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New KitchenAid Products + Giveaway

Happy Friday! I’ve got a fun post (and giveaway) to share today, featuring some hot new items KitchenAid is making. You’ve got to see these…

KitchenAid Bakeware

I was recently introduced to a few of KitchenAid’s latest products, and thought you might be interested in hearing about them. Along with superior countertop and major appliances, KitchenAid now makes cookware and bakeware as well.

These products are designed to make our cooking experiences even better and it shows. I experimented with several pieces over the holidays and have fallen in love with KitchenAid all over again.

First off, I want to show you KitchenAid’s new Professional Cast Iron Cookware. This 6 quart cast iron casserole is the ultimate multi-tasker. It is extremely thick and heavy for even cooking over low or high heat, plus it has a lid that doubles as a grill pan for indoor grilling all year long.

KitchenAid Cookware

The enameled finish provides gorgeous vibrant color so the pieces are not only durable, they are easy on the eyes as well. The inside of each vessel is coated in porcelain enamel, meaning it doesn’t have to be seasoned, it is virtually non-stick, and is dishwasher safe.

Not to mention, the porcelain enamel is BLACK, not white. So it doesn’t stain over time like some of my other enameled cooking vessels.

I love this thing.

KitchenAid Cast Iron Cookware

I also baked with KitchenAid’s nonstick bakeware line over the holidays. Each piece is formed of thick professional-grade metal so they don’t warp under high heat and are rust resistant.

They are heavily coated in a long-lasting PTOA and PTFE free nonstick protective surface. I was amazed at how easily my Christmas cookies and rolls slid off the pans without any parchment paper needed.

kitchenaid bakeware 9X9

These KitchenAid items truly did improve my home cooking this December and are worth looking into if you’re in the market for new cookware or bakeware.

I’ve got a special coupon code just for you today!

Use the discount code SPICYP at checkout to receive an additional 30% off your KitchenAid order. This discount code is valid through 2/14/2014. (Discount for cookware and bakeware only.)

WIN New KitchenAid Cast Iron Cookware or Bakeware on ASpicyPerspective.com #giveaway

Plus I’m thrilled to tell you I’ve got a fabulous KitchenAid Giveaway today. FOUR of you will get to experience these items yourselves, right away!

One lucky reader will win a $200 6-Quart Cast Iron Casserole (just like the one in this post) and 3 lucky readers will win a set of KitchenAid nonstick bakeware, including a 9X9 inch baking pan, a jelly roll pan, and a mini muffin pan, valued at $77.

To enter, follow the prompts in the automated entry form below. For US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This giveaway is provided by KitchenAid. All product opinions are my own.

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626 comments on “New KitchenAid Products + Giveaway”

  1. Wow – these Kitchenaid products look incredible! Can’t wait to see the lucky winner!

  2. I love cooking my Mom’s Seafood gumbo, especially when it’s cold outside. i’m trying to get my Jambalaya as perfect as my Mom’s. I’m not a great baker, my Husband actually does the baking. He does a bundt cake from scratch that is really delicious.

  3. Now I am so excited to see who won..please ..let me win the dutch oven!! I will be happy for anyone though. Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I recently made your mexican crinkle cookies–totally not what I expected and a big hit–even with my 8yr old

  5. Oh can’t wait to get those pans. i’ll whip you up the best meal you have ever had

  6. Wow! I recently discovered your site and I’m so excited!! I never win anything, so this is just a way to say thank you–and good luck! Wishing you much success, Talya

  7. I love kitchen aid products…and I sure could use every item in this giveaway …

  8. love, love, love to cook and always looking for new recipes and ideas to try out

  9. I love Kitchenaide! I would love to win a mixer! Thanks for the chance!

  10. Love to make casseroles.

  11. I love baking cakes, cookies, pastries, and love to cook/prepare stews, hors d’oeuvres.

  12. I love making lasagna with fresh pasta. It’s relaxing and delicious.

  13. I like to bake cookies!

  14. I have been experimenting with various coffeecake and pound cake recipes. So far I’ve been pleased with the sour cream coffeecake I made during the holidays

  15. A soup pot is my indispensable piece of cookware.

  16. Need more cook & bakeware, just moved. Trying to set up my kitchen.

  17. I like to cook roasts in my cast iron and homemade chicken.

  18. Would love the new bakeware, especially the cookie sheets

  19. I like to make soups and casseroles.

  20. I love to bake anything cookies, cakes, breads

  21. Would love to update my kitchen with these! Still using wedding presents 35 years later.. *lol*

  22. We love making lemon bars!!!

  23. I can never get enough mini muffin pans. I use them for sweet & savory muffins, bread cups, wonton shells, puddings and so much more! Best thing to have in your pantry :)

  24. I mean….that’s a hard one. I love cookies, though! And making gnocchi!

  25. I love baking brownies!

  26. I love to make lasagna! Thanks

  27. I love baking cinnamon rolls because they remind me of my mom.

  28. My favorite thing to make is chocolate chip cookies because I eat them at every stage in the process! Joy the Baker’s brown butter chocolate chips are pretty fabulous.

  29. I love slow cooking, pot roasts are a favorite this time of year when it’s chilly. That enameled pot would be a great addition to my kitchen!

  30. I don’t know if I have a favorite. I’ve been thinking about making Hot Milk Cake again soon … it’s a simple cake that doesn’t need any frosting because it’s so moist and delicious. Fruit makes a good topping for it though.

  31. I love to bake cookies because I’m addicted.

  32. Cooking is my passion but baking is my life so either giveaway would be idea. Kitchen Aid products are fantastic. I still have kitchenware from before culinary school in great shape. Don’t ask how long ago that was…

  33. My husband loves anything I cook – his mama didn’t enjoy cooking! I especially enjoy cooking breakfast dishes – and have recently begun using a cast iron skillet like my own mama used when I was a kid.

  34. I am a big fan of the Kitchen Aid mixer, and their dishwasher. I am so pleased by the quality of their products.

  35. Would love to win these. Especially the casserole!!!!! Thanks for the great sweepstakes :-)

  36. would love that, how wonderful the red would look in my kitchen

  37. Does Ava come with it??? Miss her!!!

  38. My favorite comfort food to make is vegetable stew. … with a side if corn bread

  39. I love my Artisan mixer, and if the quality of the bakeware is half as good, it will last well and be a credit to any kitchen!

  40. My favorite thing to bake is cookies of all kinds :)

  41. Beautiful!

  42. I love to make lasagna and also to bake cakes and cookies

  43. I’m new to baking, but I love it!

  44. Favorite thing to make – cinnamon rolls!

  45. I would love to win this…

  46. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer and would love to use the cast iron to cook my soups and risotto.

