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Kitchen Makeover Reveal + Giveaway

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Today is the day! My new kitchen is finished and ready to share with the world. 

ASpicyPerspective.com Kitchen Makeover Reveal! #diy #homeimprovement #remodel

It has been a process.

Through the weeks of running down to the basement to get to the fridge, eating out way too many times, and living in what looked like a warzone, I was reminded that 10 years ago we remodeled a kitchen in a different house and afterward I had said “Never Again.”

The Dining Room?

Well, there are some things in life that are worth eating your words. And this opportunity was worth any period of slight discomfort.

I feel spoiled.

Kitchen Reveal Animated Gif

Let me correct that, I AM spoiled.

Quite possibly, more spoiled than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

For the last week I’ve been standing in my brand new kitchen, grinning from ear-to-ear and wiping away tears of joy.

With the help of Shenandoah Cabinetry, KitchenAid, Kohler, Barn Light Electric, and Salon Blue Ridge, I have, by far, the most beautiful and functional kitchen I’ve ever owned.

ASpicyPerspective.com Kitchen Makeover Reveal! #diy #homeimprovement #remodel

This experience has improved our quality of life, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

So all week long, I’ll be revealing the ins-and-outs of my new kitchen, detailing what we chose and why. If you love home improvement as much as you love cooking, this is your lucky week!

Today I want to start with the basics of what we did. (Ahem… of course, when I say “we” I really mean the contractor. I can barely use a screwdriver.) Then I’ll divulge specific details over the next few days.

Some of the new elements in our kitchen do really cool things!

ASpicyPerspective.com Kitchen Makeover Reveal! #diy #homeimprovement #remodel

Four weeks ago our kitchen was gutted, right down to the old raggedy hardwood floors.


Refinished the hardwood floors.

Refinished Hardwood Floors

Took out a window to create more useable wall space.

Installed new semi-custom maple Shenandoah Cabinetry.

New Shenandoah Cabinets

Expanded the doorway into the dining room.

ASpicyPerspective.com Kitchen Makeover Reveal! #diy #homeimprovement #remodel

Added new top-of-the-line KitchenAid® Major Appliances.

Hung gorgeous porcelain LED Pendants from Barn Light Electric.

ASpicyPerspective.com Kitchen Makeover Reveal! #diy #homeimprovement #remodel

Installed a new exterior sliding door to the deck.

Installed fabulous glass backsplash tile, complements of Salon Blue Ridge.

And put in a new Kohler sink and faucet.

ASpicyPerspective.com Kitchen Makeover Reveal! #diy #homeimprovement #remodel

There were unexpected “situations” that occurred, because our home is almost 90 years old… hidden pipes that had to be moved, venting issues, dealing with the floors being raised, making the cabinets fit our uneven walls and ceilings.

Yet in the end, it turned out more beautiful than I had dreamed.

Clean simple lines, transitional in design, light and airy, and super functional.

I love it. Truly.

ASpicyPerspective.com Kitchen Makeover Reveal! #diy #homeimprovement #remodel

Other items in my kitchen that might interest you:

Reclaimed Wood Vintage Bar Stools from VivaTerra.

ASpicyPerspective.com Kitchen Makeover Reveal! #diy #homeimprovement #remodel

Ice Blue Stand Mixer from KitchenAid.

Pop Up Ipad/Cookbook Holder from OXO.

Ridiculously Beautiful (and Sharp) Knives from New West Knifeworks.

Pop Up Ipad/Cookbook Holder from OXO.

Decorative Serving Pieces from Villeroy & Boch.

Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mat from BigKitchen.com.

BigKitchen.com Wellness Mat

The last item may not be the most glamorous addition to my new kitchen, but is a huge blessing!

I found Wellness Mats on BigKitchen.com and knew they would be something my feet would thank me for, since I’m always barefoot. These ultra cushy mats are ergonomically engineered (and medically proven) to help eleviate back and foot pain, when standing for long periods of time.

