Sherry Cherry Cobbler Cocktail

Springy Sherry Cherry Cobbler #Cocktail - AKA the Sherry Cobbler!Weekend cocktails with Erin Hawley are back this spring, with today’s Sherry Cherry Cobbler Cocktail. This vibrant “Sherry Cobbler” is just the beverage to serve at spring parties!

Sherry Cherry Cobbler #Cocktail - AKA the Sherry Cobbler!

Erin Hawley

From Erin:

The sherry cobbler is one of the oldest American-born cocktails. This 19th century drink is making a comeback in lots of cocktail bars, but is also very easy to replicate at home. In this variation, the Sherry Cherry Cobbler Cocktail, I added a little bit of rye whiskey to give it a spicy, boozy boost.

Cheers and Happy Weekend!

Cocktails for Spring - Sherry Cherry Cobbler #Cocktail - AKA the Sherry Cobbler!

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One comment on “Sherry Cherry Cobbler Cocktail

  1. [email protected]posted March 14, 2015 at 9:01 am Reply

    Just the name gets me, Sherry Cherry Cobbler Cocktail. Can’t wait to try. So easy and pretty. On my shopping list: Amontillado Sherry and cherry jam!!! Pinned!

    Rating: 5