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Garage Remodel – HELP!

Friends, I need your help today. We are getting ready to turn our detached garage into my office and photography studio… EEEEEK! Mind giving your two cents on the cabinetry?


Garage to Office Remodel #diy #remodel

Last year we gutted and remodeled our kitchen. It was a huge undertaking and put our lives on hold for two months… but now it’s so wonderful, so beautiful, and so efficient I think I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Fortunately, our next big remodel is outside our main living area. We have a detached garage that we’ve used for all sorts of things in the last few years. We used it as storage for a while. We used it as the kid’s play area. Then later, we turned it into Lt. Dan’s Man Room.

However, in the last two years my office (which should be a guest room) has exploded with photography props, kitchen equipment, camera equipment, junk, more junk… oh yes, and my desk in which I’m supposed to work at peacefully.

I need more space.

Home Improvement: Garage to Office Remodel #diy #remodel

Dan has offered up his Man Room for what we teasingly call the new ASP Headquarters. Sounds very official doesn’t it?

The detached garage is about 300 square feet with 4 windows and 2 skylights. It’s actaully a GREAT space for a photography studio. All it needs is a little love and a whole lot of storage.

We love our new kitchen cabinets so much, we’ve called upon our friends at Shenandoah Cabinetry (Sold exclusively at Lowes) to help us design a new office space.

Now it’s time to pick out the style of cabinets and knobs… Would you help me?

Pretty please??

Here are the cabinetry styles I’m looking at. Which one would you choose?

Orchard Maple Auburn - Shenandoah Cabinetry #remodel #diy

Orchard Maple Auburn?

Solana Maple Mocha - Shenandoah Cabinetry #remodel #diy

Solana Maple Mocha?

Grove in Maple Hazelnut - Shenandoah Cabinetry #remodel #diy

Grove in Maple Hazelnut?

Garage Makeover

Or Breckenridge Cherry Java?

And what about the handles and drawer pulls? What do you think??

Shenandoah Cabinetry - Knob Options #DIY

We value your opinions and would love your feedback in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more updates on the new office!

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17 comments on “Garage Remodel – HELP!”

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  4. What a fun project! Orchard Maple Auburn and satin cup pulls!

  5. Orchard Maple Auburn with the Weathered Robe. But really they’re all beautiful choices. How fun!

  6. Solana Maple Mocha with Satin Large Pull :)

  7. I appreciate light/dark contrast. I think the Orchard Maple Auburn is a sophisticated, but approachable color. It’s darkness can be offset with light-colored walls and perhaps skylights. The weathered rope knob or satin pull (if you can find it with some roping) would be classic, but sophisticated. My two cents!!

  8. 1. Orchard Maple Auburn or 3. Grove in Maple Hazelnut
    With Satin Large pull, Steel Bow Pull, (I like the pulls the best) or Eclipse nob (2nd preference)

  9. Grove in Maple Hazelnut and Satin Pull or Elipse.how fun!!

  10. I really love the Cherry Java but I’m sure you will be needing all the light you can get. So perhaps maple auburn would work with light walls. And weathered rope knobs.

  11. I like the Maple Mocha with the Weathered Rope Knob. Can’t wait to see it all come together!!

  12. What a beautiful space that will be! Love all the natural light you will be getting with the windows and skylights! So…. I’m drawn to all things in shades of white. That way you can use pops of color to decorate throughout. I really like the Maple Hazelnut with the Satin Cup Pulls. Classic… yet a touch of modern. Enjoy the renovation! I can’t wait to see what the room looks like when you’re done!

  13. How fun! I would choose Grove in Maple Hazelnut & Satin Cup pulls. Good luck!

  14. auburn cabinets and satin cup pull!!! :)

  15. Sommer, I recommend for you the cherry java! And then lighten up the space around it with the wall color and painted pieces. The darker color seems to match some other furniture pieces I know you have in your house. :) Can’t wait to see the progress/result!

  16. The new office is going to be amazing! It looks SO Big.
    Unless it is super bright, I think I would eliminate Breckenridge Cherry Java from your list. It will darken the space and make taking photos in the space even more difficult. But it is very nice.

  17. Hey, congratulations! I would choose the Solana Maple Mocha with the Weathered Rope Knob. Either way, it will be great!