My feet

Guess What! BigKitchen.com has generously donated a Wellness Mat for today’s Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a 3×2 foot Wellness Mat in their choice of color, valued at $120.

To enter, follow the prompts in this automated entry form. For US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stay tuned for more on the remodel!

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  1. In the kitchen makeover, people forget to change the faucet. A touchless faucet helps you lots in washing dishes and saves your time. I like Kohler and Delta touchless faucet. They are great in functionality and good looking also.

  2. We’re currently looking at re-doing and designing our kitchen, so this post is fab, as it isn’t all that big. I’m looking to completely change the styling and these are right up my street! Thank you so much for sharing so many amazing ideas.

  3. I know this blog is from a while back, but we are in the middle of remodel of kitchen and looking for paint colors. We also have same cabinets as yours. Do you remember your color of paint there? We are looking at a blue gray right now. Thanks! Looks beautiful!

  4. This type of kitchen really adds value to the property. I loved the design of it, thanks for sharing such a beautiful kitchen design blog.

  5. Hi, I’m new to your site and in the middle of our own kitchen remodel. War Zone is right! We purchased the Shenandoah Mission cabinets too and I was doing a google search for images and your site popped up. I am wondering what paint and hardware you used. Your kitchen has the exact look we’re going for, except we chose the Cream Glaze finish. I hope it turns out as creamy and nice as yours look. Any paint color and hardware info you can give would be just great, thanks!!

  6. Adore this kitchen. I especially love the expansion of the doorway. So beautiful! Inspiring!

  7. Love your kitchen!!! And that mat, I need one!

  8. I just did my kitchen and my favorite thing are the roll out shelves. It doesn’t get any better. LOL!

  9. a hibachi.

  10. I love the backsplash most of all, and I sure could use a new cooktop!

  11. My ideal kitchen would have a PIZZA oven!

  12. I want a rotisserie grill in my new kitchen. And a wood fired oven. And a library ladder. Yeah, I want a lot of things in there.

  13. Beautiful kitchen and I would love the mat. I always go barefoot too.

  14. Love the kitchen. So envious!

  15. I love your new kitchen. It’s so spacious and well lit. I love the color and texture. If we could renovate our kitchen with everything we ever wanted; we would start out by changing the color scheme. Everything is WHITE: counter tops, cabinets, floor tiles, etc. I don’t know what the previous owner was thinking. Secondly, we would replace all the appliances…esp the dish washer, I feel like it’s working harder than it’s supposed to. New stove with good exhaust, right now we open all the doors to let the smell and heat out.
    My parents finally bought a place they dreamed off but the kitchen needs work. My mom and I love cooking and baking. If we had a kitchen of our dreams, we wouldn’t have to spend so much time cleaning and scrubbing to remove stains and dirt from a WHITE Kitchen.

    I think the Wellness Mat is a good idea. All the mats we keep buying don’t seem to last or serve their purpose very long. Thanks for the idea.

  16. My boyfriend is a contractor so my kitchen is always under constructions. Your kitchen looks amazing and makes me really anxious for the day mine is complete! Love the tile choice and the cabinetry :D

  17. New cabinets in a light oak color!

  18. Wow! Your kitchen looks fantastic! I love to cook in such spacious kitchens! Wish you have great time in your new kitchen!

  19. I love the backsplash! Your kitchen looks great

  20. Whoops I meant to add- we are building our dream kitchen now, I guess the only thing I would put in would be a side by side sub-z fridge and freezer but we decided to have my mini office in the kitchen so that took up half the space the sub-z would have.

