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Getting a Little Personal

I wanted to do something a little different today, just for kicks. I thought it would be fun to get a little personal.

Land O'Lakes gifMe, Heather and Brenda at BlogHer Food in Austin, TX.

Sometimes it feels strange sitting behind my computer screen sharing recipes, stories of daily life, and on some days baring a little piece of my soul. Yet aside from a handful of comments, I never really know who’s reading along.

I do receive regular reader emails, Facebook comments, pins, and tweets, so I know you’re out there. For those of you who don’t make contact, I see you in my site analytics program, so I know you’re out there as well. *wink*

And don’t worry…. I read a lot of blogs and often don’t leave comments either.

I just wish there was a way to get to know each other a little better. So here’s an idea. I’d like to conduct a little “activity” today so we can get better acquainted.

I’m going to tell you 5 non-food related facts about me, silly but personal stuff.

Then would you tell me 5 things about you?

Or even ONE?

Let’s give this a try….

5 Things about me you probably don’t know:


I like british period films (think BBC) AND zombie movies, equally. If anyone ever produces a zombie version of Pride and Prejudice, I’m all in.


You know how kids lie when they’re in middle school to impress their friends? I used to tell people I was born on a sailboat. Because obviously, all cool kids are born on a sailboats. (Honestly, what was I thinking?) If any junior high friends are reading along, sorry!


Before I go to bed, I often lay in the dark and play Yahtzee on my iPad. Yes, it’s old-school. Yes, there are much cooler iPad games these days. Yes, there are plenty of books I could be reading. What can I say, Yahtzee relaxes me and brainlessly washes away the craziness of the day.

On a side note, when I do pick up a novel, I turn into a book junky and can’t put it down. I usually devour the entire book in one night which makes for a VERY cranky following day. I’ve been caught, on several occasions, reading the last chapter of a thick novel at 6:30 in the morning, after I started reading it at 10 pm the night before.

Yahtzee is safer.


I’m a cryer. Yep, bring on the water works. Whether I’m happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, beaming with pride, frustrated, or confused, I get teary-eyed. Can’t help it, it’s got to be a genetic thing. Even the burly men in my family are cryers.

The strange thing is, I’m not really all that sensitive. Or at least I don’t get my feelings hurt very easily. But I do cry. A lot.


As a kid, I used to day dream about being a broadway singer. My mom and I watched all the old broadway shows together on video (and some live performances.) I would learn every word of my favorite songs and belt them out when no one was around.

Can I sing? No.

But that never stopped me from putting on one heck of a show in the bathroom mirror.

The Collier Fam

Now your turn; I’m dying to know.

Tell me five interesting things about you! …or just ONE good one.

And for those of you who have never left a blog comment, I invite you to give it try. It’s painless, fun, therapeutic, and your email address remains private.

Tell me about YOU!

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132 comments on “Getting a Little Personal”

  1. I love your blog and love getting to know you a bit more! I know I am a bit late to comment but figured I would do it anyway, so you know I was here  I know how nice it is to get comments!!

    I love talking to people, even though I am a really shy person.

    We usually have a houseful of people ( maybe 6-18) over for dinner at least once a week. I don’t always plan it, it just happens and it makes me very happy

    My two kids are grown and on their own, but my daughter just moved into a house half a mile away and my son just moved back in with us while he saves for a move to another state. My mom also lives with us and there are often one or two more people staying in our spare room.

    The majority of my friends are around half my age although one of my closest friends is 20 years older than me. I have never considered age as important when choosing friends !

    I love to read and watch movies. I am like you in that if I start a book I will stay up all night reading. I too love BBC and several British authors, but I like all kinds of books and movies.

  2. I love it.
    1. Good or bad, I sing karaoke.
    2. I don’t like margaritas, at all.
    3. My first car was a lime green VW Bug w/ the license plate “ILVGMBY”
    4. When I was little, I pierced my Barbie doll’s ears with straight pins, cut their hair, and made pretend swimming pools in the backyard with my Mom’s tupperware.
    5. I cry too… wayyyyy too easily. When I catered parties back in college, the wedding march made me cry EVERY TIME… and I didn’t even know any of these people!

