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Cinnamon Pancakes & Peach Syrup

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Back to school is just around the corner and I’ve got a fabulous kid-friendly breakfast to share with you today, Cinnamon Pancakes with a warm Peach Syrup Recipe. This is such an easy dish, you can make it for your babies in a hurry, or they can make it for you!

Cinnamon Pancakes + Peach Syrup Recipe #backtoschool #pancakes #peach

I love it when my kids take over the kitchen. It’s so gratifying to watch them make decisions about the best way to tackle a recipe, or to hear them repeat methods they’ve heard me say again and again.

Teary-eyed mommy moment.

Kid-Made Cinnamon Pancakes + Peach Syrup Recipe #backtoschool #pancakes #peach

Over the last couple years, they’ve become expert breakfast makers.

In fact, I almost don’t need to get up in the mornings, because I know they can handle the morning meal on their own.

Kid-Friendly Cinnamon Pancakes + Peach Syrup Recipe #backtoschool #pancakes #peach

Omelets and pancakes are their specialties.

They get really excited when it’s time to flip either. Fortunately, I have the absolute hands-down BEST non-stick cookware on the face of the earth, so flipping is a piece of cake!

Back to School - Cinnamon Pancakes + Peach Syrup Recipe #backtoschool #pancakes #peach

Swiss Diamond Cookware makes the safest and best non-stick cookware I have ever used… and I have used a LOT of cookware, guys. Pancakes and omelets slip right out of the skillets without ever having to add butter or oil. (Unless you want it for flavor!)

And making something sticky, like this peach syrup recipe, is no problem because it simply cannot stick to the sides of the pan.

Easiest clean up ever.

Making Cinnamon Pancakes + Peach Syrup Recipe #backtoschool #pancakes #peach

These kid-friendly cinnamon pancakes are a new family favorite that the kids love to make on their own.

The cinnamon pancakes are rich and bursting with flavor, due to the addition of fresh cream and a generous dose of cinnamon. They pair perfectly with my lightly spiced fresh peach syrup recipe, that takes only minutes to make.

Easy Cinnamon Pancakes + Peach Syrup Recipe #backtoschool #pancakes #peach


Everyone loves cinnamon pancakes with peaches, especially Carson.

Cinnamon Cream Pancakes + Peach Syrup Recipe #backtoschool #pancakes #peach

If you don’t have kids to make breakfast for you, don’t worry.

These little beauties are so quick and easy, you can make them in minutes, then climb right back in bed with a tall stack of cinnamon-y peachy goodness!

Love these Cinnamon Pancakes + Peach Syrup Recipe #backtoschool #pancakes #peach

Cinnamon Pancakes
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Cinnamon Pancakes + Peach Syrup Recipe

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Cinnamon Pancakes with Warm Peach Syrup; so easy the kids can make it for you!
Servings: 6


For the Cinnamon Pancakes:

For the Peach Syrup Recipe:


  • For the peach syrup recipe: Cut the peaches in half. Remove the pit, and cut each half into six wedges. Place a 3.8-quart Swiss Diamond saute pan over medium heat. Add the butter, followed by the peaches, spices and salt. Saute and gently stir the peaches for 5 minutes. Then pour in the maple syrup. Once the syrup comes to a simmer, stir and turn off the heat.
  • Meanwhile, mix the dry ingredients for the cinnamon pancakes in a large bowl. Whisk in the milk, cream and egg until smooth.
  • Heat a large 12.5-inch Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Fry Pan over medium-low. Once hot, use a 1/4 cup scoop to ladle the pancake batter onto the skillet, three pancakes at a time. Cook for 2-3 minutes, until the edges bubble and look a little dry, then flip and cook another 2-3 minutes. Remove and repeat with remaining batter. (Makes 10-12 pancakes.)
  • To serve: Stack the pancakes on plates, and ladle the warm peach syrup over the top.