  21. GORGEOUS!! And all that wonderful natural light!! I can’t wait for my kitchen remodel to be finished even more now. Its taking 8 million times longer since we didn’t hire a contractor and are DIY-ing it all. so hopefully one day soon I will have my “after” pics up on my blog! I just adore your new kitchen!!Q

  22. I’d put in a double oven.

  23. A large Island stove with a grill and griddle for one and always my KitchenAid mixer on a large counter.

  24. My dream kitchen would have a chef. Seriously.

  25. I would put a eyeless stove

  26. Oh wow, that looks gorgeous! I can’t even pick my favorite part, I’d love a kitchen like this one :)

  27. Love, love, love the new kitchen. I’m a little green….my kitchen would only take up 1/4 of your space. If I ever move and have the opportunity to remodel a kitchen I will be contacting you for design guidance. Seriously. :-)
    The knife set is gorgeous!

  28. I would love to remodel my kitchen!! Absolutely must have an oven and baking equipments!!

  29. My husband gave me one of these for Christmas a few years back, best present ever!!

  30. i would love to own this first and then the kitchen aid oven

  31. When I was a restaurant manager, I used to insist on kitchen mats throughout the kitchen for my cooks, it makes all the difference in the world.

    I still haven’t invested in one for our home, but I definitely want one! So glad you have one – I used to be barefoot all the time, and now that I’ve gotten older – I can’t do it as much — I should really get one!

    So thrilled for you, Sommer!

  32. I’m in love.. serious, serious love with your kitchen. It must be wonderful to have it all done.

  33. Oh Sommer! What a beautiful, beautiful kitchen!! I love everything about it! The cupboards, the lights, the appliances… AHmazing!!! I hope ours turns out half as nice as yours!! xo

  34. Sommer!!!! It is simply gorgeous!! I love every inch of it—-i knew it would be pretty, but this is magazine ready! I am so happy for you & ASP!!!

  35. I would put in new granite countertops and new appliances!

  36. so glad to know that I’m not the only one that goes barefoot around the house and the kitchen mat would be priceless to me. Have had arthritis in my feet since I was 30 and standing for any period of time is agony. Your kitchen is fantastic.

  37. I need that mat so badly!! And I am so incredibly jealous of your kitchen…just saying :)

  38. We redid our kitchen in 2009, so I am set in that department. But, I would love to win one of the mats.

  39. I would start my kitchen with double oven stove. I hope I win this mat

  40. Love the kitchen!

  41. What an amazing job, love it! I just love that island and that awesome range! You must be so happy with the results. :)

  42. Your kitchen turned out fabulously, way beautiful! Congrats and ENJOY!!

  43. I would want a gas stove and a double oven!

  44. I’d love a red Kitchenaid!

  45. If I could redo my kitchen I would want new countertops, a larger freezer area, and more storage!

  46. My dream kitchen would have lots of cabinets, hardwood floors, stainless steel countertops, and a Kitchenaid stand mixer.

  47. Love your new kitchen! My dream kitchen would have more counters and a huge, organized pantry.

  48. I’d love a big, deep sink. And some space… my kitchen now is the size of a damn ship’s galley. :) Congrats on the makeover!

  49. You must love going into that kitchen each and every day, eh? I sure would. Thanks for sharing your remodeling stories!

  50. Having a great kitchen with beautiful cabinets is on my bucket list…meanwhile, I’ll just keep admiring yours! BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing all the details.

  51. Looks truly amazing, my friend. Enjoy it and whip us all up some lovely dishes!

  52. Your kitchen looks amazing! And man, am I jealous!

    My dream kitchen definitely involves an island – I’ve been dreaming about that for years!

  53. Oh my! Your kitchen is gorgeous! Definitely my kind of dream kitchen. If would definitely love the tools, equipment and serve ware that you have in yours. Gosh, I’ve been wanting one of these wellness mat because my back started to hurt when I stand in the kitchen too long to prep meals for the family and the blog. :) Would definitely include this wellness mat in my dream kitchen!