  47. I love making buffalo chicken pasta. Yum!

  48. Love to bake cookies

  49. I love baking cookies and brownies

  50. I love to bake whole grain breads with dried fruit and nuts in it!

  51. Love the idea of the cast iron casserole with lid doubling as a grill!!!!

  52. I love to cook and bake anything! These pans look pretty nice!

  53. Would love these!

  54. I love to make chicken tortilla soup and bake mini banana muffins

  55. I need new bakeware and LOVE KitchenAid!

  56. I’ve always been curious how cooking would work differently in cast iron… maybe I’ll get to tell if I win?

  57. Wow. How cool is that. Go KitchenAid. I can’t wait to get this.

  58. I love the idea of a built in grill on the lid!! Why has no one thought of that until now????

  59. Oh, I forgot to add my favorite thing to bake…CAKE! My favorite is Hummingbird, but I love to experiment. My favorite meal is veggie lasagna with zucchini “noodles.” Thanks again for the recipe and blog:-)

  60. This looks and sounds yummy! I am going to let my twin boys help me fix this for dinner this weekend. Thank you so much for the recipes and tips you always provide!

  61. stuffed tomatoes they are my dad mixes the tuna with mayo and a tad of mustard not a lot! then cute the tomatoes top like a pumpkin fills it half way with tuna adds in some chopped bell peppers fills it the rest with tuna places the top back on and puts crackers all around it to make a pretty plate

  62. Love baking cookies with my little guys!

  63. I love to bake and do experiment on that. New bake ware would be exciting.

  64. My favorite thing to bake is a pumpkin sheet cake with cream cheese frosting. It is delicious. I can make anything good with pumpkin though. Pumpkin spice flavored anything and I am in. I use my baking pan more than anything I think and it is in sad shape, lol. I am a comfort food addict. Soups, casseroles and cakes. :) but they have to have kick. Lots of spice!

  65. I need all of it ;)

  66. No joke, this morning I was walking down the stairs, and I said, “I wish I had new bakeware.” How is it that bakeware gets so gross so fast?

  67. I love to bake anything – cookies, cakes, breads.

  68. I love cooking in general but lately I’ve been making a lot of pork chops and have been trying different ways to make them and my family has been loving them.

  69. I am still praying for good news and winning that cast iron casserole bakeware!! I would not mind winning anything actually, I never have in my life. At my age I may not..lol. Have a warm day and I love your blog for the New Year. The 2014 recipes are so cool!

  70. Homemade soup – all kinds!

  71. Love to make almond paste bear claws for special occasions (and cookies any time of the year).

  72. I have a stone bread pan that I absolutely love! I make bread for my family each week and this is a keeper!

  73. I love making stews in the winter and this cast iron casserole pot would be perfect for that.

  74. Love making Pecan Squares for the holidays

  75. I love baking bread!

  76. I love to cook chili and I love to bake just about any kind of cookie!

  77. I love making bread of all kinds!

  78. I so “like” your hand made pot holders! The dual purpose pot looks so beautiful & has endless possibilities! Love it!

  79. I love to make chicken and mushroom casserole!

  80. I love making pasta dishes!

  81. My favorite dish to cook would be Stuffed cabbage rolls – enjoy them a lot!

  82. I love making banana bread.

  83. I had no idea Kitchen Aid made cookware and bakeware. I would love to have the cast iron so I can make bread in it.

  84. Those look like wonderful new cooking tools. I am always up for new cooking tools!

  85. I love a good homemade lobster bisque!

  86. Kitchenaid coming out with cookware and bakeware? Fabulous! This time of year that casserole will be perfect for my chili and soups – to warm up these harsh winter days. But I also absolutely love to bake brownies of all kinds and “old fashioned” cookies for friends and family. This giveaway would be great!

  87. That is an impossible question to answer! I am constantly baking breads, cookies, and cakes, as well as making soups, chilis, and stews. They are all my favorite.

  88. I love to make chicken parm! it’s delicious!

  89. I enjoy making chicken soup, which would be great in this large cast iron pot. Brownies would be perfect for the baking pans.

  90. I love baking cupcakes :)

  91. I love cooking with iron wear. Home made soups, roasts and sauces are wonderful made in pots that allow slow even cooking.

  92. I love making Four Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni!

  93. Luv cooking fresh pots of soup and baking fresh breads!

  94. I love cooking soups and stews especially in this cold weather. The cast iron casserole pot would be perfect :)

  95. The cast iron casserole pot is gorgeous!! I would love this :)

  96. I love baking of all kinds, but sweets especially

  97. I love baking cookies and cupcakes.

  98. I love baking homemade muffins for breakfast!

  99. my son & i love to make fresh noodles for our chicken noodles soup & we also love to bake any kind of desserts as well as bake spaghetti :)

  100. The new cast iron 6 qt casserole is definitely the right size. I just called Tina and she said “I am still using that pot!” Today she made a cabbage roll soup or casserole, not sure what but she said it tastes just like cabbage rolls only they are cooked in a big pot. The kids love it! I really like the style so much!

  101. I love making lasagna and baking homemade cookies!

  102. I enjoy creating in the kitchen and am best known for my English Meat Pies.

  103. I love love love cooking/baking AND i love love love the cookeware/bakeware that goes along with it. I also have a recipe fetish…… :)
    Happy Cooking/Baking everyone.

  104. I love to cook and bake and don’t have a favorite dish to make. I have made many dishes that I would enjoy making again including coconut breaded chicken breast.

  105. My favorite dish to cook is probably spaghetti because it is one of my favorite foods. And it can be so simple with jarred sauce or complex with homemade. I love flexibility!

    Now if we are talking favorite thing to make altogether- it would be anything cream cheesy and sweet with chocolate! :P

  106. I love the idea of the dual use pan and lid. Saves room in limited space kitchens

  107. I enjoy baking new and interesting cookie recipes I find around the internet.

  108. fresh bread ,soups,lemon bars

  109. Who knew that kitchen aid made such beautiful cast iron cookware. Can’t wait to try it out.

  110. I love the red!!!

  111. I love to bake bread, cakes, cookies and cook 3 meals a day! I have 5 kiddos and a hardworking hubby. Myself and my homeschooled children do our best to cook and create daily to show our love through food!

  112. I love to cook soups, chilis, and casseroles.

  113. Chocolate Chip Cookies and CAKE!

  114. I saw these and would love to have that size it would be perfect for me and to make bread in!

    • Also I need a wok and a good food processor?? I do love that 6qt. I did get my daughter one for Christmas because she would not buy one but I knew she would love it and SHE DID!!!