Serving: 1serving, Calories: 444kcal, Carbohydrates: 77g, Protein: 7g, Fat: 13g, Saturated Fat: 8g, Cholesterol: 67mg, Sodium: 549mg, Potassium: 579mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 47g, Vitamin A: 970IU, Vitamin C: 10mg, Calcium: 158mg, Iron: 2.1mg
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Author: Sommer Collier

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Swiss Diamond Cookware. All opinions are my own.

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  5. I love to make omelets or pancakes.

  6. I enjoy making a western scramble!!

  7. I like making my famous ham & cheese omelet with peppers and onions.

  8. Strawberry Pancakes is my favorite,

  9. I love making Western omelets with a variety of meats, cheeses and veggies.


  10. My favorite would be Cream of Wheat Griddlecakes.

  11. I cut out a heart shape in two pieces of bread & place in a pan with an egg in each on. When it is cooked I palce ham or turkey between the two along with some cheese! Kinda a bread in a nasket turkey/han egg cheese sandwich. I then sprinkle it with powder sugar & a little pancake syrup.

  12. I like making french toast the best.
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  13. I would make cheesey breakfast buriotos!!! My family LOVES them!

  14. I like to make pancakes.

  15. Runny eggs on toast are my favorite.

  16. Veggie omelet or scrambled eggs with cheese

  17. Pancakes for sure, gotta be nonstick.

  18. I make the usual scrambled eggs and this pan would make it easier to cook in!

  19. Turkey and swiss omelet

  20. WOW those look good.

  21. I would make a frittata with goat cheese and green onions.

  22. blueberry pancakes.

  23. Mine is a toss up between omelettes and stuffed french toast w/ brown sugar banans

  24. French toast and pancakes are my favorite

  25. My favorite recipe to cook on a non stick surface is pancakes.

  26. Omelets

  27. I want pancakes & they haven’t always been cooked on a non-stick surface so this would be great.

  28. Ham and Cheese Omelets are one of my favorite breakfast dishes for my kids

  29. Bacon and scrambled eggs!

  30. I just like a good omelet with extra cheese.

  31. French Toast is my families favorite.

  32. I would fry me up a huge egg omelet. Add some bacon. Throw a few pieces of french toast on afterwards. And enjoy an excellent breakfast.

  33. I love cooking omlets….tasty eggs stuffed with mushrooms, peppers, onions, ham, and cheese! YUUUUMMMMMM

  34. scrambled eggs

  35. My new favorite might be your peach pancakes! YUM! My current favorite is my dad’s french toast. I don’t make them like he does, but I try :)

  36. I love to make omelets. Western, or mexican. Just about anything goes in them.

  37. We always love any type of Omelette!

  38. I like to make blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes.

  39. I like to do buttermilk pancakes.

  40. I love to make omelettes

  41. I love making sausage & eggs! A nonstick pan would be great for that, I absolutely despise trying to clean the pans when I’m done making eggs, and I make them a lot.

  42. I cook pancakes all the time.

  43. I like to make easy skillet casseroles with eggs and potatos, with random veggies mixed in, whatever I have in my fridge that sounds good at the time, definitely need a proper non-stick pan though as with skillet meals things start to get kind of mushed together, Lol.

  44. I love to make breakfast crepes.

  45. I would have to say omelets they slide out so nicely. Thanks for the opportunity.

  46. My favorite is a loaded bacon omelet with American cheese and topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream and chives.

  47. I love making chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter and honey. :-) Thank you.

  48. My favorite breakfast to cook on non-stick skillet is soy chorizo, eggs, and cheese. The soy chorizo, because it doesn’t contain meat fat, really sticks if you don’t have a non-stick skillet and so does the cheese. I serve this with warm corn tortillas, fresh salsa and avocado slices.

  49. pancakes with chocolate chips!

  50. heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  51. I like chocolate chip pancakes, delish!

  52. My Favorite is Cinnamon French Toast Yummy!! :)

  53. my favorite is a veggie omelette

  54. I like making blueberry pancakes

  55. i like making omelettes

  56. I love ham, cheese and spinach omelets for breakfast. Pepper Jack cheese! So Yummy!

  57. I like to make breakfast burritos filled with Jimmy Dean Skillets and covered with green chili.

  58. My favorite breakfast recipe to cook on a nonstick surface is blueberry pancakes. I pour the batter then drop the berries onto the dollops.