  54. I’d put in a double sink, one of those mats and a double oven. I think it could be a double theme actually. Although who am I kidding? Anything would be better than my current tiny kitchen

  55. Your kitchen looks fab! We are rehabbing our kitchen to a primitive style, we just re-exposed our original hardwood floors, will re-sand them when finished. Our house dates to 1831. A lot of work indeed. The cupboards I am working on are near to 100 years old. Work in progress… I love all the choices you have made for your kitchen! :)

  56. A full size oven! mines apt size!!

  57. love. can’t wait to visit! <3

  58. Would LOVE to have a wellness mat in my kitchen. Bye bye sore feet!

  59. I’d put in lighter granite and more counter space! The new kitchen looks lovely, Sommer! So excited for you!! :)

  60. I would want big countertops, large pantry, large storage spaces. I would need all that for all my baking supplies. I would want many, many electrical sockets all around the kitchen so I can plug in all these gadget without worries. I want a working, strong, multifunction oven and mixer to go with it. And a big exhaust fan.

  61. I am so jealous!! Your kitchen is beautiful! WOW!

  62. LOVE the kitchen reveal! You did a fantastic job picking everything out. It all looks PERFECT.

  63. WOW the kitchen is FAB!!! It is so well designed, warm and cozy. I am sure you are going to have a great time cooking up some awesome dishes :-)


  64. An espresso machine. I’d love a latte every day.

  65. A big pantry!!!! I am in need of space! My Husband took our pantry out to put the new fridge, took the old fridge out and that has been sitting in my doorway fir 2 months and where the fridge was is plastic shelves holding my pantry goods and some are still in boxes It has been three months and he has no desire to finish what he started, Any advice on how to get him to finish?

  66. I need that!

  67. Oh I love your kitchen makeover! Wow…so beautiful! Oh for my kitchen I would love new countertops and a nice stainless steel fridge and stove!

  68. There’s nothing I would love more than to remodel my kitchen. Just a dream!

  69. My dream kitchen would look very similar to yours – a gas stove, hardwood floors, granite counter tops and great lighting!

  70. Love your kitchen and love the wellness mat – I bought one from William -Sonoma – Just love it. My dream kitchen would have a great ventilation system and the best cooktop I can afford.

  71. My dream kitchen would include granite countertops, high end appliances,new subway tile baksplash and a center island worktable!

  72. YOUR KITCHEN LOOKS GORGEOUS!! omg. Lucky you!

  73. I want to start with one of these mats…PLEASE!

  74. That is gorgeous! If I had my dream kitchen, I’d put in LOTS of space, a few high-tech gadgets (useful and pretty), and a fridge with as many doors as I could get!

  75. The new kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I envy you. Congratulations!

  76. Oh my – I wish I could redo our kitchen. I generally love it, but it could use some changes. Since I can’t, my big wish list item is one of the anti fatigue mats – we keep looking at them, especially since I have back issues, but I haven’t convinced my hubby to splurge on one!

  77. Your new kitchen looks amazing! Congratulations :)

  78. I would love an island for extra counter space and seating.

  79. I would love in my kitchen a Viking Commercial stove and oven.

  80. I would love to make my garage into a kitchen, I love all your cupboard, stove and oven space!

  81. A pasta maker

  82. Love your new kitch, girl! Really like that you kept your granite island countertop and the pretty tile ties everything together so nicely. Perfect layout with the new locations for fridge and double oven, too! Congratulations and thanks for sharing! P.S. My fave pic is of your “happy toes”. ;)

  83. it all turned out so beautiful Sommer! I bet you’re in heaven

  84. Gosh, it is so so so pretty! I’m ecstatic for you Sommer!

  85. I would love all KitchenAid appliances too! Your kitchen is beautiful! I’m also a fan of the white cabinets.

  86. Love, love, love your new kitchen. Looks like it will be fabulous to cook in!

  87. I’m pretty simple, but I would love a wood fired pizza oven!

  88. I love the new appliances and the double oven!!!!
    I have similar pennet lighting and love my deck faucet.

  89. I would love to have similar light fixtures in my kitchen–great choice! Your kitchen is beautiful!

  90. More space!! My kitchen is so small. My dream kitchen would involve knocking out the wall between the kitchen and dining room.

