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The Shoe Party!

Kimber is here today with another inspiring story about how crafters are making is difference in the world.

Kimber Westmore

A chance encounter with a YouTube video took two people out of their comfort zone and lead them to Uganda. The video that broke their hearts showed children who were infected with jiggers; small sand fleas that lay eggs in children’s bare feet. These eggs cause sores, infection and sometimes amputation.

Sole hope trickets

Sole Hope is an organization dedicated to putting shoes on children’s feet, one pair at a time.

jean shoes

Shoe parties are now giving new meaning to: birthday celebrations, a night out with the girls and community service groups. Friends, family and classmates are grabbing their scissors and an old pair of jeans to spend time together celebrating the opportunity to change lives.

sole hope

Kumon Learning Center business owner, Nancy Milkovich, offered her students an opportunity to join in the fun. She asked them to bring a tattered pair of jeans to the “party.” Each child was able to re-purpose their jeans by cutting the fabric into specific shapes. Nancy shipped the pieces to Sole Hope where African men and women are being taught a trade-how to make shoes.


Today, Shoe Cutting Parties have become a celebration of hope, giving a simple but life-changing gift to children across the world. And who doesn’t love a party?

You can change the future for children in Uganda by joining this volunteer movement. There are all types of volunteers and you may just be a perfect fit to:

  • Host a Shoe Cutting Party
  • Make a Donation or Sponsor Shoes
  • Hold a Collection at Your School, Church or Any Other Civic Minded Group. Sole Hope is in need of simple items to help with jigger removals.

Crafts Changing Hearts

We at CCH believe that hearts can be changed on both sides when we do what we love to make a difference in our world. Join in the fun by visiting our website at CraftsChangingHearts to find a story that ignites your journey of changing hearts.

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  1. What a great story! I love this concept and it is so needed! Thanks for posting on it.