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Verona, Italy

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Fair Verona is on the docket today. What makes Verona, Italy so special? Let me show you.

Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

Italy is magical. Every place we stopped on our trip this summer had a characteristic that made it unique and alluring.

Yet of all the cities we visited, Verona holds my heart.

Travel: Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

Why? Well, that’s just the thing…

Verona, Italy has that certain-something you just can’t quite put your finger on.

A quality.

THE quality, that makes something better than great, yet still indescribable.

Fair Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

It’s not the sites… although you can see some amazing sites in Verona, including the third largest (and the most intact) Roman theater in the world, the Arena.

In fact, they still use it today for concerts and operas.

The Arena - Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

Arena - Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

It’s not the romantic (or deeply depressing, I can’t decide) legacy left by our friend William Shakespeare in his play Romeo and Juliet.

Although you can visit the historic Capulet and Monatgue houses… The story is fiction, of course, but it was based on two real feuding families.

Romeo's House - Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesdayRomeo’s house is now a restaurant.

Juliet's House - Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesdayJuliet’s House, with a jazzed up balcony… Apparently the original wasn’t much to look at.

Juliet - Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

Letters to Juliet - Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesdayLetters to Juliet Mailbox

It’s not the food, although we ate in some truly wondrous restaurants.

Dining in Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

All I can tell you is that I love Verona, Italy.

Relaxed, starry-eyed, eternally beautiful Verona.

Fair Verona #travel #italy #traveltuesday

Our friends at CulturalItaly.com helped us arrange a fabulous private tour of the heart of Verona.

There’s nothing like having someone who is passionate about their city show you cherished monuments, and tell you stories of the past as if they are happening all over again.

Thank you Cultural Italy!

Discover Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

Discovering Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

Beautiful Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

And just outside Verona, Italy you find Lake Garda, one of Italy’s natural wonders with it’s healing sulfuric hot springs.

The charming little lake towns of Sirmione and Lazise are just a short drive away.

Sirmone Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

Lake Garda Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

All in all, Verona was one of my very favorite places in Italy. You should go.

Things to see in Verona, Italy:

  • The Roman Arena
  • The Roman Amphitheater (Not the same as the Arena)
  • Piazza Bra
  • Piazza Signori
  • Piazza Erbe
  • Juliet’s House
  • Romeo’s House
  • The Duomo
  • The Scaligeri Tombs
  • Walk along the Adige River

Travel to Verona Italy #travel #italy #traveltuesday

Other than that, we suggest leisurely strolling down side streets and finding unique cafes.

If you need help planning your trip, contact CulturalItaly.com.

Also find them on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram and Google +.

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11 comments on “Verona, Italy”

  1. I spent 7 days in Verona 14 years ago and I feel the exact same way you do. I can’t wait to go back.

  2. looking forward to my visit to Verona. It’s one of the stops of the River Cruise, which starts nov .2nd. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and comments.

  3. Hi Sommer,
    Really enjoying your trip around Italy. I was lucky enough to go to see Tosca in the Roman Theatre, it was wonderful. I have also been to Lake Garda, Florence and some of the other places you visited and agree with you about how wonderful Italy is. Your trip inspires me to see the areas I’ve not yet been. Thanks again for taking us with you (so to speak), it’s been magical. Gail

  4. It’s clearly evident why you love Verona so much. It looks absolutely wonderful!

  5. I want to go!! Absolutely loving your photos.

  6. These pictures are amazing! Looks like you had an incredible trip!

  7. I can see why Verona holds a special place in your heart….now I want to visit too!!

  8. Wonderful pictures, Sommer! I hope to get to go there someday!

  9. Gorgeous Verona, just looking at your pictures makes me want to jump on a plane and GO! Funny enough, I’ve been to Verona several times but never inside the arena, so glad you took a picture of what it looks like! :-) Did you ever get an embroidered apron by the Julietta’s house?

  10. Sommer- we have been all over Italy, but never Vienna. The pictures are stunning! It’s on my list now :)