Rhubarb Sparkler Cocktail

It’s weekend cocktail time with Erin Hawley! Erin’s sharing her light pink Rhubarb Sparkler Cocktail today. A refreshing sensation for summer.

Rhubarb Sparkler Cocktail on ASpicyPerspective.com #summer #cocktails

Erin Hawley


This cocktail took inspiration from one of my favorite early summer desserts, strawberry rhubarb pie. Rhubarb has a pretty small window of seasonability so I like to try and use it in everything possible when it’s available. This cocktail is fairly low in alcohol (because it’s wine based) allowing you to indulge in a few more than normal. The Cocchi Rosa can be found in most wine shops and has a nice bitter strawberry flavor that compliments the rhubarb.

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