  115. I love to make homemade chicken and dumplings!

  116. I never knew until now that KitchenAid had cast iron cookware. Awesome!

  117. I love to bake cookies and learning new things to try!

  118. I love baking bread

  119. I like to make soups and casseroles.

  120. I love to bake chicken enchilladas and chocolate chip cookies!

  121. My favorite dish to cook or bake? I think any baking is actually my favorite, whether it’s breads or some sort of dessert. :)

  122. Any kind of dessert! I have a sweet tooth.

  123. It’s a tie between cookies and yeast bread.

  124. SKillet baked goods- this would be perfect!

  125. I love making soups stews and brownies !

  126. I have all kinds of Kitchen aide stuff. I would love to win the bake ware and new cooking ware. I love to cook and I like to bake once in a while so this would be ideal for me.

  127. Love making homemade soups in the crock pot.

  128. Choosing one favorite thing to cook or bake is just about impossible! But I guess I’d have to say roast chicken, which also happens to be one of my favorite things to eat.

  129. I absolutely love making chocolate chip cookies! But I love to cook pasta dishes.

  130. Somehow the first half of my comment didn’t post! We love to bake around here – our favorites are chocolate chip cookies.

  131. Winning this would be awesome!

  132. I love to cook soups and stews in the winter. My favorite is beef with homemade noodles, very filling and warms you from head to toe.

  133. a Red cast iron pot would look GREAT in my kitchen!!

  134. favorite to bake is cake pops.

  135. I am SUCH a KitchenAid girl! I would LOVE to win this! =)

  136. I would love to win theses products, I am in need of new quality bakeware. The cast iron pot looks great.

  137. Would love to cook stews and soups in the cast iron enamel pot.

  138. I love to bake cookies. I love to pre make oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie dough and roll it up wrapped in the freezer to slice and bake at any given time for unexpected guests.

  139. My famous breakfast casserole or my apple crisp!

  140. I love red cast iron casserole for me to make my favorite chili. Thank you for offering this contest.

  141. My spare time, baking craving go-to is always muffins! (Or lately, baked donuts… which are basically the same thing right?)

  142. I love cooking a big batch of soup and my favorite is coconut curry chickpea soup!

  143. I would love the non-stick bakeware to bake upcoming birthday cakes.

  144. I enjoy baking cookies of any kind. :)

  145. I would make my famous 7 layer veggie lasagna!

  146. i love to make corned beef & cabbage

  147. That Dutch oven looks like it could be my new kitchen fave!

  148. These look great, would love to win.

  149. I love making lasagna!

  150. I love to bake lasagna and experiment with different flavor combinations

  151. I love to make lasagna. These look like great products!

  152. my favorite dish to bake is good ol’ vanilla cake :)

  153. So would love the casserole for soups, but whoever wins any of the pieces would great!

  154. brownies!

  155. Wow, love the look of the cast iron. I actually don’t mind a white enamel, though, as I find that the black can be too dark in deep pots (don’t mind it on skillets, though) and I like to see a fond develop. That bake ware looks amazing and would definitely be preferred over my supermarket ware, as the biscuit trays especially have warped from high heat usage. Even if I don’t win, I will definitely look out for these in stores! Thanks for the give away!

    • So just realised I was supposed to describe my favourite dish… I can’t go past a soft, fresh banana bread. It’s such a reliable dish and definitely a comfort food of mine. If I want to impress people, I will make some tartlets, as they are a cute, bite-sized dessert that you can have a variety of so things don’t get boring :)

  156. I love the look of these. I would love to try a mean roast in the casserole pan!

  157. These look like awesome products! I’m ditching my old worn out stuff and could really use something new under the cabinet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. I love baking chocolate cake

  159. Would love to win! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! My favorite dish to bake is spicy seafood lasagna!

  160. I love baking chocolate chip cookies and also a good fruit cobbler. These items would be perfect for my baking! Also, artisan bread in a cast iron pot.

  161. Could make plenty of great food with any of these :)

  162. Love to bake and cook with my husband. Would love the opportunity to test drive these new Kitchenaide items.

  163. oh they look so shiny and pretty

  164. Oooh! Love it!!

  165. I would love new bakeware :)

  166. I always love making soup especially Thai Curry Soup! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  167. fettucine Alfredo with Brussel sprouts

  168. I love making soup in the slow cooker.

  169. so excited about the new bakeware! I want to try them! Love all my KitchenAid appliances & utensils

  170. I love all of that bakeware and the big cast iron pot. That would be great for making one pot meals!

  171. I would like to win this for muffin tray and pot vessel. I only have the baking tray among those. I would gift that one to my friends.

  172. I love making homemade soups in the winter – I could eat them every night for dinner!

  173. I love to make Beef Stew and Sourdough bread.

  174. My favorite thing to bake is biscotti, so easy and so good and gets better the longer it lasts.

  175. I love to bake cookies.

  176. The pot would be awesome!

  177. I love to bake cakes and cookies.

  178. I love to cook homemade fettuccine alfredo.

  179. What a great pot! The grill pan doubling as the lid is great design detail…

  180. I don’t really have a favorite. I do love to experiment though!

  181. This weekend, I baked my very first batch of granola and it was AMAZING! So, now I’m thinking of ways to explore and expand my next batch of granola. I’d say at this minute, my favorite thing to bake is…granola. :-)

  182. I love making homemade apple crisp! I’ve canned apples from this fall, and I use them at least once a week for a delicious crisp my whole family begs for! Yum!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  183. I love making stock.

  184. The pot looks like it will be fantastic

  185. Just love to cook for relaxation and experimentation, and Kitchen Aid has always made great products!

  186. I love all food, wicked awesome give!

  187. My favorite dish to cook? Macaroni & cheese or a roast chicken with potatoes, onions & carrots. My favorite thing to bake? Cake! Or Cupcakes!

  188. I love braising meat in the oven!

  189. I love all aspects of cooking!! Now that my granddaughter is coming along nicely with our cooking adventures, any one of these Kitchen-Aide products could only enhance the experience ! Looking forward to 2014 as the year of the cook ! And waiting anxiously for new posts from your blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Kelly

  190. I love to make all kinds of soups and stews.

  191. I love to make bread. Any kind.

  192. I love baking! Especially cookies :)

  193. Anything sweet — cookies, cakes, breads!

  194. I love making cheesecake

  195. Cheesecake!

  196. Any and all types of dessert!

  197. My favorite dish to cook is any kind of tacos…I am 1/2 Mexican and my mom and grandmother )who spoke no English) taught me to making amazing Mexican food!