  59. Love omelets.

  60. We love bacon, eggs and potato for breakfast!

  61. I love to make blueberry pancakes in fun shapes.

  62. OMELETS. Maybe I can finally get them right.

  63. These look delish will have to try!

  64. I make either home made French Toast or ham and cheese omelettes

  65. Our favorite breakfast to cook is a cheese mushroom omelette.

  66. My favorite breakfast recipe is spanish omelette. With peppers, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, tomatoes.

  67. I love making pancakes and omelets!

  68. Banana nut pancakes.

  69. Love french toast, blintzes, crepes and all that good stuff!!

  70. I like to make pancakes, eggs and bacon

  71. Love to make glorified scrambled eggs with lots of veggies & cheese!!~

  72. I love to make omelets with fresh veggies from my garden, yum!

  73. Chocolate chip pancakes

  74. Breakfast Burritos

  75. Blueberry pancakes and cheese and veggie omelets

  76. My favorite is cinnamon french toast.

  77. My husband makes an amazing omlet. Thank you

  78. Fruit omlet

  79. i like french toast

  80. My favorite wouldbe french toast with pure vermont maple syrup

  81. I love to make corned beef hash.

  82. I like to cook french toast on a non-stick pan!

  83. Sitting here on a Sunday morning hungry and wow, those looks incredible!! I love the peach sauce… Going to have to try this!

  84. My favorite food to cook on a nonstick surface is eggs, over-easy.

  85. I like scrambled eggs and pepperoni.

  86. my favorite non stick skillet breakfast is pancakes with chocolate chips!

  87. I like cooking an omelet with ham, green peppers, onions, and cheese.

  88. eggs an potatoes dish

  89. Banana pancakes with hashbrowns, MMMmmmm

  90. I like to make veggie omelets for breakfast.

  91. i like cooking crepes

  92. My favorite is extra crispy hashbrowns cooked in vegetable oil!

  93. I love scrambled egg with cheese.

  94. I like cooking a big denver omelette.

  95. i like making eggs in a basket. simple as it sounds.

  96. I love omelettes.

  97. One of my special omelettes.

  98. My favorite breakfast recipe to cook on a non-stick surface is plain fried eggs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. My favorite is omelettes with peppers, onions, bacon and cheese. You have to have nonstick to do an omelette well.

  100. Bacon and eggs, I like to cook the bacon and then when that is done, cook the eggs in bacon grease.

  101. A bacon Omlet.

  102. Bacon, Bacon and more Bacon!

  103. We love ham and cheese omlettes!!!

  104. I would have to say country omelets. With a side of Corn beef Hash.

  105. Dutch babies! Making them in a non-stick pan is a cinch with almost no cleanup.

  106. I love cooking over easy eggs in a non stick pan.

  107. I love French toast, with a lot of cinnamon.

  108. My favorite think to make is an egg scramble in a non stick pan.

  109. I would say chocolate chip pancakes!

  110. We love corned beef hash!

  111. I like to cook fried eggs.

  112. I like to cook spinach and feta omelettes.

  113. French toast is my favorite.

  114. I like to make ham and cheese omelets.

  115. My favorite is cheddar cheese omlets

  116. Pancakes with peaches might be my favorite.

  117. Egg Pan Cakes

  118. Crepes! Oh man, I want one now!

  119. French toast.

  120. Dutch babies – it is a puffy filled pancake. Yummy!

  121. I love making Omlettes for breakfast! We also like making french toast, Donkey eggs and more on non stick surface pans.

  122. I love to cook veggie and cheese egg white omelets on a nonstick skillet for breakfast.

  123. Delicious crepes.

  124. I like to make omlettes for the little ones! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  125. Love Pancakes!