  3. Love this, Sommer!
    Ok… here goes:
    1 – My mom had me when she was 40… the same year my oldest brother got married. My brother had his first kid when I was 2 and his second when I was 4. So I was a very young aunt. When my nephew and niece would come visit I would make them tell everyone we were cousins because I thought if they said I was their aunt, they’d think our family was odd.
    2 – I was married at 21, divorced at 22…just shy of 2 years. Long story, but I’ve now been married for 13 years to my husband and both situations were the best thing that ever happened to me. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
    3 – I have a fear of heights… like falling over railings when standing on something high. (I can handle planes and things like that). The fear has paralyzed me before where I’ve been stuck someplace up high on stairs and haven’t been able to move. That’s a strange feeling.
    4 – I don’t love Nutella
    5 – I have lived in Kansas all my life and really know I don’t belong here but still love raising my kids here.

    That’s it :)

    • Alright Kristen, so do you have nightmares about falling? I always have one after I’ve been up on a high place.

  4. I love this post! A few small things: I HATE flying, I can’t stand doing laundry, I love watching trashy tv, I love using exclamation points!!!

  5. I love this post, Sommer! And how funny, when I was a kid I told people I was born in Hollywood for the same reason. Ha. :) Okay, so about me:

    1. I used to be a periodicals librarian at a special collections library, meaning that I regularly had to place phone calls to cults, UFO enthusiasts, separatists, and other extremists asking for their newsletters.

    2. When I was 14, I had a website about how much Joey Lawrence annoyed me.

    3. I’m addicted to trashy reality shows. The trashier, the better.

    4. I go to bed at 10pm every night, like an old lady.

    5. I have never tried coffee. (Perhaps this has something to do with the 10pm bedtime?)

    • Never tried coffee? Well I guess it’s good you haven’t started the habit. One you start you can’t stop!

  6. 1. I spent months of my life in the hospital in high school.
    2. I have only ever been to Canada outside of the U.S., but I speak 3 different languages.
    3. I am writing a novel in secret. Shhh.
    4. I take college classes in my nonexistent time because I am still sore about not getting a masters/PhD and the husband getting his instead.
    5. I read a lot.

  7. How fun – I am one who typically never responds but I am breaking the mold today!

    I love, love and adore Golden Retrievers
    I am a huge supporter of animal rescue groups
    I wish I had a cool blog, I lack talent and imagination however! Thank you though for yours…
    I love to eat so thankfully I love to play tennis…ya know pounds on so easy, pounds off not so much, ugh
    I wish I knew more people that were more adventuresome with food

  8. 1. I started reading your blog because my husband and I lived in Asheville for five years. Fletcher actually. My sweet baby boy (13) was born at Mission St. Joes. We will get him back there one day.
    2. I love all things about cooking and baking. I am pretty good at it too. That’s not a brag –I just don’t have too many talents.
    3. I would enjoy working in the yard more if there were not so many critters.
    4. I am quiet and shy. I used to hate but as I have gotten older I have learned to embrace it.
    5. My husband recently changed careers — it is really fun to see him so happy!

    Love your blog!

    • Hi Darlene, it seems a lot of people find A Spicy Perspective because of Asheville. It’s such a magical place.

      Congratulations to your husband! Having a job you really enjoy seems to take years off your life. :)

  9. ha! ha! I love this! I’m a super private person, myself, so this is out of the box for me. After almost 5 years of blogging, I didn’t get personal about my family until year 3?!! And since I’ve been reading your blog since I began blogging, I will “get personal” with you!

    1. I am obsessed with British TV/films, too! I’m currently devouring the new “Upstairs/Downstairs” series. FUN! FUN! Gotta love Netflix/Amazon Streaming!
    2. I do all of my worrying in the dead of night. I worry about my kids, our health, our future, terrorists, the end of the world… you name it, but I do it only at night when I’m trying to sleep. During the day, I’m fine. Go figure.
    3. Despite all the foods I’ve tried from all over the world, I still love my bottle pickled herring – makes my family hurl, but I don’t care!
    4. I need a bite of chocolate everyday. Yes, NEED! Just a few chocolate chips will do the trick.
    5. I daydream all the time, ever since I was a kid. Maybe one day I will write a novel about one of those stories I make up??

    • Laura, I need a bite of chocolate everyday too. I always have a bag of small Dove chocolates (or something similar) handy.

  10. You are so much fun, I just love reading your posts, always inspiring.

    I’m a cryer too my boys think it’s so silly.

  11. Cute and fun idea!
    1. I like my fruit cut up in bite size pieces.
    2. I have double jointed thumbs.
    3. I home schooled for 11 years and graduated our son.
    4. I don’t care for milk chocolate.
    5. When I get to heaven I’m hoping to understand why God created flies, gnats, tarantulas, and earwigs. I will ask if the information isn’t readily available, because I have to know why. I just do.

