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Selecting Custom Countertops

Need help selecting custom countertops for your new kitchen, bathroom, or office? We’re featuring the last major element of our new office today, our beautiful new countertops today… 

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

If you’ve seen our latest remodel posts, you know we recently turned our detached garage into our new office and photography studio.

We knew right away what cabinetry and lighting we planned to use in the new office, but struggle to determine what kind of countertops to incorporate.

We needed something really sturdy, something budget friendly, and oh yes… we wanted beautiful countertops as well.

Stone or marble surfaces seemed a little ostentatious for our new office, and were frankly unnecessary and out of the budget. So we started to look for other custom countertop solutions.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

We ended up deciding on laminate countertops, but trust me, these are not your grandmothers laminate countertops.

We went with Wilsonart High Definition Laminate Countertops because they have a brilliant textural finish that looks like a stone surface, yet is much more eco-friendly. Wilsonart’s HD Laminate series is available in more than 50 beautiful patterns, and offers easy care and durability along with style.

Wilsonart has taken the lead in reshaping the process of making laminate countertops. Their technical department worked with suppliers to ensure all source materials such as kraft, pulp, and decorative paper met stringent FSC certification requirements. Wilsonart is the first North American laminate manufacturer to achieve Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody Certification, and they are Greenguard Certified as well.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

See how they look in the office?

You would never know they aren’t stone. The color we chose is called Spring Carnival, a light marbled surface that complements the medium tone of the cabinetry.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

Also notice the modern rounded edge… We were able to select an edge that elevated the clean modern feel of the office.

We love our new Wilsonart Countertops and would definitely use them again in other projects. They are sturdy, green, and easy on the wallet.

Plus I can shoot food on them!

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

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3 comments on “Selecting Custom Countertops”

  1. It really looks like mine! It’s a high pressure laminate from Formica!

  2. very attractive, but I love crushed quartz – have had Silestone counters for 11 years now and wouldn’t use anything else. They can handle hot pans; I can roll dough on them and they don’t need any special treatment like granite or marble.

  3. Everything is looking so nice. Love the color of the countertops! :)