  198. I’ve been making mashed potatos like a madwoman lately, though now that the holidays are over, it’s probably time for me to find a new favorite…

  199. I love baking cookies & bread and just about anything else :+)

  200. i love to make pasta sauces full of vegetables and fresh produce to freeze. i’m making some right now. to bake, any kind of cake!

  201. Love making tacos or really anything mexican inspired. Thanks for the giveaway!

  202. KitchenAid is part of my childhood memories with my grandmother. She had a KitchenAid mixer for over 40 years. I have had one for over 25 years that I have used with my children baking and making memories. KitchenAid makes great products that last a long time. I would love to add these to my kitchen.

  203. I love to make chicken enchilada casserole.

  204. Love to make Chicken Pam with spaghetti squash noodles!

  205. I enjoy cooking lasagna!

  206. I love to cook and bake. My latest favorite recipe is an apple cake with makers mark glaze.

  207. I love baking Cheesecakes!

  208. I love KitchenMaid products and this is an awesome giveaway – good luck to all entrants. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  209. Wow, that looks like an amazing giveaway!
    Would love to win, thanks for the chance

  210. Great giveaway!!

  211. I am ready to bake!

  212. love these

  213. I love baking muffins for breakfast-blueberry are one of our favorites

  214. My favorite dish to bake is lasagna!

  215. I absolutely love KitchenAid products. Without my KitchenAid stand mixer it would not be as easy to whip up my favorite peanut butter cookies from scratch!!

  216. The KitchenAid pot would be perfect for making duck and sausage gumbo! Yum!

  217. Sausage and peppers- it’s my very favorite dish!

  218. I like to make vegetable lasagna.

  219. Love banking brownies from scratch, and chocolate chip cookies for my boys.

  220. I love making gluten free brownies with my daughter :) She finally is allowed to eat more foods so we’re adding to her recipe collection !! :D

  221. These look great!

  222. Pork chops with scalloped potatoes


  224. i love baking cheesecakes!

  225. Soup.Any kind that has lots of good stuff in it…I enjoy chopping everything up and throwing it in the pot.

  226. pretzels or bread!

  227. I love making homemade baked lasagna with lots of seasonal vegetables.

  228. I like to bake Aloha Brownies (pineapple, coconut & macadamia nuts) with cream cheese frosting.

  229. I love a pot of chili in the winter!

  230. MY favorite dish to bake is roasted chicken that I raised myself.

  231. One of my favorite foods to make lately is paella! It’s hard but so many good flavors!

  232. i like to make quiche any kind of quiche i love them all.

  233. I love to bake casseroles, seafood enchiladas, lasagna, muffins.

  234. Any soup during the cold Iowa winters!

  235. I love baking bread and pastry

  236. I think the first thing I will cook in my new pot will be veggie beef soup.

  237. my favorite thing to bake is scones! of any and every kind!

  238. Wow! What awesome prizes. My favorite thing to make is Mexican foods…any kind with homemade salsa.

  239. I love to make homemade lasagna

  240. Anything that can help my cooking is appreciated!

  241. I love to cook pasta casseroles and braise meats. Stews are a big favorite too!

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  243. I love to cook new meals for my 4 kiddos but their fave is my baked Mac and cheese

  244. I love baked chicken with 40 cloves of garlic!

  245. I love to bake cakes. Especially carrot and pineapple upside down cakes. I’m currently trying to incorporate these into cheesecakes just like the Cheesecake Factory does and this bake ware will definitely come in handy.

  246. I love to make enchiladas.

  247. It’s winter here in Madison, so I’m all about comfort foods right now, like chili, stews, soups or ragu sauces. Baking wise: I love everything: brownies, cakes, cupcakes etc. . love this giveaway!

  248. Chilis or a big pot of stew! These are lovely.

  249. Ive just finished making a pot of chilli

  250. I really like to bake cookies! I’m a baker by trade and I also love to decorate cakes! But just to bake, I’d say cookies. Plus it helps that they’re so yummy!!! baked or unbaked!

  251. that is some beautiful stuff! I love to cook

  252. pizza dough!

  253. Would so love to own one of these casserole dishes, I buy them as gifts but never for myself!!!

  254. My favorite thing to make is a toss-up between chocolate chip cookies and any sort of cupcake. However, I would really love to have that cast iron pot with the grill lid. It even matches my kitchen. :)

  255. I’m obsessed with cookies these days.

  256. Winter lentil soup in a cast iron pot

  257. I love to make my MIL’s individual Italian meatloaf’s.

  258. Love versatile cookware

  259. I love making a nice pot of chili!

  260. I love to win and to try diff. recipes !!!

  261. I love baking cakes and making lentil soups …

  262. enjoy making eggplant parmesan which requires stovetop and oven cookware

  263. Oat cookies !!!

  264. Chicken tortilla soup is a fav to cook!

  265. coco nut cupcake !!

  266. I love baking breads!!

  267. I love making soups!

  268. I like roasting chickens.

  269. Any pasta dish!

  270. Thanks for sharing. these look awesome; I would love to try them out

  271. I love to cook almost anything. I am like to try all different types of recipes!

  272. I love any type of cooking, sweet and savory dishes.

  273. I love baking snickerdoodles. It makes the house smell SO good

  274. I love making bolognese sauce to go with spaghetti squash.

  275. Great pot for making soups!

  276. Chicken tortilla soup is a fav to cook!

  277. I love to cook soups, stews, and chilis in my dutch oven! So warming and comforting!

  278. The Kitchen Aid looks great. Good tools in the kitchen make such a difference.

  279. I love cooking any type of desserts! Cookies, cakes, you name it and I’ll bake it.

  280. I love making chocolate cream pie with delicious toasted almond oat crust! Yummm!

  281. My favorite dish to cook is a hearty beef stew. This beautiful cast iron Casserole would be perfect for the recipe!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  282. I’m a sweets girl all the way. Cake and cookies are ever present in my house.

  283. I love baking apple cobbler, so easy and delicious!

  284. I absolutely love to make cookies. . . any kind, really.

  285. Love baking brownies!!! My family devours them in a minute! :)

  286. Lasagna is my favorite!

  287. Would LOVE the 6qt cooker but any would be great!!

  288. Bolognaise! I love all pasta dishes.

  289. I love cooking and baking, don’t think I could choose one thing!

  290. I love making baked chicken….I try a new flavor whenever I can!

  291. I love to cook Mexican Manicotti
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  292. The pot looks amazing! And the lid doubling as a grill , just awesome.