  126. My breakfast recipe is an omelet with chopped green pepper and onion. After its served I add a slice of tomato.

  127. Wow those pancakes with peaches looks delicious

  128. We like stuffed french toast on special occasions.

  129. I like hashbrowns with cheese, onions, mushrooms and ham bits.

  130. I like to make omelets in a non stick pan. I put mushrooms, green pepper, and some shredded cheddar in mine.

  131. My favorite breakfast recipe to cook on a non-stick surface is a breakfast skillet with cubed potato hashbrowns, onions, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, cheese and then an over easy egg on top.

  132. French Crepes filled with Nutella.

    Hope to win!

  133. scrambled eggs and waffles

  134. Pancakes and sweet potato hash

  135. i need well made pans i love to cook eggs

  136. I love to make strawberry and ricotta pancakes they are so yummy.

  137. Blueberry pancakes!!!!!! The best

  138. blueberry pancakes

  139. A salsa omelette would be my choice!

  140. I enjoy making (and eating) french toast

  141. Breakfast burritos!

  142. Scrambled Eggs.

  143. Pancakes!!

  144. I LOVE making frittatas — but because all of my pans are warped and missing the non-stick coating in places, I haven’t made them in quite some time!

  145. i absolutely love omelets with lots of cheese! i always have to soak immediately after cooking because my non-stick isn’t really that great.

  146. I love cooking ham and cheese omelettes.

  147. My husband makes the most amazing scrambled eggs! That is by far my most favorite!

  148. Eggs, for sure!!

  149. These look good, but my favorite would be a Dutch Baby with peaches on top!

  150. We like to make pancakes.

  151. Looks so good.

  152. I love making vegetable and cheese frittata’s.

  153. Favorite non-stick pan breakfast=cheese omelet.

  154. I like scrambled eggs and vegetables for breakfast tacos

  155. I love making omelets or French toast. Yum!

  156. Cinnamon Blueberry Pancakes! sooo good :)

  157. Blueberry pancakes were the old time favorite but now I’m thinking these will rule!

  158. My favorite would be bacon and hashbrowns with gravy.

  159. I love the fact I have some peaches right on my counter & plan to make this recipe this am… thanks !!

  160. Raisin bread french toast. Love love.

  161. I make scrambled eggs

  162. I love to make strawberry and cream cheese filled french toast roll ups. So delicious!

  163. Scrambled Eggs with cheese and tomatoes. Always sticks no matter what I do.

  164. Eggs of any sort. They can be SO messy but with great nonstick cookware, I love making them that much more!!!

  165. My favorite thing to have is French Toast.

  166. My favourite recipe is cheese omelette

  167. My husband makes a killer ham and cheese omelette !

  168. I like to make veggie omelettes in a non stick pan.

  169. My family likes omelets.

  170. Buttermilk pancakes from scratch with blueberries. And now peach syrup I think!

  171. I’m a french toast lover all day every day!

  172. Is there a bad breakfast to cook? Any and all kinds of pancakes are always a winner in my book!!

  173. My favorite breakfast food to make is French Toast, or maybe scrambled eggs – or both.

  174. Scrambled eggs…when I was first married I tried to cook them in a regular skillet and they stuck, never again I will always use a non-stick.

  175. I love 100% whole wheat and blueberry pancakes!! I think I could eat them every day :)

  176. We like to scramble eggs with cheese, then top with chili and sour cream.

  177. Ahh…the superb photos! Loaded spicy egg scramble would be great in that skillet.

  178. Our favorite recipe is french toast.

  179. Has to be my Daddy’s pancakes…..legendary light fluffy and flavorful pancakes he fine tuned with his recipe over the years and a sweet memory of breakfasts with my family for as long as I can remember. He’s watching over us as we keep the tradition and make His pancakes as often as our waistlines allow. Brennan’s Pa was a wonderful cook who shared his love in his kitchen. Her school put his recipe in their cookbook for all to enjoy.

  180. French toast!!

  181. Your kiddos look so happy in the kitchen. I love your son’s expression as he’s scooping peaches onto his plate. This hotcakes look damn good.