    Happy Day!

  12. I think your idea of getting to know your readers is such a wonderful idea! So here goes :)
    1~ growing up I had dreamed of having a career that would keep me so busy that I wouldn’t have time for a family… Fast forward 1 have FOUR wonderful kids who are my full-time job!
    2~ I love to fish!
    3~ I will go to Italy one day!
    4~ I have somehow been sucked in to the Candy Crush Saga :(
    5~ I put hot sauce on almost everything I eat :)

  13. I totally get what you mean by that crying thing, it is totally me lately. I find it embarrassing to be on the prayer team at church and I cry when I pray over others even when they do not cry. Their eyes pop open at the end and sometimes they jerk their heads back when they see my tear stained, red face. So embarrassing.

  14. You girls are so so cute!! Love the 1st photo!! So nice we were able to meet at FBF, Sommer. And thanks for sharing your list. It’s nice to know more about each other, other than just recipes :)

  15. This is my first time commenting. In fact, I’m a very new reader but already one who adores your blog. I’m more than happy to play along:
    1) I will never get on board with the e-reader (i.e. Kindle, etc). Real books will always hold a place in my heart. Seriously, the printing press is one of the most amazing human inventions of all time and I intend to fully support it until the day I die!
    2) I will scrutinize every book I buy for any imperfections. If it’s got a dent or a crease, I’m not buying it. I even used to do this for my text books! Weird, I know!
    3) I always seem to hate things that are really in style and will love it later. For example, I couldn’t stand New Kids on the Block, Brittney Spears and the Spice Girls when they were at the height of their popularity. Now, I sing along to all of their songs.
    4) It’s funny that you dreamt of becoming a broadway singer because that is my ultimate dream job. It combines everything – my love of singing, acting and dancing. If I could give it all up (and if only I had the talent!) I’d head to NYC right now and start auditioning!
    5) I can still sing along to every word of The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Rent. I love those musicals so much!

    • I just watched Phantom of the Opera again this week (the one with Gerard Butler.) Love that show!! Another favorite of mine is Funny Girl. :)

  16. How different we are, but all love your blog. This is me:
    1. Married and still in love with my sweet husband after 50 years.
    2. Do not feel as old as I thought I would at this age.
    3. Absolutely love cream cheese/Eagle brand milk/ whipped cream desserts.
    4. Love cooking and baking with my 12 year old granddaughter.
    5. When I got my iPad in 2010, predicted that in the near future everyone would want or have one . What a fun device!

    • Hi Shelby, Congrats on your 50 years! I’m with you, anything with sweetened condensed milk is alright by me. :)

  17. Super fun post! Let me think… I barely ever watch any television! I really like Dave Mathews, U2 and country music, I try to exercise almost every day, I am the baby of the family of 4 siblings and I wish that the only job i needed and had was to do work on my blog

  18. Fun post! I love getting to know the blogs I read and the people who read them. 5 things about me.

    1. I never liked Peanut Butter until 3 years ago! Eck! In grade school I used to eat bologna and butter! Gross!

    2. No matter what, wither i drank to much, sick or tired. I always say my prayers before bed!

    3. I’m not emotional person, unless something bad happens to animals, then I cry and cry, think about it later and cry again! When people cry, I don’t know how to react.

    4. I have a major shoe fetish and own a ton, yet I wear the same 2 pairs of shoes all of the time.

    5. I used to base my life around what is on tv, I wouldn’t go out with friends or anything! Now I am lucky if I watch 2 hours a week. If i do, it’s Food Network!

  19. some people think that I am standoffish, but the truth is that I have no confidence and it takes me a while to become comfortable around new people….

    I love sweets!

    I miss my son, he fills my heart with joy!

    I worry about my 83 1/2 year old Dad……

    I wish I could sing & I love to dance!

    • Hi Nora, Thanks for sharing a little about yourself! I love to dance too. Dan and I used to swing dance in college, wish we still did. :)

  20. How fun!

    Five things about me:

    1. My favorite food is goat cheese.
    2. She Reads Truth bible study changed my life.
    3. I have a Master’s degree in a field that I no longer want to work in. (phew, it felt good admitting that one!)
    4. I didn’t get married until I was 28. (Most people where I’m from in the South get married at 20-25). And I was really embarrassed about being so old. So I didn’t want a bridal shower, or any fanfare. And that’s sad.
    5. Yoga is my life blood.

