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Perfect Grilled Cheese

Perfect Grilled Cheese: Learn a few tricks to take your mediocre grilled cheese to grilled cheese euphoria… in about 5 minutes!

Perfect Grilled Cheese - 8 Steps to the perfect sandwich! #grilledcheese #cheese #sandwich

A classic American grilled cheese sandwich is something we can all relate to.

We’ve all had killer grilled cheese sandwiches that inspire foodie dreams for weeks, and we’ve all had some that were just ok.

In today’s 5 Minute Fix, I’m going to share a few tricks that will make your grilled cheese sandwich spectacular!


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Perfect Grilled Cheese Tips

Use good bread. Plain white sandwich bread is alright, but if you want an awesome grilled cheese sandwich, start with awesome bread. Sourdough, rustic italian, and pumpernickel are my favorites for grilled cheese.

Use more than one cheese. I like to combine 3 cheeses to create a well-rounded cheesy flavor. Single cheese sandwiches tend to taste flat.

Perfect Grilled Cheese - Simple Steps to the perfect sandwich! #grilledcheese #cheese #sandwich

Start with room temperature ingredients. Your cheese will melt much more evenly if your bread and cheeses aren’t cold when you put them on the griddle. Lay them out ahead of time for optimal results.

Less is not more. Ok, sometimes less IS more, but not when it comes to grilled cheese. Cut your bread in thick 1/2 inch slices and don’t be skimping with the cheese. Whether using slices or shredded cheese, add enough so the hot molten cheese will ooze out when you take a bite!

Add fresh herbs. Everything tastes better with fresh herbs! If you’ve got a little thyme, basil or rosemary in the fridge, sprinkle some on top of the cheese before covering.

Perfect Grilled Cheese - Easy Steps to the perfect sandwich! #grilledcheese #cheese #sandwich

Butter the griddle, not the bread. Buttering the griddle (or skillet) instead of the slices of bread does two things. It eliminates the gouge marks from trying to spread hard butter on soft bread. Second, it toasts the bread without a greasy over saturation from the butter and cheese. That means your bread will remain soft and dry on the inside with a golden toasted crust, instead of creating two greasy sponges with cheese in the middle.

Grill over medium heat. Grilling your grilled cheese over medium heat (about 350 degrees F) allows the cheese to melt, without burning the bread. Golden bread + melted cheese = great grilled cheese

The Perfect Grilled Cheese - Easy Steps to the perfect sandwich! #grilledcheese #cheese #sandwich

Cover when grilling the first slice. I like to use a metal bowl or skillet to cover the sandwiches when I’m grilling the first slice of bread. (Or use a lid if cooking in a skillet, instead of on a griddle.) By covering the sandwich, you’re capturing the heat and helping the cheese to melt all the way through, without over browning the bread. Once the first side in golden-brown, remove the cover and grill the second side without it, so the toasted bread will stay crisp.

Making the Perfect Grilled Cheese - Easy Steps to the perfect sandwich! #grilledcheese #cheese #sandwich

If you follow these steps, you should be able to cook your grilled cheese sandwich for 2-4 minutes per side and end up with golden grilled cheese perfection!

How to Make Perfect Grilled Cheese - Easy Steps to the perfect sandwich! #grilledcheese #cheese #sandwich

Now your turn.

Do you have grilled cheese tips, tricks, or add-ons you want to share?

Leave us a comment below!

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20 comments on “Perfect Grilled Cheese”

  1. Have you ever tried mayonnaise instead of butter.
    I never went back to butter.

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  3. I do butter my bread first, but then I sprinkle grated Parmesan on it to add a wonderful flavor and crunch. I also add several cheeses to the inside, like swiss, provolone, mozzarella and cheddar.

    Thanks for the tips!

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  5. A pannini press does a great job, too, then you can leave out extra oil in pan. I agree with multiple cheeses. I like thin sliced pear or apple and maybe an oniony honey mustard, it is not too sweet. Thanks for the pin.

  6. What are some cheeses that would go together and that you would recommend?

  7. I must say that I thought I knew how to make grilled cheese. But I tried this last night and my 15-year-old son declared it the best ever. “What did you do different Mom?” he asks. “This was amazing!” Aw, thanks son. And thanks Sommer!

  8. Sommer- I love these tips! I’ve been buttering the skillet forever (instead of the bread) and thought I was alone and crazy in that practice! Thanks for confirming that we know the scoop on an awesome grilled cheese.

  9. Perfect grilled cheese, love the rustic bread!

  10. Well, now I know what I’m craving for lunch! What fantastic tips, Sommer. And I am coveting that grill that you have in the middle of your stovetop.

  11. Thank you thank you thank you! Sadly, I have to admit that my grilled cheeses need a bit of work, so hopefully this helps.

  12. I love idea of fresh herbs! And this is one good lookin grilled cheese!!

  13. Oooo… just look at that ooey gooey cheese!

  14. A grilled cheese sandwich and a good bowl of soup is something I can have all the time. Great tips for making a good grilled cheese. Delicious!

  15. Love these great tips! Grilled cheese is a lunch and dinner time staple over here!

  16. Wow! Great tips! And the pesto sounds great Julie. I’m definitely gonna try that!

  17. Love these tips!
    I like fresh tomato or pesto on my grilled cheese. My Southern Grandmother would open up the sandwhich after grilling it and add cold mayo and a tomoto slice. Sounds strange, but the cold and hot work well together!