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Harvest Salad (Cobb Style)

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Harvest Salad (Cobb Style) – Loaded with the rich flavors of fall and topped with a creamy corn and poblano dressing that is to die for! Bring on fall… and greens.

harvest salad

Big Beautiful Salads Don’t Wither Away With Summer Heat

Who doesn’t love a huge cobb salad piled high with protein, veggies, and cheese?

I usually start thinking about cobb salad in the spring and stop thinking about it by the end of summer. But why?

We need our veggies all year long and there are so many fall ingredients that would be perfect on a hearty cobb salad. This month KitchenAid partnership challenged me to PUT CORN ON THE COBB or make an autumn-inspired Cobb Salad using corn off the cob. (And make a video for their youtube channel.)

Usually, I’m a behind the scenes kind of girl, but I jumped at the opportunity to turn crisp sweet harvest corn into a bright and creamy salad dressing using my KitchenAid® Blender. There are certainly traditional ingredients on a cobb salad that most people expect to see… hard-boiled eggs, bacon, ham or chicken, blue cheese, tomatoes, avocado. Yet I discovered if you keep a few traditional ingredients, you can easily swap out the rest with ingredients to suit your seasonal cravings.

Cobb salad

Harvest Salad

In this cobb salad, I added roasted butternut squash instead of tomatoes and homemade spiced pecans instead of blue cheese. The swap-outs gave the salad a warm homey feeling that reminded me of hanging by the fire on cool autumn evenings. As a bonus, I had most of the key ingredients as leftovers in my KitchenAid® Refrigerator with Preserva® Technology.

This refrigerator has been such an incredible tool in my kitchen because it keeps food fresh so much longer than my old fridge. I simply pulled out leftover grilled chicken and roasted root veggies from earlier in the week, and the bacon and hard-boiled eggs I saved from breakfast, to use on my cobb salad. Then the only real prep work I needed to complete was to whizz together the creamy corn and poblano dressing and spice up some nuts.

Now it’s your turn to go on a refrigerator scavenger hunt to make an amazing cobb salad worthy of this sweet and smoky corn dressing!

harvest Cobb

Harvest Cobb Salad Ingredients

For the Salad:

  • Romaine Hearts
  • Cooked Chicken 
  • Roasted Butternut Squash – Or roasted sweet potatoes
  • Thick-Cut Bacon 
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs 
  • Avocados 
  • Shelled Pecans – Or walnuts
  • Butter
  • Ground Mustard
  • Garlic Powder
  • Hot Paprika
  • Salt

For the Creamy Corn and Poblano Dressing:

  • Poblano Pepper
  • Garlic Clove 
  • Ears Corn on the Cob 
  • Limes
  • Ground Cumin
  • Salt
  • Olive Oil

chicken salad

How to Make the Cobb Salad and Dressing

  1. Start by toasting the pecans in a pan on the stove.
  2. Put your lettuce on a platter and cover with all the added ingredients. 
  3. Roast the poblano pepper until it’s black on all sides then let it steam in a plastic bag.
  4. In the blender, add the corn off the cob, garlic, lime juice, salt, and cumin. Once the pepper is finished steaming, remove the skin, seeds, and stem and add to the blender. 
  5. Puree all the ingredients together until smooth and then add a little olive oil to emulsify. Once smooth again, pour the desired amount onto single servings of salad. 

Get The Full (Printable) Recipe Below For How To Make Harvest Salad (Cobb Style).

comfort food

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a cobb salad?

Apparently, this salad was the signature recipe at a restaurant in Hollywood, back in the 1930s. The owner’s name was Robert Howard Cobb, so therefore, the salad was lovely titled the Cobb Salad.

How long will this recipe last?

This can last in the fridge for 3 to 5 days, and the dressing can stay in the fridge for 1 to 2 weeks. For best results, keep the dressing separate from the salad until ready to serve.

Harvest Cobb Salad

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Harvest Salad (Cobb Style)

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 22 minutes
This harvest-inspired Cobb Salad is loaded with the rich flavors of fall and topped with a creamy corn and poblano dressing that is to die for!
Servings: 4


For the Cobb Salad:

  • 2 romaine hearts roughly chopped
  • 2 cups cooked chicken cut into cubes
  • 2 cups roasted butternut squash cubes
  • 6 slices thick-cut bacon cooked and crumbled
  • 3 large hard-boiled eggs peeled and chopped
  • 2 ripe avocadoes sliced
  • 1 cup shelled pecans
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground mustard
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon hot paprika
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

For the Creamy Corn and Poblano Dressing:


  • Heat a skillet to medium-low heat. Melt the butter in the skillet, then add the pecans. Sprinkle the pecans with the ground mustard, garlic powder, paprika and salt and toss to coat. Sauté for 3-5 minutes, stirring regularly to toast. Be careful not to burn the pecans.
  • Pile the chopped romaine on a large platter. Arrange the chopped chicken, roasted butternut squash, bacon, pecans, eggs and avocados in rows on top of the romaine.
  • Preheat the oven to broil. Place the poblano pepper on a small baking sheet and set it on the top rack in the oven. Check the pepper every 1-2 minutes, turning when the skin is black and blistered. Remove the poblano from the oven when it’s black on all sides. Place the pepper in a zip bag and allow it to steam for 10 minutes.
  • Cut the corn off the cobs and place in the blender. Add the garlic clove, lime juice, salt, and cumin. Once the pepper has steamed, removed the papery skin, stem, and seeds. Place the poblano flesh in the blender.
  • Puree until smooth, then remove the ingredient cup from the lid and slowly pour in the olive oil to emulsify. Once the dressing is smooth and creamy, turn off the blender and pour the dressing into a serving bowl.


Serving: 1serving, Calories: 860kcal, Carbohydrates: 20g, Protein: 16g, Fat: 83g, Saturated Fat: 17g, Cholesterol: 64mg, Sodium: 1139mg, Potassium: 741mg, Fiber: 6g, Sugar: 5g, Vitamin A: 12710IU, Vitamin C: 52mg, Calcium: 94mg, Iron: 3mg
Course: Condiment, Salad
Cuisine: American
Author: Sommer Collier

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    We Did It!!! Still in a cast for a few more weeks, but we won’t starve, or become bored with PB&J, or grilled cheese sammies, nor canned soup. Hubby has been amazing! Not ready for Cordon Bleu, but then, neither am I.

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  155. Trying to incorporate gluten free since discovering a wheat intolerance

  156. Would love new appliances – it’s a challenge cooking with older ones

  157. My biggest challenge is to find time to cook in a busy working, going to school, caretaking schedule. I always try to remind myself that I am happier when I cook!

  158. My challenge but also a love to my heart is cooking with my 4 yr old. He’s so interested in doing all parts…. and wants to use the big knifes !

  159. My challenge is finding good recipes that I can make for dinner when I get off of work that are healthy and tasty.

  160. Using a gluten-free , organic produce to make yummy stuff… BEET HUMMUS… Awesome!

  161. Staying home and cooking after working all day instead of going out to eat.

  162. My biggest cooking challenge is cooking more homemade meals

  163. My cooking challenge was the perfect sunnyside up egg. I think I’ve finally mastered it the way our family likes it! :) Thanks for the chance- what an amazing giveaway!

  164. LOVE the Harvest Cobb!!!
    My challenge is that I dont have enough people in my house any longer to eat ALL this food I keep cooking!!!!
    Thank God for the freezer!!

  165. My challenge is to have the time to create healthy but tasty dishes

  166. I conquered a challenge of what to do with an abundance of tomatoes by making homemade pasta sauce. now I am hooked!

  167. My challenge is to attempt all the interesting recipes in Southern Living magazine. My favorite to date is shrimp and grits! Will also try recipes I find on here.

  168. I’m currently trying to conquer hollandaise sauce.

  169. My biggest cooking challenge has been transitioning from a working mom who cooked mostly out of a box to a stay at home mom who wants to cook more enjoyable recipes for my family of four, including a picky husband, an even pickier 5 year old, and a 9 month old who is just starting to figure out what he likes! But with a little luck, a little love, and a steady growing Pinterest board… I’m making progress!

  170. I would love to win this amazing prize package and KitchenAid has so many wonderful, quality products. They stick to high standards for their products! I love the company! I need new appliances, mine are old. I am raising 3 granddaughters’ and need to get more updated and energy efficient appliances. Thank you for having this contest!

  171. I have never made a flan before….it turned out great!

  172. I have an entire kitchen full of Kitchen Aid Appliances, and they are only 3 months old, and we paid for them!! $5000 won’t cut it anyway. The cost was waaay higher! Truthfully, not thrilled with the French door fridge. Love the double oven, and the induction cook top. Wish the microwave had more function keys.

    Not entering this contest, so don’t worry. Just a heads up about appliances from KA.

  173. I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks!

  174. I tweeted

    #moretomake” and “#SweepstakesEntry— Trixie (@Ockhams_razor) October 11, 2013

  175. I have recently taken on the challenge of canning. Whoop whoop!

  176. My biggest challenge is “empty nest”. I am trying to re-learn how to cook for just the two of us instead of a whole family. Much more difficult than I thought it would be.

