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My Harry and David Experience

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When I was a little girl, I used to walk home from school each day in December hoping with all the hope I could muster, that “the package” had arrived.

I’d walk into the house and unload jacket, scarf and mittens, then timidly tiptoe into the kitchen to check the mail on the table. As soon as I turned the corner I would know… if the Harry and David Tower of Treats had come.

Harry and David Card | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

This is a memory that is repeated throughout the entire course of my childhood.

Harry and David Tower of Treats | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

I couldn’t wait to carefully open each cascading box to see what edible treasure was inside:  apples, pound cake, various chocolates, and the end-all of holiday treats Moose Munch, a caramel corn mix with chocolate and nuts.

Harry and David Pacific Northwest Box | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

And let’s not forget the pears.

Harry and David sent the most flawless, juicy, golden wrapped pears, that sliced like butter. We would ration them out after the package arrived, to ensure everyone in the family got their fair share.

Harry and David Pears | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

Harry and David is the centerpiece of one of my fondest holiday memories and has made it possible for me to relive this nostalgic experience year after year.

Harry and David Jelly Candies | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

Even now, I secretly hope each and every year, that a business associate, or a good friend will send us a box from Harry and David.

Harry and David Pear Orchards | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

So when I was invited to tour the Harry and David Orchards and Chocolate Factory, there was not a single moment of hesitation.

I would have crawled from Asheville, North Carolina to Medford, Oregon, to get there.

Harry and David Pear Orchard | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

What I learned about Harry and David once I arrived in Oregon, only enhanced my devotion to the company.

First and foremost, Harry and David is not just a pretty packaging company. They actually produce the majority of the items they offer.

Harry and David Pear | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

The breathtaking orchards spread across 19 farms in southern Oregon and boast 700,000 pear trees. These Comice or “Royal Riviera” winter pears are treated with as much care as newborn puppies.

Harry and David Winter Pear Orchard | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

Harry and David hires approximately 330 professional pickers each year to gently hand-pick every pear. The pears are picked in the state of “maturity,” not ripeness to protect the skin.

The harvesters use a special hand technique and gloves to ensure no bruising occurs. Harry and David transports the pears with water flumes, specially designed trucks, and padded sorters to make sure every pear comes to you as perfect as it was, hanging on the tree.

Harry and David Plant | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

Harry and David has spent years fine-tuning their method of farming to grow smaller trees that produce the very best fruit. They actually graft the comice pear trees onto quince root beds, causing the trees to stay small, so the orchards are safe for their pickers.

This is not genetic modification. Grafting roots is an agricultural art you can experiment with in your own backyard, if you happen to have a green thumb and a whole lot of patience.

Harry and David Pear Orchard Tour | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

On top of growing these magnificent pears, Harry and David makes thousands of chocolates and baked goods each year, right in Medford, Oregon.

Harry and David Chocolate Factory | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

The Head Chocolatier, Charlie (yes, Charlie) told us they make up to 130,000 truffles on any given day and pop 100 pounds of popcorn to make Moose Much each hour.

Harry and David Moose Munch | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

We watched bakers make tantalizing baklava, brownies, cakes, cookies and candies.

Harry and David Chocolates | ASpicyPerspective.com #Gifts #Holidays

We learned to hand tie the intricate bows that go on each package.

Harry and David | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

We met with packaging designers that spend countless hours making sure they have a basket, box, or tower to fit every occasion and personality.

Harry and David Packaging | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

We even got to build our own Harry and David basket on the packaging line. Mine kept falling apart–it takes a lot more skill than you think!

Harry and David Basket | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

Harry and David also shared a surprise announcement with us. They’ve planted their own vineyards and are now producing the first batch of H&D made wines.

Harry and David Comice Pears | ASpicyPerspective.com #Gifts #Holidays

We were able to experience all nine of the wines they are offering. These wines will be available for purchase in early 2013. Make sure to try the Pinot Noir.