  21. Love this! Okay, here are my things:
    1) i love music, a mix of old school rock and bubblegum pop ( i know, weird right?)
    2) I am a religious Jew.
    3) I cannot STAND when anyone whines. I mean seriously, I will kick the person out. :)
    4) I like working out, but i can never do it when people are watching me/ in the same room as me.
    5) My family is Syrian and Mexican. And yes, I have been spoiled by the cooking :)
    Thanks for this great post Sommer!

  22. Love your blog Sommer and love that you shared a few personal things with us. I have enjoyed reading all about your readers, as well!
    1. I am obsessed with Bravo TV and need an intervention.
    2. I just started my own blog and have no clue what I’m doing. I’m just learning as I go.
    3. I’m a huge foodie and love trying new recipes, which is why I spend so much time reading other blogs and scoping out Pinterest.
    4. I’m 48 and all 4 kids are grown up with real jobs! So I stay at home with my 3 pups and love being a housewife to my husband.
    5. I’ve had dinner at the White House twice and met 3 Presidents. I’m pretty sure they put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. It was good to find out they were regular people and very down to earth.

    • Hi Kelli! As for #2, we all started that way. :) I’d love to hear more about the dinners at the White House. Where they business related?

      • Dinners were somewhat business related. I also did a large fundraiser in Houston in which George Bush was my honorary chairman and actually attended my event. As we attended these WH dinners they became friendly and we ended up getting to have a casual lunch with George and Barbara Bush in Houston. It was the highlight of my life! He really appreciated teachers which had been my original profession. I have been so fortunate to be able to meet Bush, Clinton and Ford. I’d never dreamt in a million years I’d have carried on a conversation with these gentlemen. I’m truly humbled. More importantly, they were just fun to be around and made everyone feel like they belonged.

    • Kelli, That is so cool!

  23. 1. Guilty tv pleasure: Sister Wives.
    2. I looooove potato chips.
    3. My boyfriend and I love to go wine tasting and make up pretentious wine talk
    4. I play solitaire at night when I can’t sleep.
    5. I love corny jokes. The cornier the better.

  24. 1- I love trashy reality TV
    2- I am a recovering catholic and now a atheist.
    3- I do not like flying anymore, plus my ears give me problems.
    4- I love anything cinnamon
    5-I wish more folks were compassionate and would stop eating animals

  25. Yatzee is on ipad? Interesting, my husband and I played the heck out of that game in the past.

    1) I was born in Poland and my entire family still lives there except for my sister and parents. I miss them and farm life!
    2) I hate flying and I have a flight coming up from Atlanta to Germany. Dreading it! I’ll need lots of wine.
    3) I love reading silly historical romance novels, the ones with the trashy covers you have to hide in public.
    4) I love being a working mom, and I hate being a working mom. Not enough time in the day!
    5) I hope to visit as many of the world’s beaches as possible. Have a trip planned to Stocking Island in the Bahamas where we will be staying in one of only a dozen homes on the island. Yay!

  26. This is great! I am happy to “know” you a bit better!! :)

    1. I was born in Macedonia, but in middle school I told people that I was born in Boston – I didn’t want them to make fun of my foreign accent. :)
    2. I played the violin for 5 years…even had a solo concert!
    3. I worked as a florist when I was 17!
    4. My dad is a priest. In the Orthodox religion priests are allowed to marry. In fact, they have to be married if they want to be a priest.
    5. I have gone to the movie theatre twice in the last 5 years… I don’t enjoy watching movies because I can’t sit still for 2 hours. ADD, ADHD, ABCD… whatev! ;-)

  27. Oh, I SO enjoyed reading EVERY one of those! I hope the invitation for comments isn’t just for bloggers (although I DO want to be one, when I figure out how!)
    1. I used to race horses in Timed-Event races…barrels, flags, rescue…love horses! The last time I rode was in Mexico, in the desert!
    2. I used to take piano and voice lessons, and love to sing…and wish I’d continued with both, after my teacher retired. I’d like to be able to play a musical instrument.
    3. I’m more an animal person than a people person; no, actually I’m an “underdog” person; I always feel for and want to help those that the world has turned it’s back on.
    4. I’d love to start doing things that I’ve always been afraid of…being adventurous!
    5. I’d love to have a working farm/ranch and take in homeless people and animals, and raise what we’d need, instead of buying mystery items at the store.

