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Kitchen Makeover Day 3: New Appliances

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Let’s talk appliances. Choosing your appliances is a huge part of planning a kitchen makeover.

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When I talk to people who have taken on a kitchen renovation, I’m often surprised at how little they consider the major appliances they buy. I’ve heard more than one person mention they brooded over the color of their new countertops for days. Yet when asked about the appliances they would select, the reply, “I don’t really care as long as they’re stainless steel.”

That is usually when I pick my jaw up off the floor and try to hold my tongue.

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It seems like companies just don’t make products like they used to. They see our current “upgrade society” as an opportunity to forget about longevity. They are literally counting on you to want to upgrade your appliance (among other things) in just a few short years, so they no longer see the need to make products that last.

Call me crazy, but when I spend money on big ticket items, I want them to stand the test of time.

That’s why I prefer KitchenAid® Major Appliances.

KitchenAid Mixer

I’ve had such great experiences with KitchenAid® Appliances, that I was thrilled to put them in my new kitchen.

Not only are they beautiful and packed with cutting-edge features, KitchenAid® Major Appliances are durable.

Take a look…

KitchenAid Appliances on ASpicyPerspective.com #remodel #kitchen #appliances

Behold, the world’s quietest dishwasher. I swear!

The first day I ran it, I kept opening it up to make sure it was working. I couldn’t believe is was scrubbing my dishes without all the racket I was used to. Those 36 jets didn’t miss a crumb.

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We decided to go with double ovens and a separate convection microwave.

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That means when I need a third oven, my microwave can act as one. Just think off all the cookies I could have baking up at once… mind boggling!

KitchenAid Appliances on ASpicyPerspective.com #remodel #kitchen #appliances

The double oven are convection and have a steam-assist option as well.

So when you want to bake something with a nice crispy brown crust you use convection. But when you want to bake something soft and moist, like a cheesecake, you’ve got steam assist to keep it from cracking.

KitchenAid Appliances on ASpicyPerspective.com #remodel #kitchen #appliances

Our new range is a 36 inch commercial-style gas cooktop with a griddle in the middle.

When my little girl saw it, she asked if I would now be able to do the flaming onion volcano, like a hibachi chef… I’ll have to let you know. Either way, I’m so excited to have a real griddle to make stacks and stacks of pancakes.

Instead of trying to put in a hood. We added a downdraft behind the range. Whenever I have a little smoke or steam coming off my sauce pans, I simply push a button and up pops my fabulous ventilation system.

KitchenAid Appliances on ASpicyPerspective.com #remodel #kitchen #appliances

And finally we chose a counter-depth classic french door refrigerator, because it was the most spacious counter-depth fridge.

This KitchenAid® Architect Series Refrigerator has an amazing filtration system that keeps food fresh much longer than I’m use to, by monitoring the humidity and the chemicals being released by the foods in the fridge.

KitchenAid Appliances on ASpicyPerspective.com #remodel #kitchen #appliances

I’m impressed.

And the great thing about KitchenAid® Major Appliances is that I’m not only thrilled with my appliances today, I’ll still be happy with them for years to come.

Thanks KitchenAid for making my kitchen better than ever!


Disclosure: KitchenAid generously provided appliances for my new kitchen. All opinions are my own.

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41 comments on “Kitchen Makeover Day 3: New Appliances”

  1. Just pure brilliance from you here. I have never expected something less than this from you and you have not disappointed me at all. I suppose you will keep the quality work going on. I also learn something in kitchen remodeling.

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  6. I’ve never really drooled over kitchen appliances, but I am right now! I love reading about your remodel!

  7. I love your kitchen! I just purchased the range and the wall oven. How are you liking yours so far. I see the wall oven has mixed reviews. Thanks

  8. When I first saw the photos of your kitchen with your cooktop..I thought, hmmmmm, where is the vent hood….I never knew there was a pop up rear smoke sucker-upper!!!! Amazing!

  9. Oh wow, these appliances are gorgeous, I love kitchenaid! I’d love to cook in your kitchen :)

  10. So awesome! What I want? I 6 burner range (I believe Kitchenaid sells those). I always run out of room cooking on my 4 burner!