Harry and David Pear Orchard Party | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

Everyone we met at Harry and David had a different story of what the company has meant to them, yet the resounding message was clear:

Harry and David is GOOD to their employees.

Harry and David Employees | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

From our tour guide, to the pickers, packers, recipe testers, bakers, bow tiers, and package designers, most of the employees we met had been working for Harry and David for over ten years, and many have worked there for decades.

One tour guide told me she had resigned after finding out she had cancer and needed to focus on her recovering.

Harry and David Pear Dipping | ASpicyPerspective.com #Oregon #gifts #travel

She said the CEO immediately called her and ask why she was leaving. When she explained she was having some health issues, he told her, “You go get healthy. Your job will be right here waiting for you when you’re ready to come back.”

You just don’t hear stories like that anymore, you know?

Harry and David Group Shot | ASpicyPerspective.com #Gifts #Holidays

You can read more about Harry and David from friends that visited the orchards with me:

 Disclosure: Harry and David hosted me on this trip and provided the giveaway today. All H&D-loving opinions are my own.

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  2. Everyone Christmas I looked through the catalog until finally I went to a store..I was a kid in a candy store.

  3. I follow you on fb

  4. Not familiar with Harry and David until today but those pears sound amazing!

  5. I never taste Harry & David’s before and would live to win this prize

  6. I am most excited to try those pears!!! :)

  7. My favorite Aunt has send H&D gifts to us every year at the Holidays. She has done this for us for many years!
    I also send out H&D gifts to family that lives far away from us.
    A Harry & David gift is a gift of love and delicious goodness!
    Happy Holidays!

  8. My husband was given a Harry & David tower one year by a co-worker. I had such a hard time sharing any of the Moose Munch with him….and it was his gift!!

  9. I love going into their store and enjoying their samples. I also love sending my mom their baskets.

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  12. I am excited to try the pears and truffles. They sound like they are out of this world!

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  15. My boss gave me H & D pears for Christmas a few years ago – still think about those luscious pieces of fruit!

  16. I’ve heard so much about the amazing Harry & David pears…would love to try!

  17. Aw, that’s so sweet of them to let her come back to work after she healed! I just love hearing stories like that. What a wonderful company!

    I remember trying their cashews and it was probably the best cashews I’ve ever tasted! I’m sure all of their other stuff is wonderful too! I’d love to try those delicious pears! If I won, I’d gift this to my friend and her hubby. They are closing on their first home soon. Thank you for the opportunity, for hosting this generous giveaway.


  18. I love when pear season rolls around. Harry and David’s are the best, hands down!

  19. I am most excited about their pears.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

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  28. My best friend and her family would always go to Medford to pick out a steer for her daughter’s 4H project and bring back treats from Harry & David’s. So yummy!

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  30. We’ve had the tradition with my aunt and uncle’s family of sending each other Harry and David towers each year for Christmas. So exciting to dig into the tower each Christmas afternoon!

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  38. I am excited to try the pears! What a wonderful photo essay and introduction to what seems like a very nice company — I enjoyed it very much.

  39. Harry & David Favorite? Let’s not forget the cookies/baked goodies… Christmastime we took turns at what each one got, so it was never teh same thing. Although some like this better than that, we never got the same thing two years running. How delightful.

  40. If you do twist my arm, I’ll finally have to pick the chocolates as my Favorite Harry & David’s treat

  41. My favorite Harry & David treat were the chocolates– although the pears are so special..hum, hard to pick one!

  42. My husband’s family became addicted to H&D as the classic and classy gift of the season. Whenever a surprise guest appeared on the list- voila, an H&D box to the rescue!

  43. Christmas at my in-laws was never Christmas until the H&D box arrived form “Grandy”. She was an avid gift giver and very generous to send them a lovely box of fruits (ah, the pears!), chocloates, cookies..the treats were endless.

  44. Thank you for this most entertaining, educational and inspiring recount of your trip. Make s me want to take one too.