  91. My dream kitchen would have a water faucet over my cooktop and also a window that has a deep ledge for herbs and plantings. Love the tile you used on the backsplash. Enjoy your new kitchen!

  92. I’m dreaming about your kitchen, and wish I had one like it. Someday…

  93. I would add all bright red appliances.

  94. I would love having an island in my kitchen. Of course, to do so, would involve a major remodel similar to what you have done.

  95. Absolutely gorgeous, I love all the light! My dream kitchen would have a double oven.

  96. I too think it came out better than I dreamed of– since I did give it a lot of thought when you asked for our opinions. Congratulations and wishes for happy and prosperous cooking times!

  97. Absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy it!

  98. my dream kitchen would look a lot like yours! You did a beautiful job. I would LOVE double wall ovens and that gorgeous island.

  99. my naked feet are drooling over this!

  100. Your kitchen is beautiful! You are so blessed! I’d love to have an “island” in my kitchen!

  101. Beautiful – thank you for sahring and for the opportunity to win.

  102. How gorgeous! I love the hardwood floors and dark wood on the dining room set! Pretty color on the KitchenAid mixer…so Spring! And the backsplash is just beautiful. But I do have “mat envy”!! I’ve looked at them online but just haven’t gotten one yet. Such a back/footsie saver!

  103. Love the kitchen, it looks so great, fresh and modern! Worth the effort and discomfort from remodeling!

  104. My dream kitchen would have a double oven :)

  105. You kitchen is beautiful. Enjoy

  106. I love your pendant lights. Your kitchen is beautiful.

  107. six burner stove looks great

  108. How absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing your home!

  109. A huge stove with six burners!

  110. I’d love to have a big freezer (and room for it)! What an awesome kitchen you have.

  111. Gorgeous kitchen! I wish my kitchen was large enough for all that!

  112. i’ve been anticipating this reveal…and i am not disappointed. Your kitchen is fabulous and given all you had to go through, the house being so old and all, it looks incredible. I am currently working on my dream kitchen plans for 2015 and “pinning” to my little hearts desire. it is b/c of you that i’ve decided i am definitely going with KitchenAid (THANK YOU!) I am also looking forward to a walk-in pantry in my future. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway opportunity…this would really be a blessing to have under my barefeet also!

  113. I like your choice of backsplash and countertops!

  114. I just need a bigger kitchen with more drawers and more counter space. I would also love a double oven…for holiday cooking. I need some more lights over my bar. Thanks for chance to win.

  115. I LOVE the way it turned out, Sommer! That’s beautiful!

    My dream kitchen needs a double oven gas range!

  116. The first thing in a new kitchen would be cabinet space. I’m seriously lacking.

  117. What a beautiful & functional kitchen! Amazing job! I would love to have those lights over your island.

  118. Lots of Le Creuset, a large (six burner) gas stove, lots of windows, comfortable seating, tons of cabinets, and a wellness mat!

  119. Love the bright and openness!!

  120. Incredible! Jealous of this kitchen of your dreams, especially that knife block and knives

  121. OMGosh I would love to have two ovens and a six burner gas stove. Oh the heaven!

  122. we’re building a house right now and i love seeing your kitchen bc it has so many of the features we are adding to ours!! yours looks great! the one thing i would love to have (as dumb as it sounds) is a pot filler and we can’t do that. i would LOVE it.

  123. I’d love a high-powered built-in wok.

  124. I’ve been wanting a walk-in pantry for ages. I hope to have one in our next home. I, also, been wanting a gel mat for the kitchen floor. My feet do start hurting after a while.

  125. Oh it is beautiful! So glad your family has this new kitchen to enjoy. My kitchen needs a pretty entrance/exit to the deck out back. Love what you have done!

  126. A large dishwasher, stainless steel oven and huge kitchen island

  127. I love your new kitchen! Great job!! This gave me some inspiration for my new kitchen remodel. In my new kitchen, I would love to have a bigger island that will seat 4, instead of 2 that I have now, and new cabinetry.

