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Tieks (Shoe) Giveaway!

I’ve got an incredible SHOE giveaway today, just for fun. Enter for a chance to win the most comfortable shoes I own. And they’re super-cute!

Amazing Tieks Ballet Flats #Giveaway on ASpicyPerspective.com #shoes #fashion #spring

Tieks by Gavrieli, have you heard of them?

Until just a few weeks ago, I hadn’t. Although I feel like maybe I’m the last women on earth who hadn’t heard of Tieks Ballet Flats.

Oprah knew about them. Fashion magazines knew about them. Heck, pretty much all my friends knew about them, but I was left in the dark.

Spring Tieks Ballet Flats #Giveaway on ASpicyPerspective.com #shoes #fashion #spring

You might remember I took a trip to Oklahoma with friends several weeks back. I noticed a few of my buddies wearing bright colorful ballet flats made of soft leather, that seemed to pair perfectly with every outfit they brought.

After further investigation (asking 50 questions and actually making one friend take her’s off so I could have a closer look) I discovered they were all Tieks Ballet Flats.

Love These - Tieks Ballet Flats #Giveaway on ASpicyPerspective.com #shoes #fashion #spring

No mom, if all my friends jumped off a cliff, I would not jump off a cliff as well.

But I will say, after trying my first pair I can see why Tieks are sweeping the nation!

Win This Tieks Ballet Flats #Giveaway on ASpicyPerspective.com #shoes #fashion #spring

The sole is slit into two supportive sections so they can fold in half for easy compact storage, i.e. packing in a carry-on suitcase or even throwing in your handbag to wear after a long day in heels.

Tieks are also made with super-soft Italian leather that forms to your feet, so you almost feel like you’re wearing slippers all day.

Gorgeous Tieks Ballet Flats #Giveaway on ASpicyPerspective.com #shoes #fashion #spring

They come in so many fun colors, from neon patent leather, to fresh pastels for spring, to adventurous prints.

I currently own two pairs (Lavender Snake and Classic Fuchsia) and may very well end up buying another pair, because they are so darn comfy, I want to replace all my other flats.

Win Tieks Ballet Flats #Giveaway on ASpicyPerspective.com #shoes #fashion #spring

I certainly don’t consider myself a clotheshorse… and as a rule, I don’t accessorize. (I’m lazy.)

But I do like to have I few new items for each season, and good shoes I can mix-and-match with everything. Tieks are perfect for that.

Let me show you…

Tieks Mix and Match Collage

From business-casual, to slouchy, to prim and proper, Tieks are a perfect fit.

Tieks Ballet Flats #Giveaway on ASpicyPerspective.com #shoes #fashion #spring

Today you can enter to win $200 shopping credit at the Tieks Boutiek!

To Enter: Follow the prompts in the automatic entry form below. For US residents only.

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762 comments on “Tieks (Shoe) Giveaway!”

  1. I would definitely pick the bright tangerine- such a beautiful color for summer!!

  2. I would love to have a red pair as I don’t have any!

  3. Black or the pale orange.

  4. I’m not good at accessorizing. Trying to learn. Leopard print or matte black? Yeesh. I need help.

  5. I Would love a pair

  6. I love them All!

  7. So hard to choose! I love them all but I guess Blue would match more of my jean outfits. My goodness they are adorable!

  8. Cardinal red or ballerina pink!

  9. Lavender :) never heard about them, need to try them now

  10. I would get Lavender Patent. So pretty!

  11. I would like the cardinal red tieks

  12. Can’t make up my mind: leopard print or coral. They look addictively comfy.

  13. I would love the Black ones! Really any of them they look so comfortable!

  14. Wow! I’ll take any color… Awesome

  15. Classic fuchsia. LOVE them!!!

  16. Purple snakeskin – without a doubt!

  17. I want them all!!

  18. Love these flats!

  19. Super cute!

  20. The teal would be great

  21. I’d pick the Classic Fuchsia.

  22. Love the fuschia

  23. I would LOVE the fuschia! Love the contrast with the aqua blue bottoms, so cute!

  24. Lavender snake looks really pretty!

  25. Love lavender snake!

  26. If I got a pair, I think my pick would be California Navy. These look really comfy.

  27. Sunset Stripe

  28. Would love a pair, or maybe a dozen!

  29. nude! love these!

  30. Black to go with everything.

  31. Clover green!! I love Tieks!!

  32. Lovestruck <3

  33. I LOVE some of the bright colors, but I think I would start with a pair of matte black because I know I’d be able to wear them ALL the time!

  34. I like the classic metallic pewter colored shoes. I like the contrast.

  35. black to go with everything!

  36. I have Tieks in Coral and am wishing I had mint or yellow. They are so comfortable and great!

  37. I absolutely love the fuchsia flats!!!

  38. I do not know what color I would pick. I would normally go with black, but that is kind of boring!! Maybe the Fuchsia to go with all the other black I wear :)

  39. Classic black. Goes w/ everything!

  40. cardinal red

  41. mint! Definitely the mint!

  42. I think I would like the cream ones, but any color would be great!

  43. I would love to have some shoes that are comfortable and cute!

  44. I LOVE the teal ones! so cute!!

  45. I definitely want the purple snakeskin ones!

  46. I would totally get the fushia for that fun pop of color!

  47. I think I’d go for fuchsia.

  48. Tangerine!

  49. Never tried, would love to win

  50. I want them so bad.

  51. Classic fuchsia!

  52. I would totally buy the Silver Lake or the Brentwood!

  53. I’d love to have the leopard print

  54. Hi,

    I would love the camel or the cobalt blue!