  177. Making homemade hot sauce from peppers I didn’t know what they were!

  178. What lovely flavors for a Cobb Salad! Well done!

  179. Definitely going to try this salad. My tweeks would be to add spinach & walnuts, love them! My biggest challenge is making everything fresh in the fall and winter time, this one fits the challenge. I research GMO foods, toxic chemicals in ingredients in the grocery store and buy organic from local farmers. Would LOVE to win this giveaway, Kitchen Aide is my fav!!!

  180. I make an elote corn salad (mayo, lime, onion, garlic, cilantro, chili powder, cheese & add that to my cobb salads!

  181. My current challenge is to get the correct consistency when making a chocolate pie

  182. Turkey instead of chicken. Mix spinach and romaine for greens.Dried sweetened cranberries. Sweet potato croutons.love the pecans/ walnuts. Keep the bleu cheese chunks.nbest Cobb salad ever

  183. I usually read lots of recipes, then come up with my own recipe combination. The challenge is to remember what I did in order to duplicate a success later. I made a reduction for a pork loin one time & have been unable to make it a second time!

  184. My challenge is to try to fix at least 4 new recipes a week, if they are good then to pass them on to between 10 and 15 other people.

  185. I only recently made Chocolate Cocolate Chip Whiskey Banana bread… The original recipe called for applesauce. I could find no applesauce hanging around so whiskey and chocolate somehow deliciously substituted. The best part was that I didn’t even burn the bread and it was my first time baking in an electric oven! I’m still proud.

  186. My biggest challenge has been an ongoing one – teaching my hubby how to cook! :)

  187. I don’t cook. I just heat up tv dinners.

  188. My biggest challenge has been my attempt to take my cooking to a personal level. To educate myself, to be mindful, and creative with the ingredients and methods used has been a game changer. Embracing seasonal ideas, developing awareness of the nutritional value of food has brought out my appreciation and passion for cooking. Over the past year I have been working on the philosophy of nourishing the body and soul with food – sometimes I get great results, other times frustration – Nevertheless this growing experience is providing me with new traditions and memories to share with those around me.

  189. This looks fantastic! Sometimes I could kick myself for not thinking of changing flavors for the season! Can’t wait to try it.

  190. I conquered a lot of my cooking and baking challenges recently when I purchased a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer with a grater/slicer attachment. Yay!

  191. Making snacks for school! I don’t know why… but its a lot of pressure!

  192. My biggest cooking challenge is to get my husband to eat the correct foods I make & portions since he got Type 2 diabetes.

  193. I was put in charge of cooking for a family gathering. It was definitely challenging.

  194. My biggest cooking challenge is not taking enough risks! I am great at following recipes, but I have the hardest time making things my own! So if I run out of something, I have to go out and buy it because I am the worst at substituting!

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  195. I love Cobb Salads.. My biggest challenge is cutting up the lettuce and veggies. This one seems really yummy with all my fav foods. I think a girl party would be in order to share this one.

  196. My challenge…YEAST…….I have started to work thru the challenge. Pretzel buns and a Yeast dough torte, the last two items made. The first dough for the torte never started to rise, redid and it was perfect. The key is the water temperature.

  197. I have taken on the challenge of improving my pie crust. I have tried several recipes ana techniques including a recipe with vodka in it and using a food processor. Still have 3 more recipes to try

  198. My biggest cooking challenge is having the energy to cook as a ME patient. I live with a relative who is able to help me though, so that is a blessing mostly.

  199. I recently discovered that cutting up veggies when I get them home from the grocery store makes it more likely I will eat more of them throughout the week and not have them go bad in my fridge..If I wait till right before cooking the meal I just don’t cook them.

  200. My biggest challenge is getting something quick, healthy on the table for my family after work, practice etc. It is definitely a challenge we are working on by using these type of healthy recipes, cooking and freezing somethings ahead and also trying out crockpot dinners every now and then. We are perfect but a work in progress…

  201. I’ve recently discovered I can make my own salad dressing and they can be delicious, so I am honing my skills to develop many varieties.

  202. Pingback: Harvest Cobb Salad « Tasty Retreat

  203. I recently started eating much healthier, using my own mix of Paleo, vegetarian, and a host of other diet ideas! My basic rules are minimal refined flour, minimal refined sugar, minimal meat, but a host of beans and veggies. Essentially, only eating food that would give my body the nutrition it needs. And wiggle room for an occasional Starbucks or dessert now and then! Now I love how I eat, but it has been a challenge trying new things. Things I tried and didn’t like: pretty much just kale chips and quinoa “meat”balls. Things I loved: pretty much everything else I tried!

  204. My biggest cooking challenge continues to be, preparing meals that all members of my household will look forward to and enjoy! I rarely hear a chorus of ‘awesome!’ when I answer that age old question, ‘what’s for supper?’ One or two perhaps, but rarely all three!

  205. I love to bake! My cooking skills are hard-pressed to be called skills; apparently I have obsticales with burning and over-cooking! In part, my oven changes temperatures on me! I need to practice some expert cooking and would love to get started with new appliances!

  206. I have been on a real food journey for the last year and a half. Recently, I was diagnosed with GERD. My real cooking challenge is to cook foods that will help me stay symptom free.

  207. Check out my tweet about this site and sweepstakes! https://twitter.com/rochellekoehly

  208. Working full-time outside of home, my most recent cooking challenge is making a contientious effort to make fresh, wholesome, delicious lunches and dinners for my family and not depending so heavily on take-out, hot lunches or processed/prepared foods. The real challenge is planning and being prepared, since I figured out how to make that work for me, making fabulous meals at home are almost as easy and quick as swinging by a drive-through on the way home. Though it’s still a challenge at times, we are exploring so many different cuisines now and I feel better about what I’m doing to help my families overall health and meal quality. I just added corn to my homemade Mexican rice and it took it to a completely different level, spicy and savory with a bright burst of corn goodness every few bites :) Thank you for the chance to win!

  209. biggest challenge is not getting bored with my clean lifestyle, which I have lead for years. Cooking at home gets boring

  210. Just had to comment on this yummy salad and the beautiful blue KitchenAid mixer! I hope to win – it will match my kitchen perfectly!!!

  211. My cooking challenge is rice I do fine sometimes but more than not it comes out very sticky. So I am constantly asking for advice from different people. I have tried to rinsing the rice first, not stirring during cooking, bring the water to a boil first, put the rice in cold water. Still struggle sometimes though…

  212. My biggest cooking challenge? I am almost ashamed to say the i was born (and raised) in the “south” and i can NOT make biscuits or gravy if we are being honest here. My soon to be husband loves both and is so patiently waiting on me to get them right and is so sweet to actually eat or at least try to eat some of my attempts. There were more than a few attempts that went straight to the compost.

  213. My recent challenge was using fresh corn in a a corn bread……Ive never been able to make it and it be moist. I finally made delicious moist corn bread.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have never been good with bread recipes.

  214. My biggest obstacle right now is being an empty nester………it is hard cooking for 2! With most recipes we have too many leftovers! So I settle for the really simple………..protein and salad with quinoa or sweet potato……gets a little boring sometimes!

  215. My biggest cooking challenge has been less is more. We are recent empty nesters and I love to cook. The freezer is my new best friend as I freeze our leftovers. I have also been able to give food to my neighbors and bless them after a long work day. : ) Need to learn how to scale some of my family size recipes down to just 2 servings!

  216. My most recent challenge is making homemade bread. It’s not as hard as I thought, but it is time consuming. Next I want to try making bagels!

  217. that looks so good yummy

  218. My biggest cooking challenge lately is making healthy food that still tastes good and is satisfying.

  219. my biggest challenge is making gravy.. I don’t eat gravy but some in my family do, so it would be nice to put a homemade gravy on the table instead of packaged.

  220. What a yummy sweepstakes!

  221. my new challenge is learning how to make dinners and lunches that my children can help me with I want them to enjoy making the food not just enjoy the eating part winning the 5,000.00 for kitchen aid products would help so much for us as a family because we are using thing that I got when we were first married

  222. Our biggest challenge is finding low carb meals that also satisfy those occasional cravings, and meals that might even have left overs that can come in as a handy snack during times later when you feel the need for a snack.

  223. My biggest recent challenge has been staying motivated to cook. I love to cook, so this is a new challenge. Inspiring new recipes like your Cobb Salad are a great help.

  224. As a recent stay at home wife, my biggest cooking challenge has been to get back to really cooking instead of running out for quick meals. I’ve discovered that I actually enjoy spending time really preparing food, and am now very thankful that I invested in that Kitchenaid stand mixer when I did (makes mixing so much easier, and is no longer a counter decoration!). My next challenge is to figure out how to retrain my husband to actually enjoy food, rather than wolfing it down and running out the door!

  225. This salad looks amazing. I would love some new appliances to make this more enjoyable to prepare.

  226. Planting a garden has presented big challenges for me trying to find the right way to put up so they will be eatable later

  227. I love using my KitchenAid mixer to make whipped topping, homemade banana pudding and other great desserts. Can’t wait to take on the challenge of finding new and exciting holiday desserts for my family to enjoy.

  228. My challenge is decreasing quantities, I keep making lots and there are just the two of us.My friends score as I share so as not to waste food!

