanuts, and bread pudding all bring back sweet memories of my husband.

On the flip side, the stench of canned tuna takes me back a memory that I’d rather not remember.

Perfect Indian Grilled Chicken #healthy #paleo #glutenfree

One aroma and flavor that always conjures up happy memories is Indian spices. One whiff of cardamom or fenugreek and a flood of color, movement, lights, and sweltering heat wave over me.

Admittedly, this Indian Grilled Chicken recipe is not a replica of a specific dish I ate during the summers I spent in India as a teen. It is more of a nod to old friends, rickshaws, and cooking over open flames.

Vibrant Indian Grilled Chicken #healthy #paleo #glutenfree

I developed this Indian Grilled Chicken recipe for ease and bold flavor. It falls somewhere between a tandoori chicken recipe and a chicken tikka recipe, yet is dairy-free and has less ingredients to deal with. Plus, it’s low in fat and carbs and high in protein!

You don’t have to marinate the chicken in the spices before grilling, making this Indian Grilled Chicken a great mid-week meal. Pair it was fragrant Indian style rice, or skip the carbs and serve it with a salad.

Easy Indian Grilled Chicken #healthy #paleo #glutenfree

Indian Grilled Chicken is an exciting alternative to plain-jane bbq chicken. This sensuous Indian chicken might cause some memory making of your own!

Indian Grilled Chicken #healthy #paleo #glutenfree
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Indian Grilled Chicken

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes
Bold and Zesty Indian Grilled Chicken Recipe. A simple grilled chicken dish that is low carb, paleo, and gluten free! You'll love all the vibrant spices.
Servings: 8



  • Preheat the grill to medium heat. Place the chicken in a large baking dish.
  • In a separate bowl, combine all the remaining ingredients and mix well. Rub the mixture over the chicken, coating completely.
  • Grill the chicken for approximately 5-6 minutes per side, turning once. (Grill 35-40 minute total for bone-in chicken.) Serve warm!


Serving: 1serving, Calories: 297kcal, Carbohydrates: 1g, Protein: 42g, Fat: 12g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 127mg, Sodium: 812mg, Potassium: 738mg, Fiber: 0g, Sugar: 0g, Vitamin A: 120IU, Vitamin C: 3.5mg, Calcium: 14mg, Iron: 0.9mg
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Author: Sommer Collier

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  1. Oh wow! That sounds amazing. My mouth really is watering… I would pass up the knife and fork and dig in with my hands!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Excellent flavor and easy to put together!  We really enjoyed it.

  3. Y U M M M M M!!! I’m drooling! This looks absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try it =)

  4. What a great recipe! My mouth is watering when looking at your photos! :)

  5. I am always looking for a new way to have chicken. This looks great.

  6. I made this recipe but instead of grilling the chicken, I roasted it at 375 degrees F, and it came out great!

  7. I would love this grill pan! We love to use our grill.

  8. Oh my gosh, I love everything about this recipe!

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  11. Does this ever look good! Wow. Wish I had seen this during the summer, it would’ve been on my grill. Oh well. There is always next summer. Once I bring the grill in (had to do it early because of Hurricane Irene) that is it – end of grilling outdoors for me. Too much of a pain to bring it outdoors again.

    I adore Indian food so much. What flavors!

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  13. WOW! This looks very delicious. I definitely want to try this.my family would love this.

  14. Hi Sommer, this chicken looks like it is packed with amazing flavor!
    Not sure if you had a chance to add up to 3 recipes to our entree week of Get Grillin’. Please do if you wish, we would love to have you :) http://su.pr/17fizq

  15. I love Indian food. I make an indian potato salad recipe from one of the Moosewood cookbooks. I’ll try your chicken recipe with my potato salad this weekend.

  16. Posting on my fb page b/c we don’t have a grill yet and I want that pan since u have all the ingredients listed for this deeeeelish looking recipe! :).

  17. Finally working my way through my foodbuzz inbox all late and wrong but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say this chicken looks amazing!

  18. That chicken rub looks amazing. Great way to bring chicken to the next level!

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  22. I would love a meat thermometer. There are so many good looking choices. The BonJour Combo Laser & Probe Gourmet Thermometer looks cool.

  23. It’s amazing how much flavor is in Indian food. All those spices are a great way to cut down on the salt in our food too.