  55. NUDE. All the way to Brazil for the world cup :) Pick me!

  56. i would love to win this shoes are awsome and looks so comfy and cozy. Perfect for evrywhere. I liked your blog also this font of the commen box. xoxo

  57. I would go with a neutral, either black or brown but I love the many colorful options they have! Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win a pair!

  58. I love the green Tieks. But also need black. Thanks

  59. I would love the teal ones!

  60. These shoes are adorable. You cant be the last woman on earth to hear about them, because I am. The aqua and hot pink are gorgeous colors. It is hard to find flats that are cute, comfortable and long lasting. I would probably choose black for my first pair so I could wear them with everything.

  61. I love Rose Garden.

  62. I think I need a pair for my European vacation this fall!

  63. My first instinct is always black, but I would love to have a fun color
    Like teal!

  64. I love them all, mint & Ballerina pink are my favorites! Ballerina pink is perfect for everyday! Xoxo

  65. I have just learned about these within the last few days so you aren’t the last person on Earth. :) I love all the fun bright colors and prints!!

  66. loving the lavender snake skin ones you have :)

  67. These shoes are adorable! Love them❤️

  68. I am obsessed with the gray polka dots ones!

  69. Totally the fuchsia ones! The brighter the better! I’ve been interested in these shoes for a while, I’m glad you wrote a post about them.

  70. Definitely the chestnut!

  71. The pink are cute!

  72. Teal, I think….but I may change my mind 50 more times!

  73. Prob. a neutral color so I could wear with more :D

  74. I have been coveting those for a year now, I think I will go with the classic blue!

  75. I’d most likely take the black so it matches more

  76. I love red.

  77. LOVE the seafoam green ones you show at the bottom of this post. TOO CUTE!

  78. Thank youfor having this giveaway and the recipe ideas. I like the turquoise shoes.

  79. These are so cute! I was just admiring the recipe but the shoes are to cute. Someone is going to look so good in them! I would go with my fave color green!

  80. The red ruby patent is lovely!

  81. the cobalt blue are awesome~hard to pick one though.

  82. The brown or pink are lovely

  83. I would definitely go with Clover Green for summer!

  84. I would love a pair of nude ones!!!

  85. My favorite is Lilac! And I love the one they have. So pretty…and then I want the Ballerina pink…oh, and Fuchsia is just as gorgeous! SO hard to choose just one. :)

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  86. Black- classic first!

  87. I’d live to try these shoes. Love the Paradise Blue and Cardinal Red!

  88. Pop pink!

  89. love a pair of the turquoise ones!

  90. Ooh, I like the lavendar patent. :)

  91. I’d pick the matte brown ones.

  92. I would pick Neon Pink…I just love them.

  93. I love them all but I would get the toscani first!!!

  94. Love them all – but, I’d have to go with the leopard!

  95. I love the matte black ones, so classic

  96. It’s my birthday so it would be great to try these for free! I’m thinking turquoise since I love ocean tones. Thanks!

  97. Deep brown or matte black… those are sweet looking!!

  98. oops..forgot to leave color…the pink ones!!!

  99. I work on my feet all day so I could totally use these!

  100. OH, I’d TOTALLY go for the fuschia! Those are so adorable! Okay, or maybe blue? :D

  101. There are just so many pretty colors! I think I’d either go with the white or the mint! I just can’t make up my mind!

  102. They are so beautiful I can’t decide. Something to go with jeans?

  103. I would love some textured neutral shade — then something craz y and fun!

  104. For my first pair I would definitely need to get black! But pink after that!

  105. I would pick the Chestnut! Love them!!!

  106. Blue would be for me!

  107. Teal looks like I could use it with most of my wardrobe. How cute!

  108. I have been dying to try these shoes!! I would love classic fuschia or traditional black; it goes with almost everything I wear!

  109. can’t tell if those are more mint green or teal green, but I like those the best anyway!

  110. I would order black first and then Toscani, a neutral color. These are so cute!!

  111. I would choose something bright (but not neon) and springy – that way they can add a pop of color to any outfit! Maybe that pretty blue you showed above, a yellow, or purple.

  112. I would probably order black first…so cute….never heard of them before I saw that pic at Ree,s

  113. Hopefully the third time is a charm! For starters I’d to replace the black ballet flats that I wore through my first pregnancy. They were great while my feet were swollen, but now they are beat. I’d then go with something fun like red, leopard or neon! :)

  114. I like the matte black.

  115. Either the classic navy or red would be absolutely perfect

  116. I like the blue color!

  117. I was just looking at these and alas you are having a GIVEAWAY! How fun! I would love the Navy or teal! ;)

  118. I love this site and think the Tieks look absolutely amazing and I would ;love to try a pair. I also thought that the outfits you paired them with were adorable. Thanks!!!

  119. I love so many of them but would probably opt for the leopard because they look exactly like my grandcat Smitty….she is a beautiful Bengal. Thank you for this opportunity

