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Kitchen Makeover Day 6: Sink and Faucet

This is the last day of “Kitchen Makeover Week.” Although it’s been fun to share my kitchen with you, I’m ready to start cooking up a storm. But before we move on, let me show you something really cool!

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Kohler, Wisconsin and tour the Kohler Design Center. The beauty and artistry of Kohler products, as well as the history of the company, makes Kohler a standout in their industry.

Kohler Sensate Faucet on ASpicyPersepctive.com #remodel #renovation #kohler

When we started planning the kitchen renovation, I knew immediately that I wanted a touchless faucet.

Kohler makes the most amazing new product, the Sensate Faucet. You don’t even have to bump it. You simply wave your grimy hands under the faucet and voila! The water magically comes on.

Like this….

No longer will I try to turn the handle with my elbow in order not to touch it with sticky hands.

Overall, it’s the thing the rest of the family is most excited about it our new kitchen. Every time a friend stops by to see the remodel, one of the kids runs over to the sink and says, “Watch This!!”

Kohler Sensate Faucet and Riverby Sink

We paired our new faucet with the Riverby Sink. The Riverby is one of Kohler’s newest cast iron sinks and happens to come in an array of fun colors… if you are more adventurous than I am.

Kohler Sensate Faucet and Riverby Sink

Thanks Kohler for making such innovative products.

This sink has alleviated one of life’s daily annoyances and I am crazy over it!

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  1. Kohler kitchen sinks are always the best. I’m confidently saying this.
    And, your design looks really great and so modern. I will make my kitchen to follow your makeover.

    Thanks, Keep it share

  2. Hi Sommer, thank you for all you do and share. My favorite kitchen faucet brand is Kraus and then Kohler. I’ve used this over 2yrs and I’m very much satisfied to using this brand. Again thank’s for sharing this article and waiting for the next one.

  3. Kohler is my favorite brand specially for Kitchen Faucet. I am very much satisfied, using this brand. Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. Kohler is a good kitchen faucet. I bought it and I felt it was very good

  5. There are lot of kitchen sinks brand in the market. few of them are dependable and choice able. i personally like 5 brands which are really good. they are Ruvati, Kohler, Zuhne, Kraus, Blanco. i noticed in your article you have write some of those.

  6. I prefer 4 Brands for Faucet and Sink. DELTA, MOEN, KOHLER, and KRAUS. My First Choice is Kraus then Kohler. In the Design sense, Kohler’s Engineer is #1. In the Outlook and shiny Perspective, Really! Kohler is Totally Unique. Love much to “SOMMER COLLIER” for Great Piece of Article.

  7. A few good kitchen faucets listed here. those are also very beautiful and good fit in RV. Thank you for sharing

  8. Hey Sommer,
    The article is really informative and the photos are convenient for those who are planning to adorn their kitchen ensuring adequate opportunities. I have never used Kohler products but reading this I logged on the link and the article ‘Designed to be designed’ gave more options to choose spout, handle and finish. However, if you prefer pedestal sink, this site might be helpful. Thanks.

  9. I know Kohler in the very good brand! but here I got nice information about Sink and Faucet. thanks for sharing. waiting for another nice one

  10. the Kohler is really wonderful kitchen faucet. It’s my one of the best choices. I’m currently using in my Kitchen.

  11. Kohler is one of good company for a faucet. But I think Moen is the best brand for touchless kitchen faucets. It’s also suitable for who has the child.

    However, there is no change to select others brand without Kohler who want a nice looking faucet for her kitchen. And want to hear “Watch This!!” Thank You sommer for a nice post!

  12. Nice kitchen. Cleaning kitchen is very difficult task form.

  13. Thanks for this great and informational reviews. I like your kitchen design ideas and touchless function is my favourite function at the kitchen . It is the best way to lower your water consumption .

  14. Wow, it’s really amazing product by Kohler. I love the sensate faucet. I will definitely buy this faucet soon.

  15. Thanks for sharing this great info with your kitchen makeover.

  16. I love faucet, great kitchen!!

  17. Kohler sinks are always the best. I’m confident saying this.
    Anw, your design looks great and so modern XD

  18. the touchless feature is the awesome function on the kitchen faucets.No need to touch.Interesting!Need the faucet like that.

