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Spring into Maxi Dresses

We’ve got a fun fashion post today from my friend and favorite fashionista, Cara Leavitt. Cara’s here to share the low down on Maxi Dresses with us… So we can all look as spectacular as she does. (My words, not hers.)

Spring into Maxi Dresses 2014 #style #maxidresses #spring


I’m Cara Leavitt. Owner of SweetMama Cupcakes & More. Single Mother of 4 sweet and active kids, that keeps me on my toes, and are future world changers in their own right.

I love to create things. Whether it is through cooking, baking, decorating, photography, or fashion. All of it is something to make my own.

I love to travel and discover how different people are. It keeps life exciting!

I have always loved clothing and I am interested in how to stay hip and cool, yet comfortable, with a twist of my own style. I am a vintage-modern girl at heart. So please join me on this adventure of ever changing fashion, I hope you can take my ideas and create something of your own!

Spring into Maxi Dresses 2014 #style #maxidresses #spring

Spring is finally in full swing, well maybe not weather wise, but it is fashion wise! I don’t care if the weather keeps fluctuating from 70 degrees to 40 degrees, I am ready to get my spring wear out.

Waking up at 6:30 in the morning is just not this night owl’s thing! But I must.

I have 4 kids to get ready, breakfast, lunches packed, 3 different schools and out the door I go, dropping the last child off at 9 am! I scan my closet to see what to wear (besides comfy yoga pants) so I don’t embarrass my kids, and a light bulb comes on.

I have found my outfit.

Spring into Maxi Dresses 2014 #style #maxidresses #spring

I grab a Maxi Dress! I love Maxi Dresses. They are a no brainer to me. I mean, I don’t have to think of matching tops and pants. I don’t have to button pants, to remind me of my winter weight I put on either.

It is a mindless slip of a dress that, at times, feels like a long night gown. I mean how good is that?!

I look all put together with a slip of a long dress…. So no embarrassing my kids, or even myself.

When in need a cute budget friendly Maxi Dress, my go-to place is Target. It works for all shapes and sizes and I like that. Maxi Dresses can be worn with flip flops, Converse, or sandals to keep them casual. To dress up a Maxi Dress, you can add wedges or heels.

How versatile is that?!

Spring into Maxi Dresses 2014 #style #maxidresses #springConverse shoes are a fun way to make a dress hip yet casual.

The cool thing about Maxi Dresses is they come in all sorts of styles, pretty much making it easy for anyone to wear!

The original style Maxi Dress was long to the ankles, empire waist, and A- line.

Spring into Maxi Dresses 2014 #style #maxidresses #springThis empire waist style, elongates the body and gives a feminine touch with the lace.

Now you can get a Maxi Dress in any style: spaghetti strap, strapless, short sleeve or sleeveless. Add a cardigan or jean jacket for the cooler nights to this style.

Maxi Dresses offer endless “go to” style!! I think I am in LOVE!

Spring into Maxi Dresses 2014 #style #maxidresses #spring

The newest style of Maxi Dresses is shorter in the front and longer in the back. This maxi is perfect for all heights. For casual or fancied up, I go for this style especially if I have tan legs, and want to get my flirt on. (Or strike a pose!)

Spring into Maxi Dresses 2014 #style #maxidresses #springMatched with a beautiful bronze-unearthed blue tiger necklace

A nice addition for a Maxi Dress is BRACELETS! Now, I am not a big jewelry person. I don’t have many “statement” necklaces and I don’t have flashy earrings. But what I do have are cute bracelets.

Nice simple bracelets complete a Maxi Dress with ease.

Spring into Maxi Dresses 2014 #style #maxidresses #springMixing bracelets are perfect. Here I have leather with wood beads and faux pearls.

So if you have been hesitant to try on one of these lovely styles of Maxi Dresses, try it!

You may be surprised at how much you love it.



Where to Find

Faux Leather Pink Dress with Sheer Bottom

Converse Tennis Shoes

Leather Wedges

Bronze Unearthed-Blue Tiger Necklace

Various Bracelets

Grey Empire Waist Dress and Blue High/Low Dress

Grey Floral Dress

Strapless Dress

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  1. Love the fashion blog and all great ideas

  2. Love how easy and pretty maxi dresses are – great for busy moms – thanks for sharing all these fun ideas!

  3. I can’t wait for more ideas.. I love your fashion perspective!! ❤️

  4. I love these ideas and I’m gonna get me a few maxi dresses now!

  5. I love this! Thanks for all the links! Can’t wait to read more of your fashion advice.

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  7. just wondering about the dress with the peachy/tan top and patterned bottom half. it seems there isn’t a link for that one that works. :)

  8. I would love these but I’m so short! I think they would make me look fat! Any short people wear these??

    • The Maxi Dress that would look cute is the one that is short in front and longer in the back. I have friends who are 5’2 and wear those ones, looks adorable! Then add a jean jacket if you want!

  9. With three kids, work, and busy schedules I love these looks!

  10. I am a huge fan of maxi dresses in the summer. great post!