  182. I love French toast. Nothing fancy, though. Regular ol’ French toast with powdered sugar and maple syrup.

  183. My favorite skillet breakfast is french toast stuffed with cream cheese and strawberries with powdered sugar on top. Yum!

  184. South indian dosai crepes are my favorite to cook on non-stick pan..thank you…


  185. Yum!! Can’t wait to try this! I LOVE a good peach recipe.

  186. I too love to make pancakes, and a non-stick pan is a must. Mine always have a small shaving of real fresh nutmeg in them (worth the trouble!)

  187. I love making sticky caramel rolls!

  188. My whole family loves pancakes. Omelets are great, too.

  189. omelets and cherry crepes! yum.

  190. I love cooking eggs & bacon on a good non stick surface!! Bacon sticking is the worst!

  191. Looks delicious! I just bought a bunch of peaces; now I have some inspiration for making stuff with them.

  192. Pancakes are my absolute favorite thing to make!

  193. This looks wonderful! I love everything about this breakfast!

  194. Crepes are much easier to get perfect in a non-stick pan!

  195. I used non-stick for cheesy hash brown potatoes, sausage, fried eggs, pancakes and basically for everything!

  196. I definitely love non-stick for omelets!

  197. I would make a meat and vegetable frittata.

  198. I love to make cheesy broccoli and ham omelet.

  199. I like to make crepes.

  200. We love pancakes and French toast!

  201. I love to cook French toast or a big egg scramble on nonstick.

  202. Pancakes are definitely my favorite.

  203. eggs scrambles with potatoes and veggies.

  204. Pancakes, or maybe omelets

  205. Corn pancakes and cinnamon fried apples.

  206. Chilaquiles with over medium eggs on top!

  207. Scrambled eggs and omelets.

  208. Love making steel cut oatmeal, cool it and then pan frying it the day after in the skillet like french toast. Soooo gooood

  209. Those pancakes loom yummy..

  210. Biscuits and gravy…Homemade

  211. I love a great omellete

  212. EGGs for sure

  213. I like scrambled eggs with sauteed mushrooms and melted cheese.

  214. My favorite is omelets with bacon cheese and mushrooms.

  215. Love pancakes! Your kids are the cutest!

  216. I’m sure they smell amazing too!

  217. I love breakfast. I could live on breakfast-sweet or savory.

  218. Scrambled eggs with cheese!

  219. I love omelets and pancakes!

  220. I hope waffles count because those are my favorites!

  221. Love crepes!


  223. I love to make hash browns with mixed bell peppers and onions.

  224. Souffle!

  225. Crepes!

  226. I would say my favorite things to cook in a non-stick pan is scrambled eggs and pancakes.

  227. Pancakes!

  228. On a nonstick surface, I love to make French Toast with just about any syrup. But I’m a huge fan of syrups from berries. Mmmmm.

  229. Soft scrambled eggs with red pepper flakes.

  230. Eggs with turkey bacon = YUM!

  231. I love blueberry pancakes!

  232. i love cooking crepes on nonstick surfaces… it is rather essential :)

  233. I so want to make these pancakes and peach syrup. But my favorite breakfast to a fresh peach smoothie. And I would be so happy to win the cookware.

  234. Being a southern girl, for me it would be liver mush and two eggs over easy!

  235. Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal!

  236. My Favourite recipe in a non-stick skillet is soft-scrambled eggs.

  237. My favorite breakfast recipe to cook on a non-stick surface is ham and cheese omelette.

  238. Oatmeal Buttermilk Pancakes. I add mashed Banana, Blueberries & Toasted Pecans or Walnuts…I toss in some Chia Seeds & Flaxmeal.

  239. I love to make scrambled French toast.

  240. I love crepe and pancakes

  241. I love making French toast.

  242. S’more Pancakes!!!

  243. Blueberry pancakes

  244. I love eggs, but I have been focusing on waffles lately as my breakfast treat of choice.

  245. Love french toast with lots of cinnamon

  246. Blueberry Pancakes!

  247. Any kind of omelet!

  248. What a great giveaway! I love making french toast.

  249. I love Omlets

  250. I would go with chocolate chip pancakes.

  251. Trying to eat healthier so it would be egg white scramble with posts of veggies right now, but would make pancakes for everyone else!

