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Lettuce Leaf Hanging Baskets

Amy Jacko, our resident garden guru is here today to share a fun gardening idea with you, Lettuce Leaf Hanging Baskets.

How to Make Lettuce Leaf Hanging Baskets #garden #gardening #diy #upcycle

A Spicy Perspective on Gardening

Do you have limited area to grow herbs or veggies?

Or do you live in an apartment or condo?

You are about to run out of excuses for not getting you hands dirty planting!

Leaf Lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to grow and is perfect for limited space gardening.

How to Make: Lettuce Leaf Hanging Baskets #garden #gardening #diy #upcycle

Leaf Lettuce is considered a vegetable because it bears no seeds or pit, it is not a result of a blooming flower, it is the result of budding.

Leaf lettuce reaches maturity quickly and many weeks before heading varieties do. It thrives in cool weather and can be planted as the ground warms in mid-April. With luck, and maybe even a rain dance, you will be picking leaves for your kitchen masterpieces in 4 to 6 weeks from seed planting.

Make Lettuce Leaf Hanging Baskets #garden #gardening #diy #upcycle

Lettuce grows best in full sun or in limited shade areas. Plant it in either a flower bed, a raised bed, or a 12 inch wide hanging basket like this.

You will need  a packet of leaf lettuce seeds, or you can buy leaf lettuce as seedlings (starter plants.)

I also recommend a dose of liquid organic fertilizer at least once during the growing time. 

How To: Lettuce Leaf Hanging Baskets #garden #gardening #diy #upcycle

If you are planting from seeds, leaf lettuce can be planted in neat little rows or can be spread in a circle around the growing plant holder or hanging basket. Make sure to read the back of the seed packets on spacing for each variety of lettuce, and for instructions on thinning out the lettuce. If left un-thinned, the crowded baskets will produce small leafs.

Sow leaf lettuce seeds every 2 weeks for a continuous supply of fresh leaf lettuce. Plant seedlings every 4 weeks for a continuous supply. As your leaf lettuce grows, cut a few outer leaves from each plant every other day for your cooking needs.

Leaf lettuce is not as crisp as romaine but it is as tasty as any other lettuce, and is easier to grow than most.

Easy Lettuce Leaf Hanging Baskets #garden #gardening #diy #upcycle

To add some sass to your porch, deck or balcony, look for creative planting containers to plant leaf lettuce in.

I found an old colander that I turned into a hanging basket  for leaf lettuces. Think outside the box (or should I say planting container) when looking for something to use as a planter.

As long as it has drainage holes you can try it out as a planter. Drill drainage holes if needed.

How to Make Simple Lettuce Leaf Hanging Baskets #garden #gardening #diy #upcycle

Lettuce is here to stay!

From sandwiches to salads and beyond, lettuce remains a staple item in most kitchens.

So get out there and find some cool hanging baskets to showcase your leaf lettuce.

How to Make Easy Lettuce Leaf Hanging Baskets #garden #gardening #diy #upcycle

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  2. What a great idea.

  3. How many plants did you put in there? I tried doing it this summer and I put three in but one withered and it was a very large colander. It looks like you have quite a lot of plants in there. Thanks!

  4. Great idea-this will be a pretty & useful. Love the teacher appreciation idea Holly has– think I’ll try to adapt something as Christmas gifts for clients. Thanks!

  5. I love this– so pretty and useful too. I’ve been thinking of teacher appreciation ideas and I am going to make a lettuce container like yours and write “Lettuce” tell you how much we appreciate you! then have the kids write notes to go along with the gift. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  6. A great idea that I’m going to use this year.

  7. I am absolutely smitten with this idea!!!

  8. I love this! What a great way to have lettuce and it is so pretty too :)

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