  229. My biggest challenge was making anything after my spinal surgery that required mixing or kneading. The Kitchen-aid mixer is soooo awesome. I love my kitchen again…now if I could just get someone to do the dishes. BTW the Cobb salad is de-lish ! I left out the bacon cause I prefer not to eat it. The other savory ingredients more than made up for it..never missed it.

  230. My recent cooking challenge is to learn how to cook and bake Italian foods and parties/cookies.

  231. my recent cooking challenge is to find low sugar desserts that actually taste good and not like artificial sweetners. experimenting with almond flour and coconut flour. trying to re-create the low carb cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory….. a work in progress….

  232. My recent cooking challenge involved learning how to filet a whole fish. With the right tools one can conquer any challenge in the kitchen.

  233. My biggest obstacle cooking is that I’m in a wheelchair. I can’t reach a lot of things and I don’t have a lot of the essential cooking appliances and gadgets that would help me. I love to cook and really need help

  234. I’ve been trying to challenge myself to conquering yeasts. It’s not as intimidating as I thought!!

  235. Yo.

    My Partner and I have started eating clean and while its had its challenges we have made the decision to make this commitment for the duration of our lives. I come from a background of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. I have unforntunately brought my families health issues to the future with my diagnosis of high BP and Diabetes. However, I’m determined to be the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life and I know that starts with what I put in my body! I have been a big KitchenAide fan (but never could afford any products) since I saw my Grandmother mixing and blending and making delicious meals for my family! I’m grateful to tell my story and for this opportunity. Thanks.

  236. My biggest cooking challenge right now it just to Cook! I am single , work and go to college so it have been very hard for me to get into the groove of cooking like I use to. I want to try to eat better but it is just hard to do!

  237. My biggest challenge is working with working in a partially equipped kitchen.!!!
    I so need a new kitchen and appliances. The food still taste pretty dog-gone good if I do say so!!!

  238. My biggest challenge right now is finding quick and healthy recipes I can make at home after working a full day and going to the gym.

  239. now i’m hungry – oh bacon : )

  240. That salad looks amazing. I recently made baby back ribs in the oven. I have never done that before, and they came out delicious and tender.

  241. Love this salad! I might be serving this to my Bunco friends this week instead of naughty snacks…

  242. Love this salad idea! Might be serving this to my Bunco friends this week instead of naughty snacks!

  243. My biggest challenge is buying groceries while in the midst of a move, especailly since our move-in date keeps being pushed back! All groceries have to be kept in my room, or on my single fridge shelf so have to plan around budget and size of items. Can’t wait to be in my new house – even if all the appliances need replacing!

  244. I have recently taken on the challenge to make my own pizza! I have been making no knead bread for a while, so I thought I’d try to make pizza with no knead pizza dough. Not only did I dare to make my own dough, but I made my own sauce, too! And it was delicious – even my picky eater husband loved it; burned his tongue devouring it too quickly.

  245. Thanks for the dinner idea! I have all the ingredients, coincidentally and my mouth is watering to try this. I am excited about the giveaway and hope to be a winner as all my appliances are dying at the same time and I LOVE kitchenaide! It’s challenging cooking for two now that my children have left the nest!

  246. My most recent cooking challenge was to make perogies from scratch — and they turned out great!

  247. A recent cooking challenge I took on is to work my way through top cookbooks and I decided to start a food blog. Cooking and baking holds a special place in my heart. My most fond memories with my grandmother are from when she baked fresh bread and allowed my small 5 years old gave to help knead the dough. I’m ready to take on this cooking challenge and this money will allow me to get the supplies needed for me to learn my way.

  248. Just conquered Swedish meatballs light….using ground turkey and low fat sour cream and no butter….it is a big hit with family

  249. my biggest cooking challenge is finding gluten free kid friendly recipes since I just learned 2 weeks ago my son is autistic. I also learned corn in any form is great on salads, so yummy :)

  250. nothing like food photography to make one hungry. this looks like a luscious salad!

  251. I am definitely trying this over the weeken. It’s my kind of mean. thank you.

  252. Everything on the plate looks so good. I’m going to try that recipe tomorrow!

  253. i roasted corn on cob in the oven it was so good

  254. To cook for just myself rather than going out or eating frozen meals from the grocery store since I lost my husband. This salad looks great, especially since I prefer pecans over walnuts and love butternut squash..

  255. My biggest cooking challenge is making meals that are healthy and my family likes. This is especially difficult for my daughter who doesn’t like vegetables.

  256. What to fix,what to cook? That is my dilema. Just 2 of us now and we do not eat the same. I try to eat clean and he eats old comfort food. Also live in a small town and access to clean food is almost non-existent. I also order on line and am trying to lose weight.Need to commit regardless of excuses and do myself a favor . Commit & lose weight.Love kitchen aid and would love to have new appliances.

  257. I have challenged myself to get out of the cooking rut and try new and different foods! I can be picky so I tend to stay in the same box….BUST OUT!

  258. What a great looking recipe. I will be trying it soon!

  259. Thanks for the great recipe…I really need some appliances!

  260. Thanks for sharing this recipe. There’s not much better than a good cobb salad.

    My biggest kitchen challenge is making healthy, budget-friendly dishes that my boys will actually eat.

  261. My biggest challenge is finding tried and true recipes that my picky family will enjoy!

  262. My biggest cooking challenge is following the GAPS protocol healing for my family. It requires most of our food to be made from scratch, so I need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

  263. My biggest challenge is finding a recipe I love that I can slightly twist to also please my husband. A salad with different veggies is the perfect answer.

  264. I have challenged myself to bake and make desserts. I have always liked to cook, but only make a few sweet things, mostly pies and crisps. I have enjoyed using my Kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment this summer to make strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

  265. I’ve been conquering a ton of new recipes lately – which is always a challenge! Also trying to make homemade the things my kids love – like french fries and chicken tenders. They have been turning out so good too!

  266. Until this week I have never cooked on an electric glass top range. I overcame the challenge and cooked lovely steaks that were done perfectly in my cast iron skillet on that electric cook top!

  267. My biggest challenge is to find the ingredients necessary to make new recipes. I live to far from a variety of stores. I have been ordering more on the internet so I can make new recipes but I really could use new appliances as mine are OLD. Thanks for the chance to win them!

  268. My biggest challenge right now is not buying too much produce at the Farmer’s Market! We have recently returned to the United States, and are overwhelmed with all the fresh produce available for us to buy each week. Where we’ve been the past three years, it was almost impossible to get anything grown locally, as 98% of the produce we could buy was shipped in from other countries. We’re so happy to be back!

  269. My biggest challenge is trying to constantly create new fresh healthy pack and go lunches during school year for my daughters.
    I tweeted your contest at: https://twitter.com/TaramundiStore
    Thank you!

  270. Well, I just had a baby 2 months ago, so I have lots of weight to drop. So, my biggest cooking challenge right now is finding creative, quick, and delicious recipes to make that both my hubby and I enjoy–it’s a lot harder than it sounds :/

  271. It’s challenging right now to go from cooking for a familiy to cooking for two. I don’t like to be wasteful with food and most recipes aren’t made for two.

  272. I could really use these appliances, thanks for sharing!

  273. My biggest challenge right now is using the garden vegetables I have and canning or freezing what we don’t use.

  274. My biggest challenge is finding low fat recipes that are not only low fat but also delicious!

  275. This salad looks so good. Thanks for sharing. I tweeted about the giveaway. https://mobile.twitter.com/sebh55/status/386124873187094528?screen_name=sebh55

  276. My biggest cooking challenge right now is preparing low carb, low sodium meals as my husband has to watch his sugar and sodium intake. Thanks for chance to win.

  277. My biggest challenge is cooking for two after cooking for 7. I love your recipes!

  278. Recently made vegetarian bean enchiladas from scratch. I had frozen some homemade tomatillo sauce for this purpose. It was a bit of labor, but husband stepped in to help and we ended up eating enchiladas completely from our garden, except the cheese and tortillas.

  279. I’ve been enjoying making pasta from scratch and experimenting with different types of flour and vegetable pastas.

  280. I would not have thought to use the blender to make a dressing with corn. Great I love learning something new!

  281. I’d love to make this. I haven’t conquered much [successfully] lately, but I want to… I did make an indian chicken curry today though and burned it :(

  282. I made french macarons. They weren’t perfect, but they tasted spectacular – I made pistachio cream filling.

  283. I tried making soured milk pancakes one morning and didn’t have any vinegar. I thought about using lemon juice to sour the milk but was all out of that as well. Back in the corner of the refrigerator I saw a bottle of lime juice. It soured the milk and had a hint of lime but tasted amazing.

  284. The biggest cooking challenge I’ve mastered lately is getting my family (including myself) to eat a variety of new recipes. I’ve tried different meals we wouldn’t normally like, and we’ve ended up loving a few!


  285. Cooking without dairy… I’m discovering some great raw and vegan recipes.

  286. I have enjoyed creating Gluten Free dishes :)

  287. I made homemade pasta and Bolognese sauce. Can’t wait to try making my own ravioli!

  288. I’ve never been much of a cook in general, so it feels like every endeavor is a challenge! :) This month, in particular, my husband and I are participating in October Unprocessed, hosted by the Eating Rules blog. The premise is pretty self-explanatory: don’t eat anything a person couldn’t make him/herself in a home kitchen. It also means you should try to do as much of that work yourself as you can, so I’ve been trying to find healthy, unprocessed, fresh recipes to make that incorporate mostly whole-food ingredients but are still tasty. It’ll be an interesting month! :)

  289. Hi
    I have tried this Cobb salad and it was amazing.
    My kids loved it. Also it was the reason to meet the website which I am the fan of it now.