  293. Would love to win this!

  294. I love to bake/cook anything new. But my favorite is trying new rue(s) and homemade chicken noodle soup.

  295. So clever that the lid doubles as a grill pan. Love that!

  296. I love to bake in my new KitchAid mixer!

  297. I like to make Fresh Strawberry O’Cheese and Carrot Cake (what my family requests). I also love to make cookies, brownies, and muffins.

  298. I love to bake goodies for my family. Cookies, scones, biscotti, and more:)

  299. Love KitchenAid products!

  300. I love to bake bread.

  301. I love making macaroni and cheese!

  302. I love to bake homemade cookies!

  303. Hum..I LOVE both cooking and baking and hard to pick one dish..I have so many fave long held and love traditional southern recipes..that have been passed down for over 100 years..but, my most requested recipe is not even southern it is Chicken Paprikas (Hungarian)…but, I love my good ole southern dishes the best.

  304. I love to bake bread!

  305. I’m wanting to cook and bake anything and everything! Winning this giveaway would be a good place to start.

  306. I love baking cakes.

  307. I love to bake cookies, bread, pizza and bechamel lasagna the most. :)

  308. I love to bake crumpets.

  309. Nice pieces!

  310. My favorite thing to cook or bake depends on my mood and cravings. Right now I’m focused on finding delicious clean whole food recipes.

  311. Beautiful new line by KitchenAid – I would bake muffins and scones and cupcakes and then make a lovely pot of soup to keep us warm.

  312. I love making soups and baking!!

  313. I love cooking in cast iron pots and pans.

  314. J would love to win!

  315. I need some new kitchen goodies

  316. My Chocolate cake is so very good!!! People beg me to make it.

  317. I love making chili form my Hubby’s recipe! Thank you for introducing us to the new KitchenAid products – so cool!

  318. I so hope I win. I love to bake and would be thrilled to get the mixer.

  319. I LOVE roasted leg of lamb…and so does our family! And soups…all kinds of soups!

  320. I love to bake cookies and cupcakes!

  321. I like making pasta dishes – carbonara, spaghetti & meatballs, fettucine alfredo…

  322. I love baking cookies and need these kitchenaid pans.

  323. Baked mac’n’cheese :)

  324. I love to make cookies….baking a batch now. The cookware looks amazing. Just mixed the cookie dough in my 40 year old Kitchenaid mixer….a gift from my late Mom after I got married.

  325. I love to cook about anything that will be served to friends or family…

  326. I love to bake cookies!

  327. I love to bake cookies and german chocolate cake :)

  328. My favorite dish to make is soup, specifically Tuscan Vegetable soup. I make it year round and top it with cheese and avocado.

  329. Wow, what a nice giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  330. I love KitchenAid products and didn’t realize they had baking sets. Love to make things in the mini-muffin pans. Brownies or coffee cake in an 8×8 pan. Of course, the heavy duty pot with grill lid is wonderful for one pot meals.

  331. The multipurpose lid is great!

  332. Love to make soups and pasta dishes.

  333. My favorite thing to bake would be cupcakes, though I’ve ventured off that track a bit to bake healthier, but “I can’t believe it’s healthy’ desserts!

  334. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread!

  335. I like making broiled fish

  336. My favorite it’s Tiramisu cheesecake ! =)

  337. I love to make hot/sweet beef chili and cornbread because my Sweetie loves to eat it.

  338. love to make spaghetti & meatballs,this pan would be great for that)

  339. I like making zucchini bread.

  340. I love to bake and non stick baking pans would be one of my dreams come true.

  341. I love KitchenAid and have a few of their products. I am thinking of all the wonderful things I could cook in the 6-Quart Cast Iron Casserole. Love to win :)

  342. I love to make a big pot of chicken soup, especially on a cold day such as today.

  343. Lately I can’t get enough fish! It’s really easy to catch trout here, so I’ve been finding/creating all sorts of fun recipes for it.

  344. I love making yeast breads. You can’t beat homemade bread!

  345. I sure love my muffins and a good vegetable soup or vegetarian chili in that casserole would be AWESOME!

  346. Banana bread

  347. I love to bake hotdishes and desserts:-)

  348. I love a good, simple casserole, gluten-free of course! I make a Mexican Casserole with corn tortillas, beef, corn, beans, salsa and cheese. Yummy!

  349. We seniors love our Bingo and I love baking goodies every week for all of us.

  350. I have the same problem with the white enamel staining – would love to try the pan with the black interior.

  351. We don’t have a particular favorite, but love to try new recipes all the time.

  352. love the color of the cast iron pot

  353. This year, I expect a lot more baking adventures in my kitchen!

  354. Soup! I am obsessed lately!

  355. Love to make my oven baked taquitos…making them tonight!

  356. I enjoy making eggplant parmesan which requires stovetop and oven cookware. :)

  357. I love braised meats, game; juicy and tender. I make them almost year round. And for special occasions, i always bake savory muffins, which my guests can’t get enough of. This new line from Kitchen Aid is fabulous!

  358. I can’t even imagine how wonderful having that cast iron pot would be!

  359. My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes for my Daughters’ birthdays. Of course, they love to help out with licking the bowl ^_~

  360. I love, LOVE to cook!

  361. I love a braised pork or beef roast, fall apart tender. Wow, so fun to see all these products from KitchenAid…cool!

  362. What a great giveaway. Would be nice to start the year out with a win!

  363. What an awesome giveaway! I’m going to have to check out those products even after this, because I really want some of them. :)

  364. I love baking Italian food and desserts – thanks for the wonderful Giveaway!

  365. I love making tiramisu.

  366. For breakfast, I make a pretty simple egg/sausage/cheese casserole that has bread, parsley, and a few other spices included. It is always a hit!

  367. I love when kitchen items multitask. A lid that doubles as another cooking surface? Brilliant.

  368. Beautiful items! Would love to add them to my kitchen!

  369. Roast chicken and make soups

  370. I always love making homemade Spicy Mexican Chicken Soup!

  371. I already subscribe and also follow you on pinterest and facebook

  372. I love making soup and breads – like my Cheesy Potato Soup with Shrimp and James Beard’s Cuban Bread – also, fav cooking is in cast iron

  373. I would love these things!

  374. I love slow braising stews, and baking desserts.

  375. I really enjoy making beef stew with colcannon. I forget each year that it is one of my favorite meals until we have it again.