  11. I love how shiny and new everything looks. Gorgeous, Sommer. Again.

  12. I have small Kitchenaid appliances and I’ve never been happier! Love the makeover, Sommer! Especially that gorgeous range :D

  13. Sommer, your kitchen and appliances are beautiful, amazing, functional… You must be over the moon happy! I can’t wait to have my KitchenAid appliances installed as well – I agree – they’re products that stand the test of time. The ones we’re replacing are also KitchenAid (except for our dishwasher, which IS so loud!), and we really don’t need to, so will be keeping the fridge as an extra fridge in the garage, and selling the stove.
    Anyways, happy to see your makeover done, and it turned out AMAZING!!

  14. Color me extremely jealous. I can’t believe people aren’t concerned about their appliances, I mean sure I want to like the look of my cabinets but that is a lot easier to change.

  15. Beautiful, you made all the right choices! ;)

  16. You are such a tease! :) Absolutely love all your choices…

  17. Sommer, such wicked, wicked-good appliance choices with KitchenAid®! Love the smart choice of a convection microwave (in addition to the double ovens with steam assist) as it will most definitely come in handy during the holidays. My favorites? The deep counter-depth fridge and popup ventilation system for your cooktop/range. Sweet. Congratulations, my friend! xo

  18. I’m packing up to move in to your kitchen ;-)
    It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so excited for you!!!

    I care what color my counters are, but I care even more what my appliances can do for me.. the fact that not everyone sees it that way is mind boggling.

    Happy Wednesday, doll!

  19. Can I move into your kitchen?? Geez, KitchenAid, how did you get them to help donate? That ventilation system is amazing.

  20. I have basically this same line, although mine are now 8 years old. Everything still works great, the double oven is a god-send, and the dishwasher is silent, even though it’s right off the family room. Only complaint, is that the black porcelain top on my 6 burner stove is a BEAR to clean. Buy a can of Sheila Shine for the stainless and you’ll be a happy camper. Congratulations!

  21. Very nice. I know you are going to love cooking in that magnificent kitchen.

  22. Beautiful and btw – not me- – appliances are the first thing I consider!!! The rest fall in place afterwards. :)

  23. great appliances – I have a KitchenAid range, which replaced a Jenn-Air that was a lemon. Love the size of your frig, but having a side-by-side has taught me that I don’t love them. Not enough freezer space. Love the french-door frigs. Like that your dishwasher is a stainless interior. What I like about mine is that it has a third rack that will hold cookie sheets. Enjoy you new kitchen

  24. Three ovens! Wow! Awesome! Holiday heaven!
    I will have to look into that downdraft, sounds interesting…

  25. I would so love that griddle feature every single Saturday morning to make pancakes for the whole crew!

  26. Everything looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Sommer! Loving the new appliances :) Bravo!!!
    HUGS <3

  27. Love your new appliances. I know from experience that you are better off to spend a little more on a quality piece than having to buy two in a short period of time! Your new kitchen is simply gorgeous and I’m so happy for you!

  28. Wow Sommer – your new kitchen looks fantastic – love all your new beautiful appliances!

  29. It’s gorgeous Sommer! Bright and happy!

  30. There is just NOTHING better than brand new appliances!!! these are just gorgeous!!

  31. I just love this! You know, I couldn’t really picture a KA major appliance before. I’m in love with that range!! Party at Sommer’s house. ;)

  32. Those ovens! That fridge! Totally jealous over here!

  33. the appliances are so gorgeous and sleek! i love kitchenaid!

  34. Gorgeous! Love KitchenAid!

  35. I’ve never really drooled over kitchen appliances, but I am right now! I love reading about your remodel!

  36. What a kitchen! I think that your fridge is bigger than my whole kitchen! :)

  37. Nice, nice, nice! So happy for you, Sommer! It’s beautiful!

  38. Your appliances are killer!! Oh How I want that fridge!!

  39. These are wonderful. I am seriously jealous of your appliances!

  40. SO jealous of your double oven situation! That would be worth the renovation alone! Again, beautiful…and I adore your backsplash :)