  252. My family loves fresh peaches! When you sauté them with the skins on do the skins come off on their own?

  253. How sweet that your kids made pancakes and the peach syrup looks beyond amazing!

  254. Sunny side up eggs with a nice drippy yolk over a toasted english muffin and avocado. Can’t have those eggs stick! If they break in the pan, then it’s do-over time!

  255. Frittata!!

  256. It’s a tie – omelets or pancakes. I can NOT cook a pancake successfully in a regular pan.

  257. My favorite breakfast to make is one adapted from my husband childhood. He always made sliced hotdogs with fried eggs on top and eaten with flatbread. We all love it, but now add carmalized onions, garlic, and tomatos cooked with the hot dogs ( or chicken sausages) and top it with some dried mint. It is sweet and a savers and delish!

    Those pans look nice and hefty, but the handles look a little weak in the pics. Are the handles comfortable and strong? I know sometimes plastic doesn’t photograph as well so I am wondering if that is the case here. Anyways, good nonstick pans would be wonderful!

  258. Aw, I LOVE these photos of your kids. What a great way to start the morning! :)

  259. I love making scrambled eggs and adding them to a breakfast sandwich. And using a non-stick surface for it is SO much easier.

  260. I make Blintz Pancakes and they are so much easier when I use a non stick skillet!

  261. These Pancakes look great

  262. My favorite would be french toast!

  263. Homemade chocolate chip pancakes

  264. Yum! These look awesome!

  265. It would definitely have to be over easy eggs for me!

  266. I need new pans (love the Swiss Diamond brand)… and I need these pancakes now!!

  267. I love my non stick for eggs and green chile!

  268. I love to make frittata. A good nonstick pan is crucial!

  269. Eggs, scrambles, omelets, their all good. And bacon!

  270. Pancakes for our house

  271. We cook eggs regularly so that’s our fave!

  272. Ham and cheese omelets are a favorite in this house!!

  273. Eggs are definitely my favorite breakfast to make. I make them at least one a day and there are endless options. These pancakes look great for a weekend treat though!!

  274. I love to make whole wheat banana walnut pancakes.

  275. In the summer I love to make cornmeal pancakes and eat them with fresh peaches. Your peach syrup recipe sounds sooooo good.

  276. My favorite breakfast is a breakfast casserole, but these look so good. Will be trying the cinnamon pancakes with peaches soon!

  277. I like to make pancakes and french toast!

  278. Any kind of chip pancakes…chocolate, butterscotch, cinnamon, peanut butter…you see the pattern right?! lol

  279. Breakfast Burritos!

  280. I like over easy eggs!

  281. It would have to be chocolate chip pancakes!! Yum!

  282. I was just thinking about having breakfast for dinner sometime this week, and with the amazing bounty at the farmers markets including peaches-well you read my mind and gave me a reason to definitely eat pancakes for dinner.

  283. crepes!

  284. My favorite breakfast to cook would be a cheesy omelet.

  285. My favorite breakfast to cook on a non-stick skillet is over easy eggs.

  286. We love blueberry pancakes with a maple apple sausage

  287. Oh my. We love cinnamon pancakes but with the added bonus of peaches, this sounds delightful. Now I just need your kids to come over and teach my kids how to get out of bed and make me breakfast! Love the look on Carson’s face!

  288. Oh my, must make these! They look scrumptious.

  289. Banana pancakes with hashbrowns

  290. egg white omlete

  291. I love omelettes!

  292. I want a big stack of these for breakfast!

  293. Would definitely have to be pancakes.

  294. I enjoy making pancakes and use different additions much of the time…. sometimes chocolate chips…..sometimes small pieces of chopped canned peaches….or a combination also. Experimenting with different flavors is fun.

  295. French toast

  296. My favorite breakfast food are eggs.

  297. I love blintzes!

  298. agree with pancakes.