    • Marysue, Absolutely not. I want to hear about YOU so thanks for sharing! #5 is one awesome dream. Keep me updated on that. :)

  28. This looks like fun!
    I’m so guilty of lurking…but I love to read your blog. Here we go:
    1) I love to bake sweets. Like, seriously love. I have a huge collection of recipes, and read cookbooks like novels.
    2) I can’t grow mint. I know…easiest thing in the world, so I hear, but it never grows for me! I’ve tried and failed more times than I can count.
    3) I absolutely can’t stand monkeys. Don’t know why…just can’t. I’m not afraid of them at all, but will avoid them at the zoo, or turn the channel!
    4) Pink is my favorite color. I would paint my entire house in various shades, if I lived alone. My son would protest, but my girls would love it, too!
    5) I’m freakishly good with directions. It’s odd, but, if I drive somewhere once, I can find the same place decades later.
    Keep up the awesome work!!!

    • Lianne, thanks for sharing! Monkeys freak out too. I’m always afraid they are going to throw poop on me. …long story.

  29. 1. I just love giving birth- i just wish i could do it again, we already have 3 kids,.
    2. I wish my company had a uniform policy- i hate picking out what to wear everyday.
    3. I love laying in the bathtub with the lights off and the candles on.
    4. My dream is to win the lottery, so i could have my own restaurnt on my land- only for my family to attend everynight- i’m not a cooker.

    • Hi Tess! You know, a friend of mine is a surrogate mother. What an amazing gift she gives families… Just a thought pertaining to #1. ;)

      • i would love to do that- but my husband says no…what if something happened to me during and then my kids would be without me..

    • Tess, yeah I’m pretty sure my hubby would say no to that as well. ;)

  30. Love this! Here goes:
    1. My passion growing up was horses. I had a purebred Arabian and used to show him as often as I could. I rode English and Western.
    2. I was a theatre major in college.
    3. I love science fiction. It takes me to a place that lets me believe that there’s more out there. (I wish I weren’t a muggle.)
    4. I read a lot of Young Adult fiction. Not sure why. I guess my girls got me hooked.
    5. I’m a newlywed! Yay me!

  31. What a fun post! I love the get to know you posts. As words on a screen you never know what the real person is like. Well unless you put on funny glasses and take wacky pics with them. ;)

    1. I do jigsaw puzzles on my ipad when I go to bed at night. I washes away the stresses of my day too.
    2. I used to be a balloon decorator. Need a twisted balloon arch? I’m your girl
    3. I love period movies too and could watch P&P continuously. Oh Mr. Darcy.
    4. I’m double jointed in my elbows and shoulders. Gross.
    5. I hate zucchini and yellow squash. blech!

  32. I play solitaire on my smartphone, talk about old school. LOL
    I’m obsessed with Louisiana and the Bayou
    I watch all the realty shows like swamp people and Hillbilly Blood, and I love it.
    If I could eat one thing everyday of my life it would be Roasted almonds and Trader Joe chocolate chips
    I’m currently reading three different books because I have one in 3 different places, 1 in the car, 1 next to the bed and 1 in the bathroom.

    • Andrea, I could eat roasted almonds everyday too. I think I would die of exhaustion if I were reading 3 books. :)

  33. What a fun idea and I’ve loved reading the comments from other bloggers. Let’s see…as for me?

    1. I’m 6′ tall. Amazing how that colors my entire life from always being asked to help at the grocery to having to have 4 inches added to the length of pants I have to special order.
    2. I am strong apparently (I hear that a lot!) but I cry easily; mostly when I think of kids and dogs. My Grandma always used to say my bladder was too close to my eyeballs.
    3. While volleyball was my first love, I twirled a baton and participated in countless parades from grade school through high school!
    4. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Heath Bars and now wonder why I’ve never eaten them together.
    5. My daughter has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard; talk about something that can make me teary, it’s hearing her sing.

  34. This is a great idea! I read most of the blogs of all the commenters and now I have some new ones to read too.
    About me…
    1. My mom had 4 brothers, I have 3 brothers, and my daughter has 2 brothers – we are slowly phasing out the men in our family!
    2. I hate the heat. I don’t mind moderate summer temperatures, but hotter than 25 Celsius and I get cranky.
    3. I have the world’s ugliest feet.
    4. I used to bite my nails – now they are long and sometimes I even have time to paint them.
    5. My favorite thinking spot is on my swing in the back yard.

