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Fitness Favorites!

We’re sharing our favorite workout tools and tricks today to help you stay fit through eating season!

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So the story goes, while everyone else is feeling fit in the summer sunshine, I am playing with my kids, traveling, lagging on my workouts, and eating ice cream.

Needless to say, every fall I discover I’ve gained a few through bathing suit season and need to get back on track.

This is that time.

It’s a sad day when you get on the scale and discover your thirty-something (forty something, fifty something) body doesn’t just coast through missed workouts anymore.

So to inspire myself, and anyone else feeling they need to get back into shape, I’m sharing our workout favorites. Items that we feel help us get motivated to MOVE.

Favorite Running Shoes

Altra Running Shoes have made it possible for me to run without hip or knee pain for the first time in years. They are light weight, spacious in the toe, and offer zero-drop technology that causes you to strike the ground in a more natural foot position. (Closer to the front of your foot, like if you were running barefoot.) That means weight and impact are distributed throughout your body as God intended. Seriously, these are awesome shoes. Dan and Ava have converted as well, and Carson is next in line!

Workout Favorites - Altra Running Shoes


Favorite Workout Headphones

We have been through the gamut of headphones… but JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones – Midnight Black seem to offer the best sound quality and fit for the price. They are sweat resistant and have held up over time. And they are WIRELESS so you can’t accidentally pull them out while you are jumping around.

Workout Favorites - JayBird Headphones

Favorite Workout Clothing

I’ll admit, there are some really cute fitness lines out there. Yet the workout clothes that seem to fit the best and last the longest for me come from Mountain Hardware. I wear this skort all the time!

Favorite Workout Clothes - Mountain Hardware

Favorite Workout Socks

Socks are socks, right? NO. No, they are not. These Wigwam Sport Socks stay in place, protect your heels from blistering, and guard against debris getting in your shoes. It’s the little things in life, folks.

Favorite Workout Socks - Wigwam

Favorite Fitness DVD

After grunting through The Bar Method, Pure Barre, P90X, Insanity, T25 and various other Beach Body DVD series, I’m going old-school. Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred is still my favorite workout DVD for short high-impact workouts. It’s 20 minutes of intense exercise that makes a big difference when I do it consistently.

Favorite Workout DVD - 30 Day Shred

Favorite Home Gym Equipment

We’ve gone through several sets of weights and fitness machines as well, but the most versatile piece of equipment we own is our Bowflex Select Tech Hand Weights. They allow you to have a whole rack of weight options in just one set of weights. We’ve even thrown them in the car to take on trips, just so we stay on top of our workouts.

Favorite Home Gym Equipment - Bowflex Select Tech

Favorite Fitness Tracker

I’m a Fitbit Girl! It’s fun to connect with friends around the country through the Fitbit app and cheer each other on. Plus, I notice I move around the house more often when I’m wearing my Fitbit. Instead of the bracelet, I like the small clip that you can attach under your clothes.

Favorite Workout Device - Fitbit

Favorite Fitness App

A fitness app can be a very motivating tool. I like Tony Gonzales’ FitStar Personal Training App. It does a great job of personalizing workouts just for you and makes you feel like you have your own celebrity trainer at home. Plus, it’s free!


Favorite Workout App FitStar


Favorite Workout Travel Accessory

Loop Bands. I just discovered these on a recent trip and purchased some to take on my next business trip. These wide resistance bands are easy to pack and provide endless resistance options when you don’t have access to weights.

Travel Fitness Accessories - Loop Bands

Favorite Running Songs

I like a fast-paced brainless girly song for workouts. Nothing too intense or thought-provoking, just pure fun. Don’t laugh… My favorites are: Girlfriend (Remix) by Avril Lavigne and Hey Ya! by Outkast.

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7 comments on “Fitness Favorites!”

  1. Thank you, Sommer, for these interesting workout tools! I especially like Altra Running Shoes. I’ve never heard about this company before. But after I visited their website through your link I found many great models. They look so stylish and comfortable that I definitely should get one!

  2. Fantastic list! I’ll take some of those bowflex dumbbells. I also liked the ear buds. Mine always seem to fall out while I’m walking and that’s just not cool.

  3. Thank you for sharing this list. I’m going to look further into those wireless headphones. I like running, but HATE the wire always bouncing up and smacking me in my face, but want to listen to my tunes, so what’s a girl to do, right? These might make it to my Christmas list!

    I’m about due for new running shoes too. I’ll see if those Altras come in wide. (I have nice swimmer’s feet, but not so great for fitting into shoes.)

  4. I’m so glad you mentioned Altras. We hit on those accidentally. There is no going back. I love them. I have a hard time wanting to wear any other shoes now and Altras don’t look good with business clothes :-)

  5. I have just learned the importance of a good pair of socks! I have started running longer distances, I was developing blisters every time I hit the road. Now I have moisture wicking socks that feel great!

    I am also a fitbit girl and where my bracelet 24/7. It really is a great motivation to move more!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! Love the shoes, fitbit girl, bands, Jillian and the handweights (my sons would love them too)!

  7. Yay for fitness posts!
    I’m a fan of most of these items too. Jillian’s workout DVD’s are sone of my favorite too due to their ease of use. Effective 30 minute workouts.
    Also try JWalking Designs for a longer running skirt!