  376. Wow! These are beautiful pieces, thank you for sharing! :)

  377. I love baking cookies.

  378. I love to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch

  379. I love baking bread, quick and yeasted, and muffins!

  380. For me it’s homemade lasagna – I call it my ‘labor of love’ dish!

  381. My favorite dish to make is chicken and dumplings. Yum…comfort good.

  382. I love making homemade pizza.
    My dd is lactose intolerant so she needs her very own pizza!

  383. I love baking cookies!

  384. Wow! These products look fantastic! I’m going to have to go shopping soon! :)

  385. My favorite thing in the whole wide world to bake is chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. They are the ULTIMATE comfort dessert and movie marathon snack.

  386. I love baking banana bread and cookies!

  387. Love to make beef curry!

  388. Awesome giveaway!

  389. I love making soup during this chilly weather!

  390. I love to bake bread.

  391. Banana and chocolate chips bread. Yummy!!

  392. French Chicken in a Pot, soups, stewps and stews galore!

  393. I love baking and want to be able to bake the no-knead bread in the dutch oven.

  394. Love the look of the cast iron dutch oven. I am definitely a fan! We don’t bake much, however, we love cooking recipes from roast chicken to Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon in them! And, of course we then pair with wine on http://agoodtimewithwine.com :)

  395. I love to make a great soup and bake bread in the winter.

  396. I love making a hearty soup or stew!

  397. I love baking cookies!

  398. I love Kitchenaid but the only product I have is the mixer.

  399. Scalloped Cheesy Potatoes or Hasselback Potatoes, yummy.

  400. My favorite dish is biryani. When I make this it feels like my mom is in the kitchen with me. It would work perfectly in that dutch oven. I do love these kitchen aid items.


  402. I love to bake banana nut bread!

  403. I love making soups, almost any kind of soup!

  404. I love all the items u use for gifts on your pages!! I hope i am one of the lucky winners and Happy New Year!! These items look very professional and I would love to include them into my kitchen!!

  405. What a gorgeous color that pot is. I love it. I did not know they had bakeware. thank you for a great post.

  406. I love to bake!

  407. I love making cookies!

  408. Peanut Butter Pie

  409. Love Kitchenaid products and the blog:)

  410. I love to cook anything braised like coq au vin. Makes the house smell so good and its o warming on a day like today.

  411. Soooo cold in Central NY today! Cooking keeps me warm ^_^ Beautiful items today!

  412. chicken noodle soup. thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  413. Awesome giveaway and perfect for baking and soup season!

  414. Awesome giveaway!! Love that pot!

  415. Thoughtful giveaway!

  416. What an incredible giveaway! I love Kitchenaid. I was lucky enough to find a home with Kitchenaid appliances, so this would be a perfect compliment to my kitchen!

  417. My favorite dish to cook is Venison Picatta…the dutch oven would come in handy! My favorite dish to bake is Chocolate Zucchini bread.

  418. Awesome giveaway!

  419. I want that pot with the grill lid. I would be over the moon to get that. I could braise braise braise away and then grill grill grill. Perfect pan.

  420. My favorite thing to cook (I’m working on becoming a better baker, mostly I’m not very great at it.) is lamb stew. I know, an odd one…most people think of stews as crock pot them and forget them, I however, take care of my stew. It’s a very involved process for me. I brown my meat in just a bit of butter and then my veggies are quickly browned in that before being added to a warm stock. I also make all of my stocks from scratch. It’s a beautiful process that leaves my house smelling fantastic for days! Now I feel like I need to cook stew.

  421. Awesome giveaway! I could use these for sure! Thanks for the chance to win!

  422. I would love to win these great products.

  423. Mac & Cheese, yummy!

  424. Returning to my love of cooking after many “too busy” years…. cooking classes and following blogs… love your recipes and recommendations. Thank you SO much!!

  425. I love baking homemade bread. Since going gluten-free my Kitchenaid Mixer has been indispensable because gluten-free dough mixes up more like cake batter.

  426. Fabulous giveaway! I love making soup and baking brownies or muffins.

  427. Happy New Year! This looks amazing. I love baking cupcakes.

  428. My favorite dish to make is brown rice casserole, which is made in a dutch oven. I would love to win this gorgeous red one!

  429. That red is so perfect!

  430. I love cooking soups, especially on a cold winter day! Also, I love cooking various Italian sauces for pasta…the house smells so good.

  431. Great giveaway! So excited to see some great new products from KitchenAid!

  432. There is something special about a whole roasted chicken.

  433. What a great give-a-way, I would love to win this. My family would enjoy it too, when I am cooking them up lots of yummies.

  434. I love cooking in my 7 qt. dutch oven. Great giveaway!

  435. I use my jelly roll pans daily…they are the work horses in my kitchen. Would love that cast iron casserole though. Imagining great pot roasts and braises!

  436. I love baking cheesecake

  437. Soup! I didn’t know Kitchen Aid made a cast iron pot like this one and think that black interior is a great idea. Thanks for the chance to win!

  438. I love using all my KitchenAid appliance so this is so exciting to see them branching out to bakeware & cookware.

  439. What a great giveaway! We love to cook and in the winter we make a lot of braises and soups. The cast iron casserole dish is perfect for those recipes!

  440. I love Dutch-oven and cast-iron cooking in general, but my favorite recipe to cook is probably super thick cut bone-in pork chops with diced onions and apples. I’ve also made artisan bread in a pot like this. YUM!

  441. I love cast iron cookware! Especially for making homemade jams, soups, and more! Great giveaway :)

  442. I’m still learning to cook and finding favorites but I know that these would tremendously help me with that!

  443. Love to cook stews and soups but I also love to bake. Sweet potato biscuits being my new favorite

  444. I love making soups and cookies!

  445. I really like making homemade bread and rolls with freshly ground flour.

  446. I love my deep dish frying pan. I can cram so many veggies in there!

  447. The casserole dish would come in handy since I love making soups. One of my new year’s resolutions is to make a different soup recipe at least 3 times a month.

  448. I love making soups, stews, baking cookies and cupcakes!

  449. Beautiful cookware. Thanks Kitchenaid!

  450. I love baking cheesy casseroles

  451. I love making cupcakes. All varieties of flavors and toppings. I like making them with the kids. Family time.

  452. I just found out recently I LOVE to bake fresh cinnamon rolls in which the jelly roll pan would be great for :)

  453. All of those new KitchenAid products are great! I do love that beautiful cast iron casserole…clever idea that the lid is also a grill pan!

  454. I have a 9 and half quart Le Creuset dutch oven…. I love it!!

  455. I love to bake cupcakes.

  456. I love making chicken pot pies!

  457. i love cooking all different types of chili – the casserole would be great for that!

  458. This is an amazing giveaway! I love your blog, and would love to win this package. I invested in a Kitchenaid stand mixer years ago, and it is still going strong!!