    • Laura, HA! #1 made me laugh so hard!

      And I think I need a photo of those feet for evidence. They can’t be that bad… ;)

  35. Love this Sommer!! Those photo booth action pics are the best! Hope to see you again soon! xoxox

  36. Loved this!

    I’m actually the voice for the revamped Rainbow Brite. It’s true.

  37. I love this, Sommer! It’s so nice to get to know you better. Ok, so, here we go…

    1) I grew up on a form. Chickens, goats, weird exotic birds, the whole deal.
    2) I’ve traveled all over Europe but haven’t seen much of the good ole’ USA.
    3) Totally a winter girl. I’d rather be cold (but cozy warm by a fire) instead of hot!
    4) There’s no better cake than carrot in my book.
    5) My husband was a rebound turned longtime love of my life. ;) Hehe!

  38. Such a fun post! I might copy your idea for my blog. ;) Here are a few things about me:

    *English is not my first language–Italian is! I learned English after I started going to pre-K and from watching Sesame Street. I consider English my mother-tongue, even though, technically it isn’t.

    *If I had to do college all over again, I wouldn’t go–I would go to culinary school instead.

    *I am a total neat and organization freak. I do not have junk drawers. Not one.

    *I make the bed EVERY day.

    *I always place toilet paper with the paper facing out towards the front of the roll.

    *I place all my groceries neatly in my grocery cart so nothing gets damaged or squashed. (OCD, much?)

  39. This is so fun, I love the sailboat story!

    1. I’ve been obsessed with corgis since junior high and I still think they are the cutest dogs in the world.
    2. I love to read and wish I could read for a living ;).
    3.If I could live anywhere other than CA, I’d live in Italy (and hope to live there in the future).
    4. I can’t live without coffee and chocolate.
    5. Summer is my favorite season – I can’t get enough of the long days and the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies!

  40. I love this!!

    Let’s see…

    1. If I could use only one piece of makeup for the rest of my life, it would be eyeliner. I feel undone without it.
    2. On a related note, I’m oddly obsessive about eyebrows. Like cannot stand them being unruly. When some friends and I went to see Eclipse, all I could think about when they did close ups of Dakota Fanning was how badly she needed to get her’s waxed. Speaking of I’m overdue….
    3. I have a full size calendar above my desk at work and I use my Outlook calendar. Everything has to be on both and every event is color coordinated.
    4. I’m not a fan of my first name since it’s so popular. In fact, I know whether someone knows me from high school or college depending upon the name they call me. (I went by my last name in high school.)
    5. I watch Hairspray every time I get ready to go out… Although that might be taken over now by Pitch Perfect. I could watch both of those movies every single day.

    • Oh dear, now I’m thinking I need MY eyebrows waxed! ;)

      I have never seen Pitch Perfect. Think I’m going to rent it tonight…

      • Oh I hope you do rent Pitch Perfect!! Aside from it being hysterical, it was filmed on my college campus and I take real pride in that for some reason. I love spotting local things like a pizza restaurant’s cup and knowing exactly where to go to see the spot my favorite scenes were filmed.

  41. This is awesome.
    1) I love scrabble and puzzles. like a lot.
    2) I am obsessed with dogs.
    3) I went to 7 schools in 7 years as a child.
    4) I was a competitive ski racer as a child.
    5) I am the third of 4 kids

  42. Thanks for sharing Sommer!
    One thing about me that people don’t know is that I would love to write a book on day (recipe, novel, whatever….) even though I’m not the greatest writer. I just enjoy it! :)

  43. SQUEAL! I love this :)

    1. I feel like I say it a lot but my eyeliner is tattooed on. I love it and would do it again in a heartbeat!
    2. I am a crier too, and I really do think it’s genetic. But I also totally get my feelings hurt easily – bad combo ;)
    3. I used to think I would grow up to be a gymnast in the Olympics…and then I got to 5’10” and realized maybe that wouldn’t happen…
    4. I could eat nothing but pasta and chocolate for days and it wouldn’t faze me at all.
    5. I want to have all of the babies in the world!