  120. I would like red or bright pink :)

  121. I’d love the ballerina pink!

  122. Oh I want these so bad!! I’d pick Slate Gray Crocs. Thank you.

  123. I don’t even know what color I would want — they are all so gorgeous!!!

  124. These are SO cute! I want!!!

  125. The cobalt blue ones look great!

  126. I would definitely get the Nude Patent!

  127. Teal or pink! What a great giveaway! Thanks much!

  128. ORANGE!!!

  129. Tough choice, but the magenta speaks to me!

  130. Love the hot pink!

  131. Just what I need.
    Love the snake color and always black. Thanks so much.

  132. I can’t wear regular dress shoes right now due to an injury, so these would be amazing to own!

  133. Super cute! If I don’t win, I’m going to buy some :)

  134. I need a pair of these in a cute color, maybe a yellow?

  135. I think I need about four pairs of these – I can’t choose!

  136. Any color!!!

  137. The mint and the fuchsia are darling! I don’t know which I would choose!

  138. I sure could see myself in the bright pink ones!! :) thanks for the nice gift to enter to win!! Hope it is me!!

  139. What an awesome giveaway! They would be so great for vacation!

  140. I really want a pair of these shoes!

  141. I’d like any color, these look super comfy…

  142. I am so excited to try these shoes out! They sound amazing!!!!

  143. Cute cute slippers !

  144. I would love the bright pink–perfect for spring and summer!

  145. Pretty gold!

  146. I love the Slate Gray Crocs!

  147. LOVE the Lavender Snake!

  148. I would LOVE any color…not picky at all…PLEASE!

  149. Blue snake

  150. I will take any color in a size 7

  151. So many fabulous colors…I think outrageous orange!

  152. love the butterscotch but they are all gorgeous. :)

  153. Or the bright red!

  154. The mint green are adorable!

  155. Perfect for my daughters wedding shoes!

  156. I prefer blue or black.

  157. Mint green with the turquoise soles would be my pick!

  158. I would love any color or pattern.

  159. I have wanted a pair since I first laid eyes on them!!! About 5 minutes ago!!!!

  160. I would choose Silver Lake.

  161. Metallic Pewter

  162. I would love that pair of blue snakeskin patterned shoes! So cute!

  163. I would love these! Sadly the price is way over my budget

  164. Either a nude or animal print! Maybe the copperhead?!

  165. I would love the pink.

  166. Sommer – great giveaway! I also own that pink & blue dress from Target, I love it so much! And now I want some pink or navy Tieks to go with it!

  167. Navy blue, tan or yellow :)

  168. I would luv a lite navy blue, a color so hard to find.

  169. I would love the blue ones! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  170. Would love the lavender snake!

  171. I’d choose the tiek blue patent or the silver lake is gorgeous too. Tough decision!

  172. I’d love the bright pink pair. These are so cute!

  173. ….and I would totally ROCK the lavender snake skin!

  174. I could use a nude pair, but the colors are so pretty- I probably wouldn’t get what I ‘need’. Green is so pretty!

  175. Something with multiple colors!!!

  176. These shoes are super cute!

  177. I would love a neutral or cream pair!!

  178. oh wow, I’d love to win these – have really bad feet and trouble wearing shoes – this sounds like just the ticket!

  179. I got it! !! I would really love a pair of tieks please any color would be fabulous!

  180. I love lavender snake ♡♡♡♡

  181. I would love the cream ones because its a good color that can go with anything! :)

  182. The Blush Pink would be my choice.

  183. I want black!

  184. Don’t feel bad, I hadn’t heard of them either before reading your post! :) They are sooo cute, and look super comfy! I love all the color options, it’s so nice to have choices!

  185. classic black!

  186. I would pick the neon green or the neon pink!

  187. Black because it’s my mother’s favorite color and it goes with everything!

  188. I like the blue .

  189. I never seen this shoe before looks really comfy and cute.

  190. I would have to flip a coin to choose. :)

  191. I love the pinkkk ones!!!

  192. I would love a blush pink pair!

  193. Love my black Tieks, but want another pair.

  194. I love and would be so extremely happy to win. Mint would be my first choice!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  195. I like the turquoise! :)

  196. I’d love the tan or some pink ones. Love the “tiffany” blue too!

  197. I like the nude patent ones – could be a summer staple!

  198. Pink or turquoise!

  199. Holy talido, so exciting!!

  200. Already own two pair, metallic gold and California navy. Would now get a fun bright pink.

  201. Love these!!

  202. I love the lavender!

  203. Pink!!! Can’t go wrong with pink. It’s such a fun color

  204. Hot pink <3

  205. Navy blue. Black. Pink ballerina. Too many choices.. cant decide

  206. Apparently I don’t follow directions…I like the new Toscani color :)

  207. I would definitely get the cobalt blue!!! So fun but still classy!

  208. Love the color choices!

  209. I’m like you, never heard of them. They are super cute.

  210. I would love a mint color tieks!!! They are so pretty!!

  211. I’ve wanted the mint ones since I saw them!

  212. I’ve been wanting a pair of these forever! Fingers crossed!

  213. Tiek blue or a funky animal print!

  214. I love the black, hot pink or tan. :)

  215. Black, goes with everything!

  216. I would pick a purple color first.

  217. I have three pair and absolutely love them. Sooooo comfortable!

  218. Love the snakes in all the colors!!!

  219. I love all of the neutral tieks, but I am completely head over heels about the mocha snake tikes

  220. A metallic color! I love metallic shoes!

  221. They look really comfortable.

  222. I’d go with black all the way!

  223. Absolutely love!! I would love the clover green or tiek blue patent or ruby red patent! So many choices!

  224. matte black

  225. It’s a toss up between the leopard and the copperhead snake. Although there’s not a color that I wouldn’t wear! They are all so cute!

  226. Love the lavender snakeskin!!

  227. The Lovestruck is so pretty!

  228. blue would be first choice

  229. I like tangerine!

  230. Any of the colors are great! I have never heard of these but they sound wonderful! :)

  231. I like all the colors but Leopard Print, Blue, Fushia are my favorites.

  232. Pink, I think these are so cute and look so comfy! I must admit, I have never heard of them.

  233. I would get Rose Garden!

  234. The lime green or hot pink are to die!

  235. I would love a green/combo. So summery. Great giveaway. Thanks.

  236. The pink ones are super cute! I love these!

  237. I like the nude tieks

  238. Super cute shoes! I’m needing some new comfy flats!!

  239. I would get blue!

  240. Apparently you weren’t the last one to find out about these shoes, it looks like I am. I an a teacher and I’m in my feet all day. Comfy shoes are a must!