  459. I love to make soups and chili!!

  460. I have an orangish Pyrex 2 qt. dish that my husband’s grandmother gave us 40 years ago. Love it! Use it every week, and think of her. She lived to 102!

  461. LOVE all these products! what a cool pan

  462. Huckleberry banana bread!

  463. I love to make Momofuko’s Bo ssam in the oven!

  464. Pancakes for my family

  465. My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes!

  466. Love that the top doubles as grill pan, What a great idea and less pans in the cupboard. can’t wait to use the discount to order

  467. I Love baking cheesecakes and I Love to cook soups & stews.
    That Red Pot is Beautiful!

  468. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Love to cook & bake and these products!

    • Ooops, forgot to say that my favorite dish to cook is my moms’ recipe for Hungarian Chicken Paprikás with homemade cloud noodles called Nokedli!

  469. I just love to cook! It’s hard to pin down a favorite but today I’m in the mood for Chicken pot pie and apple dumplings! :)

  470. My favorite thing to bake is definitely cookies :)

  471. I love cooking & baking with KitchenAid products! The casserole dish looks awesome!

  472. I really love to bake cookies. I also really love the new products because I could use some for my kitchen.

  473. I love to make meatloaf. I never use a recipe, just build on the basics (meat, binder, spice, moisture) using whatever I have around the house that night!

  474. My favorite dish to cook is Drunken Pasta with Crusty, Crunchy, Cheesy Garlic Bread with Garden Salad.

  475. Chicken and dumplings is my craving on this snowy day. Bubbly, savory and perfect in that casserole…and I bet I could get a nice brown on the chicken with that grill top. Ok, now I’m hungry!

  476. My favorite thing to make is bark…. any kind of bark,

  477. At this time of year, my favorite dish to make would have to be stew and dumplings! Love your site!

  478. I enjoy making spinach pie for my family.

  479. I love baking lemon bars.

  480. My favourite dish to cook has to be a HUGE pot of Chili! We do ours a bit differently, we make tacos on night one, then take the left-overs, add to a big pot, then add everything for the chili (beans, jalapenos).

    So good!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  481. I love rolls. Along with a good meal of some sort!

  482. The lid is amazing…what a great idea!

  483. Love that casserole pot – perfect for this time of year!

  484. The cast iron pot looks amazing – I’ve been wanting to try some new cookware and these look right up my alley

  485. I love baking enchiladas!

  486. FYI ~ Coupon code not working on KitchenAid site???

  487. I love to cook a stew or soup in a heavy onen proof pot and that one is gorgeous. Love the grill pan lid also!

  488. I love baking for my family. Especially chocolate chip cookies, however, I love make a hearty beef stew for us to eat as well!! Yum. Great giveaway!!!

  489. I love cooking soups & stews.

  490. It might be the cold weather we’re having right now, but I’d have to say a nice beef pot roast.

  491. I love the pot with the grill as a lid. My favorite thing to cook these days are tacos and Korean BBQ!

  492. traditional choc chip cookies

  493. Would love to make a pot roast in that red casserole!

  494. I have a Staub Dutch oven that is pretty awesome, but it so small, this larger size would be so much more useful for me. Plus, I’m a big fan of Kitchen Aid products. My stand mixer has changed my relationship to cooking, and when it comes to little gadgets likes peelers and can openers, I know I can trust Kitchen Aid.

  495. I love baking cookies :)

  496. Love the new Kitchen Aid products!! Would love to win that beautiful red casserole!!

  497. I love to cook with pork – chili is one of my favorites. Perfect in a cool pot like the one offered!

  498. I would put these products to good use in my kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway

  499. Super cold out today. I’m making beef stew and biscuits.

  500. Those fantastic prizes would be put to good use in my kitchen. =^)

  501. I love grilling and baking. It’s too cold to grill in TN right now. Either one of those would be a fabulous addition to my kitchen.

  502. What a great giveaway! I love that the inside enamel of the pot is black instead of white…very nice!!

  503. KitchenAid products are top quality. Exciting to see new products. Thank you!

  504. Right now my favorite thing is apple oatmeal in the slow-cooker. And no-knead bread.

  505. Great giveaway! love those items

  506. I love baking bread.

  507. Wow! Thanks for Happy New Year Giveaway contest!! AND Happy New Year to you and your family too!

  508. I totally agree with you on having the inside of the casserole black instead of white. It seems like I’m forever scrubbing my dutch oven to try to get out some stains…no such luck. That casserole would be perfect for some Chicken and Dumplings I do believe!

  509. Thanks for the discount.. Love your site

  510. My favorite dish to cook is a pot roast with carrots, parsnips, potatoes and onions

  511. My favorite dish to cook is Osso Bucco.

  512. I would have to say that soup is both a comfort to make and to eat! Love my cast iron for that and so many other things!

  513. Not only do I love baking most everything I also love making up new recipes. Winning any Kitchen Aid products would be great

  514. Cupcakes are my favorite thing to make :)

  515. Soups, stews,cookies, cupcakes! I love to cook, bake, and try new recipes!

  516. I love to make soups and stews. That big pot will be perfect!

  517. Love making macaroni and cheese or baking cupcakes with my kids.

  518. Would love to have any/all of these products…especially that 6 quart cast iron dish!! I love stews, soups, etc in the winter and this would be perfect.

  519. I love my Kitchenaid mixer–can’t wait to try their new products!

  520. Biscuits and Gravy

  521. Love the size of that casserole–looks like it would make a great pot roast!

  522. Moroccan Chicken :-)

  523. I love to bake cinnamon rolls.

  524. I love to bake bread.

  525. I would love to win either of these fabulous gifts. Thanks, Sommer!

  526. I’m a huge fan of cast iron! And I have pieces from the 1960’s.

  527. I love to bake pizza. My family loves it too!

  528. Asiago shrimp polenta! Comfort food at its best!

  529. My favorite dish to bake is Kolaches. My grandmother taught me how to make them years ago. I make all the fillings from scratch too!

  530. A big pot of Jambalaya would be the first thing I would cook in that cookware.

  531. I’ve lived in New Orleans all my life, so a big pot of gumbo or red beans would be awesome in that pot!!! Yum

  532. I am always on the hunt for the new and improved to make the kitchen run smoother. Hope you are well. I opened a kitchen store on Main Street in Hendersonville. I would love for you to come over and do a demonstration. The downstairs is where the cooking classes will take place and should be ready by March!!

  533. Oh my- currently my favorite would be mac & cheese – I can’t seem to get enough.

  534. Oh this is a wonderful giveaway ! Would love to win ! I have always wanted to buy a 6 quart cast iron casserole but just haven’t ! Maybe I will win ! Thanks for the chance to win !

