Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls

Amazing Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls RecipeSoft and sumptuous Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls, a unique breakfast for the holidays!

Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls Recipe
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The odds are in your favor.

Hit a hole in one with Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls, inspired by famous golf legend Arnold Palmer’s signature sweet tea lemonade.

A hybrid of sweetness, tart lemon curd, and tangy cream cheese swirls fill these Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls, topped with a sweet tea lemonade glaze.

Tangy Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls Recipe


Whether you are a novice or an old hand at baking, you will win honors with Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls.

There is just something special about a sweet roll. People love them and tend to gravitate toward them, whether on a buffet, at a party, or the breakfast table.

Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls are no exception.

How To: Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls Recipe

Imagine soft sweet pinwheels laced with a golden ribbon of lemony goodness.

The roll itself has an extra boost of flavor from nutmeg and lemon zest. And that icing… Who could resist it!

Making Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls Recipe

The key for a great sweet roll: Always start with fresh yeast.

It is a bit of a thrill for me to discover how much the dough has expanded after it’s rising time. I try not to check on it before it’s time is completed, so that I won’t get anxious about it.

Simple Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls Recipe

If combined properly the yeast will do its job and you will have a big bubble of dough that it just begging to be punched down.

How to Make Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls Recipe

It should be soft and slightly sticky. After you roll out the dough it is time to slather on the lemon curd cream cheese filling.

Roll them up, cut into 12 equal sized rolls, and it’s into the pan for another rise.

How To: Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls Recipe

They will puff up and fill all of the empty spaces in the pan.

Bake Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls the full time until the middle is done. No raw dough here. (Yuck!)

Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls

The sweet tea lemonade glaze will bathe everything with its sweet tangy essence.

Best Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls Recipe

The holidays are a special time, celebrate with equally special Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls!

Dazzling Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls Recipe

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2 comments on “Arnold Palmer Sweet Rolls

  1. Debra DeLuciaposted December 22, 2017 at 8:29 am Reply

    Is the lemon curd 1 1/4 cup measure or by weight?

    • Sommerposted December 22, 2017 at 10:15 am Reply

      Hi Debra,

      Go by weight. If you can find a 10 ounce jar, that would be perfect! :)