  241. Something pastel – so its neutral but still interesting!

  242. black. i always wear black pants to work!

  243. I would love the black or gold Tieks!

  244. I would pick the lavender, then mint

  245. Ballet Pink!! So cute!

  246. Gold,or black.. Nice…

  247. I’d pick the pale pink. I think it would be a great neutral.

  248. These are just what I need for my long walks into work! I like all the colors, but black would go with everything.

  249. These are just what I need for my long walks into work! I like all the colors, but black would go with everything.

  250. I love the coral patent!

  251. I love those Lavender Snake Tieks!

  252. I would go with Basic Black. I wear a lot of black and need a good comfortable pair to wear with everything

  253. Ballerina Pink! they look so comfy!

  254. I like the snakeskin!

  255. Ruby red or shocking pink or the turquoise! Love them!

  256. I love red, pink, shocking pink and nude.

  257. Would love red or shocking pink!

  258. I would choose the Diamond White Croc. White goes with everthing. They look so comfy.

  259. I would get LEOPARD PRINT

  260. I like the lavender snake…but there are so many to pick from!

  261. Want these

  262. I’d love the nude patent ones!

  263. surprisingly, I do not have any black flats, so that’s what I would pick!

  264. I love these. I want one of each! Lol. Time to save my pennies.

  265. Love the pink ones!

  266. Clover green!! :D

  267. The wild copper ones are my favorite!

  268. I love the wild copper! Great giveaway.

  269. Those look gorgeous! I would love to try the Nude Patent first!

  270. I would love a pair of the Rose Garden. So many colors to choose from, but all cute and pretty.

  271. I want a black one first !

  272. These are such cute shoes, all of the colors are pretty. If I had to pick one color, I would pick the gold ones. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win this giveaway!

  273. Black, basic but perfect for me.

  274. Love the aqua, lavender and silver….. all my colors !!!

  275. Love the aqua, lavender and silver……

  276. Where have I been? I had not heard of these either! Love the lavender snake

  277. My teen girls would love these!I would have to hide them

  278. Love the lavender snake ones!

  279. So cute, love the hot pink/fuchsia color.

  280. I like the chestnut color

  281. Oops! Forgot to tell you my color choice! I’d try those gorgeous fuschia flats,

  282. These look like fabulous ballet flats. I’ve heard of them before but never tried them. Would love to win the credit to the boutique so I could try them! Thanks!

  283. beautiful fuchsia please and thank you

  284. I’d love something in Polka Dot!

  285. I love the gold ones!

  286. Black, gold or red Tieks for me!

  287. I would love to try these shoes!!! I broke mt foot 20 years ago and it’s hard to find shoes that fit right now. I love the sand snake color. Looks like it would go with everything.

  288. How cute are these shoes! Perfect for a summer of travel coming up. I would choose the Silver Lake.

  289. Too expensive for me to buy otherwise…they have to be comfy for that price…yikes!!!

  290. It’s hard to decide, but I’d pick the gold, matte black or chestnut.

  291. These are beautiful! I would love the Rose Garden pair! Thank you for the chance at winning a pair!

  292. I love black, white, green and crazy mixed up colors

  293. Mint green!

  294. I love the Lemon Patent color.

  295. pink

  296. These could definitely become addictive….I think the lavender snakeskin would be a great start!

  297. Navy! Then I won’t have to pass by all the cute springtime navy & white prints!

  298. Multi-colored blue and purple — looks great with Jeans. Going to Alaska in August. These would be awesome!!!

  299. I would like to go for something more darning< but I know my first pair would have to be black! Goes with everything and then expand from there. I have been wanting a pair so badly! I have really hard time finding shoes that I feel are comfortable. I end up wearing flip flops way too often. These seam like such a better choice!

  300. There are so many wonderful colors! I think I’d pick the blue patent, so springy!

  301. I’ve only heard about these flats via various blogs, but I’ve wanted to try them out for quite a while!

  302. I NEED me some Tieks!

  303. so cute! I’ve never seen these shoes before!

  304. Ballerina Pink is perfect :)

  305. I would have to go with classic black for my first pair! Been dying to get my hands on a pair of these!!

  306. Such a hard decision, I think I’d go with a crazy bright color just to mix it up a bit. These look so comfy!

  307. Probably would get navy first.

  308. So cute, would love any in a bright color for spring, summer>

  309. I’m a RED shoe kind of gal.

  310. Oh my those are gorgeous!!! And I’m sure they are great for travelling, especially for me that I am more up in the air than on the firm ground :)

  311. I would choose the metallic gold….classy and would go with any outfit. Oh gosh I want a pair!

  312. Definitely the bright pop pink!

  313. I would love the slate gray crocs-they look amazing!

  314. bright yellow

  315. I ove the gold ones!

  316. So cute! Fuchsia yum!

  317. I like those lavender snakeskin in the photo!

  318. I was just admiring Liz’s Tieks yesterday! I love the mint patent! Such a pretty color.

  319. Oh, and I love the snake ones! Hate snakes, love those flats!

  320. Calif. Navy look versatile and thanks for letting the only other person whose never heard about them :)

  321. I think I’d go with white.

  322. That’s a tough choice, but I would probably choose either the Matte Black or Chocolate Brown to start off so I could wear them with just about everything!

