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Midweek Musings #1

Every week I stumble across hundreds of fabulous recipes and ideas on Pinterest, fascinating blogs and photography sites. I try to link many of them in my own posts when appropriate, so you can see them as well. Yet I can’t ever seem to share them all. 

I’ve decided to make a little change to my regular Monday/Thursday Recipe Schedule here on A Spicy Perspective, to make a special place for all these fun finds. Starting this week, I will post recipes on Monday and Friday mornings, and a third post on Wednesdays I’m calling Midweek Musings.

This post will be a place I can share all the wonderful and weird things I come across online. Some are must-make recipes, others are practical How-Tos, and some are just little things that will make you smile.

Make sure to pop by on Wednesdays and take a peak!

Callye from The Adventures of Sweet Sugar Belle is an AMAZING cookie artist. Did you see the patterned eggs and bunnies above?!? She has a gorgeous cookie design for nearly everything under the sun. I love her tutorial on Chocolate Royal Icing. Just think of the possibilities!

No, no… I’m NOT pregnant, but I still love the idea of these Tree Shelves in a baby room. Or any room for that matter. As a former Muralist, I can appreciate all the hard work that went into these nurseries.

I’m suddenly craving these bright green Zucchini Fritters with Tzatziki. Come on Spring!

Look at this super cute white chocolate sprinkled Party Popcorn from Amy of She wears Many Hats. I plan to make this is bulk.

Won’t someone please buy me an Epiphanie Camera Bags?!? That way, I can stop shoving my camera down in my purse!

And last, just for kicks, a “Pin” of a little boy who found a box of stickers… brace yourselves.

We’ll talk Friday!

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6 comments on “Midweek Musings #1”

  1. I have started to form an addiction to Pinterest. I literally think it must be one of the best things about the web!

  2. The popcorn looks good and pretty! I just started to get addictive to Pintrest, it’s such a great rsource of so many different things!

  3. Nice! I like Pinterest a lot.

  4. I’m not pregnant either, but those tree shelves are just ridiculously cute! I spend way too much time on Pinterest!

  5. This is a great idea!!! I spend way too much time on pinterest, but I still need to see what everyone else finds!

  6. Haha. You can still enjoy baby stuff! I like this. Have to say, Pininterest is great to just see some really cool and creative things out there.