  19. Looks not so bad, Your kitchen is luxurious!

  20. This is really a beautiful innovation by Kohler!!!

  21. May I ask what model of sink rack you have there? I can’t seem to find a two-piece rack for the Riverby sink, only the left side!

    I love your choices–the sink, the faucet…and that backsplash is to die for!

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thanks so much! The rack actually came with the sink! It’s made by Kohler. Maybe they would have one that fits your sink?

  22. That is a really beautiful kitchen there !

  23. I love touchless style very much so I bought KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet . Purchased and installed our Kohler Sensate Faucet in March, 2014 and it still works perfectly. We love it so much we want to bring it to our new house when we move!

  24. A high quality kitchen faucet will really make a big difference in the kitchen.
    That white riverby sink looks so cool. Thanks all

  25. Those faucets are really superb!

  26. I love your post, it really good and interesting.

  27. I love the touchless feature,  It’s beautiful.

  28. Nice looking . I love the design.That faucet is amazing

  29. Your information is useful!!! I’m pretty sure this will be my next kitchen faucet.

  30. New kitchen looks so clean and bright.The Sensate Faucet so
    convenient,I can set one with mine.

  31. The kitchen design so great and useful. I can set it with mine.

  32. I love your kitchen very much. ı think I will remodel my kitchen again.  I have Kohler Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. I love this kitchen faucet. I have only had it for a couple weeks now but the pull down mechanism seems like excellent quality. I love that when you switch the water to spray it is a flat spray instead of a round spray. Makes it more efficient at rinsing dishes and the sink.

  33. Love the new kitchen. What color did you use on the walls? It’s beautiful.

  34. That faucet is amazing

  35. great kitchen!!

  36. Kohler Sensate is a perfect choice! It’s definitely one of the best touchless faucets on the market, but I wish it was more affordable.

  37. beautiful and modern :)

  38. Great informations on ….kitchen faucet. I needed to get something for my dad/wife/son,…, I guess I found it!

  39. we just replaced a very old delta faucet seT. Replacing it with new delta

  40. I love your kitchen inspiration pic especially the color of the kitchen island. Any idea what color this could be?

  41. Thanks to all friends for comments this website.

  42. amazing kohler faucet !! see the power of touchless faucets ! this is why i always recommend my friends to buy touchless faucets!

    That white riverby sink looks so cool!!! great kitchen!!

  43. A high quality kitchen faucet will really make a big difference in the kitchen. A touchless faucet will help keep your kitchen more sanitary, and will give you much more freedom while cooking. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

  44. Thanks for sharing your KItchen MakeOver. The end result is fantastic! Currently I’m using a Delta pull-down faucet in my kitchen but after seeing your touchless faucet in action I’m pretty sure this will be my next kitchen faucet.

  45. In these times of equality we men are often found at the sink or elsewhere in the kitchen. I for one think that the sink and I am sure the rest of the kitchen in the photographs shown would be a pleasure to work in!

  46. I SO need a sink like that. Mine just is not big enough. Food bloggers have a LOT of dishes to wash, as I’m sure you know! :)

  47. I love the back splash. It reminds me of beautiful sea-glass.

  48. Oh, the sink & faucet are so important to a kitchen.
    Shawn just replaced ours and I feel like we have a whole new kitchen….

  49. Love the new kitchen. What color did you use on the walls? It’s beautiful.

  50. I love my motion sense faucet too…honestly I wonder how I ever lived without it!

  51. What a great idea! Love the faucet!

  52. I used one of these for the first time last weekend and it totally freaked me out, at first, because I didn’t know it was automatic. Now I HAVE to have one, having used it.

  53. Seriously, Kohler – amazing!

  54. Love the touchless feature, so cool!

  55. You are one lucky woman! That faucet is amazing :)

  56. Love the touchless sink feature but I’m in love with that backsplash!

  57. Your kitchen is beyond gorgeous, Sommer! And that backsplash…dying…so pretty.

  58. ill need to get me one of those touch free faucets!!!!