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Office Remodel Reveal!

It’s finished!!!!! Our old detached garage is now our new ASP office and photography studio, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

I’m a snoop, I’ll admit it freely.

Before I had kids I used to love driving through certain neighborhoods at night so I could see into beautiful dining rooms and living areas. I wasn’t trying to spy on anyone in particular… I just loved to look at the furnishings and wall colors, and dream about how I might decorate my house someday.

Is that creepy?

(This was before blogs and Pinterest, people. How else was I suppose to find inspiration?)

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

So for those of you, like me, who love to look around others peoples’ homes for design ideas, we’re sharing our latest house project today.

It’s ok to be really excited about this… We can all be creepy together. *wink*

Four the last four years of A Spicy Perspective, I have been working out of a small home office across from our kitchen.

It is a nice room with large windows and built-in shelves, yet as time passed my little office started to disappear under a pile of dishes, photography equipment, and props.

I loved having my office so close to the kitchen, however the overflow of both office items and kitchen tools started spilling out into other rooms of the house. Therefore I find myself working in all rooms of the house.

Honestly, it’s turned into a big fat mess.

Since I’m a one-tracker (and cannot multitask whatsoever) we decided I needed a separate space to store my photography equipment and props, and to work in peace.

Our solution was to use our detached garage that was being used as a “man room” into the new and improvement ASP Headquarters. The garage is right behind our kitchen for easy access and would provide more storage, a place to photograph food in natural light, and work space for both Dan and I.

Home Improvement: Garage to Office Remodel #diy #remodel

With the help of Shenandoah Cabinetry, Barn Light Electric, and Wilsonart we set out to design a work space very specific to our needs.

We installed Shenandoah Cabinetry and Barn Lights in our kitchen remodel last year, so we knew we were sure to get high quality and great style options with their products. However we chose Wilsonart countertops because we wanted a sturdy work surface that could take some abuse, and was budget friendly.

So now that you’ve seen the before shot of our garage, let’s take a look at the finished office.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

After going around and around about the floor, we decided to paint the concrete so it could stay level with the ground outside, and would be waterproof.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

The french-door style garage doors open up to let in light and fresh air.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

We decided to install a huge desk in the middle for office work and photography.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

We’ve got wall to wall shelves and cabinets for prop storage.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

With the doors, the skylights, and the awesome Barn Lights, I will never feel left in the dark.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

I found this industrial sieve at an antique store. It makes a statement as wall art, don’t you think?

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

We love how the doors open to a big view of our backyard.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

There’s even a place for my roll-out photography table.

Office Remodel Reveal! #DIY #homeimprovement

Now I have so much storage I don’t know what to do with myself. Maybe I need to buy more props?

It’s been a huge blessing to be able to leave my workspace at the end of the day, pick up the kids, and just be mommy, without the temptation of sneaking back into my home office to check a few more things off the list. Those of you who work from home know just how difficult it is to unplug when your office is always in view.

This Thursday and next week I will share more about this project, with specific information on why we selected what we did, and where you can find it.

Stay tuned!

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27 comments on “Office Remodel Reveal!”

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  2. It’s lovely! And I want that low table on wheels. That looks so perfect for overhead shots.

  3. This is AWESOME – seriously a dream!!

  4. That is downright spectacular! And I am insanely jealous! Congrats on getting a fabulous space to allow your creativity to flow!

  5. SOOOOO gorgeous!! Congrats!

  6. It’s beautiful!! I love how you used the wood settings as wall art! I could be totally creative in that environment. Love it!

  7. Love it! What a great space. I’d love to know more about your rolling table and how you hung your vinyls.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous space! What an incredible transformation. I’m jealous of all your storage room and that natural light! :)

  9. Fantastic, Sommer! Such a great space.

  10. If you keep making your house looking so beautiful, I am just going to have to move in with you! What an amazing space to work in! I love how you can just open the doors when the weather is perfect.

  11. Wow, congrats on the new space! It’s beautiful and it must be so nice to have a separate place to do all your blog work. Just awesome!

  12. What a wonderful spacious place to work in!

  13. This reveal is so gorgeous!

  14. that is AMAZING! and I’m pretty jealous, I must say! ;) enjoy!!!!

  15. So jealous of your new workspace, Sommer. It’s beautiful!!

  16. What an awesome space to work in. I love the all of open shelving and the two huge doors to the outside.

  17. Super pretty!! I can only imagine what fun it will be for you to work in that great space!!

  18. I love it!!!! It’s amazing how much more productive we feel when we have our space designed specifically for our needs.

  19. Your work space looks amazing, so jealous! This is the dream of every food blogger!

  20. Sommer, I LOVE how it turned out. SO happy for you. Just a few steps away from your beautiful kitchen … now I can picture where you’ll be working! Happy for you!!

  21. Yours is one of my very favorite blogs. I enjoy it very much. Your new workspace is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  22. A huge success Sommer! I love the fact that you can let nature in through those doors–a great place to work! And yes, you aren’t alone–I sneak peeks in homes too!

  23. I love to snoop at other peoples homes as well. I am in love with your new office space. Ya’ll created it well and I would probably never leave except to go make the actual food.

  24. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this reveal! I’m one of those people who likes to walk around the neighborhood at night and peek in to see how people decorate too. Your new space is perfect!

  25. Sommer!!!! It looks amazing. Like a dream! Hopefully Dan wasn’t too sad about losing his ‘man cave.’ The lighting is perfection!!

  26. Wow! Just wow! Your new space turned out even better than I expected. It’s gorgeous and I know you and Dan will love working in there together! Beautiful!