  323. Love the Silver Lake! What a great wardrobe staple!

  324. Comfy shoes are high on my list of must haves!

  325. Cute shoes..I love the snake print!

  326. I really like the clover green. So pretty.

  327. I would choose a basic color first…black or tan…

  328. Cute shoes!

  329. Love them! So cute!

  330. Oh, I need these, I am going to Ireland in August and these would be perfect, thanks :)

  331. The mint green or pink are adorable!

  332. My first pair would be an all-purpose black.

  333. White rose or ruby red patent ( or both!)

  334. I would like white Tieks…so summery!

  335. California navy!

  336. I would choose the matte black. Thank you for the giveaway.

  337. Are they really that comfortable?

  338. Metallic Pewter

  339. What amazing shoes! I like lovestruck on their website.

  340. Rose Garden looks super cute! Plus I’m loving the texture.

  341. I like the Toscani the best!

  342. How cute!
    I like all of Them!

  343. I’ve been wanting to get a pair for my mom for Mother’s Day. But I couldn’t afford :( she commutes everyday and walks long distances, this would be perfect for her! Been saving for it but it’s just too expensive

  344. Electric snake

  345. Lavender snake

  346. I would love pop pink!

  347. I like the Cardinal Red. Or maybe Navy? I like so many of the colors ….
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  348. I’ve been eyeing these tieks, they are so darn cute! I’d probably choose the tangerine or the chocolate brown. So hard to pick!

  349. Red

  350. Cardinal red.

  351. Black

  352. I would pick the matte black Tieks…These are on my Mother’s Day wish list!!!

    They are gorgeous!!

  353. I love the Teal ones….these are gorgeous!

  354. I love tieks!

  355. Something neutral that can be worn with a lot of different outfits!

  356. Metallic :)

  357. I’ve been wanting to try these! I’ve heard such good things!

  358. Oh my gosh, too hard to pick just one! I love the Mocha Snake and Sienna Brown Crocs, but the Vegan Brentwoods are really cute as well; definitely a tough decision!

  359. Love the tangerine, the nude is probably more practical

  360. I would love Lavender Snake!

  361. Lavender snake skin! Too cute.

  362. I’ve been coveting the navy!!!

  363. OH WOW! I love these flats….they come in such fun colors and I just love how they go well with everything, what an awesome giveaway!

  364. So many choices! I think I’d go for Cardinal Red.

  365. I would probably choose a blue or turquoise pair first.

  366. Classic Chestnut.

  367. Love the sunset stripe!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  368. Ohhh exciting…I have been eying these! Awesome giveaway.

  369. lavender snake

  370. Definitely Lilac!

  371. lavender snake

  372. Surprise me

  373. Love the teal!

  374. Lavender snake…. So cute and look good for my achy feet :-D

  375. Metallic or matte black!!

  376. I love the teal!

  377. Teal

  378. Love the mint color!

  379. I have been wanting a pair so bad! They are so cute!

  380. LOOOOOVe the pink

  381. probably boring, but I REALLY really need a good pair of black flats. then i would get teal or some other fun color! i love the pop of color on the soles, too – so fab!

  382. Lavender snake!

  383. black, I think . So hard to decide!

  384. The nude lace~perfect for all summer clothes!

  385. Turquoise ….❤

  386. I wouldn’t know what to choose first! Probably some sort of snakeskin design!

  387. Black or brown

  388. I would have to start with a neutral, but I would also love the mint!

  389. I would get hot pink!

  390. Black. Boring, I know!

  391. Mint or pink!

  392. Ruby red patent!

  393. I love the mint patents!

  394. Love the nude lace!

  395. Pink!!

  396. Awesome!! Tangerine or clover green!

  397. This is the first I’ve heard of these,but they’re awesome! I love the ruby red. There are so many great colos though. So cool.

  398. I really love the sand snake design!

  399. i would take any color that is bright and says look at meeeeeeeeee!

  400. Obsidian Black for me!

  401. Ever the lover of all things neutral, I would probably get something black that would go with everything.

  402. probably the sand snake!

  403. Something light and springy. Toscani or yellow.

  404. Love the mint!

  405. I would love a pair of Tieks! At my age I have to go for comfort, sometimes sacrificing style, but these have it all.

  406. Dying over the mint patent.

  407. i’ve been dreaming of tieks!!! aaah! <3

  408. I love the teal patent or the mint patent!

  409. If I had to pick just one, probably black. That way I’d have a great pair of travel shoes that were packable and went with everything. If I was going on a real shopping spree I’d definitely pick up the teal and the fuchsia!

  410. Definitely ruby red

  411. Let’s try that again…copperhead snake or nude patent. :-)

  412. OMG! I have been obsessing about these for EVER- actually, since the first time Jessica at How Sweet mentioned them! Now to budget how to afford them on my grad school budget… ha!

  413. black or tan

  414. Size 10, Toscani, or pink

  415. I have been wanting a pair so badly. Can’t bite the bullet on the price though. I would love to win!

  416. Green ones

  417. They are so cute!

  418. Black or tan…dull but basic

  419. gold glitter

  420. Tried to enter the Tieks giveaway and again to no avail…the entry form does not appear…sad…really love you site though! Tomorrow my daughter is returning on the USS Harry S Truman after a 9 month deployment so I have been flipping back and forth from your site to the live stream on the ship’s facebook and maybe that makes my computer confused so the entry form will not come up?

  421. I ❤ Tieks! Lavender snake is my favorite!

  422. I love the red patent.

  423. I would pick green or navy! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  424. I would probably choose one of the bright colors like red or purple so I could wear them with everything!

  425. Love all but I think pink wins!

  426. my daughter would love pink.

  427. I would love to get a pair of the ruby red ones!

  428. Pink!

  429. Echo Park, SIlver Lake, or Coral

  430. The mint color is exquisite!

  431. I like those lavendar snake print tieks!

  432. Oooh nice give away!!!!

  433. Pink of course!!

  434. Love these shoes!

  435. Very cute!

  436. I adore the leopard print ones!

    The teal at soles of these shoes is just perfect.