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  46. I remember my parents receiving a Harry and David gift box when I was a child. I thought it was the coolest thing and I remember that the items were good!

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  86. I remember getting a Harry & David package in college from my dad and I was soo excited that they sent it! It made me miss home (I’m from Oregon).

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  89. Found you on G+ and so glad I did! Truthfully, I’ve never even seen a Harry & David’s catalog, let alone sampled their products, but their name (to me) is synonymous with quality. (Such is their reputation.) Thanks for the ‘behind the scenes’ look at a caring company! Of course, I’d love to try their Moose Munch and pears, and, and… ;) Thanks for this give-away opportunity!

  90. I love Harry and David! My mom got me fruit of the month one year for my birthday – best gift ever! Yum!

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  103. We have relatives in 12 states! I love the thank you notes I receive after they receive Harry & David’s goodies!

  104. I don’t know what I missed saying I did, but i did everything you had to do! :-) Thanks again for the opportunity to win your fabulous giveaway from Harry and David’s! That was very generous of you!

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  112. My favorite memory of Harry and David’s is going to the store and buying gifts at the holidays. My Dad LOVED the cherry jam and candies! Another favorite memory is sipping the awesome holiday blend coffee with my friend Chris!

  113. I tweeted your awesome giveaway….Donna Bardocz ‏@EIOBoard
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  119. Oh…what a nice experience you had to visit the field and how they make these yummy treats. I’ve always wanted to try their sweet and juice pears! hm…then when I saw your picture of the fruit shaped jelly/candies, I wanted to try those too. So beautiful!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  120. What I really want to try are the pears. I don’t usually like pears—it’s the texture, mostly—but I am intrigued by the lure behind those at Harry & David, plus the fancy box and gold wrapping would feel so special!

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  123. I really want to try the Mousse Munch!

  124. So glad you had a good time at Harry & David – looks like a fun and memorable experience…even better that you had a connection to the company beforehand through your childhood memories :) I’m most excited to have a Harry & David pear this winter!

  125. I would love to try their pears! You make them sound too tempting to pass up :) I just know my mom would love them too!

  126. A friend of my mother’s was given a Tower of Treats by another friend, who didn’t know that she is allergic to chocolate! She gave all five boxes (chocolate or not!) to our family. This was YEARS ago and my little sister still has the boxes. ;)

  127. Love all of the pics!!! Looks like you all had a beautiful time together. :)

  128. One Christmas we got a huge gift basket from Harry and David! It was amazing. Loved the pears! So fresh!

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  132. We had a baby shower for a lady having twins and our theme was Pear (or pair). We live near a Harry & David’s outlet and bought all of our pear stuff there. Including the biggest, most delicious pears! Yum!

  133. For years my mom has received a Harry & David basket from her boss. Even though I no longer live at home she always saves me a pear and some other treat for when I am home for the Holidays. One year I couldn’t come home and in my Christmas care package, there lovingly tucked was the pear. With tears in my eyes I enjoyed that pear listening to Christmas music looking at palm trees and wishing for snow and slush and the smells of my mom’s kitchen. If I win, I will share with my step-daughters and see if I can start a tradition with them.

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  136. My grandpa used to send us a Harry & David gift every year for Christmas when I was a kid. I remember it so fondly :)

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  138. I’ve never had anything of theirs, but once you said the pears slice like butter, that’s what I want to try!

  139. I was introduced to the deliciousness of Harry and David 6 years ago when my staff bought me a tower. It was almost too pretty to open. Every year now, they get me a gift basket or tower from Harry & David. And then we were lucky enough to get a store here, only ten minutes from home. My daughters love moose munch and my son in college looks forward to Harry and David goodies that I frequently send. And right now, I am completely addicted to the charred pineapple relish. I put it on everything! I’m at the store once a week and the employees are so friendly and helpful. YAY for Harry and David!!