  535. chili and some corn bread

  536. Just got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Christmas and LOVE it! Their products are awesome!

  537. I really enjoy making a brisket that uses onions, beer and cranberries. So easy to make and exceptionally easy to share and consume. Thank you for this opportunity.

  538. I love baking cookies and pies especially, and would love to use any of those KitchenAid products!!!

  539. I love to make soup of all kinds, especially this time of year!

  540. Great cookware and bakeware. Love it!

  541. Love cast iron!!

  542. I love baking cakes and cookies.

  543. I love baking any sort of dessert. I always feel accomplished when I make something super fancy or difficult.

  544. I would love to win the cast iron casserole! It looks like the top is a grill also! Great Idea, multifunctional. Kitchenaid makes beautiful cookware & appliances.

  545. This sounds like a work horse for the kitchen with a beautiful color to it. I would love to have this pot or bake-ware that is of good quality that don’t rust after a few uses.

  546. I love the cast iron casserole especially that lid, I love to make hearty minestrone soup and pot roast and the casserole pot would be perfect for that.

  547. I would love to have that casserole dish.

  548. I see Turkey Chili in my new pot!!!!!

  549. Who doesn’t love KitchenAid? They’re the best!
    Is that your daughter? She’s beautiful!
    I love cooking and baking but lately my favorites are paninis and cookies.

  550. I love muffin tins! They are so versatile!!

  551. These look like great products, I would love any of them. I am hoping to do more recipe tutorials on my blog in the new year!

  552. Love KitchenAid products!! The backing that could be done with these! And, OMG!, the pot roast dinner that I can make in that casserole! I’m kinda excited, can you tell?

  553. I see White Chicken Chili to the first thing in that beautiful pot!

  554. What fabulous cookware!

  555. I love to bake cakes from scratch.

  556. I would love to win the bakeware!

    Good luck to everybody!

  557. The multi-purpose lid on the 6 quart casserole is a great idea!

  558. Love this in my kitchen :)

  559. Comfort food-mac and cheese, soups, chicken and dumplings

  560. These are great products. I love making a good hearty stew in my crock pot.

  561. Wow, I love the double duty cast iron pot/grill, and the bakeware! Such a fantastic giveaway, thanks! Would love to have a pot of chili or some beef stew bubbling away…it’s cold here today!!

  562. I enjoy sweet and sour chicken. It’s pretty easy to make and the whole family loves it!

  563. I would love to try to cook in this pretty red pot. It would be nice to share my food with others to see how they like the new method of cooking. It would be new for me as I havn’t ever tried cast iron.

  564. I have so many favorites, but this time of year it’s definitely soups and stews. Chicken wild rice, creamy potato, morrocan chicken stew, the list goes on and on…

  565. I don’t know that I have a favorite dish to cook right now. I have been moving toward all whole food cooking from scratch, so cooking and baking have become a new world to me. For example, today I will be “soaking” whole wheat bread to bake tomorrow. Now that I am learning how to use fats and flours to remove cans from casseroles and such, every dish is like new :)

  566. I love to cook skillet meals.

  567. I love baking cookies and brownies!

  568. love making soups of all kinds!

  569. With the winter weather right now my favorite thing to cook is soups & stews. And baking scones.

  570. I’m a baker! Cookies, cakes, bread! And my new favorite for dinner is braising, during the winter I braise a lot and the use the braising linguist as a base for winter soups! Yummy!

  571. What I couldn’t cook with these items!! Would love to try them ALL!!

  572. I love my cassis colored le creusant!

  573. I love All things KitchenAid

  574. Would love to try the new cookware since have had a Kitchen Aid mixer for years.

  575. Wow! What a great giveaway! My only cast iron skillet broke when I dropped it in the driveway after a camping trip a few years ago, and I haven’t been able to replace it. I love that this one is so multi-functional! And the bakeware is awesome! Would love either! Thanks for the opportunity!

  576. Muffins are my favorite thing to bake.

  577. I love to bake. Cakes, cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls……

  578. I like making Mac & Cheese, its a great “blank palate.” Sometimes I add broccoli with bacon or Chicken with wing sauce. I’ve even made a pizza from the leftovers.

  579. These look fabulous! I had no idea KitchenAid made products like these!

  580. cupcakes are my favorite

  581. Nothing beats a slow cooked hearty soup simmering in a cast iron pan low and slow. And nothing beats whipping up a batch of big, fat chocolate chip cookies to go with that soup either! :)

  582. I love my dutch oven and my cast iron skillet! I use both multiple times per week.

  583. I like to cook roasts in my cast iron.

  584. I love making spaghetti bolognaise!

  585. In ’94 my parents ripped out the oven b/c of the Northridge earthquake and I never used one until I moved into an apt Freshman yr of college. My roommate taught me to make lasagna (w/ traditional red sauce) and that’s my fave dish! Now all my fave bloggers are teaching me to make it w/ white sauce, bechamel, and even Mexican lasagna!

  586. I love cooking in my cast iron! I have old regular black cast iron everything! It makes everything good! These colorful ones are so much nicer looking! Great giveaway!

  587. I don’t know what is my favorite because I am always cooking my favorite things.

  588. I love making soups – especially in the winter!

  589. I love baking fresh breads.

  590. I love making Julia Child’s beef stew. Would love to try it I this Dutch oven.

  591. I love baking blondies and brownies :)

  592. Would love the new bakeware, especially the cookie sheets

  593. This set looks amazing for home cooks – professional quality!

  594. Fun stuff! I love the double duty pot… with the grill plate!

  595. I am in love with this cast iron pot…it is incredibly thought-out…with the black non-stick interior and the lid is a grill pan!! genius!! I use my 6 qt pot for soup esp. lentils and my grill pan for salmon…those are 2 of my fave recipes to make. Thank you for such a great giveaway oppty…Happy New Year to you!!

  596. I would love to win something.

  597. I’d love to try the Kitchenaid cast iron cookware. I love my cast iron and much prefer the black interiors! Thanks

  598. WOW!!!what a beautiful pot,would love to have that in my kitchen! I would display it right on top of the stove grill for all to see! Crossing my fingers…and thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome products.z

  599. Mole chile in my cast iron dutch oven, cooked in a campfire.

  600. I like making cherry pie

  601. I enjoy making banana bread and muffins.

  602. I love to bake gingerbread and make divinity.

  603. Nothing beats cookies.

  604. Love that it is dishwasher safe!

  605. i love to use an old casserole dish to make mac and cheese

  606. Sounds like these are great products! Would love any of them…