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Planting Succulents

Amy Jacko, our resident gardening guru, is here today to discuss types of succulents and how to plant them.

Planting Succulents - Types of Succulents + Tips for Planting #garden #gardening #succulents


I have finally crossed over to the dark side. I have begun growing succulents! My personal preference has always been to only grow plants, bushes, and trees that produce something edible, or serve a propose.

Ms. Spicy and I had this argument about 3 years ago… She wanted to buy succulents at a plant festival. I let my hippy flag fly high and proud, by telling her that plants should serve a purpose. They need to produce something edible or beneficial medicinally, to be worthwhile. Mrs. Spicy’s response was, “It’s purpose is to make me happy when I look at it.”

I am sure that my face spoke volumes of what I thought of that statement.

Well, this post is proof that I am eating my words. Yes Mrs. Spicy, succulents have a purpose in making one smile when looking upon them.

There, I said it!

Planting Succulents - Types of Succulents + Tips for Planting #garden #gardening #succulents

As I am trying to “upcycle” or use what is around the house this year for all garden and planting needs, I went on the hunt for something that I could plant succulents in.

I came across a rusty chicken waterer and to my husband’s delight, I finally found a use for it. (Instead of making him keep it for a just in case moment.)

Planting Succulents - Types of Succulents + Tips for Planting #garden #gardening #succulents

Off we went to the garden center. I did not realized that my husband had never had a succulent plant pointed out to him. It was fun to watch him look at all the unique plants and hear his description of what every plant looked like. Trust me, find someone that does not know what succulents are and take them shopping with you. It is a whole lot of fun!

Succulents can be planted in many different types of containers from shallow to tall narrow planters. Once you find a container that you would like to use for a planter, make sure that there are plenty of drainage holes. Succulents do not like their feet (AKA their roots) to sit in water. For deeper containers, add a layer of rocks at the bottom of the container before adding soil for added drainage.

Planting Succulents - Types of Succulents + Tips for Planting #garden #gardening #succulents

As I mentioned, succulents thrive in well drained and porous soils. I recommend the novice succulent grower to start with cactus palm and citrus soil, that you can pick up from any garden center.

When you plant your succulents, remove each from the plastic pot and gently squeeze the roots before planting each succulent in the soil. Cover with soil to the base of the succulents peddles/leaves.

When giving succulents water, remember to test the soil first to make sure it is dry before adding water to your succulent planter. A normal watering schedule would be to water once a week in the summer, and in the wintertime mist plants once or twice a week. Succulents need rest from watering to mimic their dry season.

Planting Succulents  #garden #gardening #succulents

Succulents want very bright indirect light, but not direct sunlight. Provide a screen to “bounce” the light from a direct hit. Try using another planter or garden decor, etc. Get creative!

Hardiness depends on each individual succulent, but generally the temperature needs to be above 40 degrees. The bonus of succulents is that most container planters can be brought inside for the cooler months.

Here are a few succulents that I like…

Types of Succulents + Tips for Planting #garden #gardening #succulents

Types of Succulents

  1. Pleiospilos Nelii
  2. Echeveria Minima
  3. Split Rock
  4. California Sunset
  5. Blue Elf
  6. Variegata
  7. Baby Toes
  8. Sedeveria Sorrento
  9. Sempervivum Oddity

Succulents are some of the easiest plants to grow, and are fun to plant in a unique container. Plant some succulents to make you smile when gazing at them, as that is their propose.

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  1. when planting succulent cuttings in SoCal , should one feed something like miracle gro in December? can you explain?

  2. I love this idea. Wonder if I could come up with something similar.