  437. I love the mint ones!

  438. Mint, purple, or black

  439. I love the cobalt blue!

  440. I would love the Hot Pink Tieks!! <3

  441. Fuscia or nude patent or nude lace!! :)

  442. Leopard Print ~ These Look So Comfy!

  443. pleasepleaseplease let me win! I want Tieks SO bad. I’ve been eyeing a lilac pair

  444. I’m a little bit obsessed with Tieks… in that I’m obsessed with getting a pair, but can’t afford to spend that much on shoes right now. :-( Would loooove to win this! :-)

  445. I would probably start with a classic color like Chestnut, and once I became addicted I would go for some more fun/bold patterns and colors!

  446. These are amazing. I have never heard od them. Would love a pair.

  447. I would get the cardinal red ones! Because RED.

  448. I love, love all the colors, but the Romantic Blush is my fav!

  449. i’d like mint green.

  450. I don’t own a pair of Tieks although I have heard how comfortable they are. Would love to try them out! Love the turquoise.

  451. I would get tan! love these!

  452. Love these! hope I win. Lilac would be my choice.


  454. I love the chocolate brown and silver lake! Love this giveaway!

  455. It’s so hard to pick just one…but I guess I’d have to go with Metallic Pewter. (I’m a sucker for metallics :D)

  456. Thank you for sharing! What beautiful colors they offer, so hard to pick one!

  457. I would pick the METALLIC PEWTER first.

  458. I would choose the silver lake vegan shoes.

  459. That’s a hard one! So many fun colors to choose from. Maybe tangerine or fushia.

  460. Romantic blush!!

  461. Chocolate Brown

  462. Leorpard Print!

  463. toss up: mint patent or silver lake, both gorgeous!!!!!

  464. Bright pink, sister! Love this giveaway!

  465. The bright pink! They are so fun!

  466. Tangerine :)

  467. Ohhhh SO darn in LOVE with the Ruby Red Pattens, & the yummy Yellow Pattens are dreamy too! Thanks for the sweet chance, I’ve always wanted a pair of these beauties!

  468. Love the hot pink! Tieks are the best!

  469. Black and fuschia

  470. Lilac – thanks!

  471. I love the mint and black. Thanks!

  472. I love the metallic gold or Brentwood patterns!
    Super adorable shoes!

  473. I would LOVE some purple or teal ones!

  474. mint or the nude lace.
    who am i kidding? I WANT THEM ALL!

  475. I love the mint and tangerine and clover and fushia…

  476. Romantic blush, black, chestnut… I’m not picky!

  477. Oh I have Tieks on my list to get. I would just love a comfy pair of cute flats. They have such great colors, it almost hard to choose.

  478. I would love to win a camel or black pair. I have been looking at them for quite awhile!!

  479. Beautiful! I’d like a turquoise pair!

  480. I’m still yet to try these shoes, but they look like exactly what my achy little feet need all day. Thank you for offering such a nice giveaway!

  481. How do you choose?!?!?

    I love Copperhead Snake!

  482. Romantic Blush!!

  483. I love these! I want like ten pairs!

  484. Blue! Bright for spring!

  485. Lavender Snake! Those are so much fun!

  486. My favorites are the mint patent. I also like the lavender patent. So cute!

  487. I love the lavender snake!! and…………..:)

  488. Purple Snakeskin sound so fun to wear!

  489. Pink or yellow! Nice and bright

  490. chestnut

  491. awesome giveaway! my favorite is silver lake

  492. OOh, I would love a pair of these! I think I’d go with the Tiek blue!

  493. Matte Black.

  494. Cobalt or Pewter…hard decision.

  495. Never heard of them, but simply beautiful. Love the blue ones actually they are all great, how can you choose just one.

  496. I would have to go with a basic black since they pretty much go with everything.

  497. I would love a pair of the Lilac Tieks

  498. I’ve been looking for a great pair of flats and I love split-sole shoes, so I bet these are perfect!

  499. These are fantastic! I had not heard of them before either, but now I must have some!

  500. These are fabulous! I had not heard of them either, but now I must have some!

  501. I love the hot pink!!!

  502. Love the California Navy!

  503. Love these! I keep hearing about how great they are. I’m so curious!

  504. Mint and pop pink!!

  505. I’d have to go with clover green!

  506. These are so cute I can’t decide which one I like best!

  507. So many beautiful choices!! I would have to choose pink!

  508. Love the chestnut! perfect for running around!

  509. I love the California Navy, so pretty!

  510. I hadn’t heard of these until recently when I read a blog post from either you or one of the other girls that went to Oooooklahoma. They look incredibly comfy. I can’t wear heels because of my back so I’m always looking for cute flats. I need some of these! The hot pink is calling my name. But that turquoise blue is gorgeous too.

  511. Mint and hot pink!

  512. How is a girl supposed to choose between such fabulous colors…I would have to go with the teal or purple snake

  513. Cute shoes, I like the turquoise ones, the best

  514. These shoes look awesome!!! I would love to have a pair!

  515. I’m dull and would probably go for a classic black matte. I would probably want to wear them all the time so a neutral would be the way to go.

  516. I would love a pair in classic black. I’d probably get a lot more use out of them. :)

  517. I’d love a pair! The perfect thing to get me up and walking after surgery. Maybe blue first…

  518. I would go with a shade of blue. They are so cute!

  519. When traveling, these shoes would be the perfect way to stay chic!

  520. I would love a gold pair. Perfect for my commute!

  521. Definitely the leopard print :)

  522. I would love some teal ones!!

  523. Tough choice…. I’m thinking either wild copper or classic cardinal red!

  524. I would buy purple or lavender!

  525. I’ve been tempted to try a pair of these and this would be the perfect opportunity. Thanks for the chance! (Plus, it might just force me out of my black shoe only habit! Maybe.)