  140. I’ve never tried Harry and David before, but I’d like to try the cheese. I love a sharp cheddar.

  141. I would love to they any of the chocolate covered fruit.

  142. The first time I had their coffee I was babysitting another navy wife’s kiddos. One cup and I was completely hooked! I ended up getting it as a gift for Christmas from her that year too. Yum Yum Yum Yum!!!!

  143. Their pears are truly the best. We are also quite fond of their cheesecake trio.

  144. My heart melted when I read the story about how the employee was approached by the CEO in regards to her resignation. We don’t see anything remote to such humility, these days.

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  146. Sommer, I am so happy we met and can’t wait to stay in touch. It was the perfect trip, group, weather, food, treats … oh, and RUN :) You’re the best! Love and hugs from OR!

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  155. Beautiful recap, Sommer! It was such a great time with Harry and David – I’m so glad we finally got to meet, YAY!!

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  161. What an experience! Thanks for sharing all those awesome pictures. I especially loved the factory picture from above – it looks like Santa’s Christmas factory! And thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway. I don’t have any memories of Harry and David but I am so excited to try their amazing, fresh pears!

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  164. I had never even heard of Harry&David until two years ago when a beautiful box of pears appeared upon our ice laden doorstep. I’ve been smitten ever since.

  165. Moose Munch sounds yummy! I would love to try it!

  166. What a great trip! I have always heard of Harry and David and I’ve drooled over the catalog but I’ve not actually tried any of their products. I think I would love the Moose Munch! Love your photos and it’s always to read about companies that treat their employees so well.

  167. I think my most favorite H&D products are their amazing pears and Moose Munch!

  168. My family doesn’t really do holiday gifts – we just buy each other different flavors of Moose Munch and split them at family movie night!

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  172. I’ve really been wanting to try their Moose Munch since I’ve seen it in a few places recently.

  173. I received a gift box one year but the pears were spoiled. I called them and receivd a new box in a few days with profuse apologies. Great pears and great service

  174. I follow you on FB, Twitter & Pinterest :)

  175. I tweeted about giveaway :) @mstephens66

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  177. that was a lovely experience. i always see harry & david sign on hwy 5 whenever we do a long drive from CA to OR and WA but never stopped by. i wonder if they do public tours. maybe next time we head that way we’ll stop by. i always associate h&d with office giveaways. my sister got two baskets from her office one time and so she shared one to me. that was my first time to taste the moose munch. it was good!

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  179. Pears & dark chocolate covered cherries :)

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  181. My parents have sent Harry and David Towers of Treats etc. to employees and friends at Christmastime for many years, and we got the Fruit-of-the-Month subscription for us and for the grandparents one year (the pears, the pears!). When I studied abroad in college, my grandparents wanted to send me the pears, but couldn’t because of international shipping restrictions. So they sent me a tin of glaceed apricots and prunes. So delicious.

  182. My most favorite gift every year is a box of Harry and David beautiful pears ! Then I just cross my fingers and hope to get candied fruit and other H &D goodies !

  183. I grew up waiting for the box of pears to arrive at the holidays. There is something magical about those juicy sweet pears arriving at your doorstep! I always tried to beat my sisters to the box to have access to the pears first!

  184. I had never heard of it before but the pears look so yummy!

  185. Their pears are amazing! Good to know they are a great company!

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  206. I love receiving my Harry and David catalog in the mail before Christmas! I enjoy looking at every page! Of course I love giving and receiving Harry and David!!!!

  207. My memory of Harry and David is relived each October. They give out special samples to the participants in the Walk or the Cure. They give us huge bottles if water while walking.

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  213. My favorite Harry & David memory is from just a few years ago…I had just started a new job that required me to move to a new city. The vice president I worked for sent me a Harry & David package at Christmas, which was such a nice touch…I just loved receiving it and the packaging was lovely!