  290. It was a silly fear, but I’ve recently started getting into simple Japanese food. It’s not always super authentic since I’m a broke, midwestern college kid, but I’ve been enjoying coming up with new onigiri fillings and different combinations of food in donburi since I decided to just dive in and not be afraid to get my hands a little sticky. It’s been a delicious and filling learning experience!

  291. That salad looks so good! I made homemade gyros for the first time yesterday. The lamb/beef loaf was actually pretty good, though a little too dry. It crumbled too much, and needed more seasoning next time. But while not as good as our local gyros place, it was a good, and cheaper, substitute! Especially with the homemade tzatziki sauce I made too.

  292. I have only just recently begun cooking, but I love it! My very latest cooking experiment was choc chip pancakes this very morning. They, unfortunately, didn’t really work. Fortunately I had some more succes with Mocha cupcakes I made last week, which aside from some tops that were a bit too large, worked perfectly and tasted great!

  293. I just learned how to make jam!

  294. My biggest challenge is cooking/eating healthy! I just started college, so it’s easy to rely on fast foods and sugary goodies.

  295. What a wonderful and surprising way to use corn. Looks and sounds delicious!

  296. I love cooking corn on the cob and have always boiled it in a large dutch oven on the stove. I got tired of washing the big dutch oven as well as the corn loosing some of its flavor during boiling. I decided to try cooking it in the microwave. I would husk, wash and dry the corn. Then salt and butter it. Wrap up in wax paper and cook in the microwave for approx. 4 mins. Makes great tasting corn and such easy clean up.

  297. Mastering the perfect chocolate chip cookie :)

  298. That looks delicious! I’ve thrown corn into my salads, but never made it the centerpiece of a dressing, will have to try that. My current cooking challenge (which I haven’t quite conquered yet, but I’m having fun trying!) is ravioli.

  299. Experiencing joy in cooking for myself. Will try the cobb salad tonight but will swap out squash for roasted sweet potato and add tomatoes as I have plenty. Thanks to all for the KitchenAid Giveaway! I’ve loved my KitchenAid mixer for over thirty years!!!

  300. I would love to win this contest. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

  301. I work with a large community youth group and after our first meeting we had a huge amount of baby carrots and celery leftover. I didn’t want these items to go to waste so I thought on it for a couple of days. Using my food processor I shredded both items and froze them for later use in chicken and noodles! :)

  302. I made potatoes that were new and fancy…all while entertaining my four month and 23 month old!!

  303. Looks delish! Can’t wait to try out this recipe!

  304. Since I moved to Pennsylvania and married my husband who loves hunting, I had learned how to cook game meat. I started with roasting venison, sauteeing rabbit, and now I can make all natural meat jerky for my dogs!

  305. Great new ideas to try, thank you so much for sharing. A new twist on a classic dish. This shows that once again, be creative and try to use what is at hand and in season with the end result being a wonderful new experience. Agree about Kitchen Aid Blender, we really are thrilled with ours. It IS the best we have ever purchased. Wish we would have purchased it initially and skipped the ones that simply didn’t meet their standards.

    Truly impressed with the Fridge also, ours isn’t Kitchen Aid, is a number of years mature and the beginning of issues has commenced. Good Luck to all, thank Sommer and Kitchen Aid for sharing and making this great giveaway available.

  306. I am a recent type II diabetic, so my challenge is looking for and preparing healthy, satisfying meals for my whole family. This cobb salad and the dressing will be on our menu soon. Thank you!

  307. Qim on weight watchers and I think salad is not only delicious but healthy for you.

  308. My challenge: I’m gearing up to make french macaroons…. I have it all planned out for tonight! Wish me luck!

  309. hoping to make this salad tonight and maybe win this prize trip to enjoy!!

  310. At the age of 69, I am trying to teach myself how to fry chicken and how to make good chicken and dumplings (like my mother used to make). I cook for my grandsons and they love chicken. My husband never liked chicken so I never cooked it. I am getting pretty good with the dumplings;not so much with the fried chicken.

  311. Well. I guess you sold out to Kitchenaid. Good brand. But still a sell-out.

  312. My biggest cooking challenge lately is cooking more vegan foods. I thought it would be harder than cooking mostly vegetarian, but it has turned out to be a really nice change in our diet!

  313. Love Spicy Perspective! This cobb salad looks amazing – can’t wait to try it.

  314. Asian cooking! I’m just a bit overwhelmed at all the options and styles AND those sauces! So many sauces!

  315. Trying to make chicken that isn’t too dry.

  316. My biggest challenge right now is gluten free baking…i just can’t get the results i want with gluten free flours no matter what i do! I am not defeated yet though…i will keep trying! LOL :-) Lucky for me there are plenty of people blogging about it to help the rest of us…it is great!

  317. My brother and I made tamales from scratch! It was a lot of work but they were oh-so-good!! :-)

  318. My biggest food challenge lately was making a meatloaf with no recipes and not all the ingredients I normally use. However, it turned out to be the best tasting meatloaf I’ve ever made. I normally use tomato sauce, this time I used tomato paste.

    BTW, your Cobb Salad looks delicious and a great treat for any time of the year.

    Thoughts in Progress

  319. Vegetarian cooking

  320. OK, that is some serious looking Cobb Salad! OMG, I’m making it tonight if I get home in time. Outside of travel, food is my next favorite thing. I love to cook and as a writer I keep saying I’m going to write a cookbook, maybe I should just do it and quit procrastinating! Oh and by the way, I have tons of KitchenAid pots, pans, hand mixers, utensils and more. My first ever mixer was KitchenAid. I bought it 20 years ago and still use it weekly. I love it!

  321. I have cooked many years and have had my tried and true recipes. Now I have been reading recipes and venturing out of my comfort zone. It has been well worth it.

  322. I recently conquered my fear of beating egg whites to make a lemon meringue pie. It was tough to do by hand but I learned a lot and I think I’ll do even better next time (and I might try it with a mixer instead!).

  323. A healthy version of the Cobb Salad. I added craisins and a secret ingredient to the dressing….yumm. This comment is in connection to the Sweepstake entry for Kitchenaid.

  324. I love Cobb Salads! My favorite thing on a salad is egg and/or avocado. I would like to enter in the Kitchen Aide contest.

    • Sorry, my latest cooking challenge was baking my own bday cake. It was a 4 layer cake and I find layer cakes with decorations and ganache to be difficult. However, it was delicious!

  325. I personally do not care for salads much. I am more of a burger girl but ocasionally I will order one while out to eat :)

  326. My recent cooking challenge has been preparing meals that are healthy, but on a budget!

  327. I’ve taken on the job of cooking dinner for my daughter’s family, monday through friday. I love to cook and try out new recipes, so now I’ve got a new batch of guinea pigs to experiment on!

  328. I love this idea so much – we still have some really good corn here as well and I think some of it may well find itself into a nice vinaigrette this week! My biggest challenge lately is to get everything from the garden ‘put up’ – in the freezer, dried, or canned for the winter months – a big job but worth it!

  329. I’ve begun to make my own mixtures. For example, making my own seasonings, vanilla and even dabbled in canning for more control and knowledge of what I am eating.

  330. I love my KitchenAid products! My most recent cooking challenge is baking bread, and I use my KA stand mixer to do a lot of the work for me. Definitely easier than the seemingly endless kneading my mom would do to make bread! Thank you.

  331. Would love to win the Kitchen Aid 5000 dollars credit giveaway sweepstakes toward a new kitchen I’m dreaming about!!

  332. Love this recipe. Would go nuts to have kitchenaid in my kitchen

  333. Latest challenge, homemade marshmallows

  334. I will be making this salad tonight! My latest challenge was a cauliflower soup!

  335. I am hosting and participating in a Bakeoff for Breast Cancer fundraiser. Making 90 cookies or other treat to try to win bragging rights! Best part is it’s all for a great cause.

  336. Love, love Cobb salad. This one looks so good! Going to try it. Have never had one with butternut squash. Thanks!

  337. Would love to win the appliances. They are the best. Salad looks good. Will have to try it.

  338. I absolutely love Kitchen aid appliances.. they are top of the line in my opinion. and so is that wonderful Cobb salad. will make it for sure.

  339. I just started freezer cooking. I love it, saves so much time.

  340. This salad looks wonderful! And I’d love to win the prizes!

  341. My recent cooking challenge was making beef tamales.

  342. What an amazing video!!! You are a natural – such a gorgeous salad!

  343. This looks delicious! Will have to try it!!

  344. I like my corn on the cob grilled and black, the blackest the better… it is absolutely delicious. Kitchen-Aid rules, I would love to win this contest.

  345. My food challenge I will be takin on is to use more lentils/beans/legumes into my daily meals. I would like to take a more vegetarian approach so coming up with other protein sources besides meat will be a challenge.