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  25. Love your recipe and any gadget that goes on the grill!

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  27. YUM! I am always on the lookout for chicken recipes and now I have 3 to explore this amazing indian chicken and the tekka and tendori ones..
    Thank you for sharing

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  29. Grilled to perfection!!! Just lovely~

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  33. Top 9!! Awsm :) It looked so yum, how could people have ignored that!

  34. YUM! Chicken tikka masala is my favorite Indian dish (even if it’s not a real Indian dish). This looks both simple and mouthwatering.

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  36. I would love the grill platter.

  37. I’d love: Cast Iron 20″ Reversible Camping Grill Griddle!!!

    Thanks for the recipe, Sommer. Sounds like a way simpler version of my Bengali m-i-l’s delicious chicken curry I fell in love with. Will definitely try it soon.


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  41. I like the Cusinart 12×16 Stainless Steel Grilling Platter!

  42. I made this tonight and it was delicious!! So easy and so good! This will be a summer staple!

  43. This Indian Spice Rub looks divine, I specially love the fresh ginger in it! Happy Cooking!

  44. wow Sommer, you have never ceased to amaze me! This looks super fingerlicking!

  45. I like the “Chef Specialties Grill Mill Baseball Bat Pepper Mil” as an accessory to the grill pan..

    If I win the grill pan, I vow never to disgrace it with boneless, skinless chicken breasts.


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  48. That chicken sounds and looks incredible! Yummy! What a great giveaway as well. I would love to own this grill pan and their rice cooker.

  49. The 20″ cast iron camping grill/griddle

  50. I am going to try this marinade on chicken for my boyfriend, tofu or seitan for me. But I am DYING to know how to make that zucchini salad pictured on the side! Please?

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  56. SPICY!! Love It!!
    I Loves spicy food!
    Tq for the recipe! I will try when I have time & find that garam masala nearby :D

  57. Looks very delicious. Thumbs up!!!!

  58. This looks sooooo good. I love tandoori meats; thanks for showing a great way to bring ’em home! Now I just need to work on naan technique…

  59. I LOVE Indian food and this looks easy enough for me. And what a perfect summer chicken recipe. Sooo bummed I can’t make the gathering in August. Hopefully it’s just the first of many more to come. :)

  60. I want to rub those spices on some tofu and grill it up! :D

  61. I love these quick, yet flavorful, weeknight meals…your chicken looks amazing!

  62. This chicken looks awesome! Gorgeous photos.

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    Not as sexy as that spicy grilled chicken tho! Well done!

    I actually really like the grill charms :) I have them for my wine too! Buzzed!

  73. This is a great, especially as I’ve just come home from the grocery store with a family pack of chicken legs.

    I love the Stainless Steel Pizza Peel, perfect for grilling a pizza and not burning yourself as I always seem to do =)

  74. I pretty much love Indian Spiced anything, so you certainly got my attention. It’s perfect!

  75. I love the flavors in your chicken! I want to try this ASAP. Sadly I live in an apartment and can’t grill out, some day… I do own a grill pan though, my lifesaver!

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  80. This Indian spiced rub chicken looks great! You are so right about scents bringing back memories.

  81. it is 845 in dallas…. and my tummy is growling- this looks delicious!

    i agree with you- food and smells and tastes always trigger certain things for me and help take me back and remember so many great memories!

  82. What a delicious looking piece of chicken Sommer! I love Indian spices and I love the way you made it so quick and easy. Perfect!

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  86. Last weekend we had grilled chicken at home and I used a similar spice rub. I think nothing can make chicken taste better :)

  87. Oh wow! That sounds amazing. My mouth really is watering… I would pass up the knife and fork and dig in with my hands!

  88. I’m so hooked on that recipe. I love that combination of spices and aromatics. It’s the kind of stuff that makes me sit there and smell my fingers after I put it all together. Yeah, I’m weird. Thanks for sharing your memories, Sommer. I can’t wait to try this.

  89. Loving the nonstick grill mat! Actually love anything nonstick. Makes life easier!

  90. Sommer, that chicken looks simply delicious! The spices must have been so aromatic while it cooked, I’m sure everyone was more than ready to eat when it was done. Truly a feast for the senses! What a great giveaway, that pan looks like the perfect addition for any kitchen!

