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The Best Picnic Recipes

It’s picnic season! Whether you’re headed to the park, the rooftop, or down the hiking trail, our list of The Best Picnic Recipes will get you off on the right foot. 

The Best Picnic Recipes! Top 25 recipes to pack your basket this season.

A perfectly packed picnic basket is like a work of art. A tantalizing puzzle of stacked goodies to be discovered, layer after layer.

Today I’m sharing the best of the best Picnic Recipes here on A Spicy Perspective. Picnic Recipes, that taste great at room temperature, are sturdy enough to haul around, and make any picnic feel like a feast fit for royalty.

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Gorgeous Market Bean Salad #healthy #salad #vegan #glutenfree

Market Bean Salad

An easy Bean Salad recipe with amazing taste and texture! This Market Bean Salad is loaded with black eyed peas, field peas, sprouted lentils and sweet peas, and fresh cherry tomatoes. It’s tangy flavor and clean ingredients make it a shoe-in for your favorite weekly go-to side dish.

Best Crispy Baked Zucchini Chips #paleo

Baked Zucchini Chips

Crispy Baked Zucchini Chips. A healthy paleo-friendly snack recipe that is loaded with flavor and crunch, yet light in calories!

Juicy 5-Ingredient Chipotle BBQ Chicken Skewers #5ingredients #grilled #kebabs

Chipotle BBQ Chicken Skewers

Smoky zippy 5-Ingredient Chipotle BBQ Chicken Skewers that are so easy to make you’ll serve them all grill season…. And make them in the oven the rest of the year.

Sweet Chili Pulled Pork from "The Recipe Girl Cookbook" #bbq #pork #giveaway

Sweet Chili Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork Tenderloin is the quickest way to satisfy a craving for southern pulled pork. This east-meets-west Sweet Chili Pulled Pork Recipe is a great take-along for all your spring and summer picnics.

Vietnamese Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

A zesty Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich, stuffed with cucumbers, pickled veggies, and fresh herbs.

New Orleans Muffaletta

New Orleans Muffaletta

Layers and layers of meat and cheese with bold chunky olive salad piled high, sandwiched between two massive slices of bread. The Muffaletta is pure sandwich ecstasy.

Summer Italian Pasta Salad with sweet oranges, basil and golden tomatoes! #pasta #pastasalad #summer #italian

Italian Summer Pasta with Orange and Basil

Cool fresh Italian Pasta Salad with Sweet Oranges, Basil, and Golden Tomatoes. So easy and so delicious! A summer pasta salad you’ll be making all season.

Simple Pesto Chicken #dinner #chicken #pesto #delallofoods

Easy Parmesan Pesto Chicken

Simple and sensational parmesan pesto chicken served over fresh summer pasta salad. This pesto chicken pasta dish is sure to be your new go-to dish this season!

Baked Apple Chips #healthy #fall #apple

Baked Apple Chips

Easy baked apple chips that you can feel good about serving your family. These crunchy little chips are low on fat and high on flavor.

Pretzel Recipe - Honey Sriracha Knots! #superbowl #pretzels #appetizer #snack

Honey Sriracha Pretzel Knots

Itty bitty pretzel knots kissed with honey and sriracha salt! This sweet and spicy pretzel recipe will be a hit on game day, or at your next party.

Thai Chicken Noodle Bowl with Peanut Sauce

Thai Chicken Bowls with Peanut Sauce

Fresh and vibrant Thai Chicken Noodle Bowl with Peanut Sauce! Loaded with veggies and kissed with creamy peanut sauce, these noodle bowls make a marvelous meal any time of day.

Bacon Corn Salsa | ASpicyPerspective.com

Candied Bacon Corn Salsa

Salty-sweet indulgences to brighten your day. A salsa you just can’t stop eating!