  526. I would love the wild copper!

  527. I would love a pair of chocolate flats!

  528. I hope these fit my wide feet! It’s so hard finding flats to fit…

  529. Pink, would love some Tieks

  530. I would choose a black pair.

  531. Rose Garden or Sunset Stripe would be my first choices!

  532. I would love the Tiffany blue color! So pretty!

  533. I absolutely love the ballerina pink classics!

  534. Love them!

  535. Turquoise and black

  536. I’ve been wanting a pair for so long! Love, love, love them all… but I go crazy for anything hot pink!

  537. Turquoise.

  538. I’m a sucker for anything teal or pink!

  539. The Toscani have my name all over them! Love these!

  540. Oh, Sommer, these are on my internal wish list but so far out of my budget. What a fun giveaway!

  541. Pink for me!

  542. I think I’d pick chestnut for my first pair. Of course, I kinda want them all…

  543. I am dying for a pair of these. They look so amazingly comfortable.

  544. I just love the plain chestnut color! They would literally go with every outfit I own!

  545. I’ve been wanting to try these flats. The look so cute and comfy!

  546. These are all the rage! I’d love to sport some!!

  547. I’ve been eyeing Tieks for awhile and this review might be enough to convince me to take the plunge!

  548. Turquoise! It’s my fave color EVER.

  549. I want the leopard! So cute!

  550. Toscani print – what a beauty!

  551. I would go with black or nude – a classic color to get the collection started :)

  552. The lavender ones would be so cute for spring, or the mint!

  553. These are adorable… I could just throw these in my purse!

  554. Oooh, romantic blush or sand snake!

  555. I LOVE the tangerine and lemon patent! I really have to stop buying black!

  556. Classic black – bc I have this little hunch that after starting with the classic color, a lot more will follow!!

  557. Would LOVE a blue pair!!!!

  558. I’d have to go for the metallic gold, such a staple! Then I’d want the Lemon and all the colors!

  559. One of my 2014 resolutions was to dress better, and cute shoes are mandatory!

  560. Black- Start with the classic and then who knows where this could lead!

  561. Love these!!!
    I have heard how great these are and I am dying to buy a pair.
    I think id get the red color to add a nice pop.

  562. I need a pair so badly. My foot was broken and now everything hurts!

  563. Wow! There are soo many colors! I would love them in Tiek Blue Patent, perfect for Spring, Summer and Fall (or until boot season begins!).

  564. I’ve been eyeing these for a while! Would love to win a pair!

  565. Lavender Snake for sure! Gorgeoussssss!

  566. Leopard print !

  567. I would pick something in the pink family!

  568. I would definitely pick the fuchsia ones first. Love love them! They look really comfy too!

  569. I have been dying to try a pair of theses! I love them!

  570. Oh, boy! It’s so hard to choose, but I think for my first pair I’d get the Romantic Blush color!

  571. I’ve got my eye on the cobalt blue pair!

  572. I would love the lavender snake print ones!

  573. I would absolutely LOVE a pair of these shoes. Color…that is a good question…either practical matte black, or ballerina pink or lilac.

  574. Love the Toscani & Mocha snake

  575. As much as I love all of the fun colors and prints, I would wear the neutral camel the most.

  576. I would love the lavender snake print pair! Tieks look comfy!

  577. I would get the romantic blush–adorable!

  578. I would pick mint for spring!

  579. Red! I have been wanting a red pair for awhile now!

  580. Ooooh, I have been eyeing these shoes for quite a while! Awesome giveaway! If I won, I would buy the Wild Copper or Lovestruck!

  581. I’d love the lemon patent for spring!

  582. I would love them in pink!

  583. Copperhead snake!

  584. Would love a pair of these paid for by someone else! So cute!

  585. There are too many to choose! I’d probably start with the coral or clover green

  586. I love the ballerina pink tieks

  587. Ahh i’d probably go with black or chestnut!! I want them all!!

  588. Okay, I’ll admit that against my better judgment, I really want a pair of Tieks.

  589. DUDE, I want these so bad!!!!

  590. Oh my gosh!! Those lavender snake skin shoes are amazing!! Who wouldn’t want these super cute super comfortable shoes?!

  591. Leopard Print!

  592. I would have to go with the matte black. Perfect shoe to keep in your bag for a night out!

  593. I’ve had my eye on the lilac ones and the mint ones. Been dropping hints to my hubby for mothers day :)

  594. Those hot pink shoes are great!

  595. I’d love a pair in the classic fuchsia.

  596. Such cute shoes, I didn’t know about them either

  597. Oh my gosh, INSANE giveaway! I’ve been wanting a pair but can’t justify the cost right now…

    I would looove to start with a neutral, probably black. But then I would definitely go for something super bright, like fuchsia or green

  598. Probably one of the solid color flats that I could wear to work. Have to cover the basics before I can get the fun ones!

  599. Ohhhhh- I have to have those mint green/blue ones first – then I’ll have to pick up every other color because these are just fabulous.

  600. I have my eye on the leopard print Tieks!

  601. I’d pick the hot pink!

  602. I love all the bright colors and the signature color of the soles… I’d probably choose the clover green or cobalt blue classics!

  603. Never heard of tieks til I came across your blog and I LOVE them! The hot pink one especially.They’re so cute and look so comfy.

