Grilled Octopus Bruschetta

Grilled Octopus Bruschetta

Happy Independence Day! This succulent grilled octopus bruschetta recipe is a thrilling example of rustic Italian indulgence… Like fireworks of flavor!

Pesto Pizza

Pesto Pizza with Burrata Prosciutto & Microgreens

Crusty Pesto Pizza with prosciutto, microgreens, and fresh cool creamy burrata cheese. This simple Italian grilled pizza is a masterpiece of simplicity!


Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy

My very smart friend Francie Black from is here with us today, sharing cool techie tricks to make digital scrapbooking easier.

Limoncello Pops

Limoncello Pops

Bold zingy popsicles made with Italian Limoncello and mint! These cool sweet limoncello pops are a welcomed adult treat that make a fun ending for your summer parties.

Frittata Recipe

Asparagus and Sun Dried Tomato Frittata

This amazing frittata recipe loaded with fontina cheese, asparagus, and tangy sun dried tomatoes is a brilliant main dish to serve for breakfast or brunch… or lunch, or dinner, or a mid-afternoon snack. Actually, it’s pretty...

Caprese Panzanella

Caprese Panzanella

A vibrant panzanella with all the fresh flavors of an Italian Caprese salad. This bowl of summer goodness is a feast for the senses, and the glory of the dinner table.

ConKerr Michael

Pillowcases for Cancer

We’ve got a special guest post today from Kimber Westmore, our new crafting expert with a heart for reaching out to others. Take a look at what Kimber’s been up to…

Gelato Recipe

Gelato with Caramel and Chocolate Shavings

A simple vanilla gelato recipe with rich caramel cream and chocolate shavings is Italian decadence at its finest! I’ve got some big news today. Can’t wait to share!

Green Chile Steak Tacos

Green Chile Steak Tacos

Easy grilled steak tacos marinated in green chile relish, and piled with lean green toppings like cilantro, scallions, and avocado!

Tea Garden

Planting a Tea Garden

My friend and go-to garden expert Amy Jacko is here with us today to share about planting a tea garden. Sounds like that could save me a lot of money!

9 Layer Asian Salad + Asian Salad Dressing #salad #summer #potluck

9 Layer Asian Salad

I’ve got an old-school layer salad for you today with BIG crunch. This easy Asian Salad with Asian Salad Dressing offers a rainbow of  flavor in every last bite!