  346. Yum more cobb salad. Kitchenaid rocks

  347. My most recent cooking challenge has been learning how to make relatively healthy quick dinners because as my photography business has grown and gotten busier I have found I don’t have as much time to make dinner as I used too.

  348. Kitchenaid Rocks! – Can’t wait to try this salad – mmmmm yum!

  349. I tried to make chicken and BBQ in the crockpot. It turned out better than I thought.

  350. Butternut squash cubes in a Cobb Salad?!? I LOVE it. This is why I love your blog and recipes so much Sommer.

  351. Recently put up a bunch of corn succotash from a recipe shared by the chef at one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Rosa, CA – Stark’s Steakhouse. My husband is a chef and a vegetarian, so putting together his favorites for enjoyment over the winter is the way I even out the kitchen duties. Also great was that we grew the organic heirloom sweet corn in our urban community garden which provides teaching space and growing space for educating our community on sustainability and organic growing methods.

  352. A recent challenge I took on when my bread machine died was making homemade, 100% whole wheat bread from scratch. And it worked! :)

  353. I love Cobb salad and I love KitchenAid!

  354. I will have to try this Cobb salad without the “cobb”…no corn for me. Would love to win this Kitchen Aid giveaway like so many others ;)

  355. This salad looks amazing…can’t wait to give this recipe a try! Would LOVE to win this KitchenAid giveaway!!!

  356. Pizza was my lastest challenge…it turned out great with artichoke hearts and bacon. I can’t wait to do another one.

  357. will have to try this salad soon

  358. My most recent cooking challenge is learning to cook to meet my new dietary restrictions – gluten-free, casein-free, egg-free, soy-free, and corn-free. Having some KitchenAid appliances would certainly help me!

  359. Excited to try this cobb-salad. Never would have thought about using butternut squash.

  360. Looks so yummy, can’t wait to try it!

  361. I made cornbread – that was a big challenge, since I don’t bake.

  362. I like corn on the cobb simply steamed.

  363. Salad looks good! Will have to try it.

  364. Just making this salad makes everyone a winner. Would be nice to win the contest.

  365. What a gorgeous salad, Sommer! The colors and the flavors just scream, “Autumn!”

  366. We loved this salad ,perfect for quick diner – kitchen aid rulles

  367. would love to win this contest~~ will be making the Cobb Salad very soon!!

  368. Anything with corn is a hit at my house! Love your recipes!!

  369. I have recently been learning too modify recipes to decrease the carbohydrates and have actually been enjoying zucchini and cauliflower in place of noodles.

  370. I would LOVE a new mixer!!!

  371. Love the idea of corn on a Cobb Salad. I’m not a fan of blue cheese, so this would be a perfect flavor substitute, and the chiles, too!

  372. I am so excited about this contest! I love Kitchen Aid.. thanks for this opportunity!

  373. I’m always looking for new ideas, this looks delicious!

  374. What a yummy recipe! I buy only fresh veggies and sometime are hard pressed as to what do with them. Corn in a dressing for a savory, winter, cobb salad! That’s a keeper!

  375. My latest cooking challenge has been crock pot meals. With school in session and kids in sports, I rarely have time to cook during the week. We all come home starving and one can only eat so much pizza….

  376. This salad looks SO delicious! I recently made homemade pumpkin bread! SO deelish and easy!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  377. my cooking challenge has been to try and cook regularly instead of eating out!

  378. I recently grilled shish kebabs. My husband usually does the grilling, and I’ve had difficulty with getting meats done without overcooking them, but this time it was just right and tasted great!

  379. What a gorgeous salad! Off to pin!

  380. My cooking challenge: I would say, cooking fish and not drying it out, which I do all the time. Very hard for me to not dry fish out, and I have been experimenting on the best and quickest way to cook it and keep it moist.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  381. recently I went gluten-free, which is very challenging, but I am learning a lot. There are so many alternative flours out there!

  382. Love the corn on the Cob Salad

  383. I put corn on the cob to the challenge by using Paula Deen’s favorite… mayonaise. Worked like a charm!

  384. I love a Cobb salad – with a few customizations. Shrimp instead of chicken, feta instead of bleu, and no bacon.

  385. Making this for our supper club tonight. Thanks for the tasty recipe Sommer!

  386. Just trying to be more active in the kitchen… it’s not always easy as my boyfriend eats meat/cheese & I do not. Coming up with recipes that suit us both is tricky!

  387. Cherry Cloufouti–not sure spelling.

  388. I recently tried to make two loafs of Pumpkin Bread from scratch.

  389. I recent made Cheddar Biscuits

  390. Responding to sweepstakes, please enter me! :)

  391. My latest cooking challenge is trying to cook over the phone! With the kids moving away,they still like Mom’s help.

  392. I always have such a hard time convincing myself to make salads, but yours look divine!

  393. I have been doing lots of canning and this year I attempted pickled cauliflower. Have to wait a couple more weeks before I open a jar to sample the results…..

  394. I’ve been conquering artisan bread little by little. Yummy and soo satisfying to see a bakery quality loaf come out of my oven!

  395. My husband can’t have grains. i am learning to cook with almond flour.

  396. My 2 accomplishments have been creme brulee and a chile rellenos. Still have souffle to conquer.

  397. hand made pastizzi, a Malteze savory pastry. The dough is very difficult to master, but master it I will!

  398. My biggest challenge(right now) is canning some perfect polish pickles!

  399. I don’t cook much but husband does so I have not conquered another cooking challenge.

  400. I live for salad and this salad looks soooooooo good I would love to win this giveaway.

  401. Gorgeous salad and I love your video – you’re a natural! My current kitchen challenge I’m working on is perfecting homemade sourdough bread.

  402. This salad looks amazing!!! Now I know what’s for dinner tomorrow night!!!

  403. I have some corn on the cob in the fridge right now, this sounds so good!

  404. good recipe. grilling gives a unique flavor to lots of foods. combined, this will be delicious

  405. this sounds really good

  406. I love this salad I would eat it all the time, Thank you


  407. This is salad perfection :) I am going to have to put this together ASAP to cure this craving!

  408. Conquer New Brunswick stew using roasted corn, chipotle peppers, and cannellini (spelling correct) beans. umm hello fall.

  409. I tried pickled beets during the summer. They were one of my favourite things to have at my grandmother’s house, and these turned out pretty well. :)

  410. I recently made risotto for the first time! I’ve been wanting to for years. Wow. What creamy goodness!

  411. This looks FABULOUS! YUMMY!! I love each of the ingredients and can’t wait to go to the store for them. Thanks!

  412. I have been trying to eat healthier foods but recently my challenge in cooking was to make biscotti for my soldier son.

  413. I need to try this salad. It sounds great. I make everything from scratch so recipes such as this is wonderful. Thank you!

  414. Cooking with coconut oil in place if butter in some recipes – it works beautifully!

  415. I posted a tweet too: https://twitter.com/AnnaZed/status/383692481444851712

    Also, your corn dressing looks so amazing (you are a genius!) I’m making that!

  416. I have been a bit challenged by a family member turning vegan; but I have risen to the occasion! I am now familiar with baking without eggs, protein without meat and just about anything that you can do with nuts. I like alot of the stuff too. I am eating brown rice with lentils, roasted pepper humus sauce and pistachio nuts right now! It’s pretty awesome.

  417. I am trying my best to make this salad as perfectly as you did Sommer. :)

  418. @NativeOrchid: Attn foodies: head over to aSpicyPerspective to get in on #moretomake #SweepstakesEntry for KitchenAid giveaway, AND a yummy recipe! https://mobile.twitter.com/NativeOrchid/status/383680102489686016?screen_name=NativeOrchid

  419. I recently challenged myself to make a 3rd Minecraft cake. It came out awesome. Next is a 3D Minion cake!

  420. Making a yeasted dough. I made naan, and now I’ve got the confidence to do a loaf bread!

  421. My recent challenge was to cook without cream, and ingredient my hubby HATES the calories for right now. I found evaporated milk works well in a lot of recipes to give the creamy taste without the heavy feeling afterwards.

  422. I am chef trained and find my kitchen the most interesting place to be, and especially
    if I am preparing something like Cobb salad. Love the idea of the Corn and Poblano
    dressing I would also add some additional spice to the dressing.
    Hope to win, my kitchen needs new Kitchenaid products. Thank you.
    ~ gently ~ Kathryn

  423. Challenge – eating healthier without having to start up & stand over the charcoaler in the heat. Learned how to use the broiler on my oven to cook not only meats but also some pretty great tasting veggies! Please don’t laugh at me too much – we use to fry everything so I never used the broiler. This will also be very useful this winter when its too cold to cook outside.

  424. This sounds delicious and would be so much fun using new Kitchen Aid products!

  425. an eggless chocolate cake!

  426. My most recent kitchen challenge has been getting my wife to clean the counters when she’s done. We’re still working on it, haha.

  427. A recent cooking challenge that I’ve taken on trying to make a perfect pork roast. I even bought a brand new roasting pan with a rack. I have tried twice so far , the first was ok, the second was better, but not yet perfect. i’m going for round three this week. wish me luck! And thanks for the great recipes and amazing giveaways !

  428. I recently learned how to make the perfect omelette (hint: add bisquick to the egg mixture). It took years to get this down!

