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Free Printable Lunch Box Notes

Amy Jacko is with us again today to share some fun back to school ideas…

Free Printable Lunch Box Notes #BackToSchool #LunchBox #Free

Amy Jacko

Happy Labor Day! I hope that while you are reading this you are relaxing on a deck, by the pool, or enjoying the day as you wish! Since we live in the apple capital of North Carolina, we will be apple picking this holiday weekend and then hanging out at the Apple Festival Labor Day Parade, which is always unbearably hot, but a fun family tradition. I may need to pack an Apple Cinnamon Old Fashion in a thermos to make the heat more bare able.

For me, Labor Day marks the close of summer. It seems that after Labor Day, all the kiddos are back in school all over the country and settling into the school year routine. And we are all on the look out for the first signs of fall. Fall is without a doubt my favorite time of the year.

My kids have been in school for 5 weeks all ready! We are on a year round school schedule, which we love! The kids are in school 9 weeks and off 2 weeks with a 6 week summer break. It allows for more spontaneous camping trips, and less crowded travel destinations during our breaks.

Do your remember receiving hand-written notes in your lunch box growing up with maybe a smiley face drawn on it?

My dad would pack my lunches and he would include a note every so often in my lunch box that would always make me smile. I look back fondly now that my father has passed away, wishing that I had kept one of those notes.

With the dawn of the internet and clipart, we now have a wide variety of downloadable lunch box notes to pack into school lunches that you send off with our kiddos. No matter how old they are, or if they are a boy or a girl, it is still an exciting moment when they pull out a note with a message from you. It maybe the perfect thing to brighten a tough day.

We have created a sheet of printable lunch box notecards to tuck into your little ones’ (or not so little ones’) lunch box.

Don’t forget to add the smiley face!

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  2. When making up your children’s lunchbox. Try to include a portion from each of the food groups; Carbohydrates: whole meal bread or grains – Protein, fruit & veg and added calcium, important for growing bones!

  3. Kids lunch times at school are short and they spend half of the time talking and fooling around, so what do parents do to make sure they eat?

  4. Love your love notes! Thanks for linking to mine. Pinning yours and some others.