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Brilliant Bundt Cakes Affiliate Program

Brilliant Bundt Cakes Ebook Release Party! #bundtcake #ebook

Hey! Thanks so much for your interest in the Brilliant Bundt Cakes Affiliate Program.

We’re honored!

Our affiliate program allows website owners and bloggers to sell our ebook and receive a commission after the sale.

The terms are simple.

You add affiliate links to your post, sidebar, or newsletter.

If someone purchases a copy of Brilliant Bundt Cakes eBook after clicking on one of your affiliate links then you get 50% of the sale.

The buyer doesn’t have to make a purchase immediately. The affiliate cookie lasts for 6 months. So if the individual comes back anytime within that 6 month period and decides to buy, you still get your 50% of the sale.

Payments are issued via Paypal one month after each sale.

Sound good?

If you are interested, LINK HERE to sign up for a Free SendOwl Account.

Once your account is set up, click on:

  • “Programs”
  • “Brilliant Bundt Cake Affiliate Program”
  • Then “Click to See Affiliate Links” to copy and use your affiliate links.

It’s that easy.

Thanks so much for believing in our ebook!!