  128. Wow congrats, I love it.

    I could work all day in this kitchen, super pretty.

  129. I love your kitchen, and it has given me some great ideas, for my remodel coming up in the near future. In my new kitchen, I will have a larger island top, that will seat four people, and more cabinetry.

  130. IF I was redoing my kitchen I would make more storage space with a sit down family eating area and design everything with a purple and sunflower color and pattern style…truly what I would love! Appliances would definitely have to be updated easy cleanup counters and surface…plus a new garbage disposal and wider sink!

  131. Beautiful choices for your renovation….I love the backsplash tile, that is the change I would like for my kitchen. Congratulations that your room is complete!

  132. Now that I’ve seen that giant mat, I’d want *that* in my new kitchen! And a double oven. And a gas range. ;)

  133. Your kitchen looks so sleek and beautiful!

  134. This is beautiful! I love the double ovens, I would definitely want them in my dream kitchen, if not an exact copy of your whole kitchen. :)

  135. Love it! Would do everything the same if I had the room!

  136. All I’m wanting right now is an amazing gas range. Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. It is so beautiful, Sommer!

  138. ohmygosh! beautiful kitchen, Sommer! i love how it looks so brignt and airy!

  139. What a beautiful kitchen!!!

  140. The wellness mat is a definite must have — they really help.

    Dream kitchen:
    A BIG & DEEP sink with a high faucet, we need to get big pans in the sink and big pots under it.
    A window over the sink, Jean insists.
    lots of storage: cabinets, a large pantry, I’d love to have a root cellar, preferably divided, for: wine; garden produce; cured meats & sausages … we had one when I was younger and it is amazing how useful it can be.
    A commercial oven, range, etc … ovens with true convection & steam injection; burners, griddle, wok & deep fryer; a water tap; a salamander for broiling. Oh, gas for the burners, electric oven.
    And, space to display Jean’s butterfly plates.

    PA — Oh yes, a heck of a good exhaust fan, and a heat exchanger to recover the heat/cooling. And while I’m at it, a decent small coffee roaster (a 2-3 kilo sample roaster would do) along with room for a couple espresso machines + my collection of other brewing methods (Chemex, vac pot, etc …).

  141. Three ovens, 3-4 sinks, and 3 dishwashers!!!

  142. Gorgeous! So lovely. I know y’all are excited.

    For my dream kitchen, I’m wanting (and needing) a double oven. AND a wellness mat or two.

  143. Your new kitchen is GORGEOUS! We are thinking about moving from our current house (built 6 years ago) to a 1936 farmhouse. I keep thinking about kitchen renovations in my future… your pain and joy may prove it’s worth it! Love your new space!

  144. WOW! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Well, our kitchen is pretty new, but I would really love a gas cooktop. I have a glass one and I hate it. It’s so difficult to keep clean.

  145. I have a tiny kitchen with deep cupboards , and would love to put in chef’s pantry-style cabinets, with spice shelves on the reverse of the doors and shallower, more-accessible-at-the-back shelves inside the cabinet.

  146. Your kitchen is beautiful!!

  147. I want that kitchen…so jealous!

  148. My dream kitchen would have top of the line professional appliances, and for sure a double oven and a long island for lots of prep space and barstools.

    Your’s is absolutely dreamy btw!

  149. A walk in pantry!

  150. I’d put in a built-in dishwasher; my dishwasher was a portable, and died recently after 22 years! So now I stand washing dishes a lot, and a Wellness Mat would be great.

  151. Beautiful new kitchen!

  152. Your kitchen is totally gorgeous! I love everything about it and can’t wait to find out the details on that cooktop! I am looking for a new refrigerator and will be paying very close attention! Congratulations.

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  154. Love the new kitchen! My dream kitchen would have a double oven, a griddle on the stove, and a walk-in pantry.

  155. Your kitchen looks perfect. Love the color of the counter.

  156. My dream kitchen would have a walk-in pantry!

  157. it looks stunning, Sommer!!

