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A Trip to Pittsburgh with DeLallo Foods

Just a few weeks ago I flew up to Pittsburgh, PA to visit my friends at DeLallo Foods. I enjoyed a couple days of relaxing in the comfort of great friends, great food, and italian hospitality.

DeLallo Italian Market - Sausage Rolls

Know what these are?

Pepperoni Rolls, made fresh daily at DeLallo Italian Market in Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

The DeLallo story is pretty amazing. DeLallo has made and imported Italian favorites since the 1940s, when George and Madeline DeLallo starting selling Italian grocery items, door-to-door out of the back of their truck.

DeLallo Italian Market in Jeannette, PA

In the 50’s they scraped together the money to open a small storefront in Jeannette. Since then, the DeLallo family business has grown nationally, and so has the Jeannette store.

DeLallo Italian Market in Jeannette, PA

From humble beginnings, this market has flourished into a full-scale foodie haven, full of every Italian treat or ingredient you could think of, including some of the best local produce around.

I’ve been using DeLallo pasta for several years now, and was thrilled to discover they offer other wonderful DeLallo products at my local grocery store, like pestos, olive oil, chutneys and olives.

DeLallo Italian Market

Did you know DeLallo invented the olive bar concept for grocery stores?

They are the largest producers of olives and antipasti for grocery chains, so chances are, you’ve been eating DeLallo olives and didn’t even know it!

DeLallo Italian Market in Jeannette, PA

I’d been dying to see DeLallo’s original market in person, so a couple weeks ago I headed up north to visit my friends at DeLallo to see where their business took its first steps.

The DeLallo team took friends Maria from Two Peas & Their Pod, Jessica from How Sweet It Is and I, out on the town in Pittsburgh. We had an impressive dining experience at Habitat, then rode the “Incline” to see the beautiful city skyline after dark.

Pittsburgh PA

But the best parts of my trip to Pittsburgh were visiting the DeLallo store, talking with friends, and getting to know the DeLallo family and team.

These are people that pour their hearts into offering the BEST Italian foods possible.

DeLallo Foods Tour

We stayed in DeLallo’s cozy modern guest house.

DeLallo Foods Tour

We lounged on the deck.

DeLallo Foods Tour

We putzed around the stunning kitchen, snacking on all the tasty tidbits DeLallo has to offer.

DeLallo Foods Tour

We watched our friend Giuliana make an Italian feast fit for a king.

Make that twenty kings.

Then we slowly devoured it, in order to savor every last bite.

DeLallo Italian Market in Jeannette, PA

One thing I learned on my visit, is that DeLallo has a new product coming out this fall called SaladSavors.

DeLallo SaladSavors

These gourmet salad kits come with 3 perfectly combined toppings to turn your boring lettuce into something really spectacular. I was impressed at just how generous the portions are in the SaladSavors kits, and how fresh and flavorful they are.

Afterall, we all know enjoying a salad is all about the toppings!

DeLallo SaladSavors

We got a sneak-peak of SaladSavors in the DeLallo Italian Market.

They will be in the produce department of your grocery store this fall, in 5 variations: Sharp, Vibrant, Zesty, Fresh, and Bold.

DeLallo SaladSavors Party

We even had a chance to experiment with our own salad toppings, hoping to inspire a new flavor combination for SaladSavors.

I thought I was onto something with the roasted corn, smokey peppers and queso fresco.

DeLallo SaladSavors Party

SaladSavors will certainly make your grocery trip less stressful and your greens more exciting!

Here’s a little more about SaladSavors…

Gourmet Salads in…1 2 3 | DeLallo SaladSavors™ from DeLallo Foods on Vimeo.

I had such a good time with DeLallo!

The food and friends are sorely missed. I may have to sneak back up there in the near future.

Blog BuddiesMe, Jessica and Maria

 Disclosure: DeLallo Foods hosted me on this trip. All opinions are my own.

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11 comments on “A Trip to Pittsburgh with DeLallo Foods”

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  2. What an exciting trip! I love me some Delallo! And how cute is Guiliana!!

  3. I love DeLallo products and Pittsburgh is a great city. Glad you had fun. I will be checking out my grocery store to see what new products they have.

  4. What a fun trip! All of that food looks like a dream, mmmm!!

  5. Wow, what a store! The olive bar concept is the best ever…I love to taste a little of everything usually!

  6. How impressive. I am so proud of families who make and grow a (family) business. Everything you showed us is first class. I wish we had anything close to this in our hometown.
    I hope Salad Savors is another hit!

  7. Best trip ever! I love being a DeLallo VIP with you! I just wish we could shop the DeLallo store every day!

  8. Wonderful trip!

    Pepperoni Rolls look great and that olive bar is stunning!

  9. Your trip looks like it was so fun!! I always love seeing where my favorite food things come from, and everything looks gorgeous!

  10. I’m a huge DeLallo fan! Their organic whole wheat pasta is the best! Had no idea they invented the olive bar- so cool. Can’t wait to try out those salads!

  11. What a beautiful trip! I’m so glad you had a good time. Their pasta & sauces are awesome