  44. I love playing bingo blitz (on my kindle in the dark). Yes I am really 80. LOL.

  45. Love getting to know bloggers on a more personal level so thank you for the “fun facts.” :) I can’t sing either…but that never stopped me from putting on a hell of show when my favorite tunes were on. I bet the neighbors wished I’d shut the hell up… ;)

  46. Hmmm, makes me wonder what my middle schooler is telling kids! Let’s see…I grew in Southern California, I could watch HGTV all day, sometimes I hate cooking and when I was sixteen I did two seasons of American Bandstand.

  47. I love reading your blog. I just never have anything cleaver to say.
    But I can tell you
    1. I am addicted to latte’s and anything coffee. (and hard to find good coffee in the middle of Kansas)
    2. I am a major foodie. I can eat my weight in cinnamon rolls.
    3. I watch “The Kardashians” and “Awkward” when no one is around.
    4. I couldn’t sing in a bucket if my life depended on it.
    5. I talk to my Mom every morning during my morning commute.
    6. I get the pleasure of working with farmers everyday. And I just want to squeeze half of them because they are the best people in the world.

    • Thanks for commenting Amanda! I could eat my weight in cinnamon rolls too. And you are right, farmers are the absolute best people. :)

  48. Oh I love this! Great idea!
    #1 – I’m obsessed with Angela Lansbury & Murder She Wrote. I have them on DVD but when the Hallmark channel plays a marathon, all productivity goes out the window!
    #2 – I’m madly in love with Bradley Cooper.
    #3 – I have a dog named Sydney. She’s named from the main character in Alias…which Bradley Cooper also had a role in. ;)
    #4 – I used to play Whitney Houston’s tape (yes, tape!) over and over in my grandmother’s front yard and give a concert to whoever drove by.
    #5 – I can clog.

  49. Love that you’re doing this! I think bloggers are starting to put a little more of themselves into their blog – in the last few weeks I’ve been tagged in 2 things similar to this, and just posted a blog full of “things about me” yesterday! Ha! Here’s one:

    When I was in 6th grade, an 8th grader told me the best way to clean your flute was submerge it in the bath tub and let it soak for 3 hours. Well…I did it. This is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you should do…do NOT give your flute a bath!!

    If you’re interested in the rest, check’em out here – http://muchadoaboutsomethin.blogspot.com/2013/06/two-blog-tags.html

    Lauren :)

    • Oh no! Apparently there is a long list of things you can’t submerge in the bathtub. But that is another story….

  50. Yay for Yahtzee! It was so fun seeing you in Austin. We really need to get together more considering we’re only an hour away from each other. I see an ice cream meetup in our near future. Yes?

    Okay … a few things:
    1) I like to play Bubble Shooter to wind-down. Talk about basic.
    2) I played the clarinet for 8 years and was drum major one of those years.
    3) In high school I threw shot put and discus one year. (Hush! I can hear you laughing from here!)
    4) I’ve never watched Titanic all the way through. All that drowning and stuff …
    5) Scary movies scare me. For realz. After watching Silence of the Lambs, I slept with the light on and my bedroom door locked for 2 weeks. It was skeery, man.

  51. I just love you Sommer!! This is so fun.

    A couple things about me – I spoke only Italian until I started preschool, now I barely know a lick of it. :(
    I have a paralyzing fear of spiders and heights.
    I was born in New York.
    I know how to make balloon animals.



  52. Such fun, Sommer!

    Fun fact, related to your #5. I took a year of voice lessons in my last year of high school. My mother nearly became an opera singer and passed on some pipes to me. I like food blogging better. =)

  53. Great idea! I’ll give you this tidbit, that isn’t anywhere on my blog: One of the top genre recommendations that Netflix gives me is “Emotional Period Pieces Featuring a Strong Female Lead.” Like you, I’m a sucker for BBC period pieces (but not zombies, sorry!).

  54. Great to learn more about you Sommer!! Love the pics too :)

  55. Such a fun post! Okay one tidbit – I used to ride a motorcycle and still have my M class license even though I don’t own a bike anymore.

  56. Loved reading about you, Sommer. :) Cute pics too – you’re all gorgeous!
    5 things about me I I haven’t really shared on the blog
    1) Played the trumpet from gr.5-gr.8
    2) In my early twenties, I worked on 3 different Royal Caribbean Cruise ships for a period of one year
    3) No worries about the sailboat thing – I told friends in gr. 2 and one lady at school (parent volunteer) that I had met a little leprechaun. At my gr. 8 graduation she brought it up and we had a good laugh. (Me = so embarrassed)
    4) Bungee-jumped in Puerta Vallartas, Mexico
    5) I don’t like cilantro

  57. That photo booth was SO MUCH FUNNNNN!!! I loved seeing you in Austin, especially the hanging out on Saturday (I’m waiting for you and Dan to perfect that Fire & Ice!). Such a fun post…I like to play word games on my phone before bed. And a not-so-known-fact: I used to race snowmobiles. ;) Hope you’re having a great week, Sommer! xo

  58. It is always fun to learn more about the one writing all of these tasty recipes! :)

  59. What a fun post, Sommer! I love that you told everyone you were born on a sailboat. Kids minds work in the funniest ways! A couple of facts about me.