  429. Just learned how to toss pizza dough! I have much more to learn before it will look good…

  430. My challenge is trying to eat healthy when I love to go out for dinner.

  431. We grilled our corn for the first time ever and it was a big hit!

  432. I am 50 years old and I’m finally learning how to bake from scratch. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but was never very good at baking anything. I baked a birthday cake for my husband this week that was totally from scratch… No box mix!

  433. My husband told me two weeks ago that he wants to change his diet from pescetarian (fish-eater) to lacto-ovo vegetarian. Our two daughters and I are omnivores, and I was already cooking different meals to make everyone happy, so what’s another challenge!

    My roots are southeast Asian so I’m very comfortable cooking with spices and seasonings that “outside the norm” for most Americans. I find that Indian recipes lend themselves really well to vegetarian cooking as most Indians are vegetarians. For years now, I’ve incorporated a trick from Indian cooking and always “temper” my spices by cooking them in some hot fat before adding liquids. I do this regardless of the nationality of the dish that I’m making; if the recipe calls for spices, the spices are “tempered” — it adds a tremendous amount of flavor!

  434. I just love this salad Sommer! Not to mention the giveaway {YOWZA}

  435. That corn inspired dressing looks amazing! I’d love to have those Kitchen Aid appliances to “aid” in creativity in my kitchen! You make everything look so simple- Thank you!

  436. Since I am living in temporary quarters with non cooking friends waiting for my new home to be finished my biggest challenge is cooking in a 1970’s kitchen! Everything is old, cookware, appliances, serving ware. Most grateful my daughter had a second KitchenAid mixer!

  437. I’m not normally a salad person, but this looks amazingly delicious! I’ll be trying out this recipe very soon. :)

    My most recent cooking challenge is designing a set of recipe card templates so we can update our recipe box with beautiful new cards! Next up, going through our stable of favorite recipes, photographing them, and creating cards for all of them.

  438. I recently made homemade hummus from dried chick peas. I put them in the crock pot with garlic, onion, and spices for 8 hours, pureed with more garlic and wallah….the best hummus I have had in a while. It also made a huge amount, so we’ve been doing lots of greek & middle eastern wraps and meals. Didn’t realize how easy and inexpensive it was to make hummus!

  439. I have decided to take on the challenge of homemade hummus! Found a recipe for a Southwestern Style using cilantro and black beans…should be interesting…next will be greek style with feta cheese :)

  440. I made tortilla espagnol and it was delicious!!

  441. Baking the cake!!!

  442. I had some extra corn so I threw them on the grill, cut the corn off of the “cobb” and arranged it on the salad with the other goodies. AWESOME salad!!!

  443. Love your cobb salad recipe, my challenge is to exchange healthier options as you have done with your salad, can’t wait to try the dressing as well!

  444. Any salad is better with bacon on it! :-)

  445. Such a great video, I like it a lot!

  446. Recent Cooking Challenge was to plan out a menu from the SouthBeach diet and cook a week’s worth of food – not something I’ve ever been good at – but it worked!

  447. I trying to perfect my cookie baking. I think I’m getting it.

  448. learning to properly poach an egg….

  449. I am SO making this tonight! It looks amazing! Thank you!

  450. Trying to find the best fall pumpkin recipe (besides pie). So far I’ve tried donuts and snickerdoodles the last two days. Lots of baking going on in my kitchen!

  451. My greatest challenge lately is trying to eat healthier but having so many “special occasions” to avoid. Everyday is a special day!!

  452. My most recent challenge has been making Macroons! I wish I had realized before starting to make them its such a task, I am now up to my third attempt and they are beginning to look and taste relatively authentic.

  453. I recently stretched my culinary skills and made a creamy sauce with wild Chanterelles & Okra to top some raw zucchini pasta. My family dubbed it delicious. It’s so fun to create dishes with unusual ingredients!

  454. My challenge is freezer meals. I work evenings and I don’t want my husband to starve.

  455. My latest cooking challenge is creating some flavorful, but reduced fat breakfast meals for my husband.

  456. My latest cooking challenge is stock piling healthy freezer meals so my husband and I don’t starve after this baby gets here! :)

  457. I recently moved to Seattle, and I began hanging out with a group of friends who have a variety of different food needs and preferences. So now my challenge is to feed all of is without having to cook 5 different dinner meals. The greatest challenge has been a woman who is gluten free and lactose intolerant. It’s definitely not easy, but having a meal together is worth the effort!

  458. Entering a Cookie Jar (containing 10 different kinds of cookies!!) in the Governor’s Cookie Jar contest at the Kansas State Fair was my most recent (and not terribly successful) challenge.

  459. finding quick, somewhat healthy meals to feed my growing boys

  460. My latest challenge has been to cook healthy will maintaing a tight budget.

  461. My most recent challenge has been finding creative ways to use up canned and boxed foods in my pantry, I am trying to shift towards more fresh ingredients in my cooking but I have alot of canned vegetables to try to use up in the meantime.

  462. My recent challenge is to find good low carb recipes that my husband will like.

  463. My challenge this fall is to preserve more by canning and freezing!

  464. My recent challenge was to make a low carb, gluten-free fried donut. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it? But in reality it is…GF things tend to just disintegrate when they hit the hot oil. My solution? I baked them first and THEN fried them. They had all the fried flavour and they held together perfectly!

  465. A recent cooking challenge that I conquered? Making croissants from scratch. I know. It’s a little crazy, right? But so worth it. :) I’m just glad I did that.

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  466. I made two kinds of empanadas from scratch tonight – squash and goat cheese and kale and ricotta. Never made them before but they turned out perfect!

  467. Making mead! I just took a class and am really excited.

  468. I tried to make bagels. That was a new challenge

  469. I recently made my own chicken nuggets for my toddler from Weelicious.com! They came out super delicious and were a much healthy alternative to scary factory made ones.

  470. Canning a variety of stuff!

  471. I would have to say that my biggest challenge is cooking not only healthy food, but making it taste good for my large fried food loving family.

  472. I used fresh corn on the cob in an Avocado Corn Lime Dip with Cilantro. It was great with tortilla chips and also on quesadillas! Love your recipe for Harvest Cobb Salad especially since I could eat my weight in Cobb Salads!

  473. This looks delish! Love how you spice up this simple recipe Sommer! :)

  474. I am starting the challenge of maing bread – just started with a bagette – so far, pretty exciting.

  475. I can put corn on the cob on the table all winter. Just husk and put in freezer bags last all winter if air tight. LOVE IT.

  476. Oh almost forgot my newest challenge is cooking healthy home made meals for a picky eating family in less than an hour. My new job brings me home so late. I always want to make a balanced plate of nutrients in record times. :)

  477. My biggest cooking challenge is getting dinner on the table quickly on evenings when we have a packed sports schedule!

  478. I learned to make stuffed grape leaves from my Greek friend.

  479. This is serious salad perfection. Love it! Pinned.

  480. Thanks for sharing an easy meal!

  481. My latest kitchen challenge is cooking a dish from a country representing every letter of the alphabet. So, I’m cooking around the world!

  482. My recent challenge has been making healthy creative breakfasts on the go, so far it has been lots of different muffin flavors experimenting with whole wheat and white whole wheat flours. We have had some winners and definitely some that end up in the do not make again pile.

  483. I recently tried to make a meal that was designed around colors. It had multiple courses, a blueberry shrub, and was tons of work.

  484. over the spring/summer hubby & I committed to healthier eating and it worked we’ve lost weight…now i just have to figure out how-to make our fall/winter meals healthier…it’s challenging since we were set in our ways for so long however we realize the benefits of healthy eating and look and feel better for it. Thank you for this great giveaway oppty and this wonderful blog. This salad is so unique and looks delicious…can’t wait to make it.

  485. Having very recently become an empty-nester, I’m still in the process of learning how to cook for one or two. My boys are big guys, so I’ve been basically doubling almost every recipe I’ve cooked for the past ten years. With both of them on their own, I’m having to re-learn how to meal plan and grocery shop, too :)

  486. I tried that crazy “Cronut” that everyone is talking about. It didn’t turn out very well, but making the dough was fun and I used it for other things. I learned that making puff pastry dough is not so intimidating!!!

  487. Healthy cooking is my greatest challenge. To get flavor and healthy food is a challenge many times.

  488. My latest challenge has been a calorie and carbohydrate reduction. That means keeping loads of fresh vegetables in the fridge, so I can appreciate the benefit of Sommers’ KitchenAid® Refrigerator with Preserva® Technology.
    Now that Fall is upon us I will start making more soups, and a trustworthy blender will be in demand!
    I loved the salad dressing. I must really try it. Thank you.

  489. I’ve been trying to make healthy freezer meals. It’s been a challenge.

  490. I’d say my most recent challenge has been tying to cut down on the carbs and while doing so, NOT have my kids notice.
    It’s worked out very well, were are all eating better.

  491. I’ve been trying to create meals that use up ingredients that have been sitting in my pantry for a while. Your salad looks yummy Sommer! And your kitchen is beautiful!!