  91. what a great post…so true! and the recipe looks fabulous. I’m not into cilantro, but this recipe looks to have enough depth to be fine without it. oh, thank you, Spicy! and love the BigKitchen site, thanks for sharing…funny, I was just thinking today that I need to get some pastry brushes that won’t melt! love these:

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  97. The rub and chicken look DIVINE! Bummer I’m an international gal, but otherwise I’d love to have that grill!

  98. delicious love these flavours looks wonderful

  99. I am bookmarking this chicken recipe now – so good!
    I would love that nonstick mat – perfect for veggies that always slip through!

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  106. You know, what you describe here is one of the main reasons I started really getting into cooking. I wanted to provide my children that exact evocation of olfactory sense and catalyzed emotion. It might seem trivial to some, but it’s definitely a unique and often times…lost…art in the home today. I love this dish.

  107. Sommer, love all the rich spices of Indian food – your Indian Spice Rubbed Chicken looks amazing – gorgeous photos!

  108. I really like the wood chips for smoking. My husband and I do alot of grilling and we love the different flavors you can get from the wood chips.

  109. Can’t wait to try this recipe out. I’m fast becoming sick of the commonplace bbq chicken, and it’s not even july! this recipe looks to add a little exotic flair to the summer bbq table.

    No grill is complete without a sturdy and reliable probe thermometer ( http://www.centralchef.com/storefrontprofiles/DeluxeSFItemDetail.aspx?sid=1&sfid=123094&c=0&i=250822763 ) is a great choice. Meat thermometers are even more useful in the backyard than in the kitchen; as grills all have a personality of their own – much more so than ovens.

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  113. Grill Season! This looks fignerlicking good!

  114. I’m with you on certain aromas conjuring up vivid memories, for some reason I’m also remembering licking the bowl and beaters after my mom made a cake. The link between food and memories is a strong one. I love your Indian Spice Rubbed Chicken and am not opposed to creating a new food memory with this flavorful grilled chicken recipe, thanks for sharing Sommer ;-)

  115. No head hanging here so please don’t include me in the contest…I grill all year; sort of like the mailman.Rain, sun, snow or sleet.I’m starting to do more and more Indian so love this simple recipe.

  116. I agree with you about food’s ability to evoke memories! Your chicken looks sublime and flavorful! What a great recipe idea! Thanks !

  117. If I could make chicken like that i would love the grill pan!

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  120. Cast Iron? Excellent! I’ve always wanted to try cedar planked salmon, so I like the cedar planks. Also, with 4 boys in the house I thinkg the baseball bat pepper mill would be fun!

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  122. This is indeed a sensual dish!

  123. And I tweeted it!

  124. I like that nonstick grill mat. That would be super useful. But of course, I’m after the grill pan! :)

  125. Hey … what’s that salad in your finished product picture? Looks delish.

    Wait a second … 40 minutes?! That’s gotta be indirect heat, yeah? Bone in, 250º, maybe 30-35 minutes. Charcoal grill, coals spread thin, indirect heat, maybe 35-40. But is there something about this spice mop that leans towards slower cooking? For chicken, I lean towards a Bittman-esque method of starting slow and low, maybe 8-10 minutes at 350º, then a minute or two at 450º-500º before flipping and repeating. It’s the reverse of the traditional way of searing red meat, but chicken stays moister when you don’t flame-a-gate it from the get-go. Cheers!

    • Hey Steve,

      My grill burns hotter than most, so I grill bone-in chicken for 30-35 minutes, but for most grills, I’d start checking at 35 minutes on medium heat. All grills are different so it’s best to “know your grill”.

  126. Everyone loves Indian spices. Some folks just don’t realize it yet. Cheers!

  127. I love sensual food (and I know exactly what you mean, wink wink). Foods that are nostalgic and comforting are the most important in any cook’s repertoire :) I too find a lot of comfort and happiness in Indian flavors, and this simple grilled chicken is a delightful alternative to some more complicated variations. Well done!

  128. Sommer – this looks wonderful. We love to grill chicken so I will be giving this a try soon!
    I love any of the camping tools – the cast iron grill looks like a life saver :)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend and don’t forget we would love to hear more about your Sommer Summer Adventures in India!

  129. The CHEF’S PLANET NONSTICK GRILL AND BARBECUE MAT would be wonderful for cooking delicate items, like fish, on the grill.