Spring Kale Salad with Pecorino, Strawberries, and Pine Nuts

Kale Salad with Pecorino and Strawberries

A slightly wilted kale salad recipe kissed with a honey-lemon dressing, and tossed with crunchy pine nut, nutty pecorino cheese, and bright blushing strawberries.

#Copycat Garretts Popcorn AKA "Chicago Mix Popcorn" #caramel #popcorn #cheese #fall #holidays #party #ediblegifts

Chicago Mix Popcorn Recipe

Want to make famous Garrett’s Popcorn at home? This simple guide to blending the perfect caramel popcorn recipe and cheese popcorn will make you feel like you’re strolling down Michigan Avenue in the windy city.

Pasta with Peas Smoked Almonds and Dill

Pasta with Peas Smoked Almonds and Dill

Pasta with Peas Smoked Almonds and Dill is a great make-ahead dish for gatherings such as barbeques and picnics. It can sit out a long time and still hold up. With a pop of smoke and herby essence, this pea pasta will brighten any picnic.

Tabbouleh Recipe

Tabouli with Feta and Endives

The bright pop of lemon paired with the nutty essence of the bulghur wheat, and the cooling effects of mint and cucumbers are hard to beat. Plus Tabouli holds up for days in the fridge.

Fresh Tomato Tart

Fresh Tomato Tart

I learned to make traditional tomato pies shortly after moving to the South. Fresh tomato pies are delicious and comforting.

Apple Stuffed Baked Ham with Honey Mustard Glaze on ASpicyPerspective.com #ham #easter #holiday

Apple Stuffed Baked Ham 

Our easy (and gorgeous) Baked Ham with Honey Mustard and Apples will be the perfect centerpiece of your next holiday meal. Crispy edges, juicy pork, and sweet baked apples nestled between the slices… What more could you ask for?

4-Ingredient Strawberry Lemonade Fudge Recipe on ASpicyPerspective.com #fudge #summer

Strawberry Lemonade Fudge

A creamy 4-Ingredient Strawberry Lemonade Fudge recipe that tastes like summer sunshine! This quick treat is perfect for picnics and summer parties and can be made in 5 minutes.

OMG... The Best Chocolate Malt Brownie Brittle Recipe on ASpicyPerspective.com #brownies #brittle

Chocolate Malt Brownie Brittle

A Brownie Brittle Recipe with a distinct Chocolate Malt flavor. This simple brownie “bark” or brittle is like a crispy brownie crust you can eat like a chip!

Awesome Blueberry Muffin Cake #blueberry #summer #cake #bundtcake #blueberrymuffin

Blueberry Muffin Bundt Cake

Simple and sweet blueberry cake loaded with blueberries and lemon zest, then topped sweet buttermilk glaze and crispy crumbly oat topping. This blueberry cake is a sensation any day of the week.

Awesome "Chocolate Potato Chips" Cookie Bars on ASpicyPerspective.com #chocolate #potatochips #cookiebars

Blueberry Muffin Bundt Cake

Amazing soft decadent Cookie Bars layered with chocolate potato chips, fudge topping and tons of crispy potato chips on the inside! You are going to love these.

Cornmeal Cookies (Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Variation!) #cookies #corn #recipe

Blueberry Muffin Bundt Cake

My very best sugar cookie recipe kissed with cornmeal and lime. So simple, yet so unique! You’ve got to try these.

The BEST Salted Caramel Cashew Blondies (Made with Yogurt!) on ASpicyPerspective.com #blondies

Blueberry Muffin Bundt Cake

A heavenly Salted Caramel Cashew Blondies Recipe, kissed with cashews and little morsels of salted caramel. Just what you need to satisfy your “salted caramel” cravings.

Dessert In A Jar

Blueberry Muffin Bundt Cake

Fun and fabulous Chocolate Parfaits that are perfect to take on picnics or to birthday parties at the beach! These Brownie in a Jar treats are loaded with layers of Chocolate Malt goodness and heavenly cream, then neatly packaged for wherever you may roam.

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