  492. Cooking for 1…recipes that refrigerate or freeze well. Finding recipes and ideas that make evening meals exciting enticing me to cook instead of cereal for dinner. :-)

  493. My latest cooking challenge has been this past week pureeing healthy foods for our foster daughter who had a palate surgery. I’ve been working to make smooth items that taste yummy and have lots of nutrients packed in. She had to be on liquids for 5 days then soft foods for 2 more weeks, so it’s been a fun challenge trying to come up with balanced meals that are soft, yummy, and nutrient-rich. My favorite was a puréed pho type recipe using chicken broth, softened veggies and egg for smooth protein.

  494. My cooking challenge is to do at least one new recipe a week. I usually end up finding a new dish to put in the regular rotation of the hum-drum, everyday dishes for dinner.

  495. Currently I’m working on my own sourdough starter. Fingers crossed!

  496. This Cobb salad looks delicious. Going to print it right now and get the stuff next shopping trip!

  497. My cooking challenge is making healthier, tasty desserts for 2 swee -loving retirees.

  498. I failed BIG TIME making homemade ravioli, and recently conquered making it!

  499. cobb salad is real fovorite of mine and this new spin on it looks delish! thanks for sharing your new dressing ideas.

  500. My recent challenge is to make everything as home made as possible. This includes using as much as I can from my own garden, drying my own herbs, making my own pastas, and purchasing all of my meat and dairy from local farmers!!

  501. I recently made a French-inspired dinner of coq au vin, with a decadent chocolate pudding dessert. (I forget the French name for it. But I could have licked the bowl!)

  502. I love to make desserts, but regular meals are more of a challenge for me — just not as interesting, I guess. ;) But I do love corn on the cob, especially grilled!

  503. Making sushi.

  504. I recently tackled lemon curd- scary but we’ll worth the effort! So good!

  505. I recently tried to create my own peanut butter cups – instead of peanut butter I used almond butter and they are soo much better than store bought and surprisingly pretty easy!

  506. We had shrimp and corn pizza the other night – does that count? It was awesome! :-)

  507. My challenge is trying to recreate dishes my mother made. I think one of her secrets was always to add a bit of sugar to savory dishes…like salt to sweets.

  508. I’m almost an “empty nester,” having just a husband and a teenage boy left here at home. My challenge is adjusting recipes to suit the 3 of us. For many years I cooked for 8 or more! A great fridge would help my leftovers stay pretty longer so that I can “sneak” them into another meal!

  509. My ercent cooking challenge is…… cooking. We used to eat out 5-6 nights a week. Now we have a 14 month old and i want to make her dinner and teach her good food habits. Now we eat out once a week! I recently made chicken pot pies. I made them for both of us, the different things we like thrown in. Mine had corn. it was delicious!

  510. My recent cooking challenge: going gluten-free!

  511. I have been working on eliminating processed foods and “healthifying” recipes. Love cooking from scratch and making each recipe my own.

  512. That looks sooo yummy! I would love a mixer :)

  513. The challenge that I have taken on is making more dinners from scratch and not having piles of leftovers. We are now empty nesters and it is hard to cook for two when you are used to cooking for 4-6 people including two teenage boys

  514. I would love to win this contest!!!!

  515. Love your recipe! I want to try it soon! Also love Kitchen Aid, I hope I win!

  516. breaded fried chicken ,every time i made it the house filled up with smoke,now i can make it using tips from all the blogs,now if you could only teach me to make a roast that works my are horrible!

  517. Great idea swapping the blue cheese with the spiced pecans! I’ve recently attempted traditionally Southern dishes like gravy and biscuits and homemade skillet cornbread.

  518. Cooking & eating more real food. Buying less pre-prepared ingredients.

  519. I love a good challenge in the kitchen and my latest would be a pumpkin spice version of the famous “cronut” Failed first time but second time was a winner and they were delicious!!

  520. My challenge is cooking great, fresh food while on a budget.

  521. I have always been intimidated about making bread. That is my latest challenge.

  522. Having cooked and baked for 45 years, I’m ready for some new appliances and pots and pans. This would help!!

  523. I’m a cook at a small assisted living facility for moderately independent elderly folk… unfortunately elderly folk’s taste buds are a little duller, so my daily challenge is to not hear “doesn’t have the same flavor” — but without the use of salt, excess fat, or much sugar. As a result, I’ve fallen even more in love with things like garlic, dill, italian seasoning, nutmeg, rosemary, and a host of other things that I CAN add to boost flavor without all the “don’ts”.

  524. My biggest challenge is planning. I’m good if I have a plan in place but if I don’t then I’m scrambling to get dinner on the table.

  525. I Tweeted about this fabulous giveaway. atpoohro ; CarolynH https://twitter.com/poohro/status/382580593650720768

  526. The biggest challenge I’ve taken on is minimal preservatives for my husband and myself. Sometimes its unavoidable but if I can get something without preservatives or – EVEN BETTER – make it myself, I’m going to do it! I bake breads, cookies, cakes, make my own jam for sandwiches… tons of ways to not intake preservatives. My husband used to live on frozen dinners and eating food out before he met (and later married) me. And he can tell a huge difference in how food tastes whereas before, he really didn’t notice or care. Now he does.

  527. My recent cooking challenge that I’ve taken on is the labor intensive tamale dinner. It used to take all the aunts & cousins + grandma in an assembly line to make the tamales. But the end result is so delicious. It’s a family tradition meant to be shared.

  528. Cooking for one

  529. I had stuff to make reubens, minus bread for dinner last night, but I had a costco pack of pita bread… hubby actually said he preferred the pita over the rye bread! how’s that for a win in the use it up category?

  530. I’ve taken on freezer cooking. Thanks for hosting the fun giveaway.

  531. Sounds juvenile but I’ve just become bold enough to begin to make my own sauces. I am a novice of sorts and would shy away from things like this but with blogs and websites teaching me step by step methods of doing this I’m now conquering my fears.

  532. I have recently taken on the challenge of using my crockpot. I haven’t used it much in the past to I’ve been searching the web for delicious recipes and collecting them to put into play for my busy life.

  533. My greatest food challenge is cooking 1 meal that everyone will eat….and that is healthy and I feel good about serving them.

  534. I’ve tweeted all about this! :)

  535. My food challenge is cooking one meal for the whole family. I have 2 young children, and it can be a major challenge to cook a meal that isn’t too spicy for them, or that they are willing to try.

  536. My latest cooking challenge is to find something that everyone in my family likes. My teenager is a taco/pizza/pasta w/alfredo sauce kind of kid and those are not the healthiest choices. The rest of us are flexible so there are a lot of hits and misses around here!

  537. I recently took on the challenge of making my own almond butter. It failed, but I am determined to succeed!

  538. I have loads of challenges, by my biggest is fighting with depression an, as I have toddler at home, provide us with at least one warm meal a day. it is like meditation for me while I cook. I love trying out new things so tomorrow it will be strawberry jogurt cake and spicy pork.

  539. I love love love Cobb Salads and this Harvast Cobb looks incredible! Then….on top of that….is this fabulous Kitchenaid giveaway! Could the day get much better ;)

  540. I challenged myself to searching/making the perfect pizza crust to use on the grill! I think I’ve found the one! anxious to test it out this weekend….on the grill! With fresh roasted veggies – including corn! (I’m an Iowa girl – I could put corn on anything)

  541. My challenge is that I will try at least one NEW recipe a week!
    I love grilling corn then cutting off and mixing butter, Parmesan, garlic and Cajun seasoning. New (to me) and it tastes GREAT!!!

  542. I recently took on the project of canning. It’s amazing!

  543. The salad looks awesome. My recent cooking challenge hasn’t happened yet. I took the pledge to go unprocessed for the month of October. I’m freaking out!

  544. My recent cooking challenge was cooking for my husband’s co-workers, 35 people. I would not have been able to do it without my Kitchen Aid Mixer & Food Processor. We were furnishing the whole meal so I had my work cut out for me. I had baked a ham for sandwiches, made multiple kinds of appetizers & dips, baked all the dinner rolls for the sandwiches, plus made chocolate eclairs. It was a great success!

  545. Holy crap this sounds delicious. Adding to next weeks menu! Can’t wait to try!!!

  546. This is a great salad to kick off fall!

  547. My most recent cooking challenge would be making perfect brownies! =)
    I tried a new recipe that included adding caramels, and I loved the way they turned out!

  548. I doing a no veggie or fruit left behind challenge…
    What’s that you ask? If I buy it, it gets used!!!! No more wasting and rotting in the fridge.

  549. i would just love to win this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  550. i would just love to win this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  551. A recent cooking challenge I’ve taken on is learning to cook fish. This is a food I have always been afraid to cook for fear that I would mess it up, But so far so good. My husband is impressed.

  552. My latest cooking challenge was making homemade caramel sauce

  553. I entered the sweepstakes!

  554. I lastest cooking challenge has been trying to figure out what to do with passion fruit.

  555. Love your interview for KitchenAid. You look lovely, Sommer.
    Great idea for the cobb. I love the roasted butternut squash!

  556. My challenge in the kitchen is to not be afraid of attempting new things. I made chicken soup from scratch which was amazing the other day. Next challenge, Tiramisu-I tried to make it years ago, affectionately referred to around here as Mom’s Tirami-cr@p. I must redeem myself.

  557. Cooking with what we have on hand. Sundays lunch was roasted butternut squash soup with an orange and apple salad. I had the items in the fridge, and it was SO nice to use them up in a different way! Thanks for the fun video!

