I had a truly unique experience last week and I thought it would be fun to share… Dinner with Sister Schubert. Thanksgiving dinner never had it so good!

Cooking with Sister Schubert #SisterSchubertsHolidayPhoto from Tracey Harrelson

You may associate the name “Sister Schubert” with warm bread, or the darling little brown-eyed cameo you see on the front of your favorite frozen yeast rolls.

At least I do.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Sister Schubert (Patricia “Sister Schubert” Barnes) in Andalusia, Alabama.

Andalusia, Alabama

Sister, as everyone calls her, invited a small group of bloggers into her home to cook and enjoy a holiday meal comprised of southern dishes that comfort the soul. It was such a joy to cook favorite southern staples with her, learn from her, and actually make her famous Parker House Rolls from scratch in her kitchen.

Dinner with Sister Schubert #holidays

Sister told us the story of how her business started… She has early memories of baking rolls with her grandmother as a little girl. And as she grew she became the resident bread maker for all family affairs.

Thanksgiving with Sister Schubert #holidays

Back in the eighties Sister participated in a church fundraiser, selling small round pans of her Parker House Rolls. She discovered she could bake and freeze each pan, so that the buyers only needed to warm them in the oven for a short time.

Baking with Sister Schubert #holidays

She sold out of her rolls quickly. Yet the next year when the fundraiser took place, there were over 300 buyers before she decided to stop taking orders, for fear of not being able to fill them all.

Word travels fast, and Sister realized that her family wasn’t the only group of people that enjoyed her warm pillowy rolls.

A Holiday Dinner with Sister Schubert #holidays

Over two decades later, Sister Schubert is still baking up the best pre-made rolls you can find anywhere! Heck, Sister’s freezer rolls are better than my homemade roll recipe, I’ll admit it.

Sister’s dedication to baking comes from a much deeper passion… to spread love by serving and feeding others.

Cooking with Sister Schubert #SisterSchubertsHolidayPhoto from Tracey Harrelson

From the moment we walked in the door, I felt Sister Schubert’s kindness and generosity in her words, actions, and the obvious time she had spent preparing for us. I truly believe she treats everyone that way.

Thanksgiving with Sister Schubert #holidays

Sister even took the time to prepare a dessert recipe from each of the five bloggers.

Sister Schubert's new BFFs

A Holiday Dinner with Sister Schubert #holidays

She made my Epic Brownies.

Tracey’s Lemon Coconut Bars. (Sister made them into little tarts.)

Chris’ Pumpkin Ice Cream.

Paula’s Applesauce Truffles.

And Christy’s Cranberry Bars.

Dinner with Sister Schubert #holidays

…I kinda love her.

I left feeling like I met a true friend and role-model.

Cooking with Sister Schubert #SisterSchubertsHoliday

Sister Schubert has a new feature on her website for the holidays called “Needlequotes” that you’ve got to check out. It’s an amalgamation of Sister’s love of Needle Point, her excitement for the holidays, and her heart to spread joy through the season.

Needlequotes is a graphic maker that you can paste your favorite quote into, and then it creates old-timey needle point style graphics for you to share with friends and family this holiday season.

Like this…

Sister Schubert Needlequotes

You can send them through email, or post them on Facebook or your favorite social media platform.

Try it – It’s fun!


Disclosure: I was invited to participate in Sister Schubert’s ambassador program with sponsored content. All opinions are my own.

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