Easy Gardening 101: Starting Seeds Indoors #gardening #garden #seeds #DIY

Starting Seeds Indoors

Thinking about starting seeds indoors this year? Never fear, Amy Jacko is here today to help you get your seeds off to a good start.

Vibrant Mediterranean Wild Rice Recipe with Pomegranate and Chickpeas #vegetarian #vegan

Mediterranean Wild Rice

A fresh take on a wild rice recipe with chickpeas, pomegranate arils, and Mediterranean spice. Mediterranean wild rice makes a fragrant side dish or vegetarian main course.

Oven Bacon

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

Love bacon but hate the splatter? Why not try making oven bacon… You know, bacon that is baked in the oven!

Waffle Sandwich Recipe

Savory Waffle Sandwiches

Savory Waffle Sandwiches loaded with sizzling bacon, eggs, cheese and fresh sliced heirloom tomatoes. This crispy cornmeal and herb waffle recipe makes a killer waffle sandwich base for any filling you like!

Cornmeal Cookies

Cornmeal Cookies

Cornmeal Cookies. My very best sugar cookie recipe kissed with cornmeal and lime. So simple, yet so unique! You’ve got to try these…

Gardening 101: How to Select Seeds

Selecting Your Seeds

We’ve got another wonderful post today from my friend Amy Jacko, my own personal gardening guru. Amy’s sharing how to select seeds for your garden this year…

Raw Beet and Sweet Potato Salad

Raw Beet and Sweet Potato Salad

Like your dinner in the raw? Then you are going to LOVE this colorful beet salad! Beet and sweet potato salad, sprinkled with scallions and pepitas, is bright, crunchy, and packed with vitamins.

Garlic Lime Vinaigrette

Creamy Garlic Lime Vinaigrette

Ready for another easy 5 Minute Fix? Today we’re making a creamy garlic lime vinaigrette, perfect for spring and summer salads.

Irish Potato Pie

Irish Potato Pie

A sensational savory scalloped potato pie with bacon and onions. Just the things to get your Irish eyes a’smiling.

Sticky Buns

Raspberry Sticky Buns

We’re serving up perky and sweet Raspberry Sticky Buns for breakfast! These warm fruity sticky buns will make any day feel special.

Carnitas Recipe

Easy Slow Cooker Carnitas

I looooove me some Carnitas, and today we’re making it in the crockpot! This easy carnitas recipe is big on flavor and low of effort. Slow cooker carnitas is a fabulous base recipe for...