  558. I made a standing rib roast! That was a challenge. I was afraid for years, but it’s really easy!

  559. amazing giveaway here’s my tweet! Cobb Salad Recipe | A Spicy Perspective: http://www.aspicyperspective.com/2013/09/cobb-salad.html#.UkHCA9EB2_0.twitter via @spicyperspectiv #moretomake “#SweepstakesEntry”

  560. My biggest challenge is getting dinner on the table after a day of work and having my two kids not complain about what I am serving.

  561. First off, I have to say how much I LOVE your video and recipe! I’ve made your Kimchi grilled corn so I would love to try this recipe adding some kimchi in the blender! Recent cooking challenge: making sticky buns with puff pastry?
    Also, two questions: 1) is that the KitchenAid Diamond blender in the video? I think it is but am not sure and 2) I LOVE your checkerboard cutting board. Where is that from? :)

    • Hi Alice, Thanks so much! Yes that is the KitchenAid Diamond blender–love it! And my cutting board was made by a local artist. You’ll have to come visit to get one! :)

  562. My biggest cooking challenge lately has been trying to use fresh ingredients, minimally processed foods & fats, and whole grain carbs in meals that are between 400-600 calories.

  563. The cooking challenge I recently had to overcome was how not to overcook pork chops. I love that you substituted pecans for the blue cheese (not a fan of blue cheese).

  564. A recent cooking challenge for me was roasting a whole chicken for the first time. It was much simpler than I thought and so delicious!

  565. I found a corn, black bean salad with avocado, we take the corn off the cobb and leave the some pieces in bigger sections. Then you squeeze in some lime and mexican spices and you have a great salad.

  566. I made fortune cookies for the first time recently– it’s always fun to try a new technique or recipe. Even if it doesn’t turn out the first time around, it’s nice to keep trying and fund success!

  567. A recent cooking challenge I had to overcome were my diet restrictions – I don’t eat sugar/fruit/nuts and grains during the week, but I didn’t want to only stick with one type of meal per week (chicken with veggies and lentils, that’s the usual, haha).

    SO, I was on the hunt with fall coming to make a chili that didn’t include sugars, was delicious, and healthy!

    I came up with a tomato, tomato paste, ground chicken, bean and celery combo with lots of spices! To make it easier and give it that “simmered” taste without me having to man the stove, I used a crockpot. This is a big batch for the week and really cuts down on my time while helping me stick to my diet :)

  568. Yum. I love cobb salads. This is a healthier version which I love!

  569. I fried cornbread in bacon fat to make croutons for my salad. Corn fritters also work great

  570. Recently, I roasted a chicken and then made stock from the bones and made soup! THAT was an entirely new way for me to cook. I was inspired by the Kitchen Counter Cooking School book. <3 — Thanks, Caroline

  571. Tweeted my excitement about the giveaway…

  572. Great giveaway! My cooking challenge is cooking for two after cooking for 7 for so long! I’m working on cooking chicken in interesting, delicious ways right now!

  573. The most recent cooking challenge I took on was to make eggs Benedict from scratch….turned out pretty yummy! Did take a couple of tries to get the Hollandaise right.

  574. I took on the challenge to make macaroons…they weren’t a complete fail but I want to keep trying and master them!

  575. Can’t wait to try that Cobb salad!

  576. I have just taken on the challenge/quest to find the perfect marinara sauce. Also–I’ll be making this salad ASAP. Look at me—I’m actually excited about a salad!

  577. My biggest cooking challenge right now is to incorporate some of my latin influence into my healthy cooking

  578. I like to roast my corn on the cob on the grill and I remove it from the cob into a pot and I add butter, diced onion, diced tomatoes, diced green pepper and simmer till onions and peppers are slightly tender. The colors are just awesome together.

  579. Can’t wait to start all the fall cooking and baking with new Kitchenaid appliances!!

  580. I would love to win a kitchenaid!!!! I’ve been dying to get one but you know. . .the $ isn’t there :P
    thanks for the chance to win one!!!

  581. I got a case of Hatch Chiles and prepared them for freezing. My challenge is to use these over the year and make new dishes with them

  582. Love this recipe! Something my family CAN and will eat! My challenge has recently been to find and/or create gluten- free/refined sugar-free recipes that are yummy and healthy. Ones that my family will enjoy! Thanks for posting this. Your video was great!!

  583. I have cooking challenges all the time……..substitutions because I don’t have certain ingredients. Our 2nd vehicle is at another location so I’m carless. I make buttermilk all the time with regular milk and vinegar, I substitute cheeses, nuts, use canned tomatoes instead of fresh, things like this.

  584. Recent cooking challenge? Trying to come up with delicious and filling low calories meals that are hearty enough for my husband.

  585. I’ve recently taken on and conquered royal icing! The beautiful cookies I’ve been able to make have been unlike anything I’ve ever cooked before, and it’s been such a delight to see the looks on friends’ and family’s faces when I surprise them with cookies!

  586. My cooking challenge lasted 15 years! I finally perfected the frosted sugar cookies from a bakery in my hometown in south Georgia. Sounds simple, but it was a complex frosting similar to poured fondant. I contacted the baker – who’s now in Missouri – and she wouldn’t give me the recipe! So I had to figure it out myself through many, many, MANY trials and errors. If you’ve ever had one of those cookies, you’d know it’s worth it though!

  587. The recipe is so creative and delicious, especially the dressing… it’s been added to my “make” list. Sommer you are so beautiful and talented – you make a great Kitchen-aide spokes person — they should keep you ;)

  588. I have had a million food challenges! recently it is that my husband is trying to be gluten free! This salad is beautiful and such a creative twist on Cobb Salad which I have been meaning to make lately. And Sommer- I am just SO impressed. Youa re a total natural on camera. What a beautifully produced video- Bravo Kitchen Aid!

  589. A recent kitchen challenge I have successfully tackled was to create a vegan and gluten free dessert for one of my friends. It was so hard to find something vegan. I eventually settled on granola bars and they were a huge hit and made her day, as she said no one ever makes desserts for her.

  590. I’ve tried a lot of different desserts lately.

  591. May seem simple to others, but I started making my own salad dressings lately. They are so much tastier than store bought! And way more simple than I expected!

  592. Ok…it may sound silly, but a few weeks ago, I finally made homemade chicken stock! I don’t know why I was so intimidated by something so basic. Best cooking challenge I have taken on, because I can do so much with it. Thanks for the great Cobb Salad, I look forward to trying it.

  593. I made homemade raviolis for the first time, hand rolled the dough,it was exhausting but so fun and they came out great !
    I love this recipe !!

  594. My biggest (ongoing) cooking challenge doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult, but it is. I can’t seem to get my homemade pizza right… we have high pizza standards, but nevertheless, I’m determined. I’m an avid baker and have mastered many cooking styles, but this is not one of them. I’m hoping to master it soon, but until then, my kids will at least have fun making (subpar) pizza. :)

  595. I think the most recent challenge I had was eating vegetarian for two weeks. New recipes, remembering chicken broth is a no no and not starving were some challenges through the whole thing.

  596. I love the video. So cool. The salad looks amazing! Eighth now I’m craving everything chocolate and pumpkin.

  597. Love the video!! You are a rock star! xo

  598. What a beautiful salad! Loving the Fall flavors! My recent cooking challenge was making pumpkin cheesecake bars! I used my food processor for the first time and had to watch a video on how to use it. ;)

  599. A recent cooking challenge that I encountered was making English muffin bread. I failed it twice. I haven’t given it another shot, since I was so disappointed.

  600. I’ve recently taken an interest in baking. I love to cook, but have never been much of a baker. I would definitely say it’s still a work in progress.

  601. I used my slow cooker for the first time last week!

  602. Wow! Totally beautiful Cobb. A recent challenge in the kitchen? Well I was in hte middle of testing a recipe for ice cream, and my ice cream maker died! I called a few neighbors. And unbelievably one of them had the kind I was looking for, and brought it to me! I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to even load my kids into the car to go get it!

  603. This salad is beautiful–very fall inspired! Yum! Great giveaway.

  604. I recently made jerky in my dehydrator.

  605. I’m not eligible but just want to say that you are the cutest! Miss you, lady.

  606. I recently tried making cinnamon rolls for the first time. It seemed so hard, but it really wasn’t that bad!

  607. Recent cooking challenge: cooking meals for 3 months while living in Burundi, Africa. Every day was a challenge to go out and find ingredients I needed, haggle with vendors over prices, sort through exotic looking produce & try to figure out the difference between a guava, quince and other similar looking items! I only had a tiny two-burner stove to work with, a miniscule sink for washing dishes in and limited running water, as in, “hey, the pump is on, should I take a 5 minute shower or wash dishes for 5 minutes?”

    All-in-all an awesome & challenging experience. When we return in the spring, I am far better prepared in my mind for what to expect. I will bring a small set of kitchen knives & a cutting board. I will bring tons of dried seasonings. It will be more fun & less scary this time!

  608. I recently canned tomatoes for the first time ever, and was very proud of myself. And my homemade angel food cake might be too good…I have it down now, and my husband’s office keeps requesting one. This saad looks great. I think we’ll roast some squash today, since that us what is curing on the porch.