  604. I would like to start my collection with a neutral – Camel!

  605. I’ve been wanting these but just can’t want to part with the money!

  606. I would loves these! Either the hot pink or camel color!

  607. I love the camel color!

  608. California navy

  609. I LOVE Rose Garden!

  610. Purple . Always purple. Or pink. All the colors.

  611. So many choices!! Pink for sure:)

  612. I’m loving the tangerine!

  613. Black, of course.

  614. Black or grey would go with everything but I am a sucker for color and prints. Gosh I would love to win a pair!

  615. i’ve been dying for a pair of these! i have so many flats that i don’t wear because they hurt my feet, and these seem to be the perfect solution. i’d probably start with classic black or grey, then move to the more fun metallics and prints. i definitely want a few different pairs!

  616. Love them so cute!

  617. Mint is one of my favorite colors and goes with so many things, including my toe nail polish at the moment! These flats are super simple but adorable…love to hear that they are comfy too.

  618. I would choose the slate grey or silver lake. Or black.

  619. Comfy and cute!! What more can you ask for?

  620. I think I would first go for the classic chestnut ones, then the mint patent!

  621. Lovestruck or starstruck!

  622. Clover green!

  623. The mint is my fave!

  624. I’d have a hard time choosing, but probably aqua or red!

  625. Love the slate gray croc!!

  626. I want these so bad!!! I have been eyeing them for months!!

  627. Bright blue or maybe yellow! So cute!

  628. I think I would be boring and get the black or neutral pair to be practical but I really want the Tiek Blue Patent or the Orange!

  629. Definitely would pick blue!!

  630. My first pick would be anything metallic!

  631. I love the Rose Garden pattern :)

  632. So many colors! I love the Tangerine color!

  633. Totes the Ruby Red! Yup, gonna look like Dorothy…

  634. They are super cute!

  635. Even the packaging is adorable! Who can resist a Tiffany blue box with a cute yellow flower on top?? A pair in every color, please!!

  636. Can’t wait to order a pair!

  637. The mint patent are my favorite!

  638. I love the ballet pink, pink goes with so many other colors!

  639. I would love the fuchsia or aqua!

  640. I’ve been eyeing these for awhile, but nowadays diapers come before shoes! :(

  641. The aqua ones are amazing. Ill pick that color :)

  642. Oooh. I love these! I follow them on twitter! I love the lavender snake but also like the black patent leather ones!

  643. I would start with camel or lemon patent! I have stared at these for weeks dreaming of wearing a pair!

  644. I’d choose the Brentwood ones.

  645. The Diamond White Croc ones. GORGEOUS!

  646. It’s hard to choose just one, but I would have to say Pink!

  647. I would totally get the electric snake. Adorable!

  648. How cool are the Galactic Green ones?! Totally pick that color first!!

  649. I own the camel color and would love to wear the pink!

  650. Either the mint or hot pink – how can you choose only one? :)

  651. Gold or black, but I’m also loving the snake skin! (too many cool choices :P)

  652. I so want a pair of these. I think I’m a little late in the game too. Picking a color is so hard. I love the green ones.

  653. Wow! That’s a tough one! I would probably start off with matte black??? But now I’m second guessing. lol

  654. The snake print is lovely!!

  655. I love the Tangerine.

  656. Mint!! So cute!

  657. Tangerine is beautiful!!

  658. I love the metallic pewter!

  659. I like turquiose :)

  660. Definitely tangerine – to match my kitchenaid stand mixer :)

  661. It would be easier to answer which colors would I not want to have. I think to start I would get cardinal red.

  662. I would pick the Fuchsia Tieks

  663. I would get the Fuchsia.

  664. I thought I would pick the fuschia, but I am loving that snake print!

  665. Oops! I would totally pick the fuchsia :)

  666. Those mint green ones right up there in that pic!

  667. Classic black would be my go-to order!

  668. Would love the sunset stripe!!!!!

  669. It is so hard to choose! I usually go for neutral colors, like Matte Black or Chestnut, but I am loving the Toscani shoe.

  670. The most comfortable pair of flats I’ve ever owned!! They look great on and the colors are fabulous!! Been dying for a second pair :)

  671. I would love a camel colored pair – they would go with everything!

  672. I love the fuchsia and clover green! So hard to choose! I’ve been seriously eyeing these for so long!

  673. I don’t even know what color id pick! Maybe hot pink or pewter :)

  674. I would pick red

  675. I love the Fuchsia!

  676. I probably go with a neutral grey or silver so they would go with almost everything I own

  677. I love the pewter! Funny, I just discovered Tieks recently and have been eyeing them up! I live in flats! Wonderful giveaway!

  678. I love these! I think I need pink!

  679. Super cute!!! I have heard of them but do not own a pair. Love/need a super comfy flat for the upcoming seasons.

  680. I love the gold

  681. I would love a pair in blue!

  682. Size 9.5 pleeeeeeeease

  683. I have been coveting these since OK! I would do a patterned pair, probably snakeskin for a nice neutral.

  684. I’d go with gold!

  685. I absolutely love the mint green!

  686. I love the hot pink!!!!

  687. Classic Fuchsia!!

  688. I love the Ballerina pink — classic shade that can work with just about any outfit. Thanks so much for the chance to win; I’ve wanted a pair of these flats forever!

  689. I love the mint green flats! These shoes look amazing! I’ve been eyeing for a while now but haven’t brought myself to order yet.

  690. They look great! I hope I win!!

  691. These are so cute!! Wouldn’t a closet full of then be beautiful!!

  692. Black, so I could wear them with everything.

  693. I’m a sucker for turquoise/aqua, so I’d choose Tieks blue!

  694. Mint!

  695. Mint Patent – perfect for spring!

  696. So hard to pick! I love the metallic pewter.