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Lake Como, Italy

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Planning a trip to northern Italy? We’re sharing our experiences in amazing Lake Como, Italy today for #TravelTuesday. 

Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

When you hear the name Lake Como, what comes to mind?

George Clooney? Certain Movies and Music Videos? Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?

Lovely Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

These pop-culture ideas are part of what makes Como what is it today. Yet the truth is, Como is so much more than a place for celeb sightings and haute fashion.

Beautiful Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

Lago di Como is surrounded by mountains, with Switzerland just over the ridge. The lake itself is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in all of Europe.

It’s natural beauty is breath-taking from every angle.

Discover Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

That is why aristocrats, world leaders, artists and writers have flocked to it since the Roman Age.

Believe it or not, George Clooney did not make Lake Como famous. He only made it fashionable for Americans to visit, in our generation. Como has been in the forefront of culture and history for thousands of years.

Sorry, George.

Inspiring Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

This was one of the last stops on our Italian adventure this summer. We started out in bustling cities, then slowly moved further and further north to relax in mountain towns.

The appeal of Lake Como today, is that it is surrounded by quiet little villages, with the bustling (and somewhat pretentious) towns of Como and Bellagio on the southern end.

Dsicovering Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

So if you want to hide away in peace and quiet to enjoy the beauty, you can. Yet if you want to get in on all the action, and watch for celebs, you can do that too.

We chose the quiet route, renting a villa on the north end overlooking the town of Gravedona.

Lake Como Italy Map

It was the perfect place to end our trip in Italy.

We poked around in the quaint villages, relaxed on the water’s edge, and gazed out our windows in effort to capture the beauty and never forget.

Amazing Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

This is the view from our balcony. Can you believe it?

I Love Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

It would be a shame to visit Lake Como and not get out on the lake…

Our friends at CulturalItaly.com set up a fabulous boat trip with a private guide to show us around the lake.

Boat Tour - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

The kids were thrilled to get to visit the captain of our “ship” and we were thrilled to see the lavish waterfront villas, hear stories of their owners and guests, and learn a bit of history on the lake.

Recognize any of these famous villas?

Villas - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

Villa - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

Visit Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

Visiting Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

George Clooney's House - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

Yep, you’ve seen them in movies and on TV…

The last photo shows George Clooney’s house on the left.

Como - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

The cities of Como and Bellagio aren’t half-bad either. *wink*

Although we planned to avoid bustling areas, we hopped off the boat in both places to explore the towns with our guide.

Bellagio - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

Bellagio is alluring with its staircase-streets built up the side of the mountain.

See Bellagio - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

Como is rich in history and beauty, boasting one of the most ornate churches in all of Italy.

City of Como - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

We also found gelato. Of course.

Gelato - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

Como City - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

When we visit Italy again, Lake Como will absolutely be on the list.

Charming. Awe-inspiring. Lavish Lake Como.

Gravedona - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

In fact, whether your time in Italy is to be short or long, I would definitely suggest stopping for a couple days in Lake Como.

It is one of our favorite places in all of Italy.

VILLAS! - Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

Carson in Lake Como Italy #travel #italy #lakecomo

If you need help planning your trip to Italy, contact CulturalItaly.com.

Also find them on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram and Google +.

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14 comments on “Lake Como, Italy”

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  2. What a perfect ending to a fabulous trip! Your photos from beginning to end are absolutely stunning, Sommer. You’ve captured the spirit of each area so beautifully and I’ve enjoyed every stop along the way :))

  3. I LOVE Italy! I’ve been a half a dozen times now, but STILL haven’t made it up to Lake Como. Your photos have convinced me. That, and the possibility of running into George Cloony at a cafe. ;)

  4. I miss Italy but I’m even sadder that we never went to see Lake Como. I will definitely be going back to visit the coastal areas.

  5. I’m an American living in Austria and this summer I spent several days with a friend at Lago Maggiore, another one of the lakes in the Italian lake district. Absolutely beautiful! There are small boats which take you out to the Islands of Isola Pescatori and Isola Bella in just a matter of minutes. Definitely something to put on your list the next time you find yourself in that area.

  6. Really enjoyed this – I’ve visited Como but clearly I need to go again – your photos had me THERE! Interestingly I had never thought of renting a villa or any kind of private accommodation – and hotels are often full so that’s a great idea for next time.

  7. Looks absolutely amazing! Italy is definitely a country worth visiting – on our list once the kiddo is a bit older!

  8. STUNNING, Sommer! I might have to drop this link to Ben as we are deciding on our 10-year anniversary trip next year! :)

  9. These photographs are simply amazing! GORGEOUS area! I’ve been to Italy several times but for some reason never made it to Lake Como. This definitely gives me the incentive to include it in my itinerary the next time, thank you!

  10. Wow – the views from your villa are amazing! I love how clean the city looks, the history, the gelato…I wish that I was there – NOW!

  11. While I was working in Switzerland I visited Lake Como a couple of times, but never stayed the night! Next time I go anywhere near there I am going to stay a few days and enjoy it in the relaxing way you did rather than a day trip. I didn’t know you could do boat tours, definitely will add that to the list when I go!

  12. Positively MAGNIFIQUE!! I’m just swooning! Lake Como is one of my dream destination spots, and you captured it all beautifully Sommer :)

  13. Visiting Lake Como is now on my bucket list. Beautiful!

  14. Your pictures are gorgeous as always! Really must put this on our bucket list!