Caprese Chicken Foil Packets

Cheesy Caprese Chicken Foil Packets RecipeCheesy Caprese Chicken Foil Packets with roasted potatoes. The perfect outdoor dinner!

Caprese Chicken Foil Packets Recipe
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When was the last time you wrapped dinner in foil and threw in on the grill… Or better yet, in the campfire?

Today’s Caprese Chicken Foil Packets recipe takes only minutes to prepare. Then you can toss them on the grill, hot coals, or in the oven, and let the airtight wrappings work their magic!


Foil packets are a great way to enjoy a no-fuss outdoor dinner under the stars.

Fresh Caprese Chicken Foil Packets Recipe

Lt. Dan and I used do this every time we planned a camping trip.

We dropped prepped hobo dinners (AKA foil packets) in our backpacks and headed out on the trail. Later, when it was time to set up camp, we’d make a fire and throw our packets down into the hot ashes to cook.

How To: Caprese Chicken Foil Packets Recipe

Making Caprese Chicken Foil Packets Recipe

These easy cheesy Caprese Chicken Foil Packets are fabulous to keep in the cooler on a camping trip. Yet they are just as delicious when you want to make an easy dinner at home… With almost no clean up.

How to Make Caprese Chicken Foil Packets Recipe

Simply place quartered baby potatoes on a sheet of foil, stack a chicken breast on top and brush it with pesto.

Best Caprese Chicken Foil Packets Recipe

Wrap the foil tightly around the chicken and potatoes and let them cook. Later, open the steaming packets and place a slice of mozzarella cheese and tomato over the top.

Perfect Caprese Chicken Foil Packets Recipe

Set each packet back on the heat for a few minutes.

The mozzarella melts down over the chicken and potatoes for a creamy finish!

Simple Caprese Chicken Foil Packets Recipe

Caprese Chicken Foil Packets offer huge wow-factor no matter where you eat them.

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7 comments on “Caprese Chicken Foil Packets

  1. Eshika Royposted July 25, 2017 at 2:40 am Reply

    I literally started having hunger pangs halfway through the post. It looks amazing and I bet it also tastes delicious too. It is the perfect dish to cook up in this season. I can’t wait to try it . Looking forward to reading more delectable recipes in the upcoming posts.

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  6. Saraposted August 13, 2017 at 3:05 pm Reply

    This turned out SO so well. My entire family love it, even my picky husband! Thanks again for providing so many winners.

    Rating: 5
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