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Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin

Hi Guys! My sweetie, Lt. Dan is here today to share his experience at the Kohler Food & Wine Experience (and golfing at Whistling Straits.) It’s coming up next month, you know.

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

From Lt. Dan…

Check one off the Bucket List: The American Club and Whistling Straits

So around this time last year, Mrs. Spicy was invited to go to Kohler, Wisconsin for the Kohler Food & Wine Experience. Now I love food… I also love wine… But one of the things I REALLY LOVE is golf – especially the idea of playing at one of my personal “bucket list” courses, Whistling Straits.

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

So upon hearing that Mrs. Spicy would be heading to the American Club, I immediately began putting on the charm. You know… flowers for no reason, random notes, extra compliments, a little Barry White here and there, hoping that maybe she would invite me to go with her. Fortunately, she needed someone to carry her luggage and make sure the bath water was hot when she returned to the room, so I was invited to go with her.

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

In all seriousness, we were both extremely excited to go together. Mrs. Spicy had gone to the American Club the year before and could not stop talking about how wonderful a place it was.

Frankly, it exceeded my expectations.

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

The American Club is absolutely stunning from the moment you get onto the grounds. The greenery covered brick buildings, the meticulously manicured grounds and the warm and cozy rooms – it is the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway. Oh, and it is Kohler, so of course the bathrooms are just amazing – worth the trip just to experience the bathrooms!

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

And then there was the golf…

While Sommer was busy eating incredible food, drinking wine, learning from famous chefs, and spa-ing (that is the new word of the day “spa-ing”) – I was privileged to play Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run.

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

While you may not be a golfer or into golf at all, you would be able to appreciate just how stunningly gorgeous these courses are. Playing Blackwolf Run was an absolute treat, but for me Whistling Straits was the star.

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

Whistling Straits has hosted the US Senior Open and PGA Championship in years past and is hosting the 2015 PGA Championship and 2020 Ryder Cup. It is set along Lake Michigan and almost feels like you are in Scotland – with stunning vistas, rolling hills, and sheep grazing in the fairways (yes there really are sheep just walking along).

It is on most golfers bucket lists and a real test of skill and a visual masterpiece. Every step was a joy, even if I had to take more steps then I might have liked!

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

The American Club is a perfect place for a romantic getaway. If you don’t both play golf, while one is playing, the other can be in the spa. Then get back together for an amazing meal in any of the onsite restaurants, or grab a drink and simply enjoy the picturesque setting.

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

Be sure to look on www.AmericanClubResort.com for upcoming events and plan a weekend (the Food & Wine Festival is coming Oct 23rd – 26th).

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

If you are an avid golfer, think about playing all the courses over a few days. Several of my buddies and I are planning a golf trip to the American Club later in 2015. Eating, drinking and golf in a perfect setting – what could be better than that?!!

Mrs. Spicy and I have been blessed to visit some amazing places over the years. The American Club is easily one of our top 3 favorites and we will be going back very soon! Check it out and enjoy!

Kohler Food & Wine and Whistling Straits

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5 comments on “Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin”

  1. I loved reading this from your husband! :) and thanks to Heidi, I will be attending the Kohler Food & Wine weekend this year and will be staying at the American Club. I am beyond excited. I remember seeing all of you there last year and wondering where Kohler, WI was! I’m in Madison now so can’t wait to see Kohler for myself!

  2. Looks gorgeous. Where’s a photo of the amazing bathroom?! : )

  3. I love it when Lt. Dan guest posts :-) So glad you had a great time and we want to go next time :-) just sayin…

  4. Hi Lt. Dan! Love this post… Fun to read from the man’s perspective. I’m over on Grand Rapids on the other side of Lake Michigan (we get the sunsets!) but Kohler has always been on my must-experience travel bucket list.