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News for the New Year

Family meeting! Let’s talk about what’s taking place on A Spicy Perspective this year. We’ve got some exciting changes to announce.

Family Shot

At the beginning of every year, I like to take some time to think about what I do and why I do it… in all areas of my life.

Why do I treat my husband the way I do? Is it strengthening our relationship or tearing us apart?

Why do I parent the way I do? Am I making the right decisions or scaring my children for life?

Scary questions.

Corn Maze

I also do this in slightly lighter areas of my life like hobbies, travel, fitness, and business.

I have always enjoyed sharing our family recipes with you, as well as stories and glimpses into our life.

In a busy world where it’s so easy to feel disconnected with those around you, it’s a way for me to reach out to others, sharing a little something that I can offer to hopefully make your life a tiny bit more enjoyable.


– We share easy recipes with busy parents in mind, because we know just how hard it can be to get dinner on the table when you’ve got screaming toddlers clamped to your ankles.

– We share instructional recipes with new cooks in mind, because we know just how excited you are to tenderly pull that first souffle out of the oven.

– We share global cuisine and gourmet recipes with the adventurous in mind, because so many of our most passionate memories revolve around travel experiences and unique meals.

– We share treats with everyone in mind, because even though we care greatly about our health, we relish the thought of that twinkle in the eye, that only a warm cookie can muster.

These are the reason we continue to share recipes here on A Spicy Perspective. We love doing it, and we are utterly humbled that so many of you join us week after week.

Brands we love!

We have been blessed to watch A Spicy Perspective turn into a full-scale family business over the last few years. Starting in a time of many trials in our lives, it bloomed like an early spring flower in those last cold days of winter. The promise of a brighter future.

Along with readership growth, we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies.

We make it our goal to work with brands in an honest and forthright way. Here on A Spicy Perspective we only share products that we actually use in our home on a regular basis. If we try it and don’t like it, you will not see it here.

There are a few companies we absolutely adore working with, due to their commitment to excellence, and we are excited to tell you that several of these companies are participating as annual sponsors for 2014.

We are thrilled to continue sharing recipes and content with:

Musselman’s Apple Butter – Apple Butter just like grandma used to make

DeLallo Foods – Killer Pasta and Authentic Italian Foods

Land O’Lakes Butter – Fresh Creamy Buttah that belongs in everything

Shenandoah Cabinetry – Well-Built Cabinetry for your Kitchen, Bathroom and Office

Gold Medal Flour – Light and Fluffy Flour for Flawless Baked Goods

KitchenAid – Appliances I can always count on to help me through a Kitchen Challenge

To see more on why we’ve chosen to partner with these companies, please take a look at our Annual Sponsors Page.


Along with great recipes, there are quite a few others things we plan to share in 2014.

Here’s what you can expect to see…

Lt. Dan

Lt. Dan (AKA my hubby) who is our resident mixologist and recipe taster, is going to be around a lot more this year.  Starting this month, he plans to share cocktails, culture, and general guy stuff, geared toward our ever-growing male audience. But ladies, you won’t want to miss his posts. He’s EXCITING!

5 Minute Fix

Along with our regular weekly recipes, we plan to add an extra “quickie” recipe that can be prepared in five minutes or less. These simple recipes are things to help you get food on the table in a flash, or combine them with other recipes to mix things up!


We’ve got some big travel plans this year and can’t wait to document our experiences to share with you. These fun posts will offer you scenic shots, travel tips, and recipes from places we’ve been!

Home Renovations

When we’re not traveling, we plan to take on some major upgrades to our 80+ year old house. Stick around while we work through the sawdust. If you are a DIYer prepare to laugh at our looks of confusion.

Gardening, Fashion, and Fitness

We have some surprise guest bloggers coming on board this year to offer you tips and tricks to make other areas of your life a little better. Since I’m not an expert in any of these areas (although I’ve been pulling weeds, buying clothes, and working-out long enough that I should be an expert) you’ll get a fresh take from people I love.

Lots of Giveaways

Why? Because giveaways make people happy. And we all like to be happy.


So that’s it for the family meeting. Thanks for sticking around. We’d love to hear what you think about our plans!

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24 comments on “News for the New Year”

  1. Ooooh, I’m excited for what’s to come. I can’t wait to meet your hubs and learn about mixing up cocktails. You have such a beautiful family.

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