  214. I’ve never tried their products, but I’d LOVE to get my hands on one of those beautiful pears!!!!!

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  217. I’ve never had a H & D experience and would like to try it, specially the pears!

  218. After spending Christmas with my parents, we arrived home to see the famous H & D box at our front door. We could hardly wait to dive in, but unfortunately we had a hard freeze during the three days we were away. Our son, age 10 was so disappointed that I called the next dy to order a duplicate box. I mentioned to the lady what had happened…..she sent a duplicate without charge…
    H & D – they are the best!

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  224. I look forward to their annual catalog arriving. Then I know the holidays are upon us. Their baskets make terrific gifts.

  225. I have fond memories of the pears. . My mother was always the pie maker in our family, but she had a set 4 or 5 fillings only. About 20 years ago I took over the pie baking for special occasions and I developed a recipe for a pear pie that has been a family favorite ever since. It is the most requested pie that I make and two years ago it won First Prize at the fair. Yum.

  226. I love the MOOSE MUNCH! My mom and dad buy it for me every year – he even sent me care packages with it in them when I was at college and couldn’t find it anywhere. Best holiday treat ever :)

  227. My father in law who passed away last year sent us a tower of treats every Christmas. The pears are the most amazing part- never found any like them anywhere else!

  228. You always have to go with what they’re most famous for, so I’d pick the pears!

  229. Will share on FB/Twitter/Pin it – My favorite memories are when we had a store here at the mall – I would go in once a week or whenever I was in the mall – sample all their goodies and look at the sale table and always leave w/a dark choc Moose Munch Bar – Love those things. Miss You Harry & David – please come back to Boca.

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  238. I love Harry and David and my husband has sent gift baskets as Christmas gifts for his boss!

  239. When I saw the photo of the Tower of Treats it immediately brought me back to a Christmas when my five children were still fairly young. My father used to send us a gift box from a little store in the Georgia hills that contained a HUGE block of ‘farmers cheese’, a package of crackers that were more like cardboard, and a bottle of Glog. This was not exactly something young children looked forward to each year. It was kind of my father to think of us, but I think it was more to his liking than ours. To make a long story short (even though I have already made it long, sorry) one Christmas a box came that was different than the cheese box. We all gathered around to see what was inside. Wow!!! It was a beautiful tower of boxes all wrapped in a bow. We each took turns opening the different boxes, getting more and more excited with each unwrapping. No huge block of cheese or cardboard crackers! Hooray! It was actually delicious treats that all of us enjoyed immensely. I would love to say that my father continued with the Tower of Treats from then on. Alas, no, that was our only year for the Tower of Treats. Imagine my children’s faces the next Christmas when the ‘cheese box’ was delivered. I had to remind them how grateful we should be for the gift and make sure to send out thank you notes acknowledging his thoughtfulness. My father told me years later that he wondered about whether it was truly enjoyed after receiving a letter from one of my sons thanking him for the ‘hunk of cheese’.

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    Your experience there really makes me want to use Harry and David a lot more. Loved the narrative and the pictures. Thank you.

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    I especially loved the production area photos of your tour. One would never imagine that scene between the trees and the box! Fascinating! Thank you for this.

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  345. I remember when I first walked into a Harry & David store, I fell in love. All their products sounded simply amazing and were affordable. It was like gourmet on a budget, which for a new cook, I was SUPER intrigued by! I instantly fell in love with their Moose Munch (uh, how could you not?) and was super sad when the store closed nearby :( I have yet to try a famous pear and am dying to!

    BTW, so happy you got to experience a stay with Harry & David! That sounds like the trip of a lifetime!

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  350. My favorite memory of Harry and David involves my mom and me standing over the box of beautiful Royal Riviera pears that a family friend sent to us during the holidays. You’d think they had sent us gold bars! Our mouths hung open as we lovingly admired their beautiful, russet-tinged skin. But the best part was getting to eat them! I’ll never forget how smooth, sweet and flavorful they were. I’ve never had another pear like those.

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