  158. LOVE your new kitchen! Did you mention the wall color?? Love that too…

  159. So beautimous! Love it! PS — Where is that candle/hanging light in your dining room from? Because I have a crush on it.

  160. Love the kitchen! We are starting a new home- love all the ideas and the wellness mat!

  161. Love the new space!! Very partial to the red LED pendants of course but I love those knives too and that backsplash is gorgeous. Your kitchen will be a dream to work in every day!

  162. Absolutely beautiful, and so functional!

  163. OH. MY. GOSH!!!! I am soooooooooo excited for you Sommer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! So much I’m using caps! Gorgeous. I want to sit on one of those stools (I love vivaterra btw) and having a mug of coffee in your kitchen like right this minute. Beautiful!

  164. LOVE your makeover!
    I’d definitely have white cabinets and pull out shelving in my dream kitchen.
    Oh how I dream of a white kitchen, yours looks WONDERFUL,,,,enjoy!

  165. SO, SO happy for you Sommer! It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing and taking us along during the process. Now get in there and start using all your shiny new toys!!

  166. Double ovens, hands down!

  167. Sommer – your new kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! So glad you are back in – I can only imagine how much fun it will be to cook and bake in your newly remodeled space. Beautiful!

  168. I want a white kitchen with pops of red here and there.

  169. I would love to win this awesome mat!

  170. There is so much that I want in my dream kitchen, but a huge built in bookshelf is close to the top of the list!

  171. Oh, you must be SO excited!! it is really beautiful- I am so happy for you :)

  172. i use a yoga mat folded in half in my kitchen, it works great when washing dishes. this mat would look a lot better i’m sure

  173. My dream kitchen would have a walk in pantry.

  174. Gorgeous! I bet it makes you want to cook like crazy. Now I need to see the before pictures to compare.

  175. it’s GORGEOUS!! I’ve been eyeing one of those mats for a while! Do you mind if I live in your kitchen? :)

  176. I would definitely put a gas stove in my kitchen! Your remodel looks amazing!

  177. Love the counter/bar area. Mat is awesome as well!

  178. Beautiful, gave me some great ideas!

  179. A kitchen aid!!

  180. I’ve lived without a dishwasher since I moved out of my parents’ house in 1998. My dream kitchen will certainly have one of those!

  181. Beautiful!! I want an island in my kitchen remodel so badly!

  182. Was just discussing my dream kitchen yesterday…I’d need a large stove with a griddle and grill plus 6 burners. Your kitchen is beautiful…don’t think anyone would mind cooking in your kitchen.

  183. I love it! I hope my remodel looks as great as yours does!

  184. WOW…that is just beautiful!!

  185. WOW WOW WOW WOW! I am SO in love with your kitchen Sommer – it’s stunning!

  186. I would put in a refrigerator that had enough room for all of our various pickles! Must be 8 different ones in mine now.

  187. It’s beautiful Sommer! Congratulations.

  188. I would love to win the mat. Your kitchen is beautiful!

  189. I LOVE that backsplash! We are going to be remodeling our kitchen – the #1 thing on my list is a bigger/deeper sink!

  190. Positively beautiful! Love the white cabinets and the backsplash tile is gorgeous! Congratulations on surviving one of the toughest renovations out there. :)

  191. Beautiful and stunning kitchen!!!

  192. I want a HUGE stainless steel fridge!

  193. beautiful. congrats :)

  194. a double oven for sure

  195. Love your kitchen! It’s beautiful!

  196. Your kitchen is so pretty! I just love it! Everything about it!

  197. GORGEOUS! You have a stunning kitchen, Sommer!

  198. My dream kitchen would definetily have a double oven and a huge walk in pantry. I would love this mat because I am also always barefoot in the kitchen. I’ve been looking at buying a mat to stand on.

  199. Beautiful kitchen!! I think I would have to have 2 oven as well, also in my dream kitchen I would have to have big pantry and lots of cabinet space.

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