    1) I’ve played the flute since I was 9-years old and went on to be a music major for a couple of years in college. Now, it’s just for fun.

    2) I have an embarrassingly strong love of Brie cheese. If you put a wedge in front of me, I will eat the whole thing in one sitting. Not pretty. My husband once gave me a wheel of Brie at Christmas and I consider it to be one of my best Christmas gifts ever.

    3) I have bungi-jumped two times, once off of a 350 foot bridge in Zimbabwe. I like my thrills where ever I can find them!

    • Dara, I have never bungi jumped, but I did go sky diving once. NOT strapped to someone else. I’m glad I did it, but once was enough.

  60. LOVE this!! I love that you play Yahtzee in bed :) Hmm let’s see.

    I used to wear a size 5 shoe. Now after 2 kids I wear a size 7.

    I often get irrationally mad at birds waking me up in the morning.

    In college we thought my mom was dying. Turns out she was pregnant. I have a baby brother who is 19 years younger than me.

    I’m clumsy. REALLY clumsy.

    I get lost easily. So much so that my husband says I can get turned around inthe shower and not be able to find my way out.

  61. Love getting personal!! I feel so much more connected with bloggers when they share tidbits of their life! I did ballet & jazz for 8 years and then played basketball for 8 years!

  62. Awesome post! :-) I’m terrible with leaving comments as well, but I’ve been trying to leave a few comments on blogs every day. :-)

    A little fact about me is that I played the clarinet for 11 years (stopped halfway through college). One of my dreams was to play Rhapsody in Blue (the part with the clarinet riff in the beginning), but since I don’t play as much anymore, I doubt my skills will ever get there. Now, I just fork it out to randomly play my alma mater’s fight song (always fun for football parties LOL) and to get serious sideways face from our dog. :-)

  63. Such a fun post!! I love your 5 things!

  64. I just love you! Fun post! Can’t wait to hangout in Chicago! I was born in Illinois-a little fact for you:)

  65. LOL, Sommer! Well, we have a few things in common…like our love of Yahtzee. Love playing it during the evenings out on the deck in the summer. But, if playing on your iPad is “old school”, then my fave way of playing the game is “very old school”, LOL!

    1) I am a crier, too. I get all choked up over our men and women serving in the military. Tear jerk city. Whenever I tear up, The Big Lug’s famous lines are, “Oh Blanche, stop blubbering.” Or, “There’s no crying in baseball!” Hahaha!
    2) Zombie films are a real treat for me—especially the classic old-school films. Shaun of the Dead is one of my modern faves. But! A little fact about me…I’m totally into the James Bond franchise films. I fantasize about being a “Bond Girl”. And, I have a huge crush on Daniel Craig. (See my Pinterest board on Handsome Guys.) I’ve also been a loyal fan of AMC’s Mad Men from day one. I love Mid-Century everything—especially design—and wanted Samantha Stephen’s house and domestic life from TV’s Bewitched. (Just imagine having her powers to clean dirty dishes with a twitch of the nose after recipe testing!)
    3) I cannot put down novels either once I get rolling. My favorites are set in the Victorian Era. Just purchased The Crimson Petal and the White to read after being fascinated by the TV mini-series. I need more “Sugar” (the lead character)!
    4) Marathon reading and TV are so me. Watched Downton Abbey during the week I had the flu back in March (and got severely behind in blogging). Worked on a Cookies 101 Tutorial (coming soon to the blog) and my Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookies went very well with Downton.
    5) I, too, dreamed of being a singer…a rock female vocalist. My hair brush was a handy mic, but, alas, I am tone deaf. Wished I could belt it out like Ann Wilson (Heart), Pat Benatar and Deborah Harry (Blondie). Female empowerment songs were the best. Think Patty Smyth belting it in “Goodbye to You” and “The Warrior”. Hahaha!

    Thanks for sharing! xo