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How To Cut Avocados

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How to Peel an Cut an Avocado on ASpicyPerspective.com #howto #avocadoKnowing how to peel avocados and how to cut avocados are handy skills as the weather warms up. I start topping all sorts of wonderful dishes with Haas avocados (the small dark brown ones) the moment I see fresh blades of grass shooting up in my yard. 

Avocados are one of my favorite foods. I love the creamy texture and sense of luxury that comes along with biting into a slice of ripe avocado.

How to Cut Avocados #avocado #howto #cookingtips

However the riper the avocado, the harder it is to peel and slice them. So today I want to show you how to cut avocados the easy way, and how to remove that pesky pit.

The first step is to pick the right avocado.

I like to buy mine a couple days ahead, picking avocados that are firm but not brick-hard, and are dark greenish-brown. Then I let them ripen on the counter top for another day or so before cutting.

How to Peel Avocados #howto #avocado #cookingtips

When selecting avocados, don’t squeeze! You could bruise half the pile, trying to choose the right avocado. Instead, lightly touch the skin to test for texture. You can also pop off the stem and check for a bright green color underneath.

If you have to use the avocado the day you buy it, try to find one that is slightly soft, but not mushy, and very even in color.

How to Cut Avocados

First run your knife lengthwise, around the pit. Carefully hold the avocado and rotate it around the blade.

How to Cut Avocados - Step 1 #howto #avocado #cookingtips

Then twist and open the avocado.

How to Cut Avocados #avocado #howto #cookingtips

Now carefully tap the pit with the blade, so that it sinks into the pit.

How to Cut Avocados - The Pit #howto #avocado #cookingtips

Twist your knife and the pit should pop out. Use the heel of your hand to tap the pit off the blade into the trash.

How to Peel an Avocado

To Cut Cubes: Gently cut parallel slices through the flesh, right in the avocado peel.

Cutting an Avocado

Then turn the avocado 45 degrees and cut perpendicular slices, making a grid pattern.

How to Cut Avocados

Using both hands, press the back peel of the avocado to invert the avocado half. Most of the avocado chunks with fall out. Use your finger, or a spoon, to remove the rest.

Chopped Avocado

To Cut Slices: Use a large spoon to scoop closely around the inside of the peel to release the avocado flesh in one piece.

How to Peel an Avocado

Then cut through the flesh in parallel slices.

Peeling Avocados

Use the avocado immediately so it doesn’t brown.

Cooking Tips: How to Cut an Avocado

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  1. Hubby taught me this way because he saw it on food network. But he also taught me to slice it in the skin and pop it out. That trick working depends on how ripe the avocado is.

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    i do cut my own advocatos, but i spend a lot of time doing it.
    Now i will try this technique to improve it!!

    thank you!

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  26. I have this:
    it is basically a large slotted spoon shape with a “serrated knife” edge. If you have a slotted serving spoon, use that for scooping out the half. Works much better. (As a side note, the avocado spoon works well for cutting pie and pizza and for salads and stuff.)

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  34. don’t throw the pit away until the avocado is gone – the pit keeps the avocado from turning brown. When i was in Mexico over ten years ago, they laughed at me in the kitchen for throwing the pits away. drop that pit in leftover guacamole , and it will stay greener. =)

    • Thanks Danielle, That is a great tip!

      I’ve heard of doing that, however when we open an avocado it’s